t.A.T.u. 2007


08.01.2007 - The shooting of the "Tatu Comeback" already in March
The shooting of the motion picture "Tatu Comeback" based on a novel by deputy of the Russian Parliament Alexey Mitrofanov is planned to begin in March 2007. Russian-American movie company RAMCO will produce the movie, writes Russian Forbes.

MTV Naked showbiz

10.01.2007 - Le JT2 la musique Europe2 Tv

13.01.2007 - Tatu begin to record their new album
The recording of vocal parts for demo versions of the new Tatu's album is about to begin in Germany, says Troy MacCubbin in his blog. Sven Martin who has been Tatu's musical director and keyboardist from the side of Interscope since 2002 will conduct the recording sessions. After the demo recording, Tatu plan to continue recording of the album in Los Angeles.
Source: TatySite.net

14.01.2007 - A.L.L. Pyjama Party with Tatu in Russia

26.01.2007 - Tatu in "Closer To Stars" documentary on Muz-TV, Russia
Tatu's bodyguards save the girls from crazy crowds at signing sessions, watch for their security at shows, accompany Lena and Julia in tours. But is it possible to have a crash on your bodyguard? "Well… if it's Kevin Costner, then why not," Tatu said in the interview to Muz-TV channel (Russia). February, 3 at 8:55 PM – the truth about Tatu's bodyguards in "Closer To Stars. Russian Files" documentary. 

28.01.2007 - "The Best" at Top 20 in Taiwan
Two large taiwanese music retailers have published their Top 20 Annual Sales Chart for 2006.
G-Musics sales charts places Tatu's "The Best" at Number 17, and 5-Musics sales charts places the album at Number 20. "The Best" was released in October of 2006, giving just over two months of sales for Tatu to reach both Top 20 positions!


02.02.2007 - The new album will be "less heavy"
Julia and Lena are back in Moscow after having made demo recordings in Germany.
"At the moment, we've recorded a few demos in Germany. The main thing for us now is music! When an artist climbs up there’s a certain stage of conquering heights. It’s very important then not to fall down", - said Yulia to MK. - "As I already said, the main thing now is music! After "Ludi Invalidy", we'll make something less heavy. You can’t make psychological and complicated things all the time."
According to Yulia, the recording of the new album will begin in Los Angeles only in February-March. They said before though, that they were going there in January. What caused the delay remains unknown as Tatu speak very little of their new album and everything is kept under locks.

02.02.2007 -  Tatu found a director for their new movie
Yulia and Lena told in the interview to MK about their upcoming movie based on a novel by deputy of the Russian Parliament Alexey Mitrofanov - Tatu Come Back.
The picture got a working title "In the Search of Tatu". Shooting will begin in April and will be in English. It will be directed by Roland Joffe and produced by Russian-American Movie Compay RAMCO.

02.02.2007 - Art Exposition in Russia
On February 1, Russian edition of the Rolling Stone magazine opened exhibition The Unusual Concert in the M'APC gallery in Moscow, where famous and less known rock musicians displayed their own art.
Tatu girls Julia Volkova and Lena Katina in the company of their families and friends were spotted there too. "That's not exactly any Tretyakovsky Gallery," - said Julia to MK, "- but I like it. I think I'd be doing some other than music art too: directing for instance but hardly any painting".
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07.02.2007 - Julia in Karaoke Cafe- Russia
MUZ TV Report about Julia and Timati
MUZ TV Report II

Stars Life 1TV 2007

Russia Today report on Forbes list 2007

17.02.2007 - Tatu won't sing with Fergie
Official representatives of the group denied recent rumours of Julia and Lena planning to record a song together with the Black Eyed Peas singer - Fergie.
"Tatu have no plans of co-working with Fergie at the moment", - said Tatu's officials.
Tatu-girls are on holidays now and plan to start studio recording of their new album at the end of February.

