t.A.T.u. 2001


10.02.2001 Concert in Sport Palace, Odessa Ukraine
For the first time, t.A.T.u. had a concert in another country than Russia. So far, they went only to Ukraine, but from there they started to rule the world. Flight to Odessa from Moscow started at 14:00 PM, it was flight number 15067.

The Tracklist:
0. Ya Soshla S Uma (HarDrum Remix)
1. Ya Soshla S Uma
2. Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya
3. Zachem Ya
4. Ya Tvoy Vrag
5. Doschitai Do Sta
6. Robot
7. 200 Po Vstrechnoy
8. Ya Soshla S Uma (Remix)

Nas ne dagoniat Videoshoot
The video starts off with Yulia and Lena's mugshots being placed on screen, with the truck's engine starting up and steam surrounding the two girls and the vehicle. They then are outside in a snowy environment, where they steal a large truck and ride off through an airfield, breaking through a fence while singing. The two girls later find themselves in snow-covered Siberia. They run over a construction worker in the middle of the road, who is played by Ivan Shapovalov, the music video's director. After breaking through another fence, some family photos of both the girls as young children are shown during the video. Towards the end, Lena and Yulia climb to the roof of the truck and stand on top, hugging and smiling as they continue to sing the song, until they crack the lens of the camera as they leave.

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16.02.2001 Concert in Myshotera Circus, Ekaterinburgh, Russia

In Ekaterinburg two luxury hotelrooms has rented to girls - there are 1 big bed for them and 2 small pillows. In the hotelroom, there will be fruits and 3 kind of juices waiting for girls - specially tomatojuice. For breakfast, Ekaterinburg has ordered to Julia and Lena buckwheat cereal with a cutlet, 1 egg, a sandwish with ham, Earl Grey tea and lots of cakes. From Moscow, little girls has 2 workers for their security - in the ekaterinburg they need 4 security guards. In the concert, there is except for Julia and Lena, there is 5 person in stage also. Performance takes 45 minutes.

The Tracklist:
0. Ya Soshla S Uma (Hard Drum Remix)
1. Ya Soshla S Uma
2. Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya
3. Zachem Ya
4. Ya Tvoy Vrag
5. Doschitai Do Sta
6. Robot
7. 200 Po Vstrechnoy
8. Ya Soshla S Uma (Remix)

The dancing group will dance with 2 remixes, opens and closes the program with Ya Soshla S Uma. In the concert, there is except for Julia and Lena, there is 5 person in stage also. Performance takes 45 minutes.

18.02.2001 - Concert in Sporthall, Rostov on Don, Russia

23.02.2001 - Concert in Club 'Plaza', St. Petersburg Russia

17.03.2001 - Performance @ 'Babiy Bunt' in Kremlin, Moscow Russia

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This is t.A.T.u.'s third public performance ever, and because t.A.T.u.'s management knew that it will be on TV, they put the t.A.T.u. girls to act in an very shocking way. The girls acted like schoolgirls, they screamed and shouted to people who was watching them. They performed two songs, their first single 'Ya Soshla S Uma' and the second promotion single 'Nas Ne Dogonyat'. The event was so special to t.A.T.u.'s management, that they got the girls to sing their promotional version of the 'Nas Ne Dogonyat' song, which had different lyrics. Those lyrics were promoting their first album "200 Po Vstrechnoy" and actually 'Nas Ne Dogonyat' was firstly called '200 Po Vstrechnoy', but the management changed the lyrics of the second verse and the song got renamed to 'Nas Ne Dogonyat'. But however, the performance was very energetic and full of kisses. They really made their job so good that MTV wanted to publish this performance 5 years later again. In the show, we see that the girls had already got their style of clothing, schoolgirl uniforms. But Lena's hair style wasnt completed due to unknown reasons, but Julia had the perfect hairstyle, which she will have for the next 2 years. Before 'Nas Ne Dogonyat' performance, they danced with some schoolboys on stage. Some schoolboy dancers were in their first concert at St. Petersburg
 23.02.2001, but later t.A.T.u.'smanagement changed those boys to girls. Maybe because they really wanted t.A.T.u. to stay as they are? In the middle of 'Ya Soshla S Uma' and 'Nas Ne Dogonyat', Julia says to their audience, 'Hi Kremlin, how's your mood'? Why you are so quiet? Our next song is called 'Nas Ne Dogonyat' and we just shot a video for it! afterwards, Lena shouts to their audience too, 'We lost our mind and no one will ever get us'. And at end of the performance, Lena starts to open Julias shirt, and the audience around them starts to go crazy. It was very shocking for everybody, and the beginning of the performance it seemed like no one understood what the girls were doing, but at the end, everybody got in the same mood as t.A.T.u.!!


16.05.2001 - Signed contract in Radisson-Slavuanskaya (Hotel), Moscow Russia
On May 16th, 2001, Universal Music Russia signed a band, that critics, music journalists and record companies call the most outrageous and scandalous thing to ever happen to Russian show-biz. "Neformat", the company that owns the rights on the t.A.T.u. brand and organizes the whole creative process, signs a contract with Universal Music Russia, the division of worldwide music industry giant, in the hotel "Radisson-Slavyanskaya". According to the contract, t.A.T.u. are under the obligation to release 3 albums, the first of which is "200 Po Vstrechnoi".

