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Teleguide Ukranian Magazine No.1 [07.-13.01.2013]

Q: About your relationship with Dima Bilan, is this true?
A: Yes, of course. We have become very close friends. But we don't make plans for the future, we don't guess and don't think about a wedding. We just want to enjoy each other's company. Now we rarely see each other, because we have a lot of work. But I recently attended his birthday party.

Q: Last year you were close to winning Eurovision, are you planning to try again this year?
A: No, we don't. Not winning was not a problem for us. We were just presenting our project. I don't think we'll take part of such a competition again.

Q: What are you going to do to please your fans in the near future?
A: I had to take a break for a while, because of the surgery. But once I recover my voice, I'll immediately write a new single. We are already working on it: selecting tracks, experimenting.

Q: How did you get into "Yeralash"?
A: I went to the casting and got selected. At that time, I already had some creative experience, I performed in the group "Neposedi".

Q: How did it feel to be an actress?
A: When I was working in Yeralash it wasn't serious, I did not really realize what was going on. Now, starring in a new film, I understand that it was an invaluable experience, I learned a lot.

Q: Tell us about that film, when is its release?
A: It's called "Zombie Holidays" and it will be released in April. It's a blockbuster with elements of comedy. I played the lead role, who saves everyone; her friends and boyfriend (Laughs) This is my first starring role in a movie, and I really liked the experience. So if there are some other suggestions from directors, I'll be happy to consider them! By the way, this month I will record the soundtrack for this film, in a duet with "Ligalays".

Q: Tell us about your first kiss, your first love.
A: My first kiss was with a boy named Vanya, when I was ten years old. My first love came when I was 12-13 years old. He was older than me by five years. It was such a summer romance...

Q: You are mother of two children. Is it hard to educate them and at the same time be creative? Is someone helping you look after them?
A: Of course! Mom and Dad do, and each child has a nanny. Everything is fine, I'm coping! I try to "build" my schedule so that I can spend as much time as possible with my children.

Q: What are the traits your daughter and son took over from you?
A: Vika is definitely a leader, she is very active, just like a copy of me. But Samir is quieter, everytime he sees something he analyzes it with his eyes.

Q: How do you spend your free time?
A: Usually, I try to be home with the children. Sometimes, of course, I go out with friends at a cafe, a restaurant or a club, but this is extremely rare.

 Hello Magazine, Russia [January 2013]

 Fullsize Webarticle [22th January 2013]

Julia Volkova headlined New Year in China

After returning from her Thailand Vacations on 17th January 2013, Julia Volkova went to Beijing, China for the popular Gala Concert festival in China.

The singer was headlining the 'Heilongjiang Spring Festival Gala' concert  and presented her songs  "All Because Of You" and "Didn't wanna do it".

The songs were selected from a variety of other songs of the broadcast for the Chinese New Year's Eve.

'The audience here is terrific, it's so special",  said Volkova. "If an artist gives everything, then you'll get certainly more from the audience".

The singer is the only international stars who participate of the almost five-hours show.
A huge sets and of 20 Chinese ballet dancers accompanied by the performance of Julia Volkova. For this event the singer worn a dress from the famous Indian designer Manish Arora, who led in recent times the brand 'Paco Rabanne'.
The broadcast of the festival will be on 10th February 2013 in the Chinese New Year on TV HLJTV.
Julia had also time to explore the local attractions of Beijing.

"China - a country with a special power, it's cool in its own way" said Volkova. "The only thing which was very difficult is the lack of our usual - social networks."

Heat Magazine No.4, Russia [04.02.2013]

Heat Magazine, Russia. Report about Heilongjiang Spring Festival Gala in China

Magazine "Heat"
Issue: № 4 (167)
Date: February 4-10, 2013
Country: Russia

 Tайны Звёзд (Secret of the stars) Magazine [02.02.2013]


1) Julia Volkova takes a strict diet.

2) Her parents were against the plastic surgery of her lips and she stopped with surgeries and to change her body

3) She thinks she is a good mothher. Her son has contact with his father, Parviz. But her daughter hasn't contact with Pasha. Maybe she will have contact in the future.

4) Her ex boyfriends (fathers of the children) don't any fiance help

5) Julia Volkova is single at the moment and doesn't plan to get married. She had enough last time.

6) She had her first love and sex when she was 12 years old. Now this man is dead.

7) She kissed a girl when she was 7.
8) Julia can imagine to have a family with a woman

 9) Julia can't say about her future in 20 years, she prefer to be happy now

RU.TV Webarticle [14.02.2013] 
 RU.TV Website wrote a small article about the surgery and treatment of her vocal cords

Last year Julia Volkova had a surgery on her vocal cords and didn't publicized it in the press for a long time. She even refused to talk about it with her close friend Dima Bilan.

But slowly the secret becomes clear. Julia continued to give concerts, as if nothing had happened. But the singer is far away from a real and clear communication.

Julia Volkova went to Switzerland, where she had a rehabilitation course. The doctors promised a drastic change for a better voice.

Volkova believes that soon she'll sing again like a nightingale.

Tvoy Den' Newspaper [25.01.2013] 

'VIVA' Magazine Ukraine, No. 4 (217), [19.02.2013]

HELLO Magazine #11(461) [12.03.2013]

Everyone remember her as a crazy girl in short skirt who was cool enough to cross the sea if she needs. On the scene she had absolutely shocking
provocations for really brave people. Every detail of her life was a  great date for all newspapers. But today she's got different image -  fine lady with two children. She says she'd got grown long time ago. And she knows that wellbeing and responsibility of her children is in her  hands only. Yulia doesn't like tot talk about fathers of her children.  Of course she accept that Pavel Sidorov (Vika's father) and Parviz
Yasinov (Samir's father) took a part in her life but it's all in the  past. Everyone has it's own life way and nobody wants to remember about
it. The main thing for her now is the present and this present life is  her children that she kindly agreed to talk about.

A question for your children: Why do you love your mother?

Samir answers
it's because she is kind, funny and beautiful. But Vika as a more grown girl says it's because she gave birth to us.

Julia, you were taking pictures and making videos in the period of  your second pregnancy but after that you never show it. Why?
It's because I always thought that it's something boring and not original....Cradles, strollers. I didn't imagine myself that way. And I'm also afraid about envious people's eyes. Now both are grown enough to tell about their family. So that's what I thought - why not?

Which character is more similar to yours?
I think it's Vika. She is absolutely like when I was a child. She has more from a boy than from a girl. She is a cheeky mischievous hooligan. She needs to be the first, she can open any door and everything has to
be as she wants it to be. And Samir is a very quiet and thoughtful boy. If there is a problem he delves and immersed into it. If I read a book for him he can asks me millions of questions like "Mum, what do you
think about it...?"

Do you enjoy being a mother?
Yes, being a mother is the most important thing in woman's life. My parents help me a lot with it. The main person in our family is my mother. She always controls and inspect everything what they do while
I'm out of home like on concerts, making videos or working. I talk with my children like they were adults. I try to be a strict mother with them. I can make my voice loud or separate them in different rooms if
they're going mad. My punishments are: no cartoons, no PC, no Play Station games. They like presents but I try not to spoil them because they have to understand why they got it.

You have rather not a typical family. Samir is Muslim and Vika is a orthodox Christian. What about you?
I'm into Islam since 2010.

To be sincere, you don't look like a religious person....
You know, faith it's something you have inside of you. In my opinion you don't have to visit church every day. The most important thing is love. To love everything you see around you and to enjoy every day.

It looks not very compatible: Tatu, your videos, your kind of clothes and Islamic religion...
I was born in this tough country. I don't wear clothes like it is typical for Muslim people. I'm into it because I feel it more close to me. I saw the world on the new side.

And could you live in some Arabic country?
Yes, why not?

I know you had plans to live in U.S.

I had and I still have. But all my parents and friends are living in Russia. So I can't simply forget about everything and move away from here. I also have a big part of my job here. I can go to U.S. when I have some base in there.