23.02.2007 - Closer To Stars


03.03.2007 - Closer to the stars style

04.03.2007 - Closer To The Stars

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NTV Auto-tragedies 2007

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05.03.2007 - NTV Report guy attacks Julia

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MUZ TV Closer to the stars
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Interview POPKino
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07.03.2007 - Julia in the show Circus with stars
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13.03.2007 - Julia Volkova didn't get married and didn't accept Islam
Tatu management denied rumours of Julia having got married.
Recently, numerous Russian newspapers reported of Julia having got married a 22-year old businessman Parviz. They even mentioned that for the sake of love, the singer even converted to Islam. Young people met at the mutual friend's place. According to the friends it was love at the first sight - their relationship went fast and they even decided to get married. Using a best friend of Julia's as their source, media reported that the couple went to the Emirates where they took Islamic marriage vows in one of the mosques.
Finally, the group's officials released statement:
"Julia had vacations with her friend. Parvis because she had some free time which she can spend the way she wants. Tatu singer Yulia Volkova did not get married and didn't accept Islam."
Now Julia and Lena are in Moscow. March, 18 the girls are leaving for Los Angeles to start recording their new album at one of the studios in North Hollywood.

15.03.2007 - Hugo Boss Fashion Show at Ten Inch Club
16.03.2007 - MTV NewsBlok

16.03.2007 - Alexei Mitrofanov Birthday Party
Report on Mitrofanov's birthday party

17.03.2007 - Julia Volkova confirmed rumours of her marriage
On March 15, the spring collection from Hugo Boss was presented in one of Moscow clubs. Tatu-girl Julia Volkova was spotted there together with her friend Parviz. Julia willingly spoke to the media while Parviz tried to avoid cameras. Thus, in a short interview for MTV Russia Julia confirmed rumours of her own marriage.
"Yes, I got married. Yes, secretly…" - told Yulia to the MTV reporter. Julia thinks that the past of Parviz doesn't matter and all talks about harem are just speculations.
We remind you that previously Tatu press-service officially declared that Yulia did not get married.
This weekend Tatu will spend in Venice (Italy) where they play an event, writes in his blog Troy McCubbin.

17.03.2007 - Venice, Italy
Tatu performed at a private party organised by the Foundation George Cini at the Island of Saint George in Venice. Roustam Tariko (known as Mr. Vodka) is an owner of the Russian group Standard & Co. with the control of two third parts of the vodka Russian market. He is one of the richest man over the world, and he decided to celebrate his 45 years birthday in Venice. Italian newspaper (Local Espresso) says: "Tiziano Ferro and his band gave a one and a half hour show. Tatu - two young Russian artists famous for their Sapphic kiss in their first videoclip performed with their American band too. Some of Italian celebrities were also invited for the party. Among them were Monica Bellucci and Maria Grazia Cucinotta."

27.03.2007 - Tatu in Closer to Stars about movie based on the novel "Tatu Come Back"
March, 31 at 8:30 PM (Moscow time) in a documentary Closer to Stars (Muz-TV Channel, Russia) Lena and Julia will reveal some details about the movie based on the novel "Tatu Come Back" filming of which begins at the end of spring.

29.03.2007 - Tatu in Stories in Details on STS channel, Russia
New Stories in Details issue (SТS channel, Russia) will be devoted to the director Takeshi Kitano. Reminder: During Show Me Love tour in Japan Tatu were invited in his TV-show. Some details of this story will be refreshed in the program. "Stories in Details" will be aired on March, 30 (Friday) at 7:30 PM and repeated on April, 2 (Monday) at 11:30 PM and April, 3 (Tuesday) at 9 AM.


