Performance & Interview @ 'Univervidenij 2016', Syktyvkar, Russia [25.11.2016]

Julia Volkova will help you to choose the best student-singer on "Univervidenie" contest

Julia Volkova was invited to the gala concert as a headliner. Thus she was one of the jury of the student analog famous song contest "Eurovision". In the final, the singer will put contestants assess what she doesn't like, because she doesn't want to offend anyone. On this she said at a press conference before the event.
"It's the first time that I take part in such a project. I like talented people gather in different areas to show their skills. And we can help them to go further somehow and give a part of himself. I love young people and indifferent to such creative work ", - she noted.
The singer was delighted by the amount of snow on the streets of Syktyvkar. "It's so cool here! A lot of snow! Like today, December 31. In Moscow, I don't remember so much snow because they pour immediately salt on the streets and all turns to mush, "- Julia Volkova said.
Since 2010 she is engaged in solo career and promised to visit the capital of the Komi Republic with a concert next year.

Vitebsk (Belarus) [17.07.2016]

The singer has walked through Vitebsk and told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about her life during her stay for  the music festival "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk- concert "Golden lyrics Musicbox".After rehearsal  ( the singer sang "Derzhi Ryadom" and  "Nas ne dagoniat") took  a walk in the City of Masters.  For the first time her new tattoo was visible, which she has made during her last stay in Riga. At this time the artist has chosen pattern, symbolizing the love between man and woman - couple holding hands goes towards a happy future. 

Surprisingly Julia Volkova also told about her new song "Follow me."After a full day Julia went to prepared for the concert. In the morning she flew back to Moscow, also to visit the gym. As it turned out, Volkova spend much time, keeping herself in shape.  "When I don't spend some time in the gym, I feel my body is changing."  - Julia told us.


Live @ Slavic Bazaar Vitebsk (Belarus)