You've changed a lot since you were in Tatu. Do you regret something about it?
No. What's the meaning in that? It's the way it is. And I'm happy it was that way. I've learned a lot of things, some very good experience and some bad. I mean that I know what I don't have to do in any case. I realised that my life changed since I was 25 years old. That's absolutely clear boundary. Like I had stepped through some barrier. Some part of my life is forever in the past - relationships are over. There has been some new in my career. And something in my soul changed either. I started to feel things in a new and different way. We all have these
periods in our lives. That's normal.

Is there something you've done and you don't wish your children do it either?
I don't want to give so much protection. It seems you learn more with your own mistakes. You understand everything much better when you've beat your forehead already.

But some mistakes can be really terrific.
Of course there are some like alcohol and narcotics. I had this all in my past. And everyone gone through it. Mother and fathers were also young. But you become wiser by time. I will be always with my children and I will try to protect them from many different things. I have some friends with me in all periods of my life. We can have some company meetings, to drink some wine, to sing karaoke. That's what I like much more than to spend time in some club.

It's knows that Madonna doesn't let her children to watch Tv because they can see something she doesn't want them to see.
I let my children watch TV. Vika likes the show "Let's get married" and "Let them talk". If she likes it - she can watch it. And about Tatu, they know their other was in this group and that there also was another girl. I don't show them the videos but they know our songs. Ya Soshla s uma...Mne nushna Ona, Nas ne Dogoniat, they sing it. They ask me if I've still a friendship with that girl (Lena) and if we will sing together again.
They saw the video of me and Dima Bilan where were also some different things. If they ask me more questions when they are more grown I won't hide something.

Do they have meeting with their fathers?
Vika had never seen her father almost in her whole life. Now her father wants to have a contact, he sends some presents. But I think there has to be more time to go. Maybe one day when she is more adult she can ask me about her father then I let her go and meet him. She knows she got a father and that he works hard but not much than this. And about Samir, he also hasn't got a lot of contact with his father. He calls him
Parviz. It's not that I try not to have a contact but I think nowadays they are not ready.

So is Parviz also not ready for that?
I think, he is too young. No, he is not ready. Maybe he is still jealous about me. I guess it's not a pleasure for him to know I'm not single and this doesn't let him to have a normal contact with his child. My children have all they need. They study, going well, they travel. They are happy and glad about everything. But their lifes goes on. Maybe all these things will be on their places with time.

How do you spend your free time?
I spend it with my family. We like to skating or visit special children's town. I try to teach them well. Vika likes to play tennis. Samir is going to study in the school this year.

Julia, it feels you're very active person. You're 28 but you've gone  through a lot of things. Do you feel that you're older of your real age?
Yes, but just a little.

Why it is so? What do you think?
I hadn't got a real childhood. It happened that I was in music school first, after tennis games, then "Neposedy". I finished school and was stdduing in high music school but I was out after 1 year beeing in there. Then my Tatu project started. You have to be very responsible person when your life starts so quickly.

You're not married but it's known you have a  boyfriend.
Yes, I have. But we don't want to give any comments about it yet.

Okay, so what's the most important for you in relationships at this moment?
I think these has to be some invisible connection. When you really want to be close to each other, to hear his voice, to look at him and there also has to be some intrigue moments. You need to have understanding and
respect for each other. When you have it with passion and sex you won't need somebody else in your life.

What kid of man it has to be that you want to spend your life with him?
It's difficult to say but I think he has to be light-full, kind and intelligent. Actually I try not to make great plans for the future, I can plan only some future moments like for tomorrow. It's silly to plan something for a year or two because life is absolutely unpredictable.

It's known you had some problems with your voice. How is it going now?
I had a surgery last summer. Now I need some adaptation period. I'm planing my solo career, searching new songs, I have some concerts. I also had a character in the movie called "Zombi vacations 3D". It will
be out in April.

Did you like to play in the movie?
Oh yeah, very much! It's been a good experience. My parter was Mikhail Efremov - very talented and funny person. he is playing proffesor and I'm kind of Lara Croft - cool and powerful bitch killing zombies.

Can movies be an alternative to your singing career?
I'm ready to do everything if it's creative. I'm ready for experiments and to move forward. You have to wait for my new songs and new me. Julia Volkova gave a small interview in the russian 'ShopTime' Magazine where she talks about her view of fashion, designers and more. We've made the translation for you.

ShopTime Magazine, Russia [March 2013]

T R A N S L A T I O N 

by Dvizheniya

  • LOVE JEANS. The most comfortable thing in my wardrobe. I buy them often.

  • KNEE-LENGTH. This is the only case when I say there is not a definitive. No matter what style color, print or brand

  • DOESN'T FOLLOW FASHION BENEFITS. I don't understand fashion and hype around 'Street Style'.

  • I AM INSPIRED BY TRAVELLING. I love California. And I recently returned from Italy and once again I fell in love with this country.

  • THE BEST THAT I CAN RECEIVE IN MY LIFE. Has no relation to money and wealth. You can't buy love, relationships and feelings.

  • COST OF THINGS IN MY WARDROBE. Completely different. I definetely don't believe in the principe of 'the more expensive the better it is'.

  • VICTORIA BECKHAM AND LADY GAGA. They've both very different styles. But for me they're both strong personalities in the world of the show business and excellent examples of how important it is to look like the way you want to.

  • I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW THINGS ARE GOING FROM LITTLE-KNOW BRANDS. Which culture designer collection creates confusion of the manufactured value comparable to the level of the famous russian designers. It's Russians expensive cult things.

  • CHOOSE THE STYLE. Casual: T-Shirts, Jeans, Gumshoes. In the first place things have to be comfortable.

  • WHEN I WON'T BE ASHAMED. The images of the past will always make you smile because its funny but at the time when you buy it you are completely confident in your own choice. We are simply a couple of decades, we will laugh at how it looks now. It's the fashion.

