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OK! Magazine [6th March 2010]
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 “I can beat any man”

The media was filled with rumors about ex-soloist of t.A.T.u., Yulia Volkova and her significant other Parviz Yasinov broke up. Moreover, those rumors claims that the businessman is taking from Yulia their kid. The singer clarified what’s true and what’s not in an exclusive interview for “OK!”

She’s miniature in person. It’s hard to understand how this small body can deal with so much energy – Yulia speaks fast, confidently and very emotionally. “She’s rushing into living and feeling” – that’s about her. “Not a minute of rest”, as well. You feel like a slow turtle when you’re around her. In the rusty voice, sometimes appear cold metallic notes, and you realize that no one can do harm to that woman. After she suggested to refer casually to each other, she tells us that after the interview she’ll go to her friends to play “Mafia”. “I always win. If I play for the mafia – the mafia wins. If I play for civilians – they win”. And what about the real life? 

Is it true you and Parviz broke up?

- Yes, three months ago.

Who initiated this?
- There was no initiator. We just realized in certain point, that our feelings had burned out and there’s no reason for us to be together. I don’t like wars, so as he. Besides, we have a child, whom Parviz adores. And our break-up… You see, this is life. Some people break up after a month. Some after twenty years. We lived together 3.5 years, and than the love ended. Who could foreseen it? No one. We broke up agreeably, without fighting and scandals, that were described in the press.

And noone takes you kid away?
- That’s a total nonsense, why should we split the kid? How can you manipulate with a child anyway?!

That’s not so rare these days.
- I don’t understand this. First, I think that a real man can’t take a kid away from a mother. Second, I won’t allow to anyone to take my kids. These are my kids! Me and Parviz are in great relationship. I don’t have even one dark thought or bad memory from the time we spent together. If Parviz will need my help I’d stand by him like a rock. He’s a very good person. But we’re not sharing our lives anymore. And besides, why should Parviz take a child from a mother like me? (laughs). I can do for my son much more than any man.

And what kind of mother are you?
- On one side, I love to spoil, buy presents, take them to the circus and amusement parks… But on the other – I’m not the person who’ll fill all his children’s caprices. I think a kid should have education, first of all, and an ambitions to do something with their life. I understand the American billionaires who send their children to work at Mc’donalds. That’s the right thing to do. To survive, you’ve got to learn to achieve your goals independently, not by the help of parents, husband, rich uncle or other benefactors. I try to be a friend for my children. I have this relationship with my own parents: they know everything about me, the good and the bad. I ask for their advice, knowing they’ll be on my side anyway. They can warn me from something, but they’ll never judge me.

Do you spend a lot of time with your children?

- I live with them. I see them in the morning, and in the evening, when I’m coming home, they surround me and shout: “Mommy! Mommy!”. Of course, sometimes I depart for concert tours, and than the children taken care by nannies and my parents, who love them dearly.
I have no idea what’s going on in the head of men who start to split the children, especially through the court. What people will grow up from this? The most important things are created in the childhood. If there was none, it causes problems.

Parviz is an eastern man. Did you have to consider this?
- We weren’t marry, and I didn’t converted to islam. Of course, he has his own vision about how a woman and a family have to operate. And I never fit in those standards, like in any others, actually. But he never demanded anything from me. He could not to agree with me when I went touring while being pregnant, but never forbid anything. He’s not a tyrant.

Do you realize that’s you’re a mother for 2 kids? Did you plan giving birth to them?
- I live the present, and I don’t know what will bring tomorrow. And I live fully. I can go to the casino and loose all my money, because I know: I’ll earn more. I dreamt, perhaps, only about my career. A not just dreamt, I built it rationally. First music school, than “Neposedy”, and the school for popular and jazz music. I remember myself imagining that I’ll appear on TV. And when me and Lenka held hands and watched ourselves on TV for the first time, I could hardly believe that it’s me on the screen. On one hand. When you start to earn this kind of money in such a young age – It’s a good stimulation. On the other – in brings the adult problems, that our siblings became familiar with only a decade later. We got to know these problems when we were teenagers. When I found out that I’m pregnant on 18 y.o, I wasn’t shocked, nor my parents. I was an adult already. Gave birth to the second when I was 23. And both these times weren’t a coincidence. The delivery was easy both times, no Caesarian: Vika – for 5 hours. Samir – 6. I had some complicated moments with Vika, but with Samir I didn’t feel any discomfort. And after the delivery I didn’t have to loose weight. I want to have more kids – a boy and a girl. I have a dream, to have a lot of children, and later grandchildren and great-grandchildren… And that we’ll gather together around one table.

And what about “sex, drugs and rock-n-roll”?
- Who knows, maybe my children will grow up to be so cool that we’ll turn everything on together! (laughing). The thing is that family is more than creativity to me. To be exact, I live on 2 planets. First – my music, the other – my beloved people: children, mother and father, my friends.

Your men shared your desire for family?
- To be honest, I never paid too much attention to mans’ thought or desires. (smiles). He can think one thing today, and something else tomorrow, what’s important, is what YOU want. I’m a self-sufficient girl and I’m not used to depend on men. And I gave birth for my own good. Maybe It’s because I feel the great support of my parents, but it’s not only because of that. I don’t like the idea of being depended on a man. I couldn’t just marry with some rich man and do nothing. I love to work, I need drive in my life, and in a relationship, otherwise I get bored and leave.