21.05.2001 - "Nas ne dagoniat" TV PREMIERE

In Russia, the music video will be released to "Nas Ne Dagonyat". The video shoot took three days. Due to the complex filmed from a helicopter shots from the air fast production costs up, so that "Nas Ne Dogonyat" is the most expensive music video ever shot in Russia. In November 2001, following the publication in Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia, and later the television premiere in Latvia and Romania.

21.05.2001 - "200 Po vstrechnoy" Album Release
The debut album "200 Po Vstrechnoy" is released. On the same day the new t.A.T.u. music video for the song "Nas Ne Dogonyat" blows up on the country's TV-screens. The video becomes the most expensive one ever shot in Russia. Shooting lasts three days, with upper-perspective shots recorded from helicopter-mounted cameras. By the way, "Nas Ne Dogonyat" was exactly the song that took the longer time to record than other songs - the whole week.
The album "200 Po Vstrechnoy" contains 11 songs:

1. Zachem Ya
2. Ya Soshla S Uma
3. Nas Ne Dogonyat (Video)
4. Doschitai Do Sta
5. 30 Minut
6. Ya Tvoi Vrag
7. Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya
8. Robot
9. Malchik Gay
10. Nas Ne Dogonyat (HarDrum Remix)
11. 30 Minut (HarDrum Remix)
200 Po Vstrechnoy (Cyrillic: 200 По Встречной; translation: 200 [km/h] Against the Traffic) is the debut studio and Russian language album by Taty, a previous name of the Russian female duo t.A.T.u. It was released by Nerformat Records and Universal Music Russia on 21 May 2001 in Russia, Ukraine, and Poland, and was re-released by Universal Music Russia worldwide on 23 June 2003. A re-released version featured new tracks and a new artwork, which was released on 15 February 2002. Created by manager and producer Ivan Shapovalov after the success of members Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina in the band Neposedy, the group managed to sign a deal with Universal Music Russia to produce their first album. It was recorded between 1999 and 2000, and was produced and co-composed by Shapovalov.

Musically, 200 Po Vstrechnoy is an electronic album that incorporates elements of pop rock, and lyrically focuses on themes of love, teenage sex, and lesbianism. Upon its release, the album received mixed reaction from critics and the public; majority of the criticism was aimed at the lyrical content and the image, whilst some highlighted the singles as some of their best work. Commercially, it was a success in Eastern Europe, which sold over one million units as recognised by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Worldwide, it managed to sell over four million units. Three singles were promoted from the album; "Ya Soshla s Uma", "Nas Ne Dogonyat", and "30 Minut". The group commenced their concert tour of the same name as the album in early 2001 and finished in November that same year.

Background and composition

t.A.T.u. members Yulia Volkova and Elena Katina had originally worked for the Russian children musical group Neposedi, but Volkova was dismissed due to volatile behaviour. Katina was also accused by Russian journalism of bad behaviour, and left not long after. Russian music manager Ivan Shapovalov held a casting call for a solo singer to be managed by him, and selected Katina out of several other girls. Him and his ex-wife, Elena Kiper, then decided to create and manage a duo, and selected Volkova as the second act to the group.  They signed to their Russian label Neformat Records, and eventually scouted to look for another label; they signed a deal with Universal Music Russia in early 2000. They begun recording the album after finishing the track "Ya Soshla s Uma" in 1999, and finished recording it during mid-2000. The album was produced solely by Shapovalov, whilst the album was composed and written by: Aleksandr Vulikh, Valeriy Polienko, Kiper, Sergio Galoyan, Roman Ryabtsev, Anna Karasyova, and Vadim Stepantsov.

Musically, 200 Po Vstrechnoy is an electronic album that incorporates elements of pop rock. According to Edmond J Coleman and Theo Sandfort, who wrote the book Sexuality and Gender in Postcommunist Eastern Europe and Russia (2005), they noticed that majority of the albums content, particularly "Ya Soshla s Uma" and "Nas Ne Dogonyat", were influenced by techno music; both Coleman and Sandfort believed the sound was influenced by the techno revolution in the late 1990s. The album focuses on themes such as love, teenage sex, and lesbianism.

200 Po Vstrechnoy was released by Neformat and Universal Music Russia in Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Poland regions on 21 May 2001. The album contains nine tracks in both physical and digital formats, with three bonus remixes, and has an cover sleeve that is displays as of a criminal case dossier, with biographies of the girls, fingerprints and partial lyrics in the liner booklet; some versions only issued a four page booklet. A cassette tape was distributed by Neformat in the Ukraine, which features the nine original tracks but two remixes instead of three. On 15 February 2002, after beginning work on English-language material, Universal Music Russia re-released the album that featured a new track titled "Klouny", and a remix for the songs "30 Minut" and "Malchik-Gey". This version included a new artwork and booklet information with illustrations of a clown that reflected the track "Klouny" ("Klouny" is the Russian word to the English word "Clowns"). After the success of their album 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane in 2002, Universal Music Russia distributed the album in other parts of Europe, Japan and Taiwan on 21 September 2003.

