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Empire Magazine [April 2012]

Yulia Volkova saves the world from zombi invasion.

Last month of autumn, Saturday morning, sport complex in one of the quiet regions of capital. We try to go though the big group of people. They can't go inside of the club because of tons of journalists and media people around. There we see same same strange situation - it's too late to think about sport for these sportive people.

"There were striptease zombies, there were nazis zombies..." We could write big poem about zombies form movie "Resident Evil" but we will do it different. There were not karate-zombies yet! - says general Director and producer of New Wave production Sergey Torchilin after our question about topicality of his new project "9 and half zombies". We visited it in the last day of filming.Well, we even don't need to get deeper in these theme because there were not comedy movies like that before in Russia.

There are tons movies like this one in United Stated and they all have it's auditory and they feel good about it.

"First of all we were thinking about popularity of this genre" - says co-producer Ivan Kapitonov. "There can me totally horror movies, there can me just some action, comedies or trash movies. Here we were thinking about "Welcome to zombi land" in case of comedy, action and other elements. For example "Zombie Shoe" looks more like zombi comedy movie but we have about 40% of action scenes there. And of course a lot of humour. There is nothing serious!"

The story of the film is rather simple: Some UFO man is project of crazy professor of science, total contamination, tons of dead but alive people and in the middle of this all groups of silly teenagers who decided to have a walk. And of course some clever boy who is in love with a girl.

"We didn't want to have some media person in our film because it's a new genre for Russian cinema so we wanted someone who is known but not too much" - says Torchilin -

"We also asked advice of our American colleagues who said that there they know only two Russian women: Anna Sharapova and Yulia Volkova. Well maybe in the second art of out film we can see tennis player there but for now we have to work with exTatu singer of scandalous group Yulia."

Surelly, Yulia Volkova is the main trump of this movie inside and outside of the country. The results it had on American Film Market and Berlin film studios let it be sold to Japan and some Latin American countries (Tatu are still very popular there). There are also discussion about filming it in USA and German studios also want to make 3d version of it. There can't be any problems with it because film was made with possibility of 3d.

Second trump of this film are special effects made by American Film maker who was also working with movies like "Nochnoy Dozor","Volkodav" and "Mongol". Even all out zombies has special make up on the faces anyway it will be necessary to make it better with computer graphics.

"The things we do are really very cool and it would cost much more expensive with other studios." - says newbie director Kirill Kemniz - All was made with total understanding of cost and with 15 years old experience of job like this. I was superwaizer of special ffects in many other film and I understand how important is every small detail. Many other don't know how to do these things and they can't find contact with each other and the result of it can be terrible.

Now when we know this all we also would like to understand stories of mail heroes but produsers say nothing about. They have give us some general phrases about growing up a main hero from small boy into real man. As we cna guess there won't be any happy so this make us think that there can be any continue of this story. But really, how can we live without tennis zombies, eh?

 HELLO! #9 (409), [28th February 2012]

At her 27th Birthday party, the singer let slip that they're planning the wedding with her boyfriend, a businessman called Vadim, who she met one year ago. In addition, Julia and Vadim said they dream of having children together. The singer already has a 7-years-old daughter, Viktoria, with Pavl Sidorov, and a 4-years-old son Samir, with Parviz Yasinov. They get along very well, yet Vadim has said he wants them to have their own kids. While the exact date of the marriage is unknown, friends of the couple said it will happen very soon.

 Muz TV Article [14th February 2012]

Double event of Julia Volkova

On February, 20th in one of Moscow's restaurants there will  take place a birthday party and presentation of the new group of one of the brightest and scandalous stars in the russian music scene of Julia Volkova, who came back to show business last year.

Julia Volkova has become famous as a part of the duet «t. A.T.u.» — the first russian group of the world which has broken up in 2008. After a small break Julia returned back with her solo project and new musicians.

During the concerts Volkova accompanied by bright live accompaniment. Numerous admirers have met with pleasure the returning of the singer and its first single «All because of you» / «I Will shift the world».

On Monday, on February, 20th Julia Volkova will celebrate her birthday, and also will present her new group. Among guests of honor are expected: Pavel Volja, Timur Rodrigez, Sergey Lazarev, Vlad Topalov, Masha Malinovsky, Rum the Animal, Mitja Fomin, Masha Tsigal, Alexander Anatolevich, Olesya Sudzilovsky, Alexey Chadov, Ljajsan Utjasheva and many others.

 Paparazzi #7 (174), [27 February 2012]
Julia Volkova again gathered under the crown - she's once again doing an invitation to her wedding, which, according to the newly-minted bride, is to be held in the foreseeable future. Her civilian spouse - a businessman called Vadim - has confirmed that he proposed her long ago and she finally gave consent. In this marriage Volkova, already mother of two children, hopes to fulfill her dream - to become the mother of five heirs.

 News at GalaRecords Website [25th January 2012] 

Julia's record label GalaRecords published news about her performance in Moscow. Here's the translation of the article, under the title "Julia Volkova filled the house!"

"Julia Volkova has returned to the scene with her solo project. After a recent tour in Latin America the singer didn't fail to please her fans with a live performance. On stage of the club "Central Station" in Moscow, Julia performed for the first time with her new band. Devoted fans, many of which came from other cities exclusively for this concert, filled the room up to the limit - her fans were looking forward to Julia's musical career renewal. During the concert sounded old hits of the group t.A.T.u., as well as her recently released solo composition, "Sdvinu Mir" / "All Because Of You" Article  [21st January 2012]

The youngest star mums

Not simply to dare to give birth to the child when you're a young star of show business, but among the Russian and foreign celebrities is such desperate mummies who have staked the career for the sake of female happiness. Among them Brezhnev, Julia Volkova, Britney Spears, Natalia Vodjanova's Belief.

It's necessary to notice that Russia and in the west various concepts about early pregnancy, for example, in the USA the women who have given birth aged till 25 years are considered as "very young mothers».

We suggest you to look at the list of the "earliest" star mums.

Julia Volkova

For the first time she became mum when she was 19 years old.

In the documentary movie «Anatomy t. A.T.u.» the soloist of group, Julia Volkova, has told about early abortion. However she subsequently began to deny it, declaring that she has given birth after the first pregnancy.

And then she gave birth in 2004 when the singer was 19 years old. She met the father of the child in an known night club where they often went with friends. Their novel lasted around two years. Then the couple decided to break up. She has been simultaneously frightened and pleased by this news of beeing pregnant.

Julia thought they could  become an high-grade family with Pascha. But all has turned out on the contrary. The birth of the baby has even more kept away the young parents from each other, and they have left.

However, Julia wasn't alone for a long time. She has acquainted with Parviz Yasinov and in 3 years she was in maternity home again. After 3 years the singer and has left Parviz. But she isn't sorry about that.

«In general I still want children — a boy and a girl. I have a dream to have many children, and then grandsons and great-grandsons...», - the actress dreams.

HELLO Magazine [June 2012]

StarHit #10 (225), [5th March 2012]

BRAVO Magazine #6, [7th March 2012]

 Evening Moscow [June 2012]

Secret of the stars [23rd May 2012]

Without getting picked at Eurovision, Dima Bilan and Julia Volkova still found a way to get everyone to talk about them!

At the birthday celebration of Philip Kirkorov, the paparazzi caught the stars in a passionate kiss! The lovebirds were cooing and indulged in caresses without paying attention to the camera flashes.

Before this, Julia and Dima were connected with a friendship, both of their hearts being taken. Ex-t.A.T.u. girl lived in a civil marriage for 4 years with businessman Parviz Yasinov, with whom Julia gave birth to her son, Samir. But in 2011*, the pair broke up. At that time, Dima was with a model named Yuliana Krilova, not thinking of anyone else.