The kids doesn’t ask you “why don’t you live with dad?”

- Viktoria asks me different kind of questions. Lately she asked: “Mom, will I have breasts like yours?” She wants to be similar to me in general: she plans to have black hair when she’ll get older, and have a tattoo… Samir is still young, he’s not asking questions yet, but I think in the future it won’t make a problem.

And how do they treat each other?
- They are very different, but adore each other! Genetics is such an amazing thing. Vika is bright, like me – by appearance, and by character, like a ram, can break through a wall. And Samir is a polite boy, like his dad. Very careful. He won’t touch any object before he’s sure it’s safe.

Don’t you think that looking at you, your daughter will grow up with the feeling that men is not the most important thing in life, and that it’s easy to live without them?
- I don’t think that men aren’t important. I just was brought up in a certain way, I just can’t sit at home and cook soups. And even if a woman gets married for the money – so take that money and get education! Love and dependence have nothing in common. You can need love and still be an independent, self-sufficient woman. I realize that I have a lot of male features in my character. Once I even told my mom that with a personality like mine, I should be born as a boy. I can be harsh with people, put an end to a relationship very strictly. And I want my children to be able to stand be themselves as well.

Do you pick your men to suit you?
- I had different kinds of men. With those who I think I loved, I had a feeling of inner comfort. And full confidence in the person. If I had even one question mark in my head, I would leave without second thought. What’s not important for me in a man for sure – it’s his appearance. Beautiful men are usually desublimated. A man I can fall for – smart, independent, caring. Even the sex is not the most important thing in a relationship. It’s being overrated right now. When girls in the company starting to discuss: he has one like that, and I don’t like it with him… (wrinkles). It’s not for me. I don’t need amazing sex at first glance, that everything is perfect right away. Maybe it sounds strange, considering my image, and the fact I started my sexual life very early.

How early?
- Age of 13. But at 14 I already worked like a grown up, so it’s all relative. The most important in a person is that it’s simple and interesting to communicate with him. Light flirt. A game, but a real one.

Is there a person like that in your life currently?
- Yes. It’s too early to talk about something serious yet. We’re together for only 2 months. But he already communicates a lot with my daughter. She asks me to dial his number and speaks to him for hours.

Who is he?
- A good friend. An honest and very kind person. But I’m not ready for official announcements yet. You know, I realized lately that you can tell anything. And the words “I love you” can mean absolutely nothing. Especially when they’re being said 2 months after the first meeting (smiles). Love is that kind of thing – you have to live with it first. I never been married, although I was proposed, not only by Parviz. That tell a lot. I’ll better wait and make sure: yes, this is the one with whom I’ll live all of my life. I’ll better marry at the age of 50, but only once. But to be honest, I can’t even imagine myself in a wedding dress, and that’s what real girls dream about from young age (laughs).

What’s attracting men in you?
- They imbued with me, I guess. A woman should make a man admire her. A woman should be perfection – that’s her mission in this world.

Perfect woman – what she’s like?
- Smart, wise. Like a snake, in a good term. Can turn attention to herself and knows when it’s better to be quite. What I do not understand, is the hysterical women. What’s the use in being hysterical? It’s always possible to get along. And also, that’s might sound arrogant, but I haven’t met a man who was bored with me. I’m a crazy person, a hurricane. You can’t step across me. When men gets that kind of resistance, they want to tame, perhaps, to hold all this drive in their hands. I’m not a sheep, not one of the glamorous dolls who fill our show-business. I can beat any man, although I can be soft and diplomatic.

Can you remember your craziest action?
- Being 8 months pregnant, I went to USA for video-shooting. They wouldn’t let me go on the plane! But I’ve decided that this will be fun for the baby as well: will fly, visit a new country… (laughs)

How did Parviz react?
- He was shocked, of course. But he knew that it’s useless to say “no” to me.

And some say that mothers have strong self-survival instinct…
- Of course I’m not the madcap I was at sixteen. But I can’t let down my personality as well.

What’s a romantic act for you?

- To jump with a parachute and make love on the process. If the parachute won’t open, at least you’ll get some pleasure on the way! (laughs).

You’re speaking from experience?
- No, but it’s a good idea, gotta do it someday.

Why did you decide to start a solo-career?
- I just grew up from the girly image and felt that I can do everything on my own. I work without a producer, I already gathered a new crew, recorded few demos, soon I’m going to the US to make an album. It’ll be a powerful project in the genre of “sex-rock” – I made that up. (smiles). I plan to work for the western market, because in our country there’s simply no show-business. There are girls for buyers and boys for something incomprehensible. There’s no creativity in here. That’s way some “sparklings” are doing so well – blondes look-alikes with the same tan. “Singing panties”, how I call them. A lot of hypocrisy, very little creativity. That’s why we’re far from America a million years.

And you’ll make it?
- I have all the abilities for that.

It feels like you have a little fire engine inside of you. How do you get enough energy for all this?- - I can sleep 2-3 hours a day – and I feel good.

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