To promote the album, three singles were release. The first single was Ya Soshla S Uma", released on 19 December 2000; the song later gained the English-language version "All The Things She Said". It was a critical success in Europe; In early 2001, Universal Music Group hosted a poll for the audience to vote on which song was the best from 200 Po Vstrechnoy; as a result, "Ya Soshla s Uma" came first place. The single won the MTV Video Music Award for the Russian entry of 2000. In 2001, "Ya Soshla S Uma" won the 100 Pound Hit awarded by Hit FM Russia; they performed the song that same night.  As of January 2010, "Ya Soshla s Uma" sold over 50,000 units, and over 200,000 illegal copies. The second single was "Nas Ne Dogonyat", released in 2001. The title of the track was included on the 2006 Russian Dictionary of Modern Quotes (Slovar sovremennykh tsitat).  The third and final single was "30 Minut"; it was released as an airplay track, and featured an accompanying music video that was directed by Shapovalov.


Drago Bonacich from American music publication AllMusic selected "Ya Soshla s Uma", "Nas Ne Dagonyat", and "30 Minut" amongst some of the bands best work. However, the album's critical reviews were generally shaded by the success, yet controversial period of their single "Ya Soshla s Uma", alongside its English version "All The Things She Said"; according to Bonacich, the single was one of the most heavily rotated tracks throughout MTV Europe during its release. The Russian version, prior to the release of "All The Things She Said" at the end of 2002, also received strong attention on MTV throughout the Western world.  However, an editor from The Telegraph commented that reviews in Russia were generally favourable and "catapult[ed] the duo to local stardom."

Commercially, 200 Po Vstrechnoy was a success in Eastern Europe. On 22 July 2002, it debuted at number 23 on the Polish Music Charts, one of the highest debuts on that week end.  It rose to number 11 the following week, and reached the top ten during its third week. After five weeks, it reached the top spot, making t.A.T.u. the first Russian act to do so. On 14 October, it was certified gold by the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry (ZPAV) for shipments of 10,000 units; it lasted a total of 39 weeks in the chart, and was certified Platinum by the ZPAV for shipments of 20,000 units. Despite the album not entering any record charts in Japan, it was certified Million by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for shipments of one million units.  It was certified Platinum by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) for sales of one million units in Europe, making t.A.T.u. the first group to achieve a Platinum certification on two separate bilingual language albums; the other being the English language adaption 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane (2002). They also received the distinction to be the first Eastern European act to achieve a Platinum award; both Volkova and Katina attended the awarding in Moscow, Russia.

In Russia, there were no prominent music charts at the time of the albums release; despite this, it sold 500,000 units inside a two-month period. By the end of the 2001, it sold approximately 850,000 units, which was described by an editor at The Telegraph as "an astonishing number in a country where piracy is estimated to account for some 95 per cent of all sales...". As of August 2016, the album has sold over one million copies in Russia, and has been illegally purchased more than four million units, making it the groups highest selling Russian-language album and one of the highest selling albums in that region.

To promote the album, t.A.T.u. commenced their Russian concert tour that used the albums title as its official promotional campaign. The girls prepared in 2000 where they wanted the choreography "precise", to a point where one segment featured the girls stripping off their clothes; this was scrapped from the original plan. The group performed all over Russia and visited the Ukraine, all between February to November 2001. After the re-release of the album, the group extended the tour in regions such as Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland, amongst other destinations. In July 2015, the group uploaded an official unreleased teaser of their single "Ya Soshla s Uma" to their YouTube channel to commemorate the singles 15th anniversary; with its release date on 19 December, it remained unreleased. However, between June–August 2016, the group uploaded unreleased footage and remixed versions of their singles "Ya Soshla s Uma", "Nas Ne Dogoynat", and "30 Minut".

21.05.2001 - "200 Po vstrechnoy" Album Presentation in Rostov-on-Don (Russia)
In the first two months of its release, the album "200 Po Vstrechnoi" sold about 500,000 legal copies (which means about two million pirate copies sold on various media). All together, the album sold more than two million legal copies in Russia (and approximately four million pirate copies) in 2001.

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27.05.2001 - Concert in DownTown, Moscow Russia


02.06.2001 - "100 POUND HIT AWARD" at Kremlin Hall, Moscow Russia

At the HIT-FM Awards in the Kremlin Hall in Moscow, t.A.T.u. received an award for their song Ya Soshla S Uma. Tatu got HIT-FM Award, because radiostations played their debut hitsingle Ya Soshla S Uma more than 10 000 times at autumn 2000.

VideoShooting for Polchasa (30 Minutes)

11.06.2001 - Award for Best Hit Song at Musical Podium, Moscow Russia
t.A.T.u. was awarded with "The Best Hit Song" in an awards called "Musical Podium".