“I don’t want to say anything, these are private matters” snapped Bilan when he was asked to comment on the photos with Julia. “Everything happens for a reason in this life...”

Julia appeared to be more talkative, "We did not plan this" claims Volkova. “Yes, we kissed…It just happened! Dima is wonderful. We will see where it leads”

*Let's remember the couple broke up before this date. In 2010 we could already see Julia with Vlad.

 Russia Today, Japan [20th March 2012]

- About the movie: "The movie will be released in the fall, it's an aggressive role, in a good sense. What the girl with a gun does is protecting the rights of the world and her own as well."

- About her career: "I want to take a different direction from what I've done before, and I've been working on a duet with the singer Dima Bilan."

- About her children: "They like Michael Jackson and Lady GaGa the most."

- About her husband: "(answering to the question Would you like to have a baby with your boyfriend?) "Right now I'd like to concentrate on creative activities. We know each other very well and he's friends with my children."

- About the restaurant: "There's a stage for karaoke, everything will be very trendy. I will also perform there." 

Top Beauty Interview [May 2012]

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Back To Her Future

Singer Yulia Volkova remembers t.A.T.u., specifically her relationship with Lena Katina, plans to conquer the world again and to create a family, but this time once and for all.

There is a sensation that you disappear and reappear

That is how it is. But, I am not doing it on purpose. There have just been different developments in life. Children were born. My first child was born in 2004, so there was a break. We also had a falling out with Ivan S. In 2005 Lena and I started without Ivan, but with Boris Renski. In 2008 I had a child again, was with my family, fell in love, and I had to take a break. And after a year we finally ended t.A.T.u. After such a large-scale project, the kind of band we had, and before starting something new, there was a need to cool down, to breath. To retreat, to be with family and children. And now in 2012, I am ready to return again. Actually, I have done it already: in 2011 we launched my official site, signed a contract with Gala Records. And this year I am seriously working on my solo project, writing a book, opening a restaurant, and even had time to record a duet with Dima Bilan, Back To Her Future, which we presented at Eurovision. So, everything is just beginning.

Isn’t Eurovision a passed phase?

Dima and I both have a direct bearing on Eurovision. In 2003, while in t.A.T.u., got 1st place. We were 3rd in the beginning, but later got an official notice that we were first. Dima got 2nd place in 2005 and in 2008 he won for our country. I think it’s great that two hero-winners of the contest decided to come together. We planned on singing a duet in 2009, but we did not have a good track then, the idea was up in the air. But not a song appeared, which we liked, and in two weeks the selection for Eurovision was happening, so we thought: what a bright occurrence, why not participate and present our duet there? The only minus was: Dima was on tour, he arrived two days before the presentation, and we were not able to do the performance we wanted to show. Even though we ordered decorations.

In either case, in the qalifying part of Eurovision, we performed adequately. And we are happy with the winners, “Buranskii Babushki”, they were cool. I also have a grandma who likes to go out, drink, sing to the accordian with neighbors. And for many grandmas it’s a spectacular event in their life. The main thing is that they are able to survive it. Show business is not simple, and we need to respect our elders.

Did you meet them?
Yes. Charming, cool. They are 80-85 years old, but they are fighters. Actually, they want to build a church in Udmurtia (where they are from).

Now they can reinburse the cathedral. Tell me, could they really send Dima to the competition for a third time?
It’s all bullshit. We met not to prove something to anyone, to count how many times we have been there, we liked the track, we were inspired with an idea, and we get a kick out of working together. Dima is talented and charsismatic, and in my view, is the brightest performer in Russian show business. It is interesting for me to work with such people. Who ever doesn’t like something- you can dig around in the past.

Though you are scorned for your vocals.
They will always find something to write to make their money. I am sure that Dima and I are not singing the last duet. I am also getting ready for my single release. I am planning to present it all around the world. I released my first track “Sdvinu Mir” which was a reminder of t.A.T.u. I was not around for practically 3 years and wanted a bit of nostalgia. I was experimenting during these years, I was finding myself, tried out rock, pop, dance, recorded demos which can be found online. Now I know where I stand and know what I want. So just wait- this is my year, our year.

How will your music change?
I tried to record a few songs with Sergei Goloyan. Lena Kiper prepared a couple of tracks. She wrote the Russian lyrics for the song with Dima. There are a lot of interesting things in music, many new styles, but I want to do that with which I will live. How it was in the t.A.T.u. period, that it just needs to be done. I want to live through everything. And my fans will see that I come out on stage not empty, but sharingmy experience.

They wrote that you will continue your career in America.
I go there regularly to record. I have a manager there- actually a previous Managing Director of Universal Russia, David Junk. He helps me a lot. Of course there are composers, my rehearsal base, where I shoot videos. I love America very much- it’s a second home for me. I love this world, there are a lot of people in it who wait for me and love me. Guys, thank you! I am sure that soon we will be a whole- the world is in our hands.

Our film actors complain that working in Hollywood, the language barrier stands in the way and they are offered roles of robbers and prostitutes. Why can’t our singers accomplish anything there?
Our show business is far from America’s. When you look at Beyonce’s show, The Black Eyed Peas or Justin Bieber, this is a young guy with insane charisma, who works day and night, then you understand: the people there seriously work hard, their oxygen is the stage, the fans. Our producers want to invest 3 pennies and get a millions in profit and no one thinks of the show. We only have business- which is not bad. Everyone wants to earn money. Except show business is a completely different life which has to be lived, giving in to it completely. We have a lot of talented people too, but a lot of people rather have a beautiful face or are someone’s lover. Everything is determined through connections and money. In America you need talent, eagerness, aspiration, and a crazy fire in your eyes.

Six years ago in an interview you said that you  wanted to be involved in being a director.
And I was in a movie. 9 And A Half Zombies?
Yes, the release is planned in 2012. The director was a young guy named Kiril Kemnits, who has a father who is a specialist in movie effects. The emphasis in this movie is on special effects. It was my frist movie roll. However there was the movie You and I, but it was mainly just based around t.A.T.u. The rolls of Lena and I were sporadic. I also was in Yeralash, but that was in my childhood. But in 9 And A Half Zombies I was playing the main roll. I was shooting in Minsk for 2 months, but it turned out to be such a tremendous experience! An unreal charge of energy and strength. I understood that this was also something for me. Such creative people with talens. My partner was Misha Efremov. Cool guy, hip, young, and doesn’t play anyone except Misha Efremov.
It was a cool transformation, I learned to throw knives, shoot from a gun in the name of love and the people closest to me. So now I am ready to protect my homeland.

How similar is this movie to the stndard horror film where people kill zombies?
It reminds me of Welcome to Zombieland and Lara Croft.

Resident Evil?
Yes, there is a simple plot there, but an interesting one: people who experience fear fall under the attack of zombies and turn into them. But, the people who go forward without fear remain alive. Very beautiful cinematography. And the heroin I play is similar to me in a way: she is reckless, brave, she goes until the end, opens all doors. My persinality is also more of a boy than a girl. I will not sit and wait, I go right into battle. I am ready to be in another movie if the offer comes, but in a classic one. For example Scent Of A Woman, Revenge, Message In A Bottle, Forest Gump.