12.04.2007 - Show The Golden Person in Moscow

13.04.2007 - In Sheremetyevo International airport in Moscow

18.04.2007 - Tatu are performing in Charm-ale-sheikh (Egypt)
Tatu have been in Los Angeles for several days by now - and vocals recording for the new album has already started!  Lena and Julia will be in the US up to the end of spring, and in the beginning of May the band will have a pause in the work and give a performance in Charm-ale-sheikh (Egypt). 
When: May, 3  | Where: Il Mercato

27.04.2007 - Shooting of "Finding Tatu" to begin in May
The Russian-American Movie Company RAMCO has entered the final stage of Pre-Production for the feature "Finding Tatu" scheduled for shooting in Moscow this May. The movie is a youth-oriented musical drama adapted from A.Mitrofanov's novel "Tatu Come Back".
Janie Sawyer is a cute American teenager. She's been living in Moscow for a year, but still has no friends. Janie's loneliness and love for music bring her to the fandom of Tatu, a well-known pop band, and in one of the Internet chatrooms she meets Lana Starkova, a fellow fan from a provincial Russian town. The girls meet in Moscow, go to a concert together and soon get sucked into the whirlpool of incredible events. Together they plunge into the attractive yet dangerous world of nightlife, experience adventures on the verge of fairy-tale and nightmare, and undergo trials of their own friendship. Despite all the conflicts, betrayal and disappointment, the girls shall renounce false values and discover new feelings and talents within themselves. 
Sincerity, creativity and love shall cross their paths with Tatu and then lead them even further, to the fulfilment of their dreams of a different and better life. The story's happy end is marked by an immense concert in front of a huge crowd. Plot twists, memorable characters and, of course, lots of music will be there to please the viewer. In addition, Tatu have written several new songs for the project and will actually appear in the movie as themselves. 
The movie's budget is $12 million. Mosfilm-based RAMCO, specializing in production of motion pictures for foreign markets, invited a renowned British director Roland Joffe to work on the project. World celebrities will be cast in the movie, yet the company still keeps the names secret. The shooting locales will be Moscow and Yaroslavl. The project, exclusively distributed by Foresight Unlimited, will be presented at Cannes 2007, and the pre-sales will start this September. 


01.05.2007 - The concert in Egypt is unfortunately postponed
Due to technical reasons the concert in Egypt is unfortunately postponed. New show date will be announced later. 

16.05.2007 - Tatu at Mosfilm studios
Setting up decorations for the new motion picture "Finding Tatu" is in a full swing at Film Stage 9 of the Mosfilm Cinema concern. Filming will begin very soon. The movie is based on a novel by A. Mitrofanov "Tatu Come Back".
The story will be interesting in the first place for young audience: the lead character Janie Sawyer - a cute American young girl of 16-17 years old. She's been living in Moscow for a year, where she didn't have friends. Because of her interest in group Tatu, she gets in touch through the chat with Lana Starkova - a native Russian teenager from a provincial town. The girls meet in Moscow for a Tatu gig and get involved in a row of incredible events. The backstage of the city night life with its glory and danger is waiting for them. It's a borderline of a fairytale and a nightmare where friendship and personal strength are put into serious tests. Despite of all conflicts, betrayal and disappointment, the girls find strength to give up fake values and discover new feelings and talents. Sincerity, art and love will bring Janie and Lana to Tatu and then - to fulfilment of their own dreams of another and better life. The story has a bright happy end - a huge gig. As the film creators promise, the audience will be treated with bright and memorable characters and lots of music. Group Tatu prepared a few new songs for this movie not to mention that the singers will take part in the movie playing themselves.
RAMCO Movie Company is specialised in production of full length motion pictures for foreign market and operates on the Mosfilm studios basis. RAMCO invited Roland Joffe to direct this picture.

18.05.2007 - Tatu supports Gay Pride Parade in Moscow
Dear friends!
We are addressing gay community in Russia and in the rest of the world in relation to Gay Parade being organized in Moscow on May, 26-27. We're now in Los Angeles recording the new album. As always, our music will be about people and standing for people, about love and standing for love. We think that every person should express his or her love to another person in the way these two people wish, and no third parties may interfere with their dogmas. We are supporting people disregarding their sexual orientation or any other differences.
When Tatu's second album came out, many of our fans of alternative sexual orientation thought that we lied and betrayed them. This is not true! We've never done that and we’ve always advocated love without boundaries.
We will really try to take a time-out in recording and come to Moscow to support you.
Yours, Yulia and Lena of Tatu", - says press-release from the group.
The parade of sexual-minority in Moscow has once again been prohibited by the Major of Moscow. The organisers say that the march will take place despite of this decision.
As one of the participants of the parade Nikolai Alexeev thinks, the city authorities have no rights to prohibit demonstrations of the alternative sex orientation minority because its representatives are citizens of the country, as the rest of Russia's population. He said as well that such a prohibition won't affect the parade, which will take place in any case. The parade is planned to pass by Alexandrovsky Park around Kremlin and Myasnitskaya Street. The corresponding applications have been sent to the Major of Moscow Yury Luzhkov and the Pesident of Russia Vladimir Putin but the organisers report they didn't receive any answers from them.
According to the organisers, several hundreds are believed to take part in the Parade on May, 27th.

