New single «Спасите люди мир» (It's time to save the world)

Julia Volkova about her new single «Спасите люди мир» (It's time to save the world):
"Lately we often hear the sentence: "The world has gone mad!" And it's really true. It's all so crazy that we allow this madness - so I decided for this song. I don't want to oppose something I advocate, it's just my declaration
I stand for a strong family, love, the respect toward nature, the respect to each other and - in the end - to respect yourself! The world is as we see it and what we create in it.
Life is fleeting and we destroy everything with our own hands. «Спасите люди мир» is a nonprofit single - it's the cry of my soul. "
The production for this song took two years, in order to achieve and pass through the right emotion and nerves in this track.

With the participation of "Neposedy"
Music: Murat Abdulmanov
Text: Lara D'Elia
Vocal Producing: Anna Timofeevskaya
Sound Production by Chinkong