    1. XXL Magazine, Russia [April Issue] 
      Translation by our Media Contributor Anna Z.
      You're at the scene since young ages and for sure you feel there very comfortable. But do you feel uncomfortable out of it? For example when you're not singing in a big auditory but just talking to someone private in the cafe? 
       - That's true that scene for me is like my other home place. I feel really great on it and I like to have connection with an auditory, I have a lot of fans. I like to spend my emotions with them. I give all to them and they give it to me back. But I also can feel same way talking to person in the cafe. Sometimes I can feel like journalist asking a lot of questions just because I like to know things about others life. I have a lot of people I like to spend my time with in the bars drinking wine and playing backgammon.  
      That's great. And what about situation like somebody told you that you'll get a great change in your future life. You'll become deputy of regional meeting of party Patriots hermits. Will you be happy to know it or run away from such news? - I don't think it's bad. We never know what can happen tomorrow of day after tomorrow. But actually I live in the present. Now and today. I don't like to build great plans. But anyway everything can change in a second for like 180 degrees. I feel ready for changes and if I have to be a deputy there is nothing bad. You need to progress every time and it's not only about your main job like artist. So if I have a chance to be a deputy so why not? What is the most interesting for you among things like : web gossips, teeth pain or the avian pigs virus HZ57-M? 
      - The virus of course! Just listen the way it sounds. Avian! Pigs!  
      What kind of man it should be that instead of giving your autograph to him you would like to give him your number of mobile phone? - Well, it's difficult to explain. I think there happen a moment when you look at his eyes and there is some kind of electricity between you both. You have to feel you really want to give him your number. I can't say more directly because sometime you have a contact for about 5 years but every day you see something new. Just like electricity!  
      Nowadays some feminist women think it's okay to get offend if someone consider you as a sexual object. What's your opinion about that? Especially if I say that 300 thousands of our readers consider you this way at the pictures they can see. 
       - Why not? I think woman had to be sexy. It has to be in her eyes, gestures, motions and behaviour. Of course I didn't mean bitchy attitude but woman has to smell like sex. I don't know how to explain it. Some charismatic emotions I think. I'm quiet about that. Especially in the magazine like yours. Why not to be a sexual object here?
       Just imagine very typical situation: You're sitting tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse.There is a compound bomb near you and a huge countdown on it's screen. Bruce Willis can't make a decision which wire has to be cut. So what kind of fun would you have while you're waiting: Playing chess in your mind or Sudoku game? 
      - I would seduce Bruce Willis! 
       You've been starting new projects and they all very successful. What if somebody ask you to make a training about how to start all from the zero and to do it well so what would you tell there? 
      - Very difficult question. Yes I had a very long pause for about 4 years. Nowadays I start working again. Of course it's not easy because I have a new project team and start from the beginning. I had a surgery on the vocal cords and I need a recovery. So what would I tell? I think the most important is to have a wish and to go forward to it. You don't have to think about any gossips, rumors, envy. Just open the door no matter what.  
      Perfect! Now imagine that you have to make a movie about yourself . What kind of things you need to have to look like yourself? 
       - I don't think I have to do something special. It's difficult for me to talk about myself but they way I see myself it's just they way I live. It's natural, it's about saying what you think, no any excuses or complexes. That's the way I am.
       So tell my why bubbles from derived Golgi apparatus not merge with the vacuole membrane and enter the vacuole by encapsulating from topoplast? 
       - And now say it again on Russian!
      newsroom24 [02.06.2013]
      Webarticle about the Charity concert in Novgorod, 01st June 2013 "....Julia Volkova admitted that the story about the sick girl Lena Tumaikin is very impressive, which raise funds for treatment. She appealed to all citizens of Nizhny Novgorod asking not to be indifferent and to render all possible assistance to do good. Not only for this girl, but for all critically ill children.".
      El Grafico [14.April 2013]
      Zheltaya Gazeta [17.01.2013] 
      Zheltaya Gazeta [25.04.2013] 
      Sweet Life [24.04.2013] Julia Volkova: "I come to the restaurant to relax" The once whimsical girl in a short skirt from the group tATu, and now an elegant slim beauty Yulia Volkova recently performed at the club Hills 18/36. Ural public could enjoy her solo songs and old  "t.A.T.u." Hits, including album of the famous "200 km/h in the wrong lane". A correspondent of SweetLife interviews Julia about her gastronomic passions. Julia, you were recently in Europe, right? Yes, one day I flew to Moscow and then I went to Ekaterinburg. Then I was in Germany - went to the doctor to consult on the ligaments, because of the voice. And then I visited Amsterdam, Paris. I've been there a thousand times! For me, it's like coming home, in all of these cities in Europe. Spent the spring abroad? So it turns out that half of spring! Only once all spring begins. Now the rest of it I have a lot of plans and almost all related to the work. But I do live for today. For me there is just a tomorrow. Therefore, I find it hard to imagine what would, for example, in a month. So in terms of - work, work and more work. You've been in several countries. I wonder where the best food? In Moscow, a mother's kitchen (laughs). I love homemade food the most. Sometimes go to a Chinese restaurant to eat sushi. I love Thai food. Still, with homemade cakes podlivochkoy, olives, fried potatoes - for me it's just uh! The best food! During the trip, nothing of what was eaten, not impressed? I do the food calmly as I concern. First I went there in some new places, restaurants, tried something. But honestly, do not remember. It just had some steaks, fish, chicken - all the same as everywhere else. And you with your work schedule is, in general, in time? Yes, and I have a healthy diet. For example, after six o'clock it's ​​better not to eat. If we eat - it will be a small fish, green salad, vegetables. Basically I don't eat Carbohydrates. By the way, if you don't have time to eat 6 - it is better to eat pure yogurt. Julia, how did you decide to become a restaurateur? Now I'm not a restaurateur (smiles). In general, I decided to because I received such a proposal and it was interesting. Made the opening of the restaurant, has made some mites creativity in the room itself, for repair. In general, created a style. But then it became unbearable to work with investors restaurant. They were totally do not understand anything in this business. So let's say there is no creativity in them. And I decided that I did not need to argue and prove anything to anyone. I did the job and moved away from it. And how managed to combine work with restaurateur concert activities? It was very difficult. After all, I and the children and the family, not just concerts. All this, of course, difficult. But I think I got used to this schedule - fly, fly away, suitcase-load unload on a new and again on the plane. Sometimes children and young people also fly with me. It is believed that the restaurant should be trick that will make it popular. How do you think this could be? I guess it all depends on the style of house. It happens that people come to the restaurant just to drink - the bar-restaurant, a shisha - hookah bar. The kitchen also has a key role, of course. That it was delicious and the people wanted to go there. Plays an important role interior - but it's always in the mood. For example, I can go to smoke hookah sit in a basement, so to speak, in an underground hide. I can go to the super-beautiful place - a restaurant with a view of the Kremlin - and tasty meal there. Choice of location depends on some internal state of mind. But I can say that I do not like pathos. I do not like that's all these pretentious columns with gold. I do believe that people come to the restaurant does not show off, who in what brand and how a bag on the background of this column, and eat, spend time with friends. Personally, I go to a restaurant to relax. Interestingly, the same, Yulia Volkova in the refrigerator? Oh, a lot of things (laughs). At home I have two refrigerators! Because I live two nurses, two children, my husband and I - only six people. And animals - birds, dogs there is all sorts. Let's start with a dairy food: it's sure to milk, cream, butter, yoghurt, "aktimelki." Meat of all kinds: beef, veal, rabbit, turkey, chicken. Carbohydrates all because the kids are eating. Fruits, vegetables, crab, soups of all kinds. I have a whole menu in which nurses are preparing food for the children. And it's tough, it's all right healthy diet. Nothing fried - all either in the oven baked or steamed. What do you spring to your taste? Juicy and fresh - fruit and vegetables. This is probably the bright colors - oranges, mangoes, peaches, apricots, nectarines. Everything is so juicy, bright and fresh (smiles). «Asahi Shimbun» [June 2013] 
      'Zheltaya Gazeta' Newspaper [01.08.2013] 

    Vlad and I decided to break up. He lives and works in another city and he's rarely in Moscow. A long distance relationship is very hard, that's why we decided to put an end to our relationship.

    When it comes to a partner, appearance used to be important before, but now the actions are the most important thing. He should be a good person, somebody who loves my children. Definitely not a handsome man, who spends half a day in front of the mirror.

    Fortunately, Ivan (Shapovalov) is getting better. He even traveled to China, but once he came back he just sat home and didn't feel like doing anything. His closest ones came to visit him, begging him to start a treatment. He didn't want to listen at first, but I brought a wheelchair to him and took him to the hospital. And I visited him later as well.

    I started having issues with my voice. It wasn't singing-wise only, I couldn't talk either. Such issues started back when I was in the duo, I should have treated it before but had no time, so it got worse.

    So I needed a break, and took it. I starred a movie, spent more time with my children, and I recently went through a second surgery for my voice. Successfully, the voice is slowly coming back.

    Star Brothers Magazine (August 2013)
    In the August Issue of the ukrainian Magazine 'Star Brothers' you can read a Interview of Julia Volkova.

    More Scans (HQ)
    Translation by Anna Z. 

    Julia Volkova: There are no limits for an artist
    For all her fans she is a crazy girl in a very short skirt who shocked audience and press with huge scandals. All tabloid were chasing her describing every step and every moment of her life. But what we can expect from press which chasing it's ratings but not secret of popularity?
    Nowadays Yulia Volkova is still popular and still loved singer. But in her opinion her main life achievement is the birth of her children.
    That's who she is now - popular, loved and unique singer and also mother - Yulia Volkova.

    Julia, can you tell how it's possible to stay popular for so long? You're on the stage since 1999 and it's a lot of time for an artist.
    - I think it's about your wish and you media like being on TV and reminding people about yourself.

    You won a lot of contests and you have a lot of prizes and diplomas. Is there something you still want to win? What prise you still wish to have?
    - I think there are no limits for an artist. You always have "to open new doors" and to have new images. It's not that I have everything I wanted. Forward and forward - conquering and subjugating!

    You're cooperating with Lena Katina for your Anniversary version of album "200km/h in the wrong lane"(10 years). Does it means that you're back again and we can see you singing together?
    - At the moment it's just an exclusive show. Many fans are waiting for it and we thought why not to do some big concerts. 27 of September we'll make great show in Kiev (Ukraine) with a great musicians and creative dancers.

