Photoshoot and Interview @ People Talk [01.04.2016]

Julia Volkova: I know that will overcome the disease

After a break of Julia Volkova's solo career she appeared on the scene again. And this time with a serious statement: the girl was able to overcome cancer. Her life has changed, but the music is not left. 29th April you can hear Volkova's new program  at "Mumiy Troll Music Bar».In an exclusive interview she talked about her crazy youth, the struggle for life, family and music.

I'm a fighter in life: I'm always ready for any situation and any results and never get nervous before an interview or concert. Just when it begins to advance cheat, it only gets worse, so you are attracted to the negative.
The scene in order is designed to let go and do, do what you want. There should be no limits. It's like being on stage. All my dreams and desires are on the stage. This is such a powerful exchange, except that real life can not be called.

Last autumn I  released the single "Derzhi Ryadom" and now at the Victory Day the release of my second single "Save the people, the world." This is what is happening in our world, the brutality, the anger.  I don't want to oppose something I advocate, it's just my declaration
I stand for a strong family, love, the respect toward nature, the respect to each other and - in the end - to respect yourself!
The world is as we see it and what we create in it.
Life is fleeting and we destroy everything with our own hands.

I'm working on the new program we are planning a tour, to record the album. On 29th April I'll have a solo concert in Moscow at "Mumiy Troll Music Bar». I will be performing with my band, join us and my friend Legalize. I would like to make a very comfortable and at the same time, fiery evening.I had a three-year break from work, I was treated, fought thyroid cancer. Once I had a dream that I am sick and I have put a heavy diagnosis. I went to be checked. When fears were confirmed, I thought: "And what if it's over?" After all, after the surgery could be chemotherapy. How to get together and call my mother? Yes, a lot of things I could change my mind. Of course, everyone who knew about the problem, waiting for recovery.

I didn't make any official statements, so frequently met with comments such as "the whole voice-cutting procuration." Yes, it was a shame. And now, when I tell the truth about myself I felt support. In addition, I would like to draw attention to the problem of cancer and the overall health of  people: it is necessary to visit a doctor examined. These seemingly simple precautions can save someone's life. If a person has health, he has everything. And when you have a serious illness, you won't need no money, no friends, no job, no clothes, no trip, you have one desire - to live. I belonged to the disease with optimism from the beginning. Of course, it was not easy, anxious to overcome all this. But it was impossible to be in a hurry, it was important to weigh all is well, think about it. Relatives immediately raised the hype: it is necessary to go to Germany for treatment. I refused. It is necessary because even survive the recovery process - no children, no mom and dad. And I stayed in Russia. So to get the first pancake is always lumpy - an unsuccessful operation.

I had time to be alone with it. People who once seemed to me to be close friends, at some point disappeared. But it went for me. I changed my phone number and all of my notebook. I was the other: many things react calmly, without fuss. I know that if it's mine, it will wait for me. It adolescence when a person passes through the obstacles, it is growing, it calculates their strength, learning to look at the situation from different angles. So I'm in a nice creative excitement, I really like everything that happens in my life.

Now I 'm in the absolute balance, I understand that I need, but from what I can easily give up. Do you realize that some small things, because we usually get upset, don't mean anything. At this stage of life, I have no fear, I just want to have close everything was fine.
I try not to build far-reaching plans. How can you think about what you will become in five years, if you do not know what will happen to you in half an hour?

To all of his career has turned out, it is necessary first of all the frenzied desire. And it's not just show business. It should not be that you take someone by the collar, led the university, and said: "You have to get a diploma." How can we achieve the goal that put someone else in front of you? That should be your only desire, and a great desire. In addition, it is necessary to believe in ourselves, we can not give in to their own complexes. If you go to something, it must be prepared to envy, betrayal, but to believe in yourself. I was always ready. Since childhood, I wanted to become a popular singer, and on that day, when me it finally collapsed, after so many years of the movement, I grabbed a career claws. I know that will not give his place. I have not had time to think about fears.

I have never refused the stories with «t.A.T.u.», I had the feeling that I grew. I'm always happy to talk about us and never offended if I call the ex-soloist of the group «t.A.T.u.». It is not the small group in our country. Shame and excuses do not matter what. Yes, it was an experiment in life: youth, travel, tours, provocative image. And it was not easy - many convictions, but it is incredibly cool, bright, besides someone looked at life from a different angle.
I absolutely don't compare the success of my solo career with «t.A.T.u.» success scale. These are two different projects. I don't set myself some incredibly high standard. Now I have a completely different life, a different work, I turn to another level.

One should never think, "Oh, she dyed her hair that color, I also have."
Question - what do you need? You first listen to yourself, look at yourselves and think about what it will give you. We must learn to find himself in himself: the character, the habits. And it is itself a use in life. When I started having voice problems, the first time I was terribly upset. Especially when the people you say something like: "What's the matter? You gorged on ice cream or something? "You, of course, it is inconvenient. But after a while I accepted the fact that the other will not, so I need to get on with it.

Yes, I've learn from my mistakes. Although relatives always say: "You look at others." But it is always easier to advise. And yet you did not come across a rake, do not get over something, even if it knocks you off track for a while, did not become better. There is still the thing is that you yourself can choose, you should be put somewhere or not, whether or not to try to go through something. What if it does not hurt me, on the contrary, through the pain will benefit? Why not try? Of course, there is that parents say, "Julia, so you do not need it," and you still will not listen and gnesh his line. This is silly. I often come and say "You were right." But I survived, and clearly understand what I'm ready or not ready to go.

I'm very proud of my children are with them. But I always leave one step for any exploits - you can always go higher, it can be even steeper.

When you know how to truly love and to give - it's worth it. Someone used his lifelong love, but I'm on the other. To love and to give - it is for me comparable to God, this feeling again.

My goal - to become Julia Volkova again to conquer the world, to help those people who need help. I want my songs to people to see their lives, that it helped them to move on.

If I just met 15-year-old Julia, I would have said to her: "Good luck!"