04.07.2001 - Press Conference in Almata (Kazahstan)

12.07.2001 - Concert in Krasnodar, Russia

13.07.2001 - Concert in Minsk, Belarus
For the second time, t.A.T.u. had a concert in another country other than Russia, now Ukraine. Summer had come and their first album had just been released in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. This was one of the first shows where they used their backround young female dancers and everything seemed to be so new to them. The choreography had been studied well and the t.A.T.u. girls didn't even forget to throw water to each other. Their first live performance in an different country was just about to begin, firstly, school uniforms and after the tight little shirts/tops and a little jeans. In the concert, like in every concert in 2001, they asked some of the fans to come on stage and made them kiss each other. I bet this was really new to Minsk, and the reaction was very mixed. But however, the girls kissed each other very bravely.

15.07.2001 - Interview in Kiev, Ukraine

15.07.2001 - Concert in Kiev

31.07.2001 - Chelyabinsk, Russia Interview in the newspaper "The CITY STAGECOACH"

15.07.2001 - Concert in Kiev, Ukraine Counterassembly-Area
On the 15.07.2001, t.A.T.u. played their first concert in Kiev, in the Ukraine's capital city. Their first album was released only 2 months earlier and now t.A.T.u. was already in Kiev! It means that t.A.T.u. was really a new thing to the people of Kiev. Some of fans were really waiting & looking forward for t.A.T.u. to come to their city! And I'm sure that some fans travelled a very long way to see t.A.T.u. in Kiev. Some fans even made "I love t.A.T.u." -fanart! There was lots of police and bodyguards in the concert too. t.A.T.u. performed their normal concert set, which they had practiced for the last 7 months. So, firstly they appeared with school uniforms, and after they undressed each other. t.A.T.u. performed in their normal little shorts and tops/t-shirts, but don't miss Julia's white socks - they don't normally belong to that outfit. And Ivan Shapovalov didn't normally allow any extra clothes with their concert outfits. We can see that they performed in the summer festival, because there was drums and guitar on the stage - even if t.A.T.u. sang in playback. There was plenty of other artists before and after t.A.T.u. who really did use play-back. At the back of the stage, there was an giant "H" with violet balloons, and I think it shows a logo of the festival? Once again, the concert went well with a very happy mood, in one part Julia poured water on Lena's hair! I'm sure the audiance's mood was very happy and energetic too, there was alot of people at that festival. And as t.A.T.u. say, they take energy from fans and give their energy back to fans.


t.A.T.u. start recording the album's English version for their promotional tour in Europe. The song "Ya Soshla S Uma" is translated first. t.A.T.u. shoot the video for the song "30 Minuts". The video can't get into rotation because of the censorship issues.

01.08.2001 - Concert in Circus Arena, Ekaterinburgh Russia

02.08.2001 - Concert in Tjumen, Russia

10.08.2001 - Concert at 'Beach' in Sochi, Russia
18.08.2001 - Concert in Petropawlowsk-Kamtschatski, Russia