When we were doing an interview 6 years ago, you said at the very beginning of the conversation that you wanted to sleep, you layer down on Lena’s knees and fell asleep. Lena surrendered herself to you.
(Laughing) It was worse at times. When I returned to America to meet with one composer, who has worked with world famous stars on the same level as U2. After the flight i wanted to rest, I told my manager, “Maybe we can meet the composer tomorrow, I’ll rest, get ready, get my mind together.” But he said that we had to meet him that day. We go to the restaurant, I sit on the couch, put me legs up and fell asleep. At this time David and the composer are discussing work, songs, video clips, everything creative, and I am dreaming. When there are conversation is over, I woke up and said that it was very nice and that’s all. I am a person who does what she feels and what she wants.

During t.A.T.u. all the steps were very sincere and honest, we sat down to discuss everything, we were different, and that was the secret to our success.

Do you speak with Lena now?
No. I think more time needs to pass for us to start speaking again. We were just around each other too much, we lived together for 10 years as a family, slept in the same bed, under the same covers, ate from the same plate, peed in the same toilet. We did not fight, did not have have tantrums, just one moment-everything just ended. Each of us went her separate way, and that is good, we need to further ourselves, make goals for ourselves, and just go up the ladder. There is not always room for improvement. We do not call each other or write each other. Time will pass, and we will talk again. We have a lot to discuss.

Your relations somehow remind you of the story of the group Smash!!
There are similarities, yes. And all four of us were in Neposedi.

Thomas Anders and Modern Talking say that they were not friends with Dieter Bohlen - only business. Is this true in duets?
We had a friendship. Lena and I went to each other’s summer homes, hung out with the same people, celebrated New Year’s together, went bowling and to karaoke. Lena knew a lot about me, and I about her. We were girlfriends.

Do you follow her solo career?
Not really.

Isn’t there a temptation to look her up on Google?
(Shakes her head)

Do you compete with each other?
No, and we never will.

Who are your friends now?
I understand that being friends with someone can last 10, 15, 20 years, then you can break up and no longer speak. One time I had a similar experience with a friend in my childhood- we were friends at 6, always together. She had a hard destiny, so a part of the time we lived in my apartment. I did a lot for her, but suddenly we grew up and everything was over. We still see each other and call each other, but not often. Each of our lives went it’s own way. Sometimes it is different, you can know a person 3 or 4 years and suddenly he becomes very close to you.

I remember how long you had a relationship with Alexi Metorfanov.
Me and him still are friends. Not long ago he turned 50 and I went to celebrate with him.

What do you have in common?
Interests. He is a very positive person, creative, and experienced in many things. He has a good sense of humor. We hang out a lot and we see each other at different events.

Did you like his book, You and I, and the film based on it?
Yes, not a bad idea. And Lesha thought of this, even though he wrote the book with a co-author, a fan of t.A.T.u. Lesha said how he sees all this. and the movie was not bad. One minus is that the film was released too late. It was planned that it would come out in 2007-08, but happened in 2010, when Lena and I were over. The movie was just too late, but it got attention.

And movies and books of t.A.T.u. calls for negative feelings. Was this done on purpose?
Show business is a swamp where there is a lot of competition, liars, drugs. But it does not mean everyone goes through this.

Do you relate to this?

And you want to go back to this wold or is there no way around it?
I don’t believe in the word “need”. I do what is mine. I push away emotions, and do not go after what millions of other go after. Otherwise, I will have to go out and buy myself shoes. If I do not like them, do I have to buy them still just because everyone else is? This is how show business is. If i like it here, I will be here. If not, then I will leave.

Do you think you have lost the popularity you had from t.A.T.u.?
We lived out everything in this story. 15 year old girls kissed on stage, participated in gay parades. I am not trying to do now what I did not get to do then.

What action of t.A.T.u.  do you find the most effective?
The shirts with Fuck War written on them. We wore them on American TV. Lena and I wrote it ourselves on our shirts with markers and paint. On the next day people from our fan clubs were selling them on the street.

How much were they?
I don’t know. But, Americans were able to write this themselves, which means a lot. People understood it and accepted it. All of our movements got attention.

Are there things from t.A.T.u. which you regret?
I don’t regret anything that I did. If you do something at that moment, it means that it was needed at that time. There was a teenage period and the things I did bring a smile to my face now.  But I do not regret them.

Would you were a shirt that said Fuck War now?
Why not? I am against war. It was probably vulgar and risky, but people paid attention.

Everything that happened with you in t.A.T.u. was worth it?
Are you talking of money?

And moral pride, self actualization?
I think yes. Except it was hard to work with Ivan in the end. There was a lot of confusion. And we grew up and at 19/20 years old we could say no.

When is the last time u saw Ivan?
Half a year go. He lives around the city, rides horses, plays with kids, seems to have grandchildren. He is still the same joker to me.

Did the period of t.A.T.u.  pass or do you still live it?
For me this project will never die. A real future grows from the past.

Does the youth know t.A.T.u.?
Many grew up with us, but when I have fan club meetings not only do the old fans come, but people who are 15 and 16.

When did your childhood end?
I can tell you that it was early. t.A.T.u. showed up when I was 14. We were working right away, 25 concerts a month, and mom was not around who cooked us breakfast. We were responsible for ourselves. We cried, missed home and comfort and mom, but I do no regret it.

Would you say you hurried to live?
I tired to do everything, especially going out, i wanted to be out all the time. I came home from tour for one day and mom said “relax you have to go on a plane tomorrow” but i went showered and went to see friends. I was impatient and had a lot of emotions. “You live 10 years in 1”, my mom said. You need to be alone, think of yourself, sleep. but i could not. Now i understand mom was right, its good to be alone or with family and analyze your life.

In general, you seem to be free and you like chaos.  Many of your crazy attics seem to be..nothing serious?

Do you have boundaries now?
I never had any boundaries and do not have any now. I grew up and became calmer.If you compare with periods of my life when I was completely insane. But if i need to curse someone out, I will, like I would have before.

Who do you listen to with obedience? Parents?
Parents, yes. They love me how I am and support me in all my starts. Mom and dad are the only close people who will be with me till the the end. My mom is a heroin. Everyone is around her, the whole family. She take cares of us all, but it is not simple especially with me and my personality. I want to talk to them more, but I have many things to do, many small things from which our relationship suffers. i speak to parents on the phone ten times a day. we see each other every day for 10 minutes. Parents come and I am leaving, However, I do not want to put my problems on them. Let them live peacefully.

Do they criticize you?
Sometimes. It is important. I am their daughter, they know better.

What do they say “Why do you do this, don’t do such things”?
No, the do not forbid anything, but give their opinion. I listen to my friends too, maybe sometimes it is not pleasant, but only close people can say everything to your face.

Would you let your kids go into a project like t.A.T.u.?
I never thought of this. I know for sure that t.A.T.u. will never happen again, but something else will. Vika is more for sports than music,. her grandpa helped her out. She is in tennis for 2 years and gets medals.  Maybe she will later be interested in music, but one time she was learning the piano, but did not see to be enthusiastic about it. Kids should do what they want to.

Will Vika do professional tennis?
Maybe, but things can change. What if she wants to sing? You have to give kids options to try themselves in different things.

What is your son doing?
Samir is 4, he will be doing sports.  Swimming or gymnastics.

Who spends more time with him?
My parents and nanny. When i have free time, me. I go out with him, go to the cafe, play. Dad and mo are always with the kids going everywhere, and they enjoy it.

Are you ready to raise kids alone?
No. I have friends who do though, they need no one, I am not like this. I need to grow, build the kids’ futures. They see from childhood that everything costs something.

Can you say that you are happy as a woman?

What is happiness to you?
I have kids, this is the first element of happiness for a woman. I have someone for whom I live. I have parents and a large amount of friends.