    You were filmed in a comedy show "Eralash". Would you like to repeat this experience again?
    - Probably I could play a character of a teacher or a doctor, why not? I also could be the mother of Vovochka. (name of a boy, character of many Russian jokes about school )

    What was the most courage decision in your life?
    - I can't answer this question. For me it's more about men's nature then women. I don't really think about something can be courage, risky or dangerous for me. If I really want to do something I will and if I don't - I won't. I've never had a risk for something. I'm in the right world and I don't need to take any risk and specially because I have children.

    Can you compare what is better for you: your past or your present life?
    - Of course our past makes some effect on our present life. That's easy. But I live today and now.
    I have many good and bad memories about my past but I don't live with that. For me it's a page I've already read.

    What was the most amazing moment of your life?
    - Birth of my children.

    Who was your hero in childhood?
    - A hero?... I don't know. I loved Sandra. I liked the music of Modern Talking very much. I was listening to them all the time and to be like they are. But never had any special hero. I prefer not to have idols.

    What movie you would like to be filmed in? What genre it could be and what character?
    - I like thrillers or beautiful melodramas. But I don't know. If there is an offer I will think about it. I hate horror films. And I also don't like fantasy.

    How often do u receive offers to play in some movie?
    - I was filmed in a comedy movie Zombie 3D not long time ago. I play very active girl with men's character who shoots from the gun and cuts the head of zombies... Totally cool! But it's also fun. So you can watch it in the cinema from 15 of August. Before I had a n offer to be filmes in a, serial and one Russian movie where I had to jump from a huge rock in the end. I rejected them.

    Is there something you would like to change in your image?
    - As I've said before there is no limit for perfection. Right not I don't want to do something, I have a pause. I've had a lot of experiments before and I'm done with it. Maybe I'll want to change something with time, we will see. I guess I'll change something when I get older.

    Is there something you regret about like some words you've said or haven't said?
    - I try to so do something I will regret about. What for to do that?

    What are you proud the most in your life?
    - I'm proud to be a mother and I have two incredible children. I also never get sad of something and stay positive. Yes, it can be difficult sometimes but I always have the power to concentrate and to go forward. But it's more about my character.

    What is better: long way but by yourself or easy way but with help of others?
    - I never wanted to do something by other's hands. I prefer it's long and difficult way starting from the zero. I had many situations like that in my life. But I think it has to be like this and to go through it.

    Do you have a good friends among people of Russian show business?
    - There are some people I know. I can talk with couple of them and happy to meet them. But not real friends.

    Is there something you hate a lot? Do you know how it feels like?
    Yes, when somebody is asking me to do something I don't want. If I don't like something I wont do that. I hate the phrase "you must". I understand there is something I must do. But there are thing I like and I hate when somebody tells me I must do something that I hate. Also when somebody makes you choose among some options. I hate limits.

    KM.RU Interview [26.07.2013]
    Julia Volkova "I was forced to bring Shapovalov in the hospital "
    26.07.2013 9:55, by Denis Stupnikov

    15. August will be the premiere for "Zombie vacation 3D" 

    On September the 27, 5 years old singer will give a concert as the group "Tatu" in Kiev. Everything is in order and also the solo career. About all this KM.RU reporter talked with the singer

    KM.RU: Cyril Chemnitz admitted that he saw you as the main actress in his movie. Were there any doubts for you?
    - No, there were no doubts. It was amazing. I don't know why he choosen me but I think Cyril knew about my work in the past. I immediately agreed and until the very end of the shoot it was all very interesting.

    KM.RU: Nevertheless, you have a major role and you're no professional actress. Any difficulties experienced?
    - There were no difficulties at all since Cyril was always near me and commanded the professional people. Everything went perfectly. Besides the movie itself - youth, and my character is a little like me. So my role has a bit of my mannerisms. It was very interesting and quite unexpectedly. Personally, I got a great pleasure from what is happening. In addition, I fortunate had to work with Misha Ephraim. He is an interesting character - funny humorous. It was a pity that the shooting of the movie was so fast. I will follow his acting career.

    KM.RU: Some conditions for it?
    - I'm busy with my musical solo project. I will have another surgery on the ligaments, so there was a slight pause. But I still do all the work - launch its own line of shoes. I think I've all sorts of designer shoes. Plus my family and children.

    KM.RU: In general, the mystical genre film about zombies is close to you?
    - To be honest? No. I don't like movies about vampires and zombies. I try to avoid horror movies. I'd like to watch melodrama, or some historical films. My fvorite actors are Tom Hanks and Al Pacino.

    KM.RU: What kind of movie impressed you the most?
    - I recently flew to Vladivostok and during this long flight I've watched "Life of Pi". I even started to cry ...

    KM.RU: You also had some more experience during the shooting of the movie "You and I" ...
    - It was just a small role and we were playing just ourselves. In "Zombi vacation 3D» I had the role of another girl. These are different things.

    KM.RU: And absolutely, in "shaggy" times you appeared in "Eralash." How do you find this experience?
    - Well, it's been so long (laughs).

    KM.RU: You've currently problems with the vocal cords. How is it to having the solo project and to perform as "Tatu"?
    - Yes, in general, no problem! I had a surgery two weeks ago. In August there'll be one more. I consulted with doctors, they promised me in August to put everything in place. It's a simple surgery and everything will be fine. It is a pity that once again I wasted my time. Just last year I returned to be active in my musical career, started my solo project. Fans were waiting for my single, the video, and then this... I can't wait to work again!

    KM.RU: What is the status now your solo project?
    - We work! I've material and I'll go on tour. My people are great. I have two back singers who help me, some dancers. In addition, I am working with a live band.

    KM.RU: English-language material?
    - Yes because people want it. And of course, I want to perform my recorded solo songs in Russia and America.

    KM.RU: Do you have any problems with the use of the material of"t.A.T.u."?
    - In general, no! We have the right to sing these songs.

    KM.RU: The group "t.A.T.u." comes back ...
    - Look, we're not going back. It's just periodically while I'm working together with Lena Katina. First of all I have to finish the treatments and my surgery. In September will be the first t.A.T.u. concert in Kiev. We are preparing it. The show will have a DJ. It's just too early for a reunion of the duo. We thought about a comeback, of course. But now it is necessary to start with some one-time actions and a new scale.

    KM.RU: Do you just want to remind the group 't.A.T.u.' for the people?
    - I would not say so, too. We wanted to show up somehow. Because a lot of fans wrote that they're waiting to hear us again. Why we would need to refuse it? Sergei Zhukov did the same. He went on tour again. People want to hear it. And it was silent around him for a long time. There is a demand of the fans who are waiting for and why should this be neglected, if you can sing? First we'll have the concert here in Kiev. Then we are planning a concert at the beginning of next year to have a concert in St. Petersburg. And then we'll see. It is necessary to record a single, it is necessary to understand how harmoniously I'm with Lena that we can work together.

    KM.RU: do you have new songs?
    - We're looking for...

    KM.RU: A prospective authors?
    - Neither. We listen to everything - the Swedes, from London send tracks, Russian authors.

    KM.RU: The idea of ​​the reunion of "t.A.T.u." started when you played last year on the show "The Voice" in Romania?
    - There has been always the request of the label Universal. Then there was some correspondence, and we thought why not.

    KM.RU: Who is the producer "t.A.T.u."?
    - No producer. We are our own producers.

    KM.RU: Boris Rennes is no longer working with you?
    - No. I'm my own boss, I have a team of people, publicists, musicians and dancers. We do sit and think over all, having creativity. So to me it's a lot easier and better. Freedom - I like it. There's nothing better for you.

    KM.RU: How did you dealt with the rights? First Rensky redeemed the group "t.A.T.u." from Shapovalov. Now, in turn, you broke up the work with Renski?
    - We have all the rights to do it. Rensky, me and Lena.

    KM.RU: But he won't return in your team?
    - And once again..Everyone has the rights.

