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Tina Magazine, Holland

It's All About t.A.T.u.!
The t.A.T.u. girls are hot and super busy. What do the girls think it's the most fun and the most important?

Friends & Family
Lena - Friends are probably the most important in my life. Without friend around me it's quiet and boring. I just need a lot of attention.
Julia - Exactly. Same thing goes for family. And if I feel down, I call my family.

Being famous
Julia - It's fantastic. Without it we wouldn't be able to make albums and perform infront of many people. And I love it that we have fans all over the world!

Julia - No, every person is beautiful and ugly in their own way. It's much more important that a person has a beautiful soul. Do good things in life.

Yulia Volkova will study at the State University of Management
Yulia Volkova, a singer from group Tatu, has decided to enroll at the State University of Management (SUM) to study producing. Volkova, who has managed to reach world-wide popularity and give birth to a baby by 20 years old, has decided to seriously take control of her career, and not rely on unpredictable producers. Yulia s choice to study the basics of copyrights, advertisement and PR in show business, business planning of music projects and the organization of promo-campaigns at SUM was influenced by the suggestion of her colleagues, who in fact lecture in this particular department. Among them, for example, is Sergei Bobza, who represents the "Copyrights in music industry" discipline. He is famous in our country as the leading artist in show business, and was in the past the director of legal matters at Ivan Shapovalov s producing center, with whom Yulia met several times while working with her ex-producer. Yulia met with several representatives of this profession during the course of her career - such as Artem Troitskyi, Fedor Bondarchuk, Iosif Prigozhin, and Yuryi Aksyuta   and rightfully sees them as the great minds of national music industry, and the only people in the country that could teach the intricacies of the work involved in being a producer and an artist.

She was also attracted to the opportunity to be taught by foreign professionals, such as Bel Brown   producer of Boy George, who was especially invited to the SUM to lecture on "The structure of foreign show business". After this, Yulia Volkova plans to take part in an intern program at one of the Western music-recording companies, which is offered by the management of the facility to make sure of successful management of Tatu in the West.

STERN Interview, Germany [31st January2006]
What's going on with... t.A.T.u.?
With cheeky statements, French kisses and vibrators as stage props the two Russians played with provocation very successfully.

Julia, 15 months ago you gave birth to your daughter Viktoria. Now you live as a single mom in Moscow.
Julia: Yes, Viktoria's father and I broke up after the birth. My daughter has two nannies who live with her in my apartment. I alternately stay with her or with my parents.

It doesn't sound like you really feel like a mother with 20. When did you last see your daughter?
Julia: Yesterday, we watched a DVD together. "Shadowboxing" was the title of the film. But I fell asleep again. Of course I feel like a mother. It's a normal mental development for women.

It's been said that you even hired a bodyguard for Viktoria.
Julia: True. But I'm not going to say why. Too personal. She only needs the bodyguard when talking a walk. The apartment has an alarm system.

Today your former manager, the child psycholgist Ivan Shapovalov, is the producer of a singer who he presents as a mummed Muslim suicide bomber. Isn't that a bit macabre?
Julia: Why? I don't see the harm in this.

How did the break-up come about then?
Julia: I was pregnant and at home with my parents. However, my relationship with Shapovalov was always better than

Supposedly, you were pregnant before and had an abortion.
Julia: Maybe.

That was in 2003, the year when you participated in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Julia: I did not look at the calendar.

How will it all go on?
Julia: I want more children as well. Best would be four.

Mix Magazine, Finland

t.A.T.u. reveal their sins
Lena and Julia aka t.A.T.u went and grabbed awards at the NRJ radio awards in Helsinki. We got a moment and decided to squeeze the girl s sins out of them even by force if necessary. And we sure had some work to do....


Q:who would you like to apologize and why?
Julia: I apologize to no one.

Q: Are you jealous?
Julia: Not in life general, but in a relationship i might be.

Q: Have you ever been to jail or resisted the law enforcement?
Both: Every day!