What kind of man should someone be so you can be ready to move the wold for him?
The most important is  being sincere. I love that everything will be real, respect, understanding, the most important is communication. a man should be able to love children, the world and life. If he is any different then he is not for me.

Do you dream of a wedding?
A wedding will happen once. I do not want to put on a white dress more than once. One time and for life. It will happen when I feel that its the right time. ihave had offers, but nothing happened. It just did not work out.

Have men deceived you?
No, they suggested it, but then either I was not ready, loved and stopped loving, or it was over on its own. I fall in love , but my heart is not easy to penetrate. A wedding should be sincere, both people must want it.

What about a church ceremony.
It happened already.

You find ourself in a creative way, do you continue to look for yourself through changing your look?
No, I never wanted to change myself. I just love to experiment.

Is it not searching?
No, I do not look for what is good looks for me. I get sick of one haircut so i grow them out then cut them. I am temporary-like. I love one thing today and something else tomorrow.

Sorry, but is not plates surgery a radical experiment? Its not just cutting your bangs.
I was ready for it and I was conscious of it and aware. I felt that it would be good for me.

Was it your idea or did a guy suggest?
Mine. I never heard of this from a man.

You’re a girl that is small. how do you think, do men like these kinds or tall ones?
It’s matter of taste. Some men like tall models, some like small ones, others chubby. Some blonde,some brunettes, but it is not all about physical appearances. I know many pretty girls who only were needed by men for one night. And no matter how many good looking men there are they are, their physical appearance must resonate with the beauty inside.

Zhara Magazine [May 2012]

RussianMind [July 2012] 
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FAULT Magazine UK  [May 2012]
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Julia Volkova in MAXIM [April 2012] 
In April, 2012 to the general man's journal of the country of MAXIM 10 years will be executed. The magazine prepared special number for the anniversary – the collection edition, a result of unique work of the MAXIM magazine — the Generator of the Superwoman! And here those beauties Julia Volkova, Anna Semenovich, Iren Ponaroshku, Julia Snigir, Jeanne Friska which bodies appeared the most desired. [21.01.2012]
The youngest star mums
Text: Veronica Poltavsky, Anna Churilova

Photo: Getty/, AllOverPress, Splash/AllOverPress, ITAR-TASS

Not simply to dare to give birth to the child when you're a young star of show business, but among the Russian and foreign celebrities is such desperate mummies who have staked the career for the sake of female happiness. Among them Brezhnev, Julia Volkova, Britney Spears, Natalia Vodjanova's Belief. 
It's necessary to notice that Russia and in the west various concepts about early pregnancy, for example, in the USA the women who have given birth aged till 25 years are considered as "very young mothers». 
We suggest you to look at the list of the "earliest" star mums.

Julia VolkovaFor the first time she became mum when she was 19 years old.
In the documentary movie «Anatomy t. A.T.u.» the soloist of group, Julia Volkova, has told about early abortion. However she subsequently began to deny it, declaring that she has given birth after the first pregnancy. 
And then she gave birth in 2004 when the singer was 19 years old. She met the father of the child in an known night club where they often went with friends. Their novel lasted around two years. Then the couple decided to break up. She has been simultaneously frightened and pleased by this news of beeing pregnant. 
Julia thought they could  become an high-grade family with Pascha. But all has turned out on the contrary. The birth of the baby has even more kept away the young parents from each other, and they have left.

However, Julia wasn't alone for a long time. She has acquainted with Parviz Yasinov and in 3 years she was in maternity home again. After 3 years the singer and has left Parviz. But she isn't sorry about that.
«In general I still want children — a boy and a girl. I have a dream to have many children, and then grandsons and great-grandsons...», - the actress dreams. Interview  [20.01.2012] reporter visited Julia during one of her rehearsals in Moscow, for her next concert which will take place on January 21. She gave an interview where she discloses interesting details about her work.

MK - Rumor has it that you are going to sing with Dima Bilan at the upcoming "Eurovision". Is it true?
Julia - To be honest, we considered this, yes. But now it's only being discussed, and it is unknown whether it will actually take place or not.

MK - Where have you been all these years?
Julia - t.A.T.u. broke up in 2008. We worked so hard, had a lot of concerts. At some point I just wanted to sit at home with ym family, and I actually got to do it. I had a baby and settled down for some time to raise my children. I needed to become slightly different, that took me some time. I changed my character, and the audience wanted something new. And everyone understood that we both needed to change, to move on, so we decided to do solo projects.

MK - What did you feel as you watched Katina's video where you're both buried?
Julia - Nothing, I watched absolutely calm.

MK - Did she warn you about the fact you were gonna be buried?

Julia - No, we have nothing to warn each other. Everybody's got a creative mood. Apparently, she had a "sepulchral mood" here ... I don't blame anyone.

MK - Do you speak nowadays?
Julia - We hardly communicate now.

MK - It was announced in 2010 that you were going to start your solo career. What has been done ever since?

Julia - In 2010 I went to America, tried several stuff, looking for something to do, for myself, recorded several tracks. Some I liked, others I didn't. But I didn't record the album yet. It was about searching for a new image. Just recently I was offered a contract in Russia. Together with some former t.A.T.u. partners decided to join and start working. I have a whole new team, new musicians - all new! I think when you start a solo career you need to start from scratch, to create something completely new. And I have this, with the exception of Sergey Galoyan, with whom I work. He wrote the hits "Ya Soshla S Uma", "Nas Ne Dagonyat"...

MK - You said you were looking for a new image. Did you find it?
Julia - Yes, but in the first single - "Sdvinu Mir" - we use the echoes of the past. We had this idea to let the company do something t.A.T.u.-ish, after all it took 3 years till I came back and I need to remind myself where I come from. But now we are starting to work with Sergey on the album where everything will be different. Soon you'll hear for yourself.

MK - In the video for "Sdvinu Mir" you continue to flirt with the so-called "pink" theme. Your character, though in other people's fantasies, is passionately kissing a girl. Is this a hook for old fans?
Julia - I wrote the script of the video. I still like both, boys and girls. Even my current husband Vadim, sitting in front of me confirmed that he knew about my stories with girls. For me, this is a recurrent theme. Just recently I had a friend that I liked... It's not even the echoes of the past, it is what I live for.

MK - Is it true or just PR?
Julia- True!

MK - Your voice and Lena's are always associated to t.A.T.u., and now that you're singing alone you still sing t.A.T.u. songs. Is it some sort of trap?
Julia - No, it's normal. Fans who have been following t.A.T.u. in any case will demand these songs. In my program 60% are t.A.T.u. songs, because fans ask me to please sing them, in social networks. But, on the other hand, why should I give up those songs? They have already became classics of the genre and a classic never dies. And we see it all the time: Pugacheva and Rotaru, Baskov and Kirkorov...

MK - Which one of you both kept the rights to sing t.A.T.u. songs?
Julia - Both of us. We do not have such animosity, to tear each other's songs. People do many covers on t.A.T.u. songs, even overseas, the songs ar popular and people want to sing them, why should we put a spoke in the wheel? A month ago the song "All The The Things She Said" got on London music charts again. We attribute this to the fact that Lena and I released solo clips, and once again became visible.

MK - Sometimes a band that broke up use to come back together for performing in big events, would you go for it?
Julia - I think that we wouldn't reunite for the money. For us human relationships and personal understanding are more important than a large fee. If we go together on stage, I will stand at one side and Lena will stand at the other. It wouldn't make so much sense. In addition, we shouldn't think about a comeback right now since we've started solo projects, and we should focuss on making them as better than t.A.T.u. as possible. I do not mind meeting Lena, we have no animosity, I never wanted anything bad to her.

