30 Days Challenge

Some of you surelly know about the '30 Days Challenge' in Facebook, Twitter, tumblr or some others social networks.

How do I play the 30 Days Challenge?

Follow steps B - C. Facebook and MySpace users, please follow steps A - C.

A. Create a photo album titled 'Julia Volkova 30 Day Challenge.'

B. Begin with Day 01, which requires a picture. You can add a caption to your photo if desired.

C. If you'd rather make a text-only post instead of using a picture, go ahead!

Remember not to do more than one Challenge in a day. The entire challenge should take exactly one month from the time you start.

Day 01: Favorite hairstyle?
Day 02: Favorite music video?
Day 03: Favorite concert?
Day 04: Favorite performance?
Day 05: Favorite song?
Day 06: Favorite lyric?
Day 07: Favorite clothes?
Day 08: Favorite scene of a music video?
Day 09: Dima Bilan or Sergej Lazarev?
Day 10: Favorite (ex) boyfriend?
Day 11: Favorite photoshoot?
Day 12: Describe Julia Volkova in 3 words!
Day 13: Do you like Julia Volkova more 'feminine' or 'boyish'?
Day 14: Long or short hairs?
Day 15: Funniest Julia Volkova moment?
Day 16: Saddest Julia Volkova moment?
Day 17: Choose the movie '9 1/2 Zombie' or 'You & I'!
Day 18: Which song you can sing the best?
Day 19: Your first thought after you watched 'Didn't wanna do it' 'Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu' for the first time?
Day 20: Russian or English?
Day 21: Did Julia volkova changed something in your life?
Day 22: What's the most played Julia Volkova song in your MP3 player/ Ipod(phone) / iTunes?
Day 23: Have you ever met Julia Volkova?
Day 24: I want that Julia Volkova sings together with....
Day 25: Have you ever dreamed of Julia Volkova?
Day 26: Favorite Pair of Boots / Shoes?
Day 27: Ten things you like the most about Julia Volkova?
Day 28: Favourite Tattoo?
Day 29: Five reasons why you follow Julia Volkova's music?
Day 30: What do you expect from Julia Volkova's solo project?