26.05.2007 - Gay Pride Moscow
Exclusive Video Moscow Gay Pride brutally repressed
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26.05.2007 - Press Conference on Gay Pride in Moscow


02.06.2007 - Premier Channel Live

t.A.T.u. shot for Channel 1
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02.06.2007 - REN TV Gay Pride Interview
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05.06.2007 - Mischa Barton to play the lead in "Finding Tatu"
On June 1, Mischa Barton arrived to Moscow. On the very first night she appeared at the Muz TV Awards ceremony. Mischa plans to stay in Russia until the middle of summer. As her official site says, Mischa will play Lana in a movie about two girls, that get to know each other at the Tatu gig. The shooting will begin on June, 8 and will be done in Moscow and Yaroslavl. The calculated budget of the production is 12 million dollars. The producer is a deputy of the Russian Parliament - Alexey Motrofanov. They say Mischa took courses of the Russian language in order to get a good Russian accent.

06.06.2007 - Yulia Volkova is pregnant again!
Yulia Volkova and her boyfriend confirmed that their relationship is serious and it got nothing to do with a simple flirt, as many tend to think.
- "Yes, I am pregnant and very happy" committed Yulia Volkova. "I don't want to think of anything, but I dream about a son. Parviz is happy too that he will have a second child. The only thing that worries me, - how will Masha Veber react to this news?"
Now Yulia is in her third month of pregnancy and the future baby occupies all thoughts of the young couple, writes Tvoi Den. Tatu management confirmed the fact of Yulia's pregnancy.

06.06.2007 - Mischa Barton talks about Finding Tatu
Watch | Download
Premier league Ch 1 June 2007 Mischa Barton talking about Finding Tatu

10.06.2007 - t.A.T.u. At King of The Ring

20.06.2007 - Birthday Toni & Guy

20.06.2007 - MTV NewsBlok Julia about Parviz

22.06.2007 - Tatu's third album is almost ready
On July 24, Tatu will take part in the annual festival Zvukovaya Dorozhka MK, which takes place at Luzhniki sports complex. Tatu's performance will become a part of the new American-Russian movie Finding Tatu. Except the movie, the girls are recording their new album in Los Angeles. Music community is looking forward to hearing new material from this scandalous duo. As MK daily paper reports, it?s possible Tatu perform new song Ne Zheley (Don't Trust) there. The festival begins at 16.00 (Moscow time). Tatu is expected to show up on stage at 22.00. The entrance is free.

24.06.2007 - ZD Music Festival in Luzhniki Arena, Moscow Russia
Tatu were invited as special guests at the Zvukovaya Dorozhka MK Festival in Moscow. The festival began at 12.00 (Moscow time). Tatu were expected between 16.00–22.30 to perform at Malaya Sports Arena. Near t.A.T.u., Serebro, Dima Bilan and another Russian artists were signed up to take part in the festival.
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Julia and Parviz 
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24.06.2007 - MuzTV Stars under sight

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26.06.2007 -Tatu presented a new song Ne Zhaley
On July 24, Tatu performed at ZD MK Festival in Moscow where they sang several of their old hits and a new song Ne Zhaley (Don't Regret). The song has two versions - English and Russian and will be included in both releases (Russian and international) of their third album but the song won't be released as a single.