    KM.RU: Talking about Renskiy. It says he's the reasons for the collapse of "t.A.T.u.", you talked about the extremely unpleasant things, and exposes you to the main culprit.
    - In general, I do not want to deny it now. Of course, there were some things where I was provided with something which weren't right to me. But I think that some of the reasons for the collapse of "t.A.T.u." were lies in it. Yes, I canceled the concerts, fell in love, got pregnant, but it is not important. The key is that Rensky at some point wanted to be a producer, and for me it is obvious that a businessman can not be a showman. You've probably noticed that our third album was absolutely a disaster. And who produced these songs? Boris Rensky. He wanted this stuff, but it didn't work. And at some point, I wasn't interested in that stuff anymore. I don't want to blame anyone. Time passed and in general, that would be in this life, no matter what happens, we live on. Now there are lots of mood-elevating things that just need to be happy and move on. And it's stupid to blame someone for it or to say 'he's the reason for the collapse of tatu...' I don't feel like doing that - neither Lena nor Boris. I'm all ready to communicate with them.

    KM.RU: And how did you manage to restore the relationship with Lena?
    - Yet, we both are very busy ... We've a friendship and intimacy.

    KM.RU: During the performance at 'The Voice' the performance looked a bit 'grinding'...
    - It was really hard. Even the fans noticed that Lena was too loud during the performance and act like she would be alone on stage. I tried to take her hand but she refused it several times. Lena admitted it - she said she was scared to do it.

    KM.RU: Did it hurt you so much?
    - No.

    KM.RU: Are you interested in to watch Cover performances of 't.A.T.u.' ? For example the group "Boney Nem" with "Not Gonna Get Us".
    - There were a Baskov and Kirkorov Pugacheva with Rotaru, I know that. It was nice! There are people who are on the way, it's cool. But there are those who just sing your songs and prove their love affair. It is said that people won't enforce shit - right? When Pugacheva Rotaru sang "Not Gonna Get Us" - it was so nice! I remember I called Alex Mitrofanov and said, "Turn on the TV." There was Pugacheva. There is even no need to say anything about this honor. Just glad it's there and you feel the support of our Diva.

    KM.RU: Do you communicate with Ivan Shapovalov?
    - I didn't see him for a long time. But I know that he is doing well. He came back to life after going through all these disasters (at the end of last year there were reports that the creator of "t.A.T.u." has cancer and is about to die - Ed.) I was with him at this time. I was in the hospital and brought him there. He didn't listen to anyone else. He didn't want to make a treatment. He was just lay at home and believed that he was all wonderful. I remember it was such a nightmare when I was carrying him in the hospital corridor ... But he survived. Now everything's fine. He has been a month in China. I know that recently he had been present at some private concert in the apartment where he played the piano. Vanya is born once again!

    LookIn Magazine # 9 [Summer 2013]

    Newspaper Труд №112 [15th August 2013]

    Julia Volkova: To sit in a golden cage - it's not for me

    The comedy movie "Zombie vacation 3D" has the genre of horror and isn't typical for russian cinemas. It was directed by the debutant Kirill Chemnitz, starring Mikhail Yefremov and Julia Volkova. This role was for the former lead singer for the popular group "t.A.T.u."  the first serious work in a movie, but it's not going to stop. Now the image of the past pretty schoolgirl isn't like this anymore. Now Julia Volkova appears with tight jeans and high heels. On the eve of the premiere in 'Atrium' she told how she  survived the collapse of the "t.A.T.u.".

    - Julia, was it great to play in a movie? Until this you just had a small role in "Eralash".
    - Cyril Kemnitz said that when he read the script of the movie and I immediately thought about. He wanted non-professional actress but with a well-known face, with well-known people who aren't popular not only in Russia but also in the West because the movie should be also coming out in that countries. In this case Cyril didn't need just a beautiful girl. He needed a girl with action: a girl who can fight, shooting a machine gun. Not everyone would have coped with that!
    Maybe Cyril remembered the group "t.A.T.u.", about my boyish style. I liked the movie because it is unusual. For the first time in Russia there's such a project about zombies and be among the first is always nice. Moreover it's a horror movie and also terribly funny.

    - You have so much energy to work now. Although after the collapse of the "t.A.T.u." you rarely never appeared in puplic.
    - It was also connected with my second pregnancy and the birth of my son. I fell in love and took a break of four years because I couldn't longer live in such a rhythm. I'm tired from the frantic schedule of constant stress. I think it was a good time to close the group. I couldn't continue like this. I've already a second child, Lena has its own life and on stage we hold hands and tried to kiss. If we had done it a bit longer people would no longer believe in it, and most importantly - no one would believe in us. We had to take a break, then to start something new, independently. I returned to show business in 2011. I had both solo songs and a duet with Dima Bilan. But now the process has slowed down again. For six months I was recovering from two surgeries on the ligaments. Now would be the third. These surgeries were a must. Without the surgeries I couldn't continue my solo career. It would have been impossible. But I hope that in September I will record a single.

    As far as I know, you had the problems with the ligaments before. But you fearlessly continued to sing.
    - Once the process has started - it can't be stopped. Fans all over the world, many scheduled performances,  the "Eurovision". When there is a wave you can't stop it. Now I just started my solo path and I can take a break to fix something and move on. But that doesn't mean that I sit around - starred in a movie, launch my own line of shoes.

    You will not be hard after a pause join this fast life?
    - No, I'm very bored by this kind of life. During these four years, except for family matters, nothing happened. Gyms, beauty salons, shopping, relaxing on the beach - so beautiful, comfortable and a very boring life. I needed it. But I can't sit in a golden cage. From childhood I said that I think women should work. I love it when there are people around when something is going on.

    - You have two children from different men, but you weren't married. This is a principled feminist position?
    - I'll say this - I had marriage proposals but I always told them "I think." I needed time.

    Why wait if love has come?
    - The "Yes" should sound like a vibration impulse. Maybe it's old-fashioned, but I believe that the wedding should be only once. Loves is like novels - there are so much. But real love - there's just one. I don't want to get married to shout around the next day that I'm divorced again. Now I am completely free, my heart is open.

    Doesn't it hurt you that you give concerts with a few people and not in a crowd like with "t.A.T.u.". 
    - Fans are waiting for all the time that we will be reunited. We give even concerts for them. But that doesn't mean that "t.A.T.u." continues. I also don't think that we will show love during these concerts - it would look silly.

    - And what about the children?
    - I have parents who always help me with babysitting. My children are amazing. They're used to my schedule, understand that their mother is a singer, she writes songs, makes money. After all, everything in life has a price.

    - You have already talked to them about a group of "t.A.T.u." was given to hear the song?
    - Of course. They respond well to it. They aren't still fully aware of all of this but I have already prepared the ground so that when they grow up they are able to understand and accept it.

    - You're used to do such bold things like to wear a T-Shirt with the inscription "F*ck War" in a hall in front of thousands of peopls. And now you would be able to do something like that?
    - And why not? If these things make sense, I'm ready for them. That was the slogan t-shirt, a protest. We were against the war and expressed it this way. Write obscenities on the fence - it's stupidity and bad manners because in that there is no social sense. But courage is in me. I don't like a lot to ponder. Act - that's my motto.

    - In the movie 'Anatomia t.A.T.u.' from Vitaly Mansky you're talking about that there were times when you did not want to live.
    - It was such a youthful maximalism. In general I have had periods in my life which I usually don't want to remember: drugs, fatigue, the popularity of which has fallen to me when I was 14 years old. 28 concerts a month - almost every day ... This was the formation and you have no freedom. You can't take a step to the right or to the left. You have to sing these 28 concerts. You have charged, started the little key and you drove non-stop. But the thought of death - it's just a thought. I knew that it would be desirable to live when it came to the action

    - Are there some actions for which you're ashamed now?
    - No. We constantly have a choice. We didn't argue like 'And if so..?'...'and what if...' and so on..
    Yes, there are surelly a lot of things that I propably did wrong. We all have make mistakes and you make conclusions from them - and you live on.

    - Do you have principles, through which you will never step over?
    - I would never smoke - that's the first thing that comes to mind. I have been smoking since childhood but seven years I quit it and do not intend to. Same with drugs. Now I understand how it is to properly teach the children and I will never come back to this habbit.

    - And now you are friends with Lena Katina?
    - We are busy with our solo projects. During "t.A.T.u." we were friends of course. We slept in the same bed, eating from the same plate. But at the same time I had a best friend and Lena. Even if the friendship was in production. Then we were tired of each other and needed a big break to start to communicate again.