MK - Will you experiment with your appearance? Everyone still remembers how your lips changed, all of a sudden.
Julia - I have done to myself pretty much everything that can be done, and I'm not denying it (smiles). I like experimenting, but in the future I want to focus on my health.

MK - What are your plans for 2012?
Julia - Make a record and maybe even release it this fall. If we will work hard, then half a year we write quality material. I want to release a clip, give an awesome show and a concert, which actually will take place! I want to be back.


Newspaper Tvoy Den' [07.07.2012]

Newspaper Metro [08.06.2012]

Hello Magazine [09.07.2012]

Dima Bilan talks about the videoclip for the song "Lyubov' - Suka"

English Translation:

Q: Do you keep in contact with Julia, besides common projects?

A: We are great friends. By the way, the premiere of the music video for our song "Lyubov' - Suka", which is being played in all radio stations, is gonna be take place soon on "Novaya Volna". I hope it's gonna be a bomb!

Tani Zvezd  №33(251) [11.08.2012]

El Siglo de Torreon in Mexico [13.08.2012]

Julia's interview for "El Siglo de Torreon"
Julia returns to the Latinamerican press by giving an exclusive interview to the Mexican newspaper "El Siglo de Torreon"! Here's the scan and the English translation.


With a very sexy image, ex-t.A.T.u. girl Julia Volkova launches her solo career.
When she appeared on the musical scene with t.A.T.u, both controversy and success were on her side. Now, she comes back to stage alone, willing to "eat" the world. Openly declaring her bisexuality, Julia Volkova has reactivated her musical career with the release of her song "Didn't Wanna Do It", first single of her future debut solo album. From her native Moscow, the singer had an exclusive talk with El Siglo de Torreon. With great excitement, since among her plans is conquering Latinamerica. Laid in a room in her house, which she shares with her husband and child, she said that she is happy for this new professional beginning.

"I've wanted to go solo for a long time. I like working, having fun, thinking, and above all... Put some rhythm to the world!"

The young girl said she has been preparing for this release for 4 years. "I was home with my children and family, but all this started for real this year"

Q - Are you pretending to cause controversy now, as you did when t.A.T.u. appeared in the musical world scene?
A - I only hope you all know me from head to toes.

About her musical presentation card, she explained that it's about a very hot song, just like her videoclip. "I love 'Didn't Wanna Do It'! The humor of the lyrics turns you on, and gets you carried away in a very surprising way. The video was shot in Cuba, because I love that country, especially its beaches, and there were many people when we did it"

Volkova, born on February 20, 1985, said that she doesn't know how to call her album yet. "We're working on the record and I'm not in a hurry, the album will be ready when it will have to be. One thing is for sure, I know my fans will like it, after releasing it I will do a world tour!"

Q - With this proposal, are you also looking for a way to defend LGBT rights, people who are mainly following you because of t.A.T.u.?
A - I'm not really looking for songs with a purpose in mind. If I like the song, I'm gonna sing it, doesn't matter what kind of sexual orientation is portrayed. For me there's no problem!

Q - Saying that, you mean that you have no problem at all with assuming your sexuality?
A - Not at all, I think we all should enjoy life the way we want to.

When questioning her about her personal life, Volkova defined herself as a very simple woman. "I'm a normal person, and I can be happy, crying or laughing as well. I usually spend my spare time with my family and children, and sometimes I spend time with friends"

About Mexico., Julia said it's a country she expects to know soon. "I love Latinamerica, and of course I love Mexico. I know I have many Mexican fans, I will visit you soon, don't ever doubt. I send you all my love, believe me when I say I always carry you with me!"

Thankful to t.A.T.u.
During our talk, we couldn't help but touching the t.A.T.u. subject. About the duo, Volkova said it will always be in her mind and heart. "Oh, t.A.T.u. was a great experience, one in a lifetime! It taught me something very important: To keep on going and never give up", explained the artist, who said that althought she never sees L. Katina, "I will always be her friend".

t.A.T.u. caused controversy because from the very beginning, moved by marketing reasons they said they were lesbians, something they ended up denying. Volkova was later declared bisexual, while Katina heterosexual.

IBLAME [09.08.2012]

If i were to say the name Julia Volkova, unless you were a die hard or live in Russia, then you probably wouldn’t know who she is… Well hopefully, this is all about to change. The sexy ex-t.A.T.u. star is set to take the world by storm once again. Only no side-kick or school uniforms this time around.
Julia, will release her debut international solo single Didn’t Wanna Do it worldwide 21 August!!
In true Julia style, the video is available in three formats – censored,explicit and Russian! I’ll be catching up with Julia soon for an exclusive interview, where I’ll be chatting about her t.A.T.u days, her new material and what is next for our sexy russian! [23.08.2012]

La Vanguardia Newspaper, Mexico [24.08.2012]

With her  philosophy of "love without borders"  the singer released the tracks "All Because of You" and "Didn't Want to Do It". The singer admits that eroticism will always be part of her life, and it's obvious in her latest music video. Fully involved in her new theme, aims to finish her first album, to go back to stage and in her own words, to "conquer the world".

How involved were you in the process of creating these new recordings?
Fully involved. I decided everything, what to do and how. From the beginning till the finished product, the choice of topics. I trust my team, but I am part of the process and I have a right to give feedback.

What is so different from your previous work?
 Everything is very different. New people at one time. Now you become more aware of what you're doing. Now, new technologies allow you to make a sound more interesting. We have much experience with it and the results we selected the most interesting and not just those who follow the routine.
Why did you think this was the right time to make this change to your career?
 Everything happens in time. I was ready to make my solocareer and was ready to return. I  saw clearly that the music market has space for an artist like me.

You can see a lot of sexual content in your new song and video. We have seen this kind of subject you since you were part of tATu Is there a particular reason why these issues are so present in your career?
Sure, I was half of t.A.T.u. and what I did was very interesting. But we shouldn't think that was some kind of intentional sexual provocation. I just live like that, eroticism is a part of me, respectively, part of my creativity.

When you released the second album with tATu, abogabas declared, that "love without borders".  Is it still part of your philosophy?
Yes, of course I still think so. All people need to live and love according to our heart. If a girl loves a boy, a girl to a girl, it's just like that. Of course, this doesn't apply strictly only sexual orientations. If you decide to love someone younger than you or that is not in the same economic level, why not? Snobbery is evil.

What was it like being part of tATu, perhaps the most successful pop project in Russian history?
Since we were constantly on tour, we did not feel like we were doing a job. Just lived. Neither Lena nor I were trapped in the disease of stardom. We were always the same girls, only we were famous worldwide. Our heads didn't revolve around fame. We maintained contact with the same people, despite our social status.

During the first days of tATu, there was much debate on the issue of homosexuality. Was not premeditated? Did you expect such an impact on society?
Sure, people talk a lot. Lena and I wanted a lot and we were very close. Never deceive anyone. But now my life is on another page.

How did you live this controversy? Did it affect your life in any way?
No, none of that affected me in any way. He felt no discomfort or concern. I have close friends who listen, and the fact that we were constantly talking about it was good. People used to live with that. However now I can laugh about the media.

Do you think that if another project as t.A.T.u. came into the world today, it would cause the same impact and generate the same controversy?
It's happening here: Pussy Riot. Just kidding. I think t.A.T.u. arrived at the appropriate time and place. Now no one can repeat this success in the same way.

How do you think the industry has changed over these sexual taboos?
Of course now it's very different. Look at the shows of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, there are a lot of sex and provocation. After Lena and me kissed in public, Madonna and Britney Spears continued.