19.08.2001 - Concert in Chabarowsk, Russia

20.08.2001 - Concert in Yakutsk, Russia

The advertising campaign connected with arrival in our city of group Tatu has begun one week prior to their performance. Posters everywhere flashed, on a TV set drove advertising each 15 minutes, by radio untwisted songs Тату and all with impatience expected performance of group on August, 20th at 19.00 on the Komsomol area. Having bought the ticket, I at 19.00 already was on the area of which have made something like a huge dance pavilion, having fenced about 150-200 square meters a fence. Started up nobody inside of the improvised dance pavilion. Approximately at 20.00 (!!!) Have started to start people. The stage has been constructed in the form of a triangle, approximately on distance of 3-4 meters from a stage have put protections and a double cordon of cops. By virtue of the impudence and charm, I have made the way to the borders. The delay of a concert on an hour-one and a half was not впервой, therefore anybody especially did not worry. Send two leaders who have started to entertain public different competitions, playing scooters, sk8s and diaries with the autograph of group Tatu. Interestingly! Whose autographes if the group has not arrived yet in city it were and never here was before?! At 21.00 people has started to be nervous. Leaders promised each 20 minutes, that little girls soon will appear. Our local stars have started to act. Fans have endured two songs of any singer, was already nearby 22.00. All crowd has started to shout loudly Тatu, Tatu, Tatu!!! Leaders tried to calm us and have let out again any local executor. Admirers Тatu have amicably lowered greater fingers of hands downwards and chorus shouted the Sediment!. Properly having catcalled the singer, fans have showered with its various empty bottles, packs, etc. Cops have started to remove sharply and roughly borders back, the crush and толкотня has begun. Having chosen the cop is more senior and is kinder, stood near a border, I have caught it, have made unfortunate eyes and something has told type: I Am possible here with you постою, me now there will knock down! More shortly when protections have moved on meter back, I have remained to stand near to the cop, behind borders. Was already 22.30! It would be desirable to swear loudly aloud three-tier матом. Public in fury shouted TATUUUU!. Here honey agarics! ь send already bothered leaders and have told, that little girls have arrived to city and now their warming up group the Joker will act. We were not in delight, however to catcall them not steel, but also did not react to them in any way. Approximately plywood of a remix I at 23.00 has begun to sound Has gone mad. People дико have begun to roar ТАТUUU! Send any people and have started to clean with a stage superfluous subjects, have brought bottles with water, microphones, have adjusted light. A dance pavilion вопила not ceasing. Plywood has ended. Light has died out. Song Ya Soshla S Uma has played, lanterns have suddenly lighted up all, on a stage have run out Julia and Lena! The hall has choked in shout! Little girls have shouted Greetings, Yakutsk! Also have started to execute Ya Soshla S Uma, all people as one, echoed and hardly did not muffle a voice tatusiek :-) I has looked back and has seen thousand lifted hands. Тatushki went on a stage and waved to fans hands. When Julia and Lena have started to kiss, I have simply become deaf from a wild roar of fans. The song has ended, there was simply a storm of shouts and an applause. Little girls have apologized for задерж! ку, having told, that the plane has made landing in Blagoveshchensk, and Julia has named our city of Irkutsk instead of Yakutsk, here all have amicably started giggling and have amicably shouted: YAKUTSK!, Julia has apologized and it is guilty has smiled. For such smile we have forgiven all! Then they have sung all favourite songs: What for I, I yours not the first, Count to hundred, I your enemy, the Robot, 30 minutes. For sequence of songs I do not warrant, as was in a condition of wild delight. As always, have caused on a stage pair guys and little girls and have warned, that they should execute absolutely their any desire. Little girls have got безбашенные and at once have started to kiss, and here guys somehow чмокнули each other. Lena удивленно has told: Yakutia! I do not understand, you that here all NATURAL? Yes cannot such be! Do not hesitate of the feelings! Also have sung the Boy-gay. Julia and Lena talked much, communicated with public, told histories from the life, background almost all songs. The most interesting, perhaps, was the history connected with a song I your enemy. According to Julia, somehow with Lena they have quarrelled so forces! ьно, that they should be settled in different rooms. Having met in studio, they have written down this song and have reconciled under the initiative of Lena. Almost right after songs Ya Soshla S Uma. Julia has said коронную a phrase: it not seems to you, what here жарковато? Let's undress!, though дубак there was still that: 15-18 degrees. Fans have almost become hoarse from wild shouts of pleasure. Such Yakutsk yet did not see! When the song of 30 minutes has begun, little girls have sat down in the middle of a stage. Burned thousand lighters, there is no even thousand and one I too зажгла the . In darkness the set of sparks was shone, it was beautiful! Тatu, probably, too it was pleasant such expression of love:-) Almost during all songs of the little girl waved hands to admirers. Then they have told to us, that like to go for a drive on various transport: the main thing that is fast!. And somehow they went for a drive on water скутере and have turned over. It was an epigraph to a song Us Will not catch up. Fans unanimously repeated one phrase us WILL not catch up, 200 PO VSTRIECHNOY!!!. Little girls have laughed and have started to sing.! Choreographic statement in this song was the best (not including the Boy-gay:-))) It was clear, that it is a final song. The hall raged and колбасился as could. Toward the end songs admirers a wild voice shouted Таtu! Also did not release Julia and Lena from a stage. They have wished us all everything, and Julia has told the favourite phrase do not hesitate of the feelings!. Little girls have executed once again Us Will not catch up, the Boy-gay. People вопил as mad. Song YSSU, a slow remix has begun. Here fans have amicably outvoiced Julia with Lena! Almost in the end of a song I began потихонечку to make the way to an output from a stage which was directly opposite to a wall-lattice where found a way out. Behind this wall there was the small field also fenced by lattices, at once behind a field there was a machine and waited for little girls. When the song has ended, little girls have sent all all air kisses and have quickly run from a stage. Cops have blocked from fans an output from a stage a threefold layer. Quickly having got (naturally do not wash and not present) I have passed the miss of the journalist through a cordon. Little girls to quickly ode! Fall in the small pavilion located on a floor, in it was pushed the person 15: journalists, security and other people with misses. I have approached to Julia, how much allowed охранка and have told, that the concert was simply super, it has smiled. I wished to tell still something, but security have started to shout, that little girls immediately went to the machine as crowds of fans directly took down cops and climbed through five-meter lattices to receive the autograph and simply to look on "Tatushek". Little girls in an environment охранки, journalists and me including, have quickly run across a field fenced by lattices and lodge in the machine. The person 60-80 have surrounded the machine and did not allow it to leave. Little girls really were frightened, have switched off light in the machine. Fans shouted Julia, Lena, we love you, open a window! The little girl give the autograph, well include even light! ТАТUUU!. Minutes 15 they could not leave, the group of OMON has then appeared in time and quickly all has taken away. And all the same, fans did not release the machine, ran for leaving t.A.T.u.. I! Has slowly gone home on road which have blocked, in connection with huge quantity of the people going from the area. Admirers went on road and amicably sang Us will not catch up. It was a little sad, that all so has quickly ended. But all the same they have acted for us, for our city, for the Yakut fans. Yakutsk loves Таtu! Little girls have stirred up Yakutsk on all 100, have infected us with the fun and the madness. And let only somebody will try to tell, that Тату it is group-something ephemeral. ТАТU FOR EVER!