    Zheltaya Gazeta Nr.31 [August 2013]

     Look Press Clip [August 2013]

    HELLO! #34 [22. August 2013]


    Vesti Webarticle [22. August 2013]
    t.A.T.u. singer Julia Volkova: "I won't kiss with Lena - I'm a mother of two children!"
    The singer has complained that the colleague of the group t.A.T.u. didn't invite her for the weeding

    Julia Volkova told  that t.A.T.u. will just come together for three concerts. On 27th September in Kiev at Stereoplaze, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    Fans won't see hot kisses on stage.

    "After all I'm a mother of two children and Lena has recently married, although she didn't invite me for the wedding. Why should we kiss then?" - says the t.A.T.u. singer.

    When we asked whether the purpose of this tour is just for raising money for the treatment of their former producer Ivan Shapovalov  Julia said that Ivan has recovered and everything is fine.

    If you compare Julia from the 't.A.T.u.' period and the present you can see she changed a lot. Now the singer wears a dress to the floor, doesn't  smoke and dye her hair in ginger.

    Knowing that the singer was twice in a civil marriage and its many blamed for the quite frivolous lifestyle, we asked: "Why do men have love you?" The question led the singer to some confusion.  "I do not know."

    Julia won't get married soon. Even though she had a three years relationship with a young man. However, during this time the love got interrupted by Dima Bilan.

    - Several years ago, when a gay parade was held in Moscow, you attended there to support them. Was this PR?

    - No, to this day, I've always had a very positive attitude towards homosexual people and their manifestations. It's their life and I have no right to condemn them. This doesn't mean I support a particular group only, I believe and support love in all its manifestations. Take as an example, there's Elton John and George Michael. Their sexual orientation didn't take love and repect away from them. Gay people want to pursue their love-parade.

    -  What do you think about same sex couples adopting children?

    - What about the parents who refuse to own children and give them to shelters? Which is better: to send their children up for adoption to same-sex couples or sending them to households where they are getting hurt?

    - After the birth of your first child you said "I was young and stupid, I didn't use protection" This means the child was unplanned?
    - I don't tink children can be planned. I was in a relationship with Pasha for 4.5 years and I suddenly got pregnant. I decided to keep the baby even though I wasn't married. But why should I get married? I had an appartment on my own and I had my parent's support all along as well.

    - Parviz was a Muslim and therefore his son Samir is too, what about you?
    - I lived with Parviz for three years and when we broke up I converted to Islam, at the ed of 2010. I've bee interested in Islam for a very long time, since 2003 or 2004. But I'm not a fanatic - I don't observe Ramadan, for certain reasons. I do not go to the mosque, as in the past I didn't attend to church either. I believe in the God within. But the "ostentatious" in religion is something I don't like. I don't eat pork and I rarely drink alcohol, usually when I'm in family circles only.

    - According to the muslim tradition when you break up children is always given to the father, especially if it's a boy.
    - I will never give my children to a man. They are mine! If anybody would try to take my children away from me it would be a cold war!

    - Once you said that you slept with as many people as you wanted from the entertainment business. At the age of 28 - is this a life goal? 
    - It's not a life goal, I simply sleep with anybody I want, don't we all? It's rather a relationship, affection, desire, physiology... If I felt attracted to a person I met in my way, they ended up being in my bed. I've ever had intimate relationships with some members of the foreign show business.

    - What kind of reaction did the lesbian image of the duo cause in your social circles?
    - Some people admired me and others spoke maliciously, others even asked for money. I helped those I was the closest with. Some kids used to shout mean things at me at the school yard but I never care about the opinions of outsiders: this is my life an I do whatever I like, after all I'm doing no harm.

    - Your father is a businessman and your mother a dancer. How was their reaction to your participation in the duo?
    - My father was involved in the restaurant business and also clothing stores, while my mother is a stylist. But now both are home and help me with my children. Music has always been a part of me ever since I was a kid: At the age of six I attended a music school and at the age of nine I performed in "Neposedi". When I joined t.A.T.u. my parents were surprised but they supported me because being on stage was always my dream.

    - After breaking up why are you going to perform together once again?
    - Because the t.A.T.u. project is loved and wanted by many people. As a solo artist I'm having a break right now because of my surgery on the vocal cords. I want to be known worldwide, of course, but meanwhile I'm touring around Russia and Ukraine. In addition to my solo career I shot a movie, my daugther Vika came to the shooting with me. I'm also working on the release of my own footwear brand together with an Italian company. And I've been invited to shoot a chocolate commercial in Japan with LK, so we'll go there soon.

    Otkrito Magazine [16. - 22. August 2013]

    Erudit Magazine #17 [September Issue]
    Julia Volkova : "My children are my everything! "
    It seems like yesterday that the entire country with the girls screamed the song "Nas Ne Dagoniat". Not only the country Russia knew them , everyone knew the group t.A.T.u..
    The parents shook their heads in disapproval, removing the cassettes of the duo from their children and prohibiting to hang posters in their rooms. Now , the "little black one" of t.A.T.u. is mother of two children: Vika and Samir.

    Julia, besides of being a successful young singer  you're a mother of two children. Did you have emotional changes during the pregnancy? After all, you was young during the first pregnancy. 
    Yes, I also had many physical changes . The first pregnancy was very complicated. I had toxemia, so it was risky. It wasn't easy at all. At age of 18 , the body isn't fully developed. But in my second pregnancy , the nine months flew by. I hadn't postpartum depression neither the first , nor the second time when I was pregnant. I felt great instead and hoping for that magical moment when my children were born .

    Weren't you afraid or didn't you have any doubt about it?
    Somehow, I knew everything that would happen. All I felt was at the intuitive level . 
    Also, everything happens in different ways, both pregnancy and childbirth. I've heard about a caesarean operation and I knew that this was not for me. The whole time I had in my mind that I need to go through it for myself and so everything would be fine. And so it happened. Now I'm ready to have three more children, at least I'm sure I'll have two more. I really want to have more children. I don't fear the childbirth and the pregnancy isn't terrible. It all depends on how you're psyched . After all, my kids are my life! What can be more important than children?

    What do you prioritize? Your career or your children?
    My family comes first. Always. The nearest, parents and children are the most important thing in life.

    How do you have enough time? What is the secret?
    When I'm in Moscow I dedicate all my free time to my family. When I go to maritime cities I take the opportunity to tan on the beach. Yesterday for example, I had the chance to go to  barbecue with my friends.

    What places do you prefer to visit?
    I like to take walks and go to the park. Or even visiting someone. At night when my kids are already in bed  I like hanging out with friends. It's nice to see everyone from time to time.

    Do you have many friends?
    Yes but.. you know.. I have my own theory that the friendship is tested over time. If you're with a good friend and you feel comfortable then you listen to that person and be helpful. But something bad can happen to the friendship, to people with whom you hang up for 10 years and then you can't even say "hello".
    Could you leave your house at midnight for a friend ?
    That's right! I have a couple of friends that they would do anything , whenever and wherever. They can ask for my help at any time, regardless of whether it is day or night.

    Victoria Volkova
    Victoria shared that soon her friends will visit her to celebrate her birthday . The celebration will take place at home. Everyone loves the 'Volkova house' for parties .

    Speaking of friendship. Does Victoria take care of her younger brother ?
    Oh, it depends. It can happen that she takes care of him very well and sometimes they fight for the TV remote control.

    How do you resolve those conflicts?
    Somehow, we learned to stop at the right time during their upbringing. It is always the same: The conflict , fighting and crying. 
    Anything can happen from one moment to another. There are times that are treated with a supernatural love! (Laughs). But usually they play, learn and read together.

    Did your grandparents are part of your upbringing? Do they spoil the kids?
    Completely! But I wouldn't say spoil. My mom is very fair. We maintain our position.

    How do you punish ? How was it in your childhood, without getting out of the house ?
    No, that doesn't work (laughs ). But to take a away their phone, the game console, the tablet is very awful for them!

    What do they usually want to have as a birthday gift ?
    They want everything. (Laughs ). All at the same time.