28.06.2007 - Tatu third album remains questionable
Despite Tatu having spent a few months in Los Angeles, actual recording of the album remains questionable.
"I really don't know much about the new album. We haven't recorded anything on the new album just yet which has been disappointing. So I am really hoping we do. 
I think its crazy if we don't get to record on the new album because us guys have become such a huge part of Tatu. We know the sound and have such great ideas. But who knows what will happen. There is always lots of politics in these situations and you just have to roll with what happens. I really hope we just deliver a great album for the fans" - said one of the Tatu musicians Troy McCubbin.
Serguey Galoyan, who was previously mentioned as one of the authors working with the third album commented the situation.
"Yes, I showed songs for Tatu's third album and they chose 4 of them. I can speak surely of my participation on the album only after the contract is signed, which hasn't even been discussed yet" - said Serguey to our site.
At the same time, Lena Katina said in her diary that the album was almost ready.


03.07.2007 - Tatu's new video Beliy Plashik (White Robe)
As we previously mentioned, Tatu are intended to treat their fans with a new video soon. The song, which the video will be shot for has been already recorded and the title is Bely Plashik (White Robe), says in its blog Tatu management. The video shot is planned for this September. Yulia is going to be at her last period of pregnancy by this time. An excerpt of the new song Bely Plashik is available at our forum. English translation of the Russian lyrics is as follows:

I draw in black
A stupid word on the wall
It's not important for me
It's not new for you

It does nothing for me
But for you, it is important
I draw in black
I draw crookedly, crookedly

05.07.2007 - Russia Today Report on Finding Tatu

08.07.2007 - Tatu in the show Obnazhenny Showbiz
A premiere of the show Obnazhenny Showbiz (Naked Showbiz) is due on MTV Russia on July 12 at 21.30 (Moscow Time).
The plot of the first show is the scandal between Vlad Topalov, Yulia Volkova and Timati. Author of the show Yana Rudkovskaya transformed their impersonal accusations into the personal level by having interviewed all participants of the drama and brought it to the audience to decide who is right and who is wrong.
"They always sniff in the toilettes. What can I do about that? I'm not going to apologize for my own words. Think for yourself what they could do in the toilette? They were either sniffing or f***ing." (Vlad Topalov)
"We've known each other since childhood. We've had something some time ago but now I have another life. Vladik, why did you say that? Why do you need that?" (Yulia Volkova)
"When your albums don't sell then you need to ride on publicity. This fella wants attention using all scandals and names - names that are bigger than his own. He even leaked something to the internet but it doesn?t work so well. Thus he?s hysterical." (Timati)

12.07.2007 - Yulia and Lena started filming in Finding Tatu
Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina spent the past weekend on the set shooting Finding Tatu, where the singers play themselves.
During their first day of shooting, the singers did one of the final scenes for the movie. It was done at location of the abandoned Badayevsky brewery. The picture is based on the novel by deputy of the Russian Parliament Alexey Mitrofanov in collaboration with writer Anastasiya Moiseeva - Tatu Come Back.
The leading roles are played by the Hollywood actresses Shantel Van Santen and Mischa Barton. The movie tells the story of two teens ? a 17 year old American girl and her Russian friend from a small provincial town. The girls meet in Moscow for one of the Tatu gigs and find themselves involved in a whirlpool of incredible events.
The movie is directed by British director Roland Joffe ? an award winner of the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award nominee and winner for his pictures The Killing Fields (1984) and The Mission (1986). The shooting of Finding Tatu is planned to end by August 14, 2007. Editing and final cut is estimated to take up to six months. Its premiere is scheduled to take place at the 61st Annual Cannes Film Festival which will be held May 14 to 25, 2008 in Cannes (France).

12.07.2007 - Festival ZD MK with Tatu on TV
Recording of ZD (Zvukovaya Dorozhka) MK Festival will be aired on channel Rossiya on July 22, at 00.15 (Moscow Time). This annual festival took place at Luzhiki Sports Complex on June 24, where Tatu sang their old hits and presented a new song Ne Zhaley (Don't Regret).

12.07.2007 - Live at Astana Show- Kazakhstan
t.A.T.u. were the headliners of the Planet of Music Festival in Kazakhstan organized by The Coca-Cola Company.