24.08.2001 - Concert in Malines, Ukraine


t.A.T.u. release their new single '30 Minut '. It reached # 7 on the Russian radio airplay charts and is played by Eastern European radio stations 30-35 times per week (over 3500 times). The accompanying video is sent around 3,000 times on various music channels in Eastern Europe. Ivan Shapovalov, producer of t.A.T.u. and the chairman of Interscope Records also lead first negotiations on an international publication of tATu songs.

06.09.2001 - MTV Video Music Awards, New York USA
t.A.T.u. go to New York, where in the legendary Metropolitan Opera House they receive an MTV Video Music Award for the video "Ya Soshla S Uma" in the "Viewers Choice - Best Russian Video" category. Later in September the new single and video are released: "Polchasa". The song immediately goes into heavy rotation (30-35 times a week) on the Russkoye Radio, Dynamit, Europe Plus, Love Radio, RDV, HIT-FM, and Tango radio stations. Altogether, the song is played on the radio about 3500 times.
The music video "Polchasa" tops MTV-Russia and MUZ-TV hit parades. Between fall of 2001 and winter of 2002 the video is played on Russian TV-stations over 3,000 times. MTV-Russia announces the video "Ya Soshla s Uma" as the best music video of the year. t.A.T.u. go on a tour in Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and Baltic States, after which the European tour is scheduled.

08.09.2001 - Concert in Kiev, Ukraine

Report by Aleksandra Lopata

The Kiev striptease of group Tatu
The last Sunday in Kiev has noted been by two events: a unprecedented heat and a concert dated for a birthday of one the most popular Ukrainian television channels which refers to simple and with taste: "The New channel". Heat of the sun was roasting asphalt in streets also expelled the population which has stunned by raised temperatures on coast of Dnepr. "The New channel" prepared for the grandiose action, devoted to the holiday: on a plan of organizers to have fun together with employees representatives of youth and teenagers in this connection on the Counter assembly area of capital was conceived show owed all in the slightest degree "tyсовочные". Whether it is necessary to speak, that promotion of the action have provided worthy: from advertising rollers on air of TV and radio was no place to disappear, banners on the Internet continually flashed on the most different pages: "To us go t.A.T.u.!" It is necessary to notice, that except for t.A.T.u. at a concert performance "гарных хлопцив from a herd" Cries Vidopliyasova was planned also, and it has guarded me even more: the tandem turned out absolutely marvellous. Whether t.A.T.u. "have replaced" orientation, whether ВВ have started to show heightened interest to representatives of minority, whether I have really gone mad, however for a little bit other reason, rather than that about which it is sung in the set the teeth on edge smash hit.

I admit fairly: I write the report on this event, being based at all on own visual impressions. If to me in a head the light idea also has come to visit a concert dated for general birthday of TV men with "New", I would go there to look not at t.A.T.u., and at Cries. However, ВВ I and earlier had to see and hear repeatedly, therefore I have solved their next performance lead-on, proceeding from a principle "good in driblets" (in the most positive sense of this word). And here t.A.T.u... I think, that my personal perception of this collective, as well as at many other things, has passed some stages and finally evolved in proof, hostility. During the first moment it seemed courageous enough, even adjusted for cultivating every possible "perversion" show business: eventually, fairly boring today "I have gone mad" platitudes as those did not contain, therefore seem quite digestible. Then there has come a stage of irritation and disappointment that lesbian someone again used image in the mercenary purposes. Finally, what difference, under what sauce to crowd raised наtuралов present two kissing young women: in a cheap pornofilm or in a clip about so-called love of so-called girls-teenagers? Finally I was finished" with dispute, resolved a certain half-familiar person who shouted, that "from sexual minority recently there is no place to "disappear", and that "they everywhere climb and already задолбали the howls on a theme" I have gone mad ". The statement that refers to, has pleased in an eyebrow, and in an eye: I was finally convinced, what t.A.T.u., contrary to a popular belief, do not play on a hand to the present lesbians, and are our shame (whether only here to ours?). Stuck in stereotypes heterosexuals do not catch a difference between true and a substitute: in their consciousness under aged girls from a super-popular duet associate with most that on is absolute representatives of pink community, and conclusions - as always in such cases - are done far reaching. Recently I had to observe of, how two blockheads in a camouflage on all street yell following to girls keeping for hands: "I have gone mad!!!!" Whether to cost to speak, what they felt thus the absolute funnymen?

In a word, from performance t.A.T.u. I did not wait for anything good - and was not mistaken. We shall begin, by tradition, from repertoir. Speak, girls have written down a plate - well, I saw their compact disc on an allocation! Actually all songs on it are devoted to problems of unisex love, both female, and man's. However - whatever one may do - three from them are popular only, the others to public are unknown for that simple reason that do not reach every 5 minutes from the nearest radio receiving station (and to buy sound tape with two frightened physiognomies on a cover in a head will come far not to everyone). Here these three hits and have been executed on a circle of times, then once again - and still it is a lot of-many times.

