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In 1999 a duet girls revolutionized the world of pop for their controversial image of lesbian teenagers who tried to defend their love through the music. This is Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, who gave life to t.A.T.u..
Thanks to "All The Things She Said" and "Not Gonna Get Us" this couple of beautiful women became musical icons in their country Russia. Throughout the world they achieving record breaking sales records.
After 10 years of sharing the stage Julia and Lena decided to separate and soon it was clear that they weren't realy lesbians and it was just an image which they had in the project.
Currently, Julia, the sensual brunette and mother of two children, is preparing her first solo album. She recently released the video of the highly anticipated single "Hold Me Close" (Держи рядом) in which she's a fragile girl in railings of a bridge - about to jump into the river until a handsome 15 years old man appears and pulsating a short love story.
Today we spoke to this small, sexy and tough woman about her life and music career. This in an exclusive interview with William Jaimes. 

While you were in t.A.T.u. you were considered as the most sexy, daring and crazy one of the duo. Are you still a rebel woman?
- Hard to say. I would say I feel the way I look like. In any case, I'm different. I'm not 15 years old but I don't feel that old.
I'm a mother of two children. We must change or otherwise you don't progress or beat it. I definitely changed inside myself, I feel in harmony with myself, I feel that the principles of philosophy apply some things in my life, but my temperament has not changed at all (laughs).

Q: How is the life of Julia Volkova before and after t.A.T.u.?
- Somehow it's different, I'm more mature, that says it all!

How do you defined Julia Volkova?
- I can say I'm a happy woman. I enjoy the here and now and that gives me much pleasure!

Can you say Lena Katina is your best friend?
- Lena is part of my life. She has been with me most of the time. So I think it's correct to say that.

Does t.A.T.u. finally came to an end?
- Today I think t.A.T.u. . it served its purpose. Least, first on stage. But in the future we can set new points!

What message would you leave for the fans who still want a return or a meeting of t.A.T.u.?
- Dreams and desires always come true, the most important is to believe in them. And at the same time they should enjoy life today and now, because it is beautiful!

In Russia many bands automatically lost members and began looking for a replacement, for example: Serebro, Via-Gra ... why does t.A.T.u. can't be formed by new girls?
- t.A.T.u. means Lena and Julia. We are a team and, more or less, provide us. It is not a typical pop band, not a girl band where we are some mannequinst. t.A.T.u has its essence in own songs, in the work, in their philosophy and in their protests against society and challenges.

Julia Volkova, you're a great entrepreneur: You have your own brand of shoes, a restaurant, is it easy for you to handle yourself in the business world?
- Right now I'm just focused on my voice. I'm busy in the creative process: writing new songs, a new tour, record videos, new photo shoots. With regard to the restaurant, I'm not part of it anymore, because I realized that it's not made for me. And regarding the brand of shoes, unfortunately I had to face the lack of integrity of a person who stole money from the business. She took advantage of my confidence and left the country. The situation is working in court. So I am giving pause to this business.

Let's talk about your career. Recently you had serious problems with your voice. We heard that you improved. Can you tell us about that? Did the doctor give you any recommendation?
- Finally I can sing! I'm really happy because of that. Since the problem started I had to give a break to my solo career. I endured many operations on the ligaments. I was in Seoul last year and a half ago. It was the most effective. Sure, I'm still doing tests, but everything goes according to the plan. And I try to follow the doctor's recommendations: Be more quiet (laughs). But I'm a woman who is temperamental, so it's hard to do!

What happened to your voice? What caused the problem?
- A medical error. I had many cysts which can be normal in many professional singers. One day I decided to take them off. Nobody imagined that this operation would become a torment.

Right now your career is centered in your native Russia, are you planning to organize a tour abroad?
- I give regularly concerts outside Russia. And now there are ideas for a tour, but it is too early to talk about it. All in good time.

For many years were no visits Latin America. You have many fans here in Venezuela. What would you like to visit first?
- Last year I was in Rio de Janeiro! It was incredible! The audience was very warm, sincere and cheerful! I love Latinos! Of course, I gladly would like to visit Venezuela! Hopefully very soon I can have that opportunity.

Your new song is very beautiful. Do you plan to record it in English and promote it outside Russia?
- Thank you! We still have the idea of ​​doing an English version of the song. But in the meantime, I'm preparing new material, new songs in Russian. When we have enough material to make an album we'll think about English versions for the songs.

Could you tell us a story about the recording of your new music video?
- There was a while filming video parts of a drone. It was early morning and I was standing on the bridge railing. And when we began filming a man ran up to me, grabbed me and said "Don't do it, please!". He really thought I was going to jump. It was a funny story.

Your fans are eagerly awaiting your album, are you working on it? If so, what genres can be found on the debut album by Julia Volkova? Are you planning to promote it in Latin America?
- It is in process. I was silent for a long time, I couldn't sing. I'm now eager to do something, that includes experimenting with music. If you take out an album now would be a mixture of several styles from ballads to include Euro Dance! However, at this time and with advances in technology, it is better to buy and download singles. I'm working on my style, trying to find my own sound, a unique flavor. It is not an easy process ... But as they say, Moscow was not built in one day.

Would you like to sing a duet with an American or Latin American musician? Which one and why?
- It is possible! I'm open to suggestions. I know you have many talented artists! Why not?

Would you like your Latin American fans to record a song in Spanish?
- I'd like to do it! But certainly it should be a special song.

Could you tell us about your children?
- They are at a stage where you are defining and determining their tastes. I believe that Samir is very serious. He goes to swimming, volleyball and likes to play chess. Vika still looking, experience much: She's taking singing lessons, also dances and acts. She's definitely very creative. We'll see how far she get.

How is your relationship with your children? Do they wonder about your involvement in t.A.T.u.?
- Of course, they know about the group t.A.T.u. and her mother is a singer. But they take it like any other job.

*** Quick Questions ***

Did you always want to be a singer?
- Yes always!

Did you have childhood dreams which you want to make come true?
- My dreams become true!

Who is your favorite artist?
- If I had to choose ... I like Andy Warhol. I like artists who challenge their own creativity.

Any song you love?
- I respect the work of Michael Jackson. I like many of his songs!I can not even dare to choose one as a favorite!

Would you like to play the role of villain in a movie?
- Yes, why not?

Would you like to be a superhero and why?
- Yes, to help those in need. To those who I can not help now.

Would you like to have super powers?
- Maybe!

Do you like our interview?
- Yes, thank you!

Would you like to leave a message for our readers and fans of Latin America?
- Guys, I hope you are always surrounded by love, sincerity and happiness!