Q: Have you been unfaithful?
Julia: Maybe.

Q: Where goes the line in cheating?
Julia: Sometimes even just looking can be bad. It depends on what way you look.

Q: What is unsexy?
Both: Smelly breath and in general if a guy doesn't take care of his hygiene.

Q: Have you ever lusted after your friends partner?
Julia: I was once hurt. I had been abroad and when I came back my friend came to me crying. She told that she had slept with my boyfriend. I was mad at her untill I realized that friendship is more important than boys.

Q: When did you loose your virginity?
Julia: I was way too young, only 12 years old.

Q: What do you desire?
Lena: Julia eats all the time (laughs)
Julia: I love all kinds of chocolates!

Q: What do you think about one night stands?
Both: The rules should be clear and you shouldn t hurt the other.

Q: When did you drink alcohol for the first time and what was the experience like?
Lena: I was drunk for the first time in the year 2000, when I celebrated the new year with Julia.
Julia: When I was 13 years old.


Q: How much should you be payed to pose nude?
Julia: I wouldn t.

Q: Your favourite sin?
Julia: I do what I want and I don t give a damn what other people think.

Q: Your most selfish act?
Julia: I can't tell.


Q: How many times do you look into a mirror during a day?
Julia: I look into a mirror constantly.

Q:What do you think about plastic surgery?
Julia: I could go when I'm older, but not now. I like myself the way I am right now.


Q: A deed that you regret?
Both: We regret nothing. Everything happens for a reason.

Q: Have you ever read anyones diary? How about text messages?
Julia: No.

Q: What do you do when you hear that your friends partner is cheating on him/her?
Julia: It s their business, it s not my life. I tell him/her that she/he should be cautious, but she/he s gonna make all the decisions by him/herself.

Q: A deed that you couldn t confess to your mother untill you were older?
Julia: My parents are also my best friends, there s nothing that I haven t told them.

Q: Have you lied during this interview?
Julia: What do you think? Maybe, maybe not.

  NEON Magazine [No. 2, February 2006]  
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t.A.T.u are by themselves

They are self-made women. They concurred half of the whole world. One of them - is a tough dictator, the other - dreamy romantic. t.A.T.u does what they want to. And many people like this. Perhaps, this is why the album "Liudi-Invalidy"- the most clamorous release of the departed year.

Girls, describe the mood of your album
Julia Volkova: I would call the album more psychological. It makes you think, about what's going on around. There's enough of pop and rap these days. We making music, that the only word that can characterize it is- non-formal. Our lyrics talks about many things... Unfortunately, almost no one understood the song "Liudi-Invalidy". This is a song about the reality. It's very difficult to face the truth. Everybody, probably, were scared, or didn't understand. We didn't want to offense any one, we just showed the reality.

So the word "Popsa" (music in style of pop, pure commercial projects, cheep and catchy, but not much meaningful, Popsa is a common expression in Russia of all cheapness and projects for one day) have nothing to do with your creativity?
Julia: No, why... It have the sound, but more Rock-style sound, and more hardness. About what sings most of the artists? "I love you, I miss you, la-la-la". Twice to stamp, and twice to clap. We are different, we doing slightly different things.

By the way, about the lyrics, who's writing them for you?J
Julia: In Russian we work mostly with one author. It's Valera Polienko. He feels and understands us. We know him sine long time. His lyrics are very close to our life, to what we think.

Which song was the hardest?
Julia: The whole album wasn't easy. We did it without a producer, all the ideas were my and Lena's. We are the sound-producers of the vocals of all songs in the Russian album. We sat by ourselves in the studio and put the pieces together, we put amount of strength hand emotions to this album.

