Media 2011  [19.10.2011]

CDBRASIL: What can we expect from the album? Do you already have a label?
Julia Volkova: I want to promise anything in advance. I've tried a lot of us there's always something changing. Yes, the label is from Russia.

CDBRASIL: Do you know exactly what the music culture in Brazil?
Julia Volkova: The culture is different everywhere, just the mentality. I respect the culture in each country.

CDBRASIL: What has surprised behavior of a fan you most?
Julia Volkova: You are loyal, always emotional and send me on Twitter to help me.

CDBRASIL: Will there be a duet on your album?
Julia Volkova: Maybe, I'll think it over.

CDBRASIL Boris Renski was a big reason why you have left Tatu?
Julia Volkova: Actually it has nothing to do with it, there were many different opinions with him, and many believe that this is the reason why I left Tatu. But that is now part of history.

CDBRASIL: A few months ago was the guitarist Troy by Tatu reported that the band has broken up because of one person. What do you think? Many fans speculate.
Julia Volkova: I do not know. Ask him what he thinks about it.

 "Hallo" Magazine Russland [05.12.2011]

Article about Julia's Video "All Because Of You"

Recently, the residents of Los Angeles got really scared. A quarter of the city was blocked for several hours. All the people who were not far from the place belonged, at that moment an explosion and fire have discovered. But it soon became clear that nothing bad has happened, it was only the former member of the group tATu which had filmed her first solo video in town.

The history of the video for the song 'All Because Of You "(Sdvinu I) is exciting and confusing.

"It is a story of love is so strong that a person is willing to commit crazy acts," said Julia.

"My character meets a mulatto, but at the same time, her friend in love with her. Your girlfriend is so jealous of her, that she set fire to a car and dies."

Once again, with drama and shock when once the spirit of the popular group tATu

Julia's solo work and the songs of the duo are present on the Internet. The video is available on Julia's Facebook page. In TV, the video will appear on New Year's Eve.

Cosmopolitian [01.11.2011]

Julia Volkova is going to tour in South America

Julia Volkova is ready for a solo career.

The former singer of the group "Tatu" Yulia Volkova is long preparing for the beginning of her solo career. She recorded her first single, All Because Of You (the Russian version of the song is called "Sdvinu Mir"), and made a concert program decision to tour in South America.

Volkova begins the tour with Rio de Janeiro, and then perform in four Brazilian cities and the capital of Chile - Santiago. Volkova's tour was organized by the famous Brazilian company Casa da Musica, which has great experience working with international stars.

Notbiabe that Volkova gave her last solo concert in 2004.

Ego Interview [01.11.2011]

A new article from Brazil - Interview with EGO

by Felipe Abílio Do EGO, São Paulo

What has Julia Volkova, ex-t.A.T.u. girl, been doing?

With 6 shows set up for Brazil, the singer talks about her solo career and the break up of the duo:"We're not enemies but we haven't been talking to eachother".

Teenagers, beautiful... and lesbian. This image gave Julia Volkova and her partner, Lena Katina, worldwide sucess in the begining of the 00's with t.A.T.u. With hits as "All The Things She Said" and "Not Gonna Get Us", the Russian girls have shoked everybody as the first famous lesbian duo, even if they have never confirmed anything besides friendship.

Everything was great till Julia got pregnant of her first son, in 2004, showing there was no romance between the girls. Even if some fans were disapointed, they were still making hits and shoking people with their comeback single "All About Us". In this video, they try to make up after news saying they were together no more.

Six years have passed and the video history came true, in the begining of 2011: t.A.T.u. is over.

Now, Julia starts her solo career and has 6 set up shows for this moth in Brazil. In interview to EGO, she says she wants time for enjoying each city she will be visiting.

"I've already been to Brazil with t.A.T.u. and I loved it. I remember everything was exciting and the fans were amazing. I hope this time I'll have more time for knowing the cities better. I love you guys."

Diferently from what she used to do with t.A.T.u., Julia has been trying a softer sound, but she promises not to disapoint fans. " I started with rock, but then we realised it was too heavy for my fans, so now we're trying pop-dance-rock".

Even after 10 years of career, Julia told us the breaking up ideia didn't come from them, but from their manager. "Boris Resnki took the decision, but we all realised we had grown up and it was time to move on. He's still Lena's producer."

Right after the breaking up, Julia told her fans it was still possible to come back together, but after seeing Lena's first video, which they are killed and burried, Julia were disapointed and changed her mind: "I believe everything is possible, but when everything is burried, it's not likely to happen."

Even the 15 years friendship was shaken after the way Lena decided to start ger career.

"We're nto enemis but we haven't been talking to eachother. We're following diferent ways, our own way", Julia explains.

Without stoping working with music, Julia has been working in cinema and has plans for opening a club soon.

"I'm working in a lot of stuff now. My solo career, my movie and I'm opening a bar/club.
"I'm putting myself in these projects.. My life, my mood, my mornings, afternoons and nights", she says excited.

After worldwide fame, Julia wants other kinds of sucess.

"I'm happy right now and it's time to show my fans there's a girl called Julia Volkova too. I'm very diferent nowadays. I'm a woman, mother of two beautiful angels. I wanna fly over the world and I'll do it. I know my fans are always with me. This won't be the last time I'll be visiting South America, it's just the begining".