Do you think society has matured in terms of issues of homophobia?
Yes, but it took a long time. Many countries allow same-sex marriage, society is clearly more tolerant. Madonna recently appeared in Russia, St. Petersburg, where the audience rose for gay community. Now, many reveal their bisexuality, homosexuality and other guidance. For example, singers Ricky Martin and Mika, or the daughter of Cher, Chaz, among others. Ten years ago this was impossible.
Why did you decide to leave a project as successful as tATu?
Because we must go forward. We did everything we could with t.A.T.u. If we had continued, there was nothing good or interesting that we hadn't done before. We had to develop, and the most obvious way was to take separate paths.

How has your life changed since you became a mother?
Much has changed. And not just since I gave birth to Victoria. Also after I gave birth of my second child, Samir. I realized the most important thing in life is to be a mother. I changed all my vital interests and priorities. There is a sense of responsibility now.
Do you plan to visit Mexico soon?
I hope so. But first I need to finish my album.

Zheltaya Gazeta [02.08.2012]

Zheltaya Gazeta Newspaper  [09.08.2012] [03.09.2012]

After many rumors, press articles and news on TV, former "Tatu" Yulia Volkova,
openly talked about his relationship with the popular singer Dima Bilan.

The trendy restaurant on the shore of the Baltic Sea, the mother of two children,
Julia Volkova told journalists on NTV affair with Bilan. "I do not know how things
are, we are together. We just realized that this is not just some kind of friendship,
 but it's probably already love," - says Yulia.

Volkova said she no longer feels the need to act in a candid photoshoot and shock the audience,
though, and has sexually. "I can be in my bra, I can be without a bra, but do not want it now. Maybe grown up" -
continues the singer.

Just Julia admitted that looking at the producer a young man (Jana Rudkovskaya) thinks with Bilan have a couple more kids.

By the way Ian too well with Volkova and explicitly endorses the choice of his protege.

7novosti (01.11.2012)
Julia Volkova shocked by its beauty

During the new fashionshow of the new collection of Yana Rudkovsky Julia Volkova has
pleasantly surprised with her appearance. She came in a modest black dress, covered with a
fitted jacket. The make-up was made professionally and her hair laid beautifully.
Many guests have noticed that and refused bright cosmetics and frank dresses.
Volkova became the unique and mysterious beauty of the evening. (15.08.2012)

Webarticle (14.07.2012)

Tscheltaya Gazeta No. 34 (August 2012) (13.08.2012)

Julia's Interview for (Translation)
Julia Volkova has given an interview to the site "", from Peru. You can read the article in Spanish here. And for our non Spanish speakers, here's the English translation, by Ira V.

Q - What is the musical style of your new single, "Didn't Wanna Do It"?
A - I think it's more pop-dance, if I may say so.

Q - Why did you choose to shoot the video in Cuba?

A - Because it's a really nice place. We've heard a lot about that wonderful place, and so we got ready to work there. And it didn't let us down! Every night after shooting the video, we spent all the time drinking rum and smoking Cuban cigars. However, it was very hot, but those are the little things we like.

Q - This is a return to the music scene, and knowing that you've always defended the LGBT rights, will you talk about this topic in your next songs or will you touch a different topic?

A - I'm not looking for songs that are specifically about homosexuality. If I like a song I will sing it, doesn't matter if it's about homosexual or heterosexual love.  But I'm still attached to the LGBT community and I am always willing to support them. I'm generally open to use every resource to draw the attention to the problems of life.

Q - Did you in any way get involved in the video production?
A: Yes, I've witnessed every stage of the production, I worked closely with the director, the control of the whole process. I think it's the right way to go, I had no "surprise" when watching the final product.

Q - When is your album going to be released?
A - As soon as I collect enough material for it to be released. I can't wait for it myself!

Q - If you'd go in a world tour, would you consider coming to Peru?
A - I'd be glad to go to Peru. You know, it would be absolutely wonderful! And I'm sure it's going to happen.

Q - Your children have influenced your musical career?
A - Yes, they are indeed very inspiring. If it wasn't because of them, it would be very hard to go on with all this.

Q - Do you still have contact with L.Katina?
A - I only communicate with her when we meet face to face. After t.A.T.u. collapsed we took different paths. Yes, we were true friends.

Q - What is your favorite song from the t.A.T.u. era?
A - All songs, but maybe the ones from the very first album are the most precious ones.

Q - Who would you like to do a musical collaboration with?
A - Right now I focus on singing alone, and it's all ok like that. But if things would go that way, then I'd be glad to work with Lady Gaga.

Q - Many artists include other fields in the show business. Would you like to try acting, for instance?
A - Yes, actually I starred in a movie not long ago, a movie about xombies. The final result was a horror-comedy. I liked to have such a new experience. I even learned to shoot a gun!

Ginza Project Magazine [06.11.2012]

Unknown - September 2012 [31.09.2012]

Julia Volkova: "Victoria wears school uniform and no « Dolce & Gabanna »

"My daughter Victoria is visiting the first class this year. I found a very good school close to our home - there are strict rules that if a child is ill or bullies other children.

The classes are small. One class has around 10 children. Victoria really like to learn - how to manages things and she has a good behaviour.

Last year she began to learn German and this year she will start with English.  

Of course I will help her with homework, where I can. Everyone is helping her: me, my grandmother, my mother ... We wanted to buy her a nice suit on September 1 - of Dolce @ Gabanna but they told us she need to wear school uniform. This seems ok for me - the kids won't compete."

Komsomol'skaya Pravda (August 2012)

MK [05.10.2012]

Newspaper Zheltaya Gazeta (30.08.2012)

Tainy Zvezd Magazine, n°33 [11.08.2012]

Tani Zvezd [August 2012]

 Tvoy Den Newspaper (26.07.2012)

Tvoy Den' Newspaper (11.03.2012)

Uno newspaper (19.08.2012)

Yes! Magazine (28.08.12)

Zhara Magazine (16.07.12)

 Zheltaya Gazeta (07.06.12)

Zhizh No. 39, 3 (3rd-9th October 2012 

Ginza Interview (December 2012)

29th November 2012 Julia Volkova had the presentation of her new website at the restaurant MAXIM BAR. Here's a small Interview she gave for

Ginza: So, Julia, are you today prezentuesh your site. What is his zest than it unique?
 Julia Volkova: You now, see it for yourself. This is a completely new technology with online communication online, listening online to my songs.... Today you will see it.

G.: What's wrong with your voice?
Julia Volkova: The operation on the ligaments.

G.: I'm sorry. What do you say to that: in 2009, the media you married to Topalov in the past - for Bilan. Who did this year?
Julia Volkova: You know, I don't intend to marry. But as soon as I get ready - you'll know about it first! So far - I'm a free woman!

G.: Julia, you're very busy lately, in addition to the site. I know that you acted in the horror film called "9 1/2 Zombie"?
Julia Volkova: I have a solo project that I am developing. But I had a emergency surgery, so that's why I had to pause for a while and the movie is coming out this year!

G.: Yes, I remember those scenes in the judo hall. Tell us more about your role and the movie.
Julia Volkova: The shooting took place in Belarus in Minsk. Well, about the zombies...Type of "Zombilenda." It's a hot topic.

G.: You played the female lead there. So you are the russian Jovovich of "Resident Evil"?
Julia Volkova: Kind of, yes.  I played a savior! It was cool. To be honest I really liked! This is a tremendous experience! I think I'll continue acting in movies.