What's your favorite song from the album?
Julia: All of them. I love the whole album, but the most loved is, probably, "Obezyanka Nol'". We sing it frequently on performances abroad, and you, many people the Russian lyrics, even in Mexico. I'm tired of the Russian show-business in general. First of all because we rarely happen to be in Moscow. Second, there are many ephemeral projects. Sometimes I turn on the music channel, and I can't understand, who sings there. I see some nice muzzle, short dress. We have a show-business where no one looks on the vocal gifts. The most important- is the appearance. And this is the reason why we have such cheap show-business! Really, the appearance is not a factor. And I can't point any Russian artist who can emerge the world-wide level. I don't judge anyone. This is my opinion. On the other hand, thanks god, the guys are singing, and not sitting in the backyard and don't use drugs.

Is there a prescription how not to became an ephemeral project?
Yulia: Use your own head, and not listen to the producer. They often don't think about the perspective... for example, "Starts factory". There are many talented guys, who don't think at all about the money. It's more important to them to actualize their talent. And most of the producers have one goal- to earn money.

The t.A.T.u case is the same?
Julia: Me and Lena, what we want most of all, is to bring our creativity to the listeners. With the first album we rode over the whole country. But we did it just for get to the west. And no we turn down many concert performances. And not because we don't want money! We don't even think about it. We want to keep our special thing... We have our own style, our own distance...

Are you planning to propagandize everything national-Russian with your creativity, to put an accent on your origin? You can make it; thanks to you even now the whole world knows one taboo word in Russian.
Julia: no matter where we are, first of all we say that we're from Russia! We love our country, although it not always understands us.

In what country the welcoming is the most warm?
Julia: South America- is totally ours. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico- simply amazing. And Japan, Taiwan. We didn't predict such success ourselves! The fans there are so active, that we came to there at the autumn visit, they overlapped the airports.

You saying, that now you became yourselves. What kept you from doing it before? Why did you cultivate the two-edged image of two passionate girls for a few years in a row?

Julia: We always were ourselves, and did what we wanted to do. I hate all intentioned things. People were saying that we intentionally kissed on the stage. That's not true. I can kiss Lena even right now, just because I want to. Sometimes we get drunk and kiss. Or even without drinking (laughs), this is emotions! Most of the journalists said that we were posing ourselves as lesbians. But in a matter of fact, we didn't say that we're lesbians even for once. Even when we were with Shapovalov. Yes, we did say "We love each other". But people wanted to see us as lesbians...

In the video for "Friend or Foe" both of you looks great! there's also great shots there, where Yulia plays the piano! Yulia, you did it by yourself?
Julia: Yes. I graduated ordinary school of music. When I was 4 I came to my mom and told her "I need a piano right now". Mom took me to a neighbor who was music teacher. My favorite composition is "Moon sonata" by Beethoven..

Julia, it was difficult to decide to have a baby in age of 19?
Julia: I understood that in age of 19 I don't ready yet to be a mother. But to do abortion was terrifying. I thought why I should kill my own baby, if god gave me the chance to be a mother. I was worried about my career. And it was difficult even to imagine that I would sit home with a baby. I'm very emotional person; I have so many plans for the future! I came to Lena and told her: "I'm pregnant... I'm not planning to do abortion. Forgive me that it's turned this way!" At this point we were just ripping our contract with Vania Shapovalov. So that year was vacant, and I gave birth.

Where your daughter lives now?
Julia: She lives in Moscow in separate apartment with nannies and guard. I visit her every day. Sometimes I try to stay for the night with her, sometimes at my parents. After the birth I was with the daughter for only 3 months, and then took of to America for half a year. Imagine it, I coming back and I already have grown up child! She's already sits, crawls. This is such happiness! I woke up today, and she stands in the hallway, reaching out her hands to me and saying: "Mama"... It's such feeling, like you don't need anything more. When I'm down, when I'm tired and irritated I'm going to my daughter. I see a child, with honest, open glance, she don't know yet, what is it evil, betrayal. And then my mood completely changes.

How many kids do you want?
Julia: "Five! I want a big family, where every one's happy in his way. I don't know, of course, how many kids my health will allow me, but I'm sure I don't want less than 3. It's great when in your elderly you don't stay alone.