    Are there any special family traditions ?
    We always spend the holiday together. Also birthdays. For example my mom 's birthday is coming soon and we will celebrate during the morning. The party will be at my house with everyone: my parents, my children and my grandmother (my mom 's mom). We fill the table with food and supposedly, there is the cake with candles. We also started the holiday together holding hands (laughs).

    Is there anything you've applied in raising Victoria which you dont apply with Samir?  
    I'm a modern mother. I have a strict approaches when it comes to raising my children. You might even say that the kid. Everything I do is through what I feel. Every day is different . Obviously, there are rules. They can't respond to adults, or interrupt them or say some bad words. I've no military rules. I encourage them to do other activities besides school: exercises, tennis. Besides allowing their friends to visit us or that they go their place.

    Are you going to meeting the parents in the school?
    No, my mom is going in the school. I try not to appear so much in school. Some may act normal with me being her mother, others cann't avoid gossip. And I don't want that to affect my children. Generally people think my grandmother is my mom (laughs). My mom looks very young , like 30 years.

    How do you see the future of your children?  Do you have any plans for them?
    I don't think about the future. I live in now and here. I want my children to be what they want to be. At this time, we are working on to present several options for Victoria, such as drawing and singing. But I see she doesn't like music.  She practice tennis for three years and she really likes it . She's very good, individually and in group playing . Now in the 2nd grade the German classes begin and when she's in 3rd grade she'll learn English. So the future is looking good. I tell my children to be lawyers or anything else don't need to be important.

    And what kind of preferences has Samir?
    He also wants to make sport. We're currently deciding which kind of sport. He is 5 years old now and I would like to try it with swimming, skating or hockey.

    He doesn't like music?
    To be honest, I don't want my son to enter the world of entertainment. I think it is a male profession. A man should be in business. But I won't force him of course.

    How was your charakter as a child? Obedient? Naughty?
    I was very obedient and close to my mom. At a certain age I was very close to her. I didn't like to go in the kidnergarden. I remember when she brought me in the kindergarden I ran to the window and watched her going to the bus stop. She waved her hands and I cried. I was a very obedient girl and very social in general.

    You was never a rebel? Not even in puberty?
    Yes , when I was 13 or 14 years old I made so much mischief. My parents were even concerned but it was nothing serious. It was like any other teenager: I didn't go to school, didn't learn... (Smile)

    What will you do when Victoria enters puberty?
    The most important thing is to get along with the children. It is very common for parents to give their children ultimatums. It causes immediately refuse on pure rebellion. I want my children to talk with me, that we're friends. I'm rather afraid that they'll hide things.

    Are there any taboos in the family which are absolutely forbidden to do? For example , if they wanted to smoke, what would you do?
    Well, who didn't test a cigarette? I smoked and I quit again. In these cases it is very important that you take the attitude. Don't be hostile wincing and scolding. We must understand and remember that we all went through that. In my case, I started smoking when I was 15 years old. Now I don't smoke for several years.

    What is the difference between Julia the  t.A.T.u. singer  and Julia Volkova the mother of two children?
    The difference in principle is small (Smile). The first is a Julia with Lena. The second Julia is with Vika and Samir.  That's the difference. I grew up and changed over time that you can notice small details. But there are many differences between being on stage or at home with my children. But I 've become more calm which comforts the children.

    How do you combine family with your busy schedule?
    Easy: Singer - Concerts, presentations. I come back home - the family. No need to search for complex problems where none complex problem is. I don't have a system for all that. All i know is that I enjoy every moment.

    What can we expect from you in the near future ? 
    On 15th August was the premiere of the movie where I had the lead role. You have to see it, it's very interesting! (Smile). The first Russian zombie film in 3D. I'm also about to launch my own line of shoes with an Italian company. In the autumn we will open an online store to sell the shoes and next year we will have our own boutique .
    I will surelly continue with my career as a solo singer. After finishing with the surgeries on my vocal cords. On 27th September 27  t.A.T.u. will give a big concert. We prepare a great shows with dancers , musicians and it will be a full show.

    We wish you a speedy recovery! Why do you need so many surgeries?
    This began in the period of t.A.T.u.  because of songs like "Nas Ne Dagoniat" . It wasn't just singing, it was more screaming, surely everyone remembers. The shoutings became more frequent and I ended up with a chronic problem. Now we have to fix it . We need to continue working to the fullest because we have many plans ahead!

    What kind of man do you imagine beside you? Taking care of your family?
    Well, if we talk about character I'm not an easy person. First of all a man shouldn't be stronger than me. He needs to be calm. It is very difficult to live with the leader of leaders. 
    I'm a respectable person of character. I used to be the center of attention. And try to live with a man who's just trying to prove to be better, it is impossible. The man by my side should understand me and my work, don't be jealous of what I do. He should be understandable that love my children .
    Actually, I don't like lies. I rather tolerate bitter truths rather than hypocrisy. So I would look for an honest and open person, who remain calm in all situations.

    And to understand each other. Should your partner be also in the show business?
    I'm not sure . The world of entertainment is difficult. This atmosphere isn't as glamorous as it looks like. What happens under the lights is different to what happens in real life. All around us there are always scandals, vanity and gossip. The question is, how couples feel about it? A man has to understand that this is just work. What happens here shouldn't matter. The person has to understand that your partner is a public figure and not be swayed by what you hear. After all I'm a person that loves the feeling of being on stage. And thinking that my loved ones are waiting for me at home is very important for me to have that in mind. I'm full of energy!

    Please give me some advice as a single mother. How do you keep harmony between the fathers of the children who live apart?
    It is a difficult question. But I'll tell you. I have two children of two ex boyfriends. Now I'm with someone else. Typical problems occur in young parents. They are often like "It's mine, not yours..". They express their ambitions through their children. And when you grow up you realize that the kids never had fault. It's about learning and understanding that children were born and now are responsible for them. Most of us are born with a dad and a mom and we expect our children to maintain the same harmony. There are surelly cases in which the father is too selfish to want to help the baby. When that happens , what can you do? It's a stupid man who doesn't deserve to know how their child is. If you think about it , why children should contact their father in that situation? Easy , by compromise . When they grow up, they can meet the dad.

    You've said many times in interviews that you like to live in another country. Why ?
    Because being anywhere else calms me. I like the sea, warm weather. But now it is impossible for us to move away. And not just for work, mainly because my grandmother is refusing to leave Moscow. And if she stays there my mother won't also move away. And I'm very close to my mother,is a vicious circle. (Smile) But I think in the future I will present a opportunity. I want my children to study. I want to buy a house near by a sea.

    Otdohin Magazine, Isssue #38 [17.09.2013]

    Rolling Stone Magazine [July 2013]

    "Evening Stavropol" Magazine [29.08.2013] Interview  [03.09.2013]

    - Julia, you've changed, it's quite unusal compared to the time with the group "t.A.T.u."!
    - Maybe it's time to turn out to be a pretty darling girl. I'm 28 years old and a mother of two children. They're both the most important thing in my life. I've changed, I'm more calm and I like beeing more feminine. I decided to work on my image with having slightly lighten my hairs, trying to wear some long elegant dresses and I want to spend some more time with my loved ones instead of hanging out at clubs. I've a regular life and I takre care of what I'm eating. I even stopped smoking.

    - What happened to your voice? You sound so hoarse?
    - I damaged the ligaments while working with the group "t.A.T.u.".  Sometimes we gave several concerts in a day and sang only live on the streets. Sometimes we didn't just sing and we just shout the high notes . I've often a broken voice but now I made some treatments. Now I have some formed scars because I fundamentally solved the problem. During one year I underwent several surgeries. The doctors claim that in the end everything will be okay. And while the recovery I can't give everything in my full strength - no album in the studio to record or a live concert. The voice was low and hoarse.

    - There are rumors that the group "t.A.T.u." will come back ?
    - There won't be a reunion. It's not worth it. So far we'll practice just some gigs. We'll see what will happen. Lena and I didn't communicate for a very long time. She went to America and I stayed in Moscow. She has her own life, is married and has her solo project. During the whole time we didn't touch the phone, although during the period of our work we had a very close relationship. Some years we have lived side by side: the scene long flights, rehearsals, one for two in the hotel room ...