"Lesbian masterpieces" were anticipated original phrases of performers: "And well, who has forgotten the vibrator from houses? At whom vibrators with itself - fast get, because the song "Robot now will sound!" I'm not the hypocrite, however the similar words said in a microphone by two little girls, earning to themselves (and to the producer) on a piece of bread with red caviar gamble on ANOTHER'S feelings and emotions, have seemed to me disgusting.

As it was found out, it were yet all surprises. In the middle of performance of the young lady have begun to undress, having referred to a heat and as a result have remained on a stage in one underwear yes in dark blue rollerskating kneecaps - such, by the way, often use little girls-cheerleaders, waving multi-coloured brushes before the beginning of the American baseball matches. Whether it is necessary to remind, that lolit-cheerleaders are perceived by lewd Gumberts-Gumberts as a titbit, than rather actively use now every possible Britney Spears and the Company.

Besides a striptease, the public consisting in basic from teenagers, has been awarded several more retorts: "We Shall support sexual minority! - have cried out participants of a duet. - if such is in a hall - rise on a stage and kiss, the boy with the boy, the girl with the girl. And all the others in public too kiss the boy or the girl that minority felt our support".

You have felt? I perhaps that was not present. Certainly, described here lawlessness at desire it is possible to christen hardly probable not the first the gay-parade in the Ukrainian history and enthusiastically to clap in hands in occasion of that though someone "has supported to us". Well, probably, I an idealist, however for some reason seem to me, that "to influence electorate" minority should some different way. That t.A.T.u.: it is not necessary to be the prophet to think, that on one "lesbianism" in creativity far you will not leave, and that shortly the dear manager will leave little girls to the mercy of fate, and they, bubbleheads, will grow and become the banal heterosexuals. The owner of Grammy and remarkable talent, canadian Kay Dee Lang and the American Balm Eteridzh, hardly suited ever similar scenic outbursts. Moreover, me the words said somehow by actress Ellen DeGeneres were remembered: "I was afraid to make coming out because I knew - many begin to name me lesbian an actress". My girlfriend Balm Eteridzh very much experiences that after the coming out аn in perception of public it has turned in "lesbian the singer "though its creativity actually where is wider and comprehensive". However, whence to" the most well-known lesbians" postSoviet space to know about existence Кей Dee, Balms and other well-known singers with whom we really admire?

10.09.2001 - Concert in Sportpalace 'Friendship', Donezk Ukraine

16.09.2001 - Press Conference Krasnoyarsk

21.09.2001 - Concert in 'Anniversary' St. Petersburg, Russia

29.09.2001 - Concert in Saporischschja, Ukraine

30.09.2001 - Concert in Charkiw, Ukraine

The single "Ya Soshla S Uma" is officially released in the Eastern European countries - Slovakia, Czechia, Bulgaria. In Bulgaria the song "Ya Soshla S Uma" reaches the first position of the national chart on the youth "MM-Channel" on the day of the appearance, leaving behind such music stars as Limp Bizkit and Jennifer Lopez. During this time "Nefomat" is carrying on talks with Interscope Records.

01.10.2001 - Concert in Donezk, Ukraine

03.10.2001 - Concert in Krasnodar, Russia

05.10.2001 Concert in Riga, Latvia

11.10.2001 - Concert in Club Water Sear (Akvatoria) St.Petersburg, Russia

18.10.2001 - Concert in Krasnodar, Russia
19.10.2001 - Concert in Rostow on Don, Russia

20.10.2001 - Concert in Tyumen, Russia

22.10.2001 - Concert in Kiev, Ukraine

29.10.2001 - Concert in Dnipropetrowsk Ukraine


The single "Nas Ne Dogonyat" makes its debut in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland. At exactly this time the album "200 Po Vstrechnoi" is released in the Eastern Europe.t.A.T.u. go with a promo-visit to Slovakia, where they perform in the concert with such a scale similar to Russian "Pesnya Goda" festival. Throughout the fall Russian singles and the album of t.A.T.u. are released in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland and immediately hit the leading positions in the national hit-parades.

17.11.2001 Performance - 'Zolotoy Gramofon' State Kremlin Place of Congresses, Moscow
Watch Performance | Download Performance

23.11.2001 - Concert in St. Petersburg, Russia

t.A.T.u. go on a tour to Germany. After t.A.T.u. ground breaking performance Universal Music Germany decides to release the album in Germany.
Meanwhile, the album "200 Po Vstrechnoi" is on top of sales charts in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. During 2001 the duo toured dozens of cities and towns, giving more than 150 concerts in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia total. t.A.T.u. get a second wind: the English version of the album is about to make the most famous Russian girls in Europe famous all over the world.