Madonna, for example, feel much feel ashamed to her daughter for her erotic videos and provocative claims. Do you think you'll feel that regret in the future?
Julia: No. No matter what happened in my life, I won't hide it from my daughter. This is reality, this is life. I want she to find out about everything from me and understand everything right.

Who do you feel about February 14-th?
Julia: It's not much excitement for me. It was cool to receive notes at school. This year I'll felicitate all my friends. 

A lot of singers interested in cinema... Were you invited to be in films? What do you think about perspective of movie career?
Julia: It's cool when an artist demonstrate himself in different spheres, as the cinema. But it have to be honest. For example, Serega Lazarev plays in a theater- this is honest. And when I see "Nochonoy Dozor", I feel that the stars participating there because they don't know how else to grab people's attention. This is not for me. I don't know, in what kind of movie I would like to appear. Maybe, I would like to direct one myself! I want to go study for a director next year. I already have ideas for a few films.

You traveled in half of the world, in which country the men are much attractive?
Julia: There are beautiful men everywhere. I can't say that the Russian men are the most beautiful. But the Russian girls, they are the most beautiful, the most stylish, most well-conditioned...

You have a song like, I won't be boy, I won't be girl, but I'll be a squirrel. With which animals you associate yourselves?
Julia: I'm a small-small raccoon. Lena looks like squirrel, so the song is about her.

What is the "Star-illness"?
Julia: I don't know. I don't have that disease.

People say that there's no friendship in show-business. Do you agree with that?
Julia: Yes, I don't have anyone else from the show-business. I can't sit and talk soulfully with any of them. Hello-hello, and forced smile, that's all. I can see that many are jealous of me. They think: "Why those smalls became so famous, and nobody notice me!" I don't care about it. The most important is that the fans love us. I trust only Sereja Lazarev and Vlad Topalov. I can call them my friends.

FHM Magazine [April 2006] 
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What are the compliments that you would prefer to read in connection to you?
Julia: That we are the first Russians to have conquered the world!

Your album is titled DANGEROUS AND MOVING. What danger can best represent two young girls such as yourselves?
Julia: You have not commented on all the robots who surround us.

What do you appreciate the most and the least about the other?
Julia: Me too! Everything about Lena pleases me even if she has little flaws: she is prone sometimes to cry and she shouts at me afterwards. You know, I could kill for her!

What do you envy physically about the other?
Julia: Nothing

Nevertheless, Julia, look: Lena has a lot bigger chest than you!
Julia: I am not jealous. It amazes me, just how you men are always attracted to the point of Lena s breasts!

During the photo session and now also, you mess about/fiddle with each other. Why?
Julia: I feel better in life when I have Lena to caress/pet next to me. We have more strength like that.

It is not sexual, then? It s rather like petting a dog?
Julia: We have a lot of other friends, but it is not the same. Both, we live the same life of an artist and there are things that we can relate to one on one.

At the end of the clip, ALL ABOUT US, we thought that you were going to kiss each other but this [the clip?] stopped just before. Why?
Julia: Because we did not want to. You can never make us do something we do not want to do.

In the clip, you drink a lot of alcohol. What was really in the glass?
Lena: Water!
Julia: We are not alcoholics. I know it s difficult to believe of Russians, but it is true

In the clip, you drive a beautiful car. If we wanted to seduce you, what fast car should we drive you in?
Julia: it s us who could impress you with all the money that we have earned!

Delighted to please you! Lena, give us some advice on seducing Julia
Lena: I cannot. That is between Julia and you and should go along naturally.

And you, Julia? A little advice to chat up Lena? 
Julia: Ah, that is difficult  Lena has a boyfriend.

Returning to the clip, AAU, one of you was violent towards a stripped and muscular man. What do you like most from a man?
Julia: Me, I never want/wait for anything from anybody. I am a girl who lasts/can hold on!

What is the most irrational that you have done for love?
Julia: For love? Nothing.

Julia, that will come maybe...
Julia: The only possibility that I do something towards love is that I want it this instant. (?)