    - The producer Ivan Shapovalov kept a tight rein on you ?
    - Of course, there were certain limits. After all we were young girls and sometimes we behaved inappropriately. The experience wasn't enough. We were discussing all questions related to the work and, arguing. If I don't like it I couldn't say definitive "no" and slam the door.

    - And what have you done? After all you put an end to the history of  "t.A.T.u."?
    - I had a baby. This does't fit into any of my plans or the plans of producers. In the team there were some very tense conflict situations. So I decided for myself, my children and my family. Our paths broke away. Probably just in time .

    - Julia, you are credited with a lot of novels. The last one with Dima Bilan ...
    - Oh, Dima...However there was something else. We worked together on a duet song which was presented at the qualifying round for the "Eurovision". According to the results of viewer's votings we took the second place, behind "Buranovskie Babushka." Between Dima and me was some kind of " chemistry " and we already burned. But it's difficult to build a relationship when both are artists. Especially with such as Dima. He doesn't belong to myself. He is a lot on tour and we rarely see each other. Sometimes we talk to each other on the phone.

    - What attracted you to the movie "Zombie vacation"?
    - I've never worked for money. And here I was attracted by no means a fee. By the way in this film I also have a percentage. This is the same action. The plot seemed very attractive to young people. And it's not every day that I got a offer to play a major role in a movie.
    During filming I had to shoot this gun. It was scary. This thing has been very hard for me and also very loud. All in all I was pleased that I could work for it. For me this is the first big movie role. Hopefully in the future  I will play alongside with Kevin Costner in some serious drama.

    - You will show this movie to your children?
    - If they want to. Then propably everyone will see them regardless of my wishes. For example , the eldest Victoria liked it . She was with me on the sets. Soon my daughter will fly to Japan with me where I was invited toshoot a commercial spot for chocolate. She is interested in everything that I do.

    - The children know that their mother is a star?
    - Yet quite. They know that I sing. Sometimes they see me on TV. I try not to advertise it in school. My mum is the one who's visiting the parents' meetings. I don't want my job, my image in any way reflect on my children. Parents support me in everything.

    - What about the fathers of children ?
    - Each of them have other families, other children. My children are my own. I concluded that - a woman gives birth to a child in the first place for yourself. As long as a man loves the woman and the child. Once the relationship was disintegrating then love goes away and then the child isn't needed. Today is the man like this and tomorrow he isn't ready for the responsibility.

    - But you became pregnant at age 18 , would have been ready?
    - Then I felt like an adult. After 14 years of working I earn money by myself. It was an unplanned child, but very welcome.
    When I found out that I was pregnant  it didn't shock me, nor my parents. My second birth when I was 23. I also didn't plan this. But both times it was not a fluke. I gave birth easily, without Caesarean. Victoria - five hours and Samira six hours. And if my daughter had difficult moments, the same for my son then I don't feel discomfort. After birth I didn't have to lose weight. In general I want to have more children - a boy and a girl.

    - And you found already a father?
    - I don't have an specifically imaginations.Well, there are some interesting men ( smiles). But seriously  I hope to meet a man with whom I will be happy and that we give birth to more children. Now I have a relationship but marriage is not going to. I'm sure I will be able to raise my children, to give them a good education. In this sense I am a fantastic mother.
    Samir will go in the first class this year. My daughter has been playing tennis and studies foreign languages. My parents are playing a lot with my children. They support them and help.

    - Are your parents contributed to your career?
    - When I was seven years old my mother send me to a music school where I played piano. I was performing of the children's group 'Neposedy' for two years. A year later I was involved in a drama school and was featured in the children's television comic magazine "Eralash" . I loved this varied life and I was dreaming of becoming a singer. When I was 14 years old my dream has come true . I was in a casting for the group "t.A.T.u." , and when I was 15 I became super popular and secured. As such, like I always wanted it. My dad worked and was engaged in business. We had never problems with finances at home. I got all what I wanted and I don't even remember what was the I bought when I earn my own money because money wasn't some unattainable goal. And now I don't work for money. I only do what I would like to do...

    KP.Ru Magazine [03.09.2013]
    On 2nd September 2013 famous parents took their children to school
    Julia Volkova's daughter Victoria entered the second class. But only nominally - in the evening after the holiday Julia and Victoria flew to Tokio,
    "Victoria graduated the first class last year. She loves to learn and she's glad to go in school again" - says Julia. "The fact that we're leaving now, won't detriment the working process, because it's just the beginning of the school year."


    Manhatten Magazine Issue #2 [November 2013]
    Scans webarticle 13.11.2013 wrote a small article about Julia and her daughter Victoria when they were in Japan in beginning of September.
    Julia Volkova taught her daughter the Japanese language
    Julia Volkova visited already several time the country of the rising sun. This time the singer went to Tokyo to show the city to her nine-year daughter Victoria. First of all, they went to Tokyo Disneyland and ride on all sorts of attractions. They were tring japanese sweets which they can't buy in Moscow. Mother and daughter also went shopping and Victoria chose a suite with a children's make-up and talking doll. Julia also bought Japanese chewing gum and candy as a gift. Since Volkova recently starred in Japanese commercials chocolate she had to learn the language. She taught her daughter a few phrases and in the end of theie trip Victoria said "Arigato!" No bad for a native Japanese women.

    Ria Novosti Webarticle [24.11.2013]

    t.A.T.u.: "We feel to be artists of the last century!"
    In an interview with 'RIA Novosti' Lena Katina and Julia Volkova told about a possible reunion, live performances and a law prohibiting for the promotion of same-sex relationships .

    Last saturday the russian pop group t.A.T.u. had a performance in St. Petersburg at "Superdiskoteka 90x". Before the performance correspondents of  'RIA Novosti' talked with Lena Katina and Julia Volkova about a possible reunion, live performances and law prohibiting propaganda of same-sex relationships.

    - Can we take your performance in St. Petersburg as a reunion?
    Julia Volkova: We 're not talking about a reunion. It's just work together. Our thoughts are different. We will see what will happen. There's nothing decided yet.

    - So why you have made this performances - is it your personal feeling that it was time to come back or the decision of the management team ?
    Lena Katina: This is not our first performance in recent years. We just thought it would be fun to make it once again and it turns out that we are artists of the last century. It's really cool when you're still young but an artist of the last century. It seems we don't have to make any effort for getting a new audience. The fans won't go away from us, they're always there, including the little boys and girls. They learn about a regardless group. If we 're  active or not. Everyone will remember t.A.T.u. because no russian artist has achived what we did.

    - The country now has a law banning promotion of same-sex relationships. You fall into it , not only the behavior of the scenes, but even by the creativity ...
    Julia Volkova: We have nothing to fear !
    Lena Katina: In our country we still have a law of freedom expression, it has not been canceled yet. We openly express our views and we maintain it or not - not everyone can do it. In my opinion due our activities over the years we have expressed everything we could about this law.
    Julia Volkova: Our opinion about this law  is that we are the law!

    - This means that your appereance include that kind of thing. Is it possible to do it now?
    Lena Katina: We have announced everything we wanted to and the audience can see it. After all when you show too much secrets then no one is surprised anymore.

    - Maybe surprise the audience with new songs in the near future. Are you working on it?
    Lena Katina: Not yet.

    - Lena, your husband is a Rock musician. Is it possible he will write new songs for t.A.T.u.?
    Lena Katina:  In the future, we'll see. He is a very good musician.
    Julia Volkova: Me and Lena doing parallel solo careers. Lena released a new clip. I was in the summer premiere of  "Zombie vacation 3D", where I played the lead role. I also became a shoe designer with our Italian colleagues we created a collection of shoes within six months: C&C shoes by Julia Volkova. I also plan to open some shoe stores .

    - You usually accompanied by a live band , why are your performances having instrumentals in the background? 
    Julia Volkova: We had a concert in Kiev in September  with live musicians and, if  it's possible we try to speak with them. But here's in St. Petersburg it's different now. Here's a big screens, dancers, just another audience.
    Lena Katina:  We are always happy to do live performances. But here were not allowed to sing live, so it makes no sense to drag a group of musicians.

    - Do you have still contact with  Ivan Shapovalov?
    Julia Volkova:  Right now I don't have so much contact with him but he's well and healthy again - and he's singing.