- Who hasn't loved hasn't lived

- I respect the culture in each country

- I think the real fans can love all that is connected with their idol. Any disease or any misfortune they will wait it out, because true love is forever! I’m still friends with our fan club and we arrange meetings. There are new faces each time and communication is already on another level. Now some are all grown up, with families. We have more friends and learn what’s new about each other.

- There is beauty outside and inside

- It doesn't matter what you are. What matter is that you are a good person.

- Love is everything and there is no life without it.

- Life is my only addiction

- Apparently, I wasn't born to be a wife who's living in harmony with a man and being a lifetime with him. That would make me feel like an incomplete person. - ('Caravan Story' Magazine')

- 'If a person is 80% water, without dreams and desires then it's just a vertical pool.' (Twitter)

- 'I'm a small-small raccoon.' (NEON Magazine, 2th February 2006)

- 'Sometimes we have to disconnect from the everyday life, just to live, breathe and enjoy!' (Twitter during Thailand Vacation January 2013)

- To be open is the key: being open minded, open for others… Let's open our hearts! (Tribu Move Magazine, October 2005)

- The main enemy is doubt. Because of it, we lose what we could make but we don't even dare to try! (Twitter Entry, February 2013)

- 'The life is a game. That's why you have to stay real in it. A real player.' (Molotok Magazine, 30th May 2006)

‎"Guys, I’ll always be 16 and I will always be with you. I haven’t changed, you just don’t know me very well."
"Russians are not dark but we are not light either. We have a different view, maybe deeper, because life is more difficult in Russia."

"I'm just bisexual, I like to change things up!" - German interview, 2005

Promises must be given carefully. And it is better not to dissipate the words "always" or "never". We don't know how it will turn in our lives) - Julia @ Twitter, 27.06.2013

Our angels are always with us and sometimes they use someone's lips to tell us something. © Paulo Coelho. Julia @ Twitter, 25.06.2013

"Once I searched on google for a picture of myself. But what I have found there I haven't even seen in a porn..."  @ Russkoe Radio, 02.04.2014