Our hopes return! I am going to say a phrase to you in French, and we will see if you fall in love. Ready?
Lena and Julia: Okay, go ahead

And you, can you talk to us in French?
Julia (in French): Yes. Of course.

Centre of Controversy -Teens Magazine [Feb 2006]

The  are-they-or-are-they-not  girls from t.a.t.u. are at it again!

If you d thought motherhood and becoming a university student would have mellowed down the fiery characters of Russian girl group members Lena Katina (21) and Julia Volkova (20), think again.

T.a.t.u. s claim to fame came in 2002, when their onstage kisses and overall saucy behaviour caught the attention of audience and media alike, rocketing them to super-stardom in much of Europe and Asia. But along with that came a huge reputation as difficult-to-handle divas - remember the fiasco in Japan, where they stalked off one of the biggest  live  music programmes in the country, and cancelled a showcase in Tokyo?

Fast-forward to present day, when the girls have emerged after two years of living out of the limelight. Things have changed quite a bit in their lives. Lena s now a psychology student in University, while Julia s fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a mother with a one-year baby girl. But none of this dampened their desire to meet up with their fans once again. So after six months of slogging in the studios in LA, t.a.t.u presented us with Dangerous and Moving, a follow up of their debut album 200km/h in the Wrong Lane.

Making their sole Asian stop in Taipei, Universal Music flew teens up to the bustling city for a chat with the girls, as well as to watch their explosive performance at the V Power Concert for Channel V.

The girls arrived in Taipei after a 30-hour flight from South America (they ve been on the road for over two months!), but not without many mishaps. First, Julia had a visa problem and missed her flight. Then all of Lena s luggage ended up getting lost in Europe, and the poor girl had no clothes to wear! But they soldiered on despite the troubles, eager to disprove their diva reputation to media from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore at the press conference.

But the highlights came the next day, when we got the chance to speak to Lena and Julia alone, quizzing them about their music. With both of them still visibly tired and Lena, with a stronger command of English, answering most of the questions, we managed to find out about what they wanted to tell the world about their new album, and even discovered that Lena is a die-hard romantic!

It s been a tiring two months for you so far - you ve been to Europe, South America, and now Taiwan on this trip. What interesting things have you experienced?
Julia: It s a pity that we don t have time to explore - all we see is the airport, and then the hotel, to do more and more interviews. Then we get on an aeroplane, and fly to another country. But we like it because we ve met so many nice people. And our fans have been great.

It s been two years since you were on the road. Has it been tough adapting back to life as a popstar?
Julia: It s not difficult for me at all. I m the kind of person who always looks ahead. I don t care what the past is like, and what goes on around me. I just focus on what is in front of me. I like change, when I get to meet different people and travel to different countries. I enjoy it.
And most importantly, the fans have been a great help. I ve been waiting so long for the chance to meet them again, and I m so happy that I have.

So what are you trying to tell your listeners?
Julia: This is an album about people who can t love, support or respect each other - they re like fake people. The Russian title of this album translate to  invalid people  or  disabled people . But they re not physically disabled, they re morally disabled. We think that it s time to change that, for people to be kinder, calmer to be in love.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Julia: For me, I want to change the hearts and minds of people. To tell them through this album that it s time to change.

Since your album is titled Dangerous and Moving,would you say that the two of you don t mind doing things other people might consider dangerous?
Julia: The danger is what s around us, not us.

Have you found a way to differentiate these  fake  friends from the true ones?
Julia: People who lead normal lives, who re not in the showbiz.

What do you enjoy most about your job right now?
Julia: The fans. They bring us the greatest joy.

GLAMOUR Magazine [31st March 2006]

The pair of triumph

Yulia Volkova and Elena Katina from the group t.A.T.u   the first Russian worldwide stars   spoke openly to Glamour about their boyfriends, outfits, cars and mutual feelings. 

