'Сдвину мир' (Shift the world)
All Because Of You

Actors: Julia Volkova, 'BJ', Lauren Turek
Video Producer: Evan Winter
Shooting Location: Los Angeles
Shooting Date: November 2011
Video Release: 02.12.2011
Song Record: Summer 2011 (Sweden)
Song Producer: Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Johan Fransson, Schienbeine Lundgren, Tim Larson

  Любовь - Сука (Love is a b*tch)

Actors: Julia Volkova, Dima Bilan
Video Producer: - 
Shooting Location: Moscow (Barkhiva Hotel)
Shooting Date: 16. - 18.07.2012
Video Release: 24.07.2012 at Novaya Volna (New Wave Festival) in Riga
Song Record: Spring 2012 in Moscow
Song Producer: Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Tommy Gee, Johan Alkenäs, Elena Kiper (Songwriter)

Давай закрутим землю (Let the earth spin)
Didn't wanna do it

Actors: Julia Volkova, 'Sascha'
Video Producer: Hindrek Maasik
Shooting Location: Cuba, Havanna
Shooting Date: 23. - 28.06.2012
Video Release: 31.07.2012 on ELLO
Song Record: Spring 2012 in Moscow
Song Producer: Nadir Benkahla, Saeed Molavi, Taj Jackson, Elena Kiper (Songwriter)

'Держи рядом' (Hold me close)

Actors: Julia Volkova, Gregory (Mamurin) Goldsheid
Video Producer: Alan Badoev
Shooting Location: St. Petersburg (i.a. Loft Project 'ЭТАЖИ')
Shooting Date: 19. - 21.09.2015
Video Release: 30.10.2015
Song Record: September 2015, Moscow
Song Producer: -

'Просто забыть - Simply Forget

Actors: Julia Volkova
Authors: Давид «DJ Daveed», Matua, Vlad Khaney Khanetsky, Asher Haart Arabachyan
Directed by: Dima Croll
Production: Plasticinepro
Style: Julia Zhuravleva
Shooting Location: -
Shooting Date: 12.04.2017
Video Release: 06.06.2017
Song Record: March 2017
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