G.: Now a lot of TV presenters, actors and so on began to sing, write, act in the same movie. It's like to complete their profil.  So you, as a professional singer, don't plan to be a writer, for example?
Julia Volkova: I don't need this. The current book I'm writing now is just my way. I won't hurry .. It's just about my life, about me. I don't know yet when I'm gonna release it.

G.: And it's kind of personal diary or memoir, maybe?
Julia Volkova: It's just about my life. Like a documentary,  with some pictures and other applications.

G.: What do you expect from this evening?
Julia Volkova: Positive athmosphere and many guests!

G.: How about MAXIM BAR in general?
Julia Volkova: Cool, I like it!

G.: What do you think of the dance floor and stage, eyeing their professional look?
Julia Volkova: The stage isn't big enough. Today I went on it and thought: "E-me, how can I dance on it?"

G.: What do you have prepared for the guests today?
Julia Volkova: I'll perform with my dancers.

G.: You're one of the most popular stars of the showbiz. How is your daughter responds to her mother's "star"?
Julia Volkova: She knows it very well! Nobody ever brags not tell about it. She's very calmly at that!

G.: Like "Mum is a star - is this normal?"
Julia Volkova: Yes.

Billboard Magazine (Russia) (September 2012)

BESTIN.UA Interview (07.12.2012)

The former lead singer of "Tatu" Yulia Volkova is no longer a part of the controversial duo but "Tattoo" is still
part of her life that brought her fame and success. On the eve of a solo concert in Kiev, which will take place on
December 8 at the restaurant-bar Music «Serebro», Julia shared with BESTIN.UA their feelings on what is in her life today.

Each new day for me. All the time something is changing, something is reinterpreted. I live today and now.

Part of my life.

It's just a hobby. Just tattoos. No relation to the group and a past life they have.

Music is everything to me! With music, I was born with that I die).

An integral part of an artist. Mad support and support.

Cool pastime! Big commitment. A lot of emotions and again - loved the fans.

Without it anywhere. This inspiration, impulses, madness).

This is the future! It's part of me.

Well, they are!

This support. It is a genuine communication. A true friend - and in joy and in trouble.

The start of something new.

Expensive and infinity. Interview [01.09.2012]

 “t.A.T.u. were so popular because they gave people freedom”

Former singer of t.A.T.u. Yulia Volkova talks about the banning of the film Anatomy of t.A.T.u. on channel Culture

The directors of channel Culture removed the documentary about t.A.T.u., who were popular in the early 2000’s, from being show. The director, Vitaliy Manskiy, announced that the banning of the film surprised him. The channel was the initiator of the demonstration and discussion of the film in the show called “Watch. Discuss”. In an announcement from the administration of the channel, the reason for this decision was due to the law about protecting children from harmful information. The singers exploited the lesbian image and in the film the producer of t.A.T.u., Ivan Shapovalov, smokes a cigarette, presumably containing marijuana.

The showing of the film was scheduled for September 4th (the law about protecting children from harmful information and pornography goes into effect September 1st).

Anatomy of t.A.T.u. was shot in 2003 and was repeatedly shown on Russian television in 2012, as Vitaliy Manskiy has said.

Yulia Volkova was asked to comment on the ban of the film as well as other prohibitions the band had to deal with.

How often did t.A.T.u. come in contact with prohibitions?

There are a bunch of stories about us not being able to hug, kiss, or even hold hands, as it was in Abu Dhabi. I don’t know, back then I thought that we could do everything that we wanted, that is why similar prohibitions irritated me. I was little. Now I understand that in every country there are laws which need to be complied with. But this story has nothing to do with that.

What is in the film that could have caused a blow against morality? What is your reaction to the ban?

I don’t think the film contains that many shocking things that aren’t in a regular program of Andrei Malahov. But I can say that this ban is worrying me deeply. Let’s be honest: everything is now online, television is losing its ground more and more.

Still, there is concern: will we turn into China in the sense that artists will have to perform in modest, covered up attire, without any sort of dancing and “ignition”? I do not think you can prohibit anything. People should have freedom of self-expression. When we were in t.A.T.u., we were so popular due to the fact that we gave people that freedom, we received hundreds of letters in which we were thanked particularly for that.

From your point of view (in your genre or in art in general), what do you think deserves to be banned and could be completely prohibited in the arts?

If they want to ban our film that’s set for 11PM due to kids who are not sleeping, then they should clean up everything on TV. They should not show, for example, Elton John’s concerts or Queen’s, because Freddie died from speed and Elton John married a man. Don’t ever mention Rudolph Nureyev. The channel Culture should refuse it. What can we even say about Tchaikovsky. And never show any films starting from Some Like It Hot to Last Tango in Paris. And since this spree is going around, other channels should be prohibited from showing all kinds of criminal news, and this, in my opinion, is much worse- when you are being shown every day who died where and why.

Sergei Kurehin said, “The main rule in art is absence of any rules”. Do you agree with this?

I think there should be all types of rules. Musicians should produce quality work, the same goes for actors.  We should be responsible for our audience, avoiding hypocrisy in our work. But prohibiting people on the grounds of their sexual orientation, that is strange. Really, I think that the problem here is not in the film.

If you were to put kids in a glass bubble where they would sit in happy ignorance, then when they finally do find out about things like sex, same-sex love, then this could be a big shock for them. And if the government is afraid for our children then there should be a physchologist in every school who will work with children and parents, teaching one about interaction and communicate such things to them, and others about normally and adequately accepting any deviations from the traditional picture of the world.

Thanks for the translation

Source: webarticle (05.12.2012) webarticle about 'MAXIM' Bar

Julia Volkova performed on stage just with her underwear

The singer showed a magnificent bust and beautiful legs

We were happy jfor Julia Volkova, who recently seemed to become more mature, serious, and ceased to shock
the audience with too frank clothes. Again as an artist she has given us a reason to be surprised.
At the recent party at MAXIM Bar Julia Volkova presented her new website and came on stage just in her underwear.
She shown all of its technological advances and the event was broadcast online.
More than 35,000 people watched the broadcast online. Rock all night to entertain, and at last she presented them a gift, Yulia Volkova presented part of his new project «ClubShow».

The guest of the evening were Alexei Mitrofanov, Dmitry Koldun, Igor Chapurin, Leonid Rudenko, Victoria Lopyreva and others.

The hostess of the evening changed her outfits several times. Julia greeted visitors in a very staid and noble way:
Volkova dressed in a white dress with fur inserts. The singer photographed willingly with her guests and introduced them to her parents, who icame to that event also. However, Julia Volkova went on stage in skin-tight leather outfit sexy, more like underwear than a stage costume. The audience didn't remain at a loss: the male part of the hall gladly consider long legs and her delicious star bust.

Posted on December 5, 2012

TheReport [14.11.2012]

 NaShpilkah Webarticle [11.12.2012]

Julia Volkova said that slept with someone like .... 
Text by Alain Sergienko, 11.12.2012
 A few days ago the singer Julia Volkova visited Kiev. Julia couldn't resist and told reporters a very interesting story of her life. She was talking about her former ex-men.

"I have to admit, I walk up in full! I had all the men I wanted. And there were a lot. I slept with all the men. I''m from the world of show buisness and outisde of the showbuisness." sad Julia.
There's nothing I don't get. My life is currently calm. I've Dima at the moment and I don't need anybody else."

To that question it turns out to combine a personal relationship with the work.

"We rarely see each other , because we both work a lot. But despite this, we aren't jealous of each other. I just don't give any reason for jealousy. 

Yes Magazine (December 2012) Interview (25.11.2012) 

 While being in Saint Petersburg, Julia Volkova has given an exclusive interview to
after her performance at club "Punch". Here's the English translation, by Ira V.