13.07.2007 - Live at Almaty Show- Kazakhstan
t.A.T.u. were the headliners of the Planet of Music Festival in Kazakhstan organized by The Coca-Cola Company.

15.07.2007 - Venetian wedding 

18.07.2007 - FHM Party, Moscow
Yulia & Parviz Russian FHM awards June 2007

19.07.2007 - Kazakhstan (Ust Kamenogorsk)
t.A.T.u. were the headliners of the Planet of Music Festival in Kazakhstan organized by The Coca-Cola Company.
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20.07.2007 Kazakhstan (Shymkent)

26.07.2007 Kazakhstan (Aktobe)

27.07.2007 Kazakhstan (Qaraghandy)

29.07.2007 - Tatu is #36 in the Forbes rating
The Russian version of the magazine Forbes published a rating of 50 richest stars of Russian domestic show business and sports. The rating is set by income, press coverage, and also by the interest of an audience from July 1st 2006 to June 30th 2007.
Tatu has settled down at the 36th place having earned 1.4 million dollars. The year before Tatu where in the 6th place with an income of 3.3 million dollars. The group has droped 30 places in a year.
Dima Bilan is #3 this year with 4.1 million dollars, Valeriya is 8th with 3.5 million dollars. Zhanna Friske is 14th with about 1.3 million dollars, popular singer Maksim is 17th with about 1.5 million etc.
"We don't do anything special to get on the Forbes list. Frankly speaking, we don't care about it all. We know that anyway we're the most popular Russian girl band in the whole world!" said Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina to TV channel RussiaToday.


15.08.2007 - Concert at B1 Club, Moscow
This performance was shot for the first t.A.T.u.'s movie You and I . Concert is a scene in the producation. t.A.T.u. sang there "You and I" and "Little People" for the first time.


September 2007 - Julia in Cyprus Vacation (Greece)

12.09.2007 - t.A.T.u. - The truth DVD release
Truth: Live in St. Petersburg, or t.A.T.u. Truth is an official live DVD release by t.A.T.u. of their 2006 performance in St. Petersburg. The DVD was scheduled for release in early 2006. However, after the group split from Universal Music, they announced they only had plans to release the DVD in Japan. After further legal issues with Universal, the DVD was released on September 12, 2007 available for purchase on Amazon.co.jp. The songs "Cosmos (Outer Space)", "Novaya Model", "Chto Ne Khvatayet" and "30 Minut" that were a part of the set list were cut from the final release of the DVD. This is t.A.T.u.'s first release since leaving Universal Music.
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15.09.2007 - MuzTV Scanal Zvezdi Zazhigayut
MUZ TV ProNews - Watch | Download
MUZ TV Pro News II - Watch | Download


03.10.2007 - Julia at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow

27.10.2007 - NTV You Won't Believe It

NTV mir Uskomaton Tarina Commercial 2007
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RTL Chartshow

Ren-TV C.C.C.P. Advertisment


09.11.2007 - OK!- 2007 The best party of the year
29.11.2007 - Beliy Plachik Videoclip Release
The first single from the album, "Beliy Plaschik", was released in November 2007. The music video was released on November 29, 2007.[5] The single had a limited maxi-Single with the song, remixes and the following single, "220". It also had mobile wallpapers, a poster and a coupon for a discount of 50 roubles for the supposed album Upravleniye Otbrosami, which expired in June 2008, but they were still valid for the discount of the album of "Vesyolye Ulybki"
Beliy Plachik Spoiler
Beliy Plachik Advertisment

30.11.2007 - Bacardi B-Live Interview


MAXIM Photoshoot

Christmas and New Year wishes from tatu 2007

07.12.2007 - STS Story in details

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Watch | Download

10.12.2007 - MTV NewsBlok Weekly Club Party
12.12.2007 - NTV Vse Srazy Finding Tatu
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22.12.2007 - MuzTV British Embassy Paparazzi

27.12.2007 - Julia giving birth
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MUZ TV PRO News (30.12.2007)
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