04.12.2001 - Concert in Rostov on Don, Russia

06.12.2001 - Concert in Tuymen Area, Nischnewartowsk, Russia
08.12.2001 - Concert in Counterassembly Area, Kiev, Ukraine

11.12.2001 - Concert in Nizhni Novgorod

11.12.2001 - Europa Plus- Novogrod
14.12.2001 - Concert in Narva, Estland

20.12.2001 - Concert in Club 'Octopus', Tjumen Russia

The concert in Tumen (By Andrei)
Everything started rather normally. At the beginning of December, I saw a poster advertising that t.A.T.u. would come to our favourite city, Tumen. They had already been here last summer but at that time, they didn't interest me at all and I wasn't such a crazy fan as I am now. The poster had finally convinced me and I started to save money for the ticket (a cheap $7) and the booze that required double the amount for the ticket.

So me and my friend entered "Octopus", the club where the show was supposed to take place. We queued to get the booze and the DJ told the audience to shout "t.A.T.u! t.A.T.u.!" We hardly had time to buy beer and then made our way towards the stage. We managed to stand as close as was possible. First, their dance group with a similar name performed, and then the girls showed up and started to sing. After several songs, they took their skirts off. The crowd squealed in pleasure. Well, they publicly kissed a few times, and I got amused by their tops with an inscription “www.********”. But then, Julja (Julia) said that volunteers were needed on stage – four guys and two girls. My friend lifted a hand. I told him, "Do you have any idea what you might be asked to do?" He replied, "Why the f..k do you care!!!" Without much thought, I frankly answered, "Right, why should I give a f..k!"

Julja said that she was not going to choose, but some fellow would (I do not know whether it was Shapovalov or not, but he was a big man, may be even the father of one of them.) Only recently I have found out that this man was Lenja – the assistant. It took him a while to choose but finally, as soon as I lifted my hand, he pointed at me. I got frightened at first, so I quickly pulled my hand down and hid behind a guy in the crowd. Then I had second thoughts. Such an easy chance to stand close to Julja and Lena only happens once in a lifetime. My friend also said, "Come on, come on." So, I gave up.

As I approached the stage which was rather high, the guy extended his hand to me and lifted me up on stage. Julja spoke:
- What's your name?
- Andrei, I replied.
- Are you ready to do anything we ask?
- Yes, I said thinking that it would be the END!

Then she asked all the other participants the same questions. Then she added that if we'd refuse, the concert would not proceed. She approached me, pulled up my sweater (I didn't have anything under) and said, "Remove." She repeated it to all the participants. We took our clothes off. The chosen girls stood right there. Julja asked the crowd, pointing to the girls, "Shall we undress them too?" The crowd roared, "No, what can we possibly see there!!"

"Kiss now," said Julja confidently. Little girls started kissing. It lasted about 30 seconds. Julia came closer to the girls and said, "Enough, otherwise you may come."

"And now it's your turn," i.e. Myself and some other guy. (I got to know Sasha better later. A pretty normal guy.) We started to hesitate. Lenja told us that if we were not going to, we could f..k off. I told the guy something like, "Ajsh, screw it, who cares! Let's do it." So the guy "screwed it". I addressed the crowd to give us an applause, otherwise we wouldn't kiss. The crowd waved to us shouting, "Come on, come on!" I noticed that someone was giving me a sign from another corner of the arena. It was a fellow who lifted up another one. Both were from the same course as I. I gave them a sign back and thought to myself, "Well, tomorrow when I'm back to school, I'll be both a star and Malchik Gay." Upon this I hit and started to kiss the other guy really hard (without tongue!), while the crowd was about to flip out, seeing all this. The next thing I know, the guy grabbed my ass and I grabbed his. What a show!!! I wanted to spit but Lenja stopped me from doing it on stage. Asshole!!!

Then another pair of guys kissed. Though, one of them was around 30, this sort of XL type. Miserable sight, but funny!

The guard showed us and t.A.T.u. down to the basement so we could talk a little about nothing and everything. We talked to their staff too. By the way, the girls, kissing on stage, were not allowed to follow us.

The man praised me, telling me that I didn't get scared – a sort of real man! Gave me his hand. On stage, we received one can of Fanta, a poster with t.A.T.u.'s autographs. And downstairs I begged the staff for a real signed picture and then got Julja to write "To Andrei from Julja" on the back of that picture. She signed for herself and Lena too. Then I spoke to Lena, so she wrote "Wishing you love" and signed too. What's more, we were allowed to take a picture together with t.A.T.u. We didn't have a camera, but some woman around had a one and offered to let us borrow it. We left her our phone numbers. I already got the pictures. I'm dressed in a blue sweater there and Sasha (my friend in trouble) in a gray (green) one.

Translation by forre

21.12.2001 - Concert in Disco 'A7', Neu Ulm, Germany
22.12.2001 - Concert in Disco 'Ayr', Wörrstadt Germany

23.12.2001 - Concert in Baden-Baden, Germany

25.12.2001 - Concert in Disco 'Dogs', Hamburg Germany

25.12.2001 - Concert in Disco 'Aurora', Hannover Germany

26.12.2001 - Concert in Kiev, Ukraine