What do you regret the most?
At some point in my life I realized that worrying about things that have happened makes no sense.
After it's over, all you can do is to be happy for the received feedback. To understand that everything
was done the right way and that if it didn't work this time, it will in the future. So now I'd rather live
for today, learn from mistakes and be confident in the future, believing in what I want.

What has been difficult for you when t.A.T.u. existed?
For me the hardest thing is the deprivation of freedom, in all aspects of my life, whether it would be work,
a hobby or personal life. If we talk about my time in the band, it has been discussed many times:
We used to give 25 concerts a month, and the rest of out time was spent in rehearsals and moving constantly.
Sleepless nights, it make me happy when I could have a snack on the run. Not to mention, when I had spare time
it was spent in meetings with family and friends. But those were other times.

What's your parent's vision on your choices and how is your relationship with them?
They have always supported me, and for that I'm very grateful to them. We are one and the same. Maybe many would
have thought all this would be a taboo, given the fact I'm a girl. But my parents aren't among those people.
Maybe deep inside they didn't like what I chose, but they never said a word. On the contrary, they have always
supported me, gave advice and enjoyed my achievements, for which I'm very grateful.

What do you appreciate about your friends?
In the first place, the fact they are in my life. There are few bright, sincere and committed people who respect
me and my work, and those are the ones with whom I'm ready for any feat in life. Of course, there are situations
when you can't keep your feelings inside, when you want to share both your sorrow and your joy.

Where can we see you perform today?
I performed at Superdiskoteka 90-X, and then at club "Punch". (Next stage - Central Station Club)

What would you like to achieve?
I can hardly choose something specific, I have a lot of plans and ideas, because as you know there is no limit to
perfection. And each new day for me is the chance to learn something new, and being able to realize myself. In this moment,
I'm focused on the development of my solo career.

Caravan Magazine (Nov. 2012) 

20th November 2012 the russian 'Caravan' Magazine released a big interview of Julia Volkova.
She talks generously about her past relationships, life experience, drugs, emotions, her children
and about the start of beeing a independent woman.
A 'must read' for all Julia volkova Fans, which possibly will changes some of your point of views...
Read Page 8 Webarticle (Translation) [14.12.2012]

Julia gave a interview for the ukrainian website
 Text by Школьная Анна

Julia Volkova: "All what's known about "t.A.T.u."- is the truth"

The singer told us how her parents reacted to her involvement in the controversial group. As they, along with Lena Katina, took a bath, slept in the same bed and that she spent the first fee

- Julia, when you entered the group did you immediately know that this is a duet which will promote the lesbian love?
Julia Volkova: I didn't know anything about promoting lesbian love. One day Ivan Shapovalov offered us some crazy ideas and we agreed. Believe it or not, that's all and we weren't forced to do anything.

- When Shapovalov suggested you to kiss with Lena on stage, you didn't think you owe?
Julia Volkova: Why should I think about that? When I kissed a girl for the first time I was seve years old.

- How did your parents reacted to participate in such a group, especially when they saw the controversial video "Ya soshla s uma"?
Julia Volkova: That was easy. My mom and dad supported me in this project.  During this 10 years they never thrown a stick in my wheels. I've told them 'I'm adult and I'm responsible for what I'm doing"

- And what was the reaction of your classmates because of the clips?
 Julia Volkova: Back then I visited a pop-jazz school where everyone was a novice artist who used to be in sight. At this the were people like Anastasia Stotskaya, Sergei Lazarev, Nikolai Baskov. 

- Well, I don't believe that your own grandmother was delighted when she saw her own 15-year-old granddaughter on TV with short skirts and even kissing another girl?
Julia Volkova:  Oh, I beg you. My family know who I am. It's not important which person I'm kissing - with a girl or a boy. 

- And at that time when you was 14-15 years old, you had a boyfriend?
Julia Volkova: I don't remember it. So many years have passed by. But it wasn't forbidden for Lena and me to have boyfriends

- And what was generally forbidden? Contract in the hands of his powers?
Julia Volkova: We generally do not forbidden. Contracts signed by our parent, because we weren't 18 years old yet. But I can't remember what was exactly written in that contract - more than 10 years have passed by.

- Is it true that you were sleeping together in bed ...
Julia Volkova: Vanya or Lena?

- I mean Lena...
 Julia Volkova: We always shared one double bed, of courseAlmost everything that was known about the "t.A.T.u." at this time, was true. But everything was journalosts wrote wasn't true. Believe me. 

- And you also take along a bath?
 Julia Volkova: This was our favorite activity - taking a bubbles bath after the concert.

- Back to your producer Ivan Shapovalov. Why do you asked, with who you slept in the same bed? Is that because you also had an affair with him?

Julia Volkova:
 Why are you interested in it? Ok, yes, we have had an affair. I have been with all the novels. And I slept with all the people I wanted to from show buisness.

- As a mother you would let your daughter Victoria in such a group like "t.A.T.u." when she would be 14 years old?
Julia Volkova: Yes, why not? If she had a desire to become an actress, I wouldn't hinder her. Like my parents did to me, of which we have already spoken.

- What you spend your first payment in the "Tattoo"?
Julia Volkova: Like all girls, I spent money on cosmetics and jewelry. But I don't remember what I bought for the first time.. But after the release of '200km/h in the wrong lane'  I started to spend money on flat cars.

- So you've had already some cars and apartments?
Julia Volkova: Yes, except for my apartment. I bought apartments for my parents and grandmother. I've had a few cars already. And don't ask me about my fees, because for my money - it's an abstract concept: it's coming and going. I buy something to eat, going in restaurants or buy something to wear. This is just a way to satisfy the ambition, nothing more. Andwe always had some , not as journalists wrote that just our producer got the money, and we are just poor things and accidents.

- Who now owns the rights of the "t.A.T.u." songs?
Julia Volkova: Me and Lena have the right to perform them live. And Ivan Shapovalov has no longer  any rights of brand "t.A.T.u.", nor with our songs.

- The most important question in what 
"t.A.T.u." fans are interested in:  So what was the truth of the break with "t.A.T.u."? They said conflict founders - ideological producer Ivan Shapovalov and financial producer Boris Renski, your pregnancy or something else?
Julia Volkova: Actually we broke up in 2008. When the band completely outlived its usefulness. We were 23-24 years old, I had already children. We wanted to escape somewhere and go on. Plus, our conflicts with Boris, but first quarreled with him Vanya, also took place. We don't deal with Renski until now. But I won't say the reasons of the conflicts. 

- And how's your relationship to Lena now? She's, incidentally, not the godmother of your children?
Julia Volkova: No, I can't even call her to my close friends. We call each other once a year. We didn't have conflicts, unlike Boris. It just happened. Probably because of the overabundance of communication. Besides Lena went to America a couple of years ago, where she fell in love with a boy, and stayed there. We have no common base.

So it makes no sense now to talk about a comeback of "t.A.T.u."?
Julia Volkova:  In five years everything could change and the group of "t.A.T.u." will return to its previous composition on tour in Ukraine, for example (laughs).

- But you will corporate with Lena now?
 Julia Volkova: We are discussing any specific proposal , but yes, we'll perform.

- Julia, your personal opinion, what was the phenomenon of 
Julia Volkova: It's just coincidence - a good time, the place, the people. And in Asia, we have been popular, because all pornography is based on the school girls, in whose image we went on stage.

- And the difference between the asian fan and, for example, the European fans?
 Julia Volkova: In Asia, people are more relaxed and there is much we really loved. I remember the street. the hotel where we've stayed. Huddled miles of crowds and the police came to get us something to take out of there. But it was great!