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Im Jahr 2012 eröffnete Julia Volkova, mit Hilfe von Vladim Goldmann, ihr erstes Restaurant 'Spletni' (Gerücht) in Moskau. Kurze Zeit nach der offiziellen Eröffnung, verkaufte Julia 'Spletni' jedoch wieder, aufgrund von ständigen Unstimmigkeiten des Spletni Teams.
In 2012 Julia Volkova opened her first own Restaurant 'Spletni' (Rumour) in Moscow, with help of   Vladim Goldmann. Julia sold 'Spletni' Some weeks after the official opening due to the regular disagreements with the Spletni team.

СПЛЕТНИ - Клуб и бары
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Name Spletni Club (rus. сплетни = 'Gossip')  
Adress: Москва, ул. 3-я Ямского поля, д.24
3-ya Ulitsa Yamskogo Polya 24, Moscow, Russia
Phone:  00 7 499 940-97-70
Openening Time: Seven Days | 10:00 - 06:00 
Opening: July 2012
(ex) Owner: Julia Volkova and Vladim Goldman
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Welcome to GOSSIP bar & restaurant!
GOSSIP - is an elite club and restaurant for those who protects his privacy from outside interference. Here you will find a restaurant and bar, a concert hall, and karaoke.

GOSSIP is a personal project of ex-t.A.T.u.singer Julia Volkova. With professional help she created a business restaurant; a truly iconic place for jet-set-community.

"... This is a cruel joke for all the past centuries: see - but do not dare touch it, touch it - but do not try to taste, taste it - but do not dare to swallow ..." (c)