Gala Records News [16.08.2011]

MUZ TV Article [18.08.2011]

Perhaps every aunt and grandmother in Russia still remember the maiden girl group Tatu. It was organized by the fine magician Ivan Shapovalov, who managed in one, as critics wrote "Lolita dressing, romance and lesbianism"

But time flies. Since then, the girl's gay symbol Yulia Volkova has had a baby, decided to marry and divorced from her husband - both involved a different men. Father of her daughter was Pavel Sidorov, planned to marry Vlad Topalov and divorced from her civil husband Parviz

In 2009, the group officially collapsed. But in 2011, probably realized that what is living without fame, money and screaming fans for a self-respecting person, Yulia started a solo project and already wrote two songs: Woman All The Way Down and Rage

But Yulia didn't stop here: signed a contract with Gala Records, she releases one (more precisely - two) song: All Because Of You (which in Elvish means Сдвину Мир). Yulia is shooting a video now.

"I'm full with strength and energy and very optimistic about the future - Yulia told - the debut of my new song will take place in the second half of August. The song has turned out rather stylish and dynamical.

Well let's hope, that the 26 year old Yulia will look on a stage same young like ten years ago …

OK! Magazine [February 2011]

OK! No.43 (258) [27.10.2011]

OK! Magazine [18.08.2011]

Articles about 1/2 Zombie

Yulia Volkova from the group "Tatu" starred in a comedy horror in Belarus (

September 23, Minsk / Anastasia Serova (BELTA)

A new Russian-American film , currently called "Fear Mongers" has registered almost a month in Belarus. Throughout the whole picture, the main characters, Alexander Efremov, Anton Zinoviev and Valery Zelenovski fight against the evil, in the face of large army of zombies. Yulia Volkova the ex-vocalist of tATu helps them here. Also, the viewer can see audience's favorite Michael Ephraim in the movie. BELTA was told the film's producer is Sergei Torchilin.

The usual tatushki haircut for Julia was replaced by long hair. Observed on the scene court that here family and even pet dogs arrived here.

In addition, the filmmakers have prepared a surprise - some politics and representatives of show business will appear in new and totally unexpected roles. All the shooting process led a young but very talented director Kirill Kemnitz.

"We originally planned to take a young director who will have many new and unusual ideas for Russian cinema. That is so Kirill "- the film's producer said. And not without the family contract. In the role of special effects artist Kirilll's father - Yaroslav Kemnits was named.

Most of the filming took place in Minsk Sea. The process is managed on-site spa and leisure complex "Youth". Next week the film set will move to Moscow.

"Fear Mongers" - a comedy horror film. It was withdrawn in the relevant genre of zombie horror, which is a typical example of such films lie "Welcome to Zombiland" and "Shaun of the Dead."

According to the producer, it is scheduled for many more surprises. It concerns music and video games to film. The grand premiere is scheduled for October 2012. Producer promised that the Belarusian audience will see the premiere not later than Americans and Russians.



Debut Solo Single ‘All Because of You’ To Be Released to Radio October, 2011

23rd September, 2011 – Julia Volkova, the fiercely beautiful vocalist of Russia’s most successful musical export t.A.T.u. will make her big screen acting debut in a feature-length film, being prepared under the working title “Fear Mongers”, alongside Mihail Efremov and rising star Anton Zinoviev. In addition, the director, the talented newcomer Kirill Kemnits, has prepared some surprises – prominent show business and political figures will appear in the film in totally unexpected roles. “Fear Mongers” is a Russian language zombie horror/comedy movie shot on location in Minsk, Belarus. Produced by New Wave Production in the style of such films as “Welcome to Zombieland” or “Shaun of the Dead”, “Fear Mongers” is preparing for an autumn 2012 premiere.

In 2002 t.A.T.u. swept the world with their infectious melodies and personal lyrics telling the tale of two young girls in love, condemned by the world. t.A.T.u. captured the hearts of millions all across the globe and their debut album ’200km/h in the Wrong Lane’, which spawned the incredible hit singles ‘All The Things She Said’ and ‘Not Gonna Get Us’, sold over 5 million copies worldwide. t.A.T.u. have sold in excess of 8 million records internationally, making them Russia’s largest pop music export to date.

During August 2011 Julia Volkova officially announced her solo career after signing with EMI’s Russian affiliate, one of Russia’s original and most successful record labels, Gala Records. Volkova’s debut solo single ‘All Because Of You’ is expected to be released to radio this October. The song will be release with a Russian language version called “Sdvinu Mir”.

With the single in production Volkova took the opportunity to film “Fear Mongers” with Moscow based special effects production company New Wave Production. New Wave Production has over 15 years of experience in the industry having worked on over 200 movies including the feature films «Volkodav», «Mongol» and «Playing Victim».

In “Fear Mongers” Volkova finds herself playing the heroine, Natalia. Along with countless friends Natalia confronts the alien hordes of the infected, bloodthirsty mutants, and the courage of each character helps to destroy the monsters and save the Earth from a global catastrophe all while they find themselves and find love.

For all the latest news and information on Julia Volkova and the movie “Fear Mongers” we encourage you to regularly check the artist and production company websites.