Big golden couch in a central Moscow coffee-house, full with oligarchs, and decorated with exposition of Andrei Sharov, and presenting outstanding prices (a saucer of Argentinean meat can cost fifteen hundreds rubles)   good choice for a conversation with the group t.A.T.u. Volkova, wearing a baseball hat and a smock, wants medallions, but there s none. So she takes a beef and carrot mincemeat. Katina, wearing a sweater and with carried to a pony-tail hair, wants a Californian rolls.

Fostered by pop-sage Ivan Shapovalov, the girl-duo didn t lose its popularity after the braking up with their first producer: These girls now have an entrance to all the prestige houses of the city, they having fun and feeling well.

They are stars again- their new albums flying around the world in the most glorious way, they being tearing to pieces by musical agents, representatives of the Mass-Media, and simple admirers.  We re very popular in South America    Yulia announcing.  In Asia also, and in Russia. Everywhere .

- Do you have huge rider [list of demands that stars give to the organizers of concerts]? What s included?
Julia: Vegetables-fruits, sandwiches, tea and a shower. I don t need rider at all. The fact, that our stars writing 3 pages of demands, it s just a proof, that the artist isn t cool. It s Cool, when you have 2-3 demands. Why, there s a suitcase with clothes, you can have a shower anywhere, you have where to sleep   that s great.

Julia, why did you call your daughter Vika?
Julia: I made that s decision right away, when I was still pregnant, I told everyone   only Victoria. I have an aunt or a sister, I didn t defined yet who she is to me, she lives in the USA. She s beautiful, smart, and talented. I called my daughter in her honor. Besides- Victoria, it s a triumph. I even want a tattoo with her name.

Do you meet the father (the father   a boyfriend since long time ago, sportsman in the sphere of martial arts, Pavel Sidorov   note Glamour) often?
Julia: We broke up relatively long time ago, but we re friends. We meet literally a day before yesterday.

Do you having close contact with someone among the men?
Julia: Yes, I do. It s a singer. But, it s really unnecessary for everyone to know.

Are you studying now? What sphere?
Julia: Lenka studying, I m not.

What will happen with t.A.T.u in the future? You ll keep entertaining us for long time?
Julia: Perhaps, we ll be in t.A.T.u until our death. Why to guess? Maybe, an hour later I ll go some place, got hit, and that s it, the end of t.A.T.u.

And what about the family?
Julia: I don't have serious relationship, and I don t want a husband. Maybe when I ll be sixty, I ll get married.

Why do you need marriage anyway?
Julia: For the love! If there s no love, then it s doesn t matter from who to have the kids. It can be anyone.

But you ve done with the lesbian line?
Together: We didn t even start!
Julia: We didn t start anything, and we don t end anything.

What an intrigue. What do you do in your spare time, what are you interested in?
Julia: I like theater, much more than books. And cinema. I want to shoot a movie myself this year. It ll be scandalous video; I think it ll be forbidden. Girls, boys, violence. I ll show it all. It ll have very sad ending. But I just started to write the script.

Julia, why did you become brunette again? Not blonde?
Julia: Black is better. More close.

You changed you dressing style, before it was Scotland-skirts and white blouses, now what?Julia: Don t worry, I ll make up everything. We ll have open attires that no one has!

You interested much with fashion?
Julia: I can be in shops all around the clocks. It s like a rest. Here s a person (nodding towards Lena) who likes to read, and I hate this. It s easier for me to watch a movie or a play. Also I like to repaint costumes. I like Gautier [Gaultier], the first and the second line of Dolce & Gabbana, Volga Volga, Russian designers in general. And the way our chicks dressed on the streets   I hate that!

Do you practice some sports?
Julia: At home, lifting barbells. I don't have special complex.

At what time you re waking up?
Julia: I love also! I can wake up at 3 pm, easily. But I also go to bed not earlier than 3.

Are you provided girls?
Julia: I don t chase for money. But I think that for our age we re quite rich. To own Mercedes CLS (The main price 72 thousands Euro   Note Glamour)   it s not bad already.

Do you have a dream?
Julia: No. I'm a realist.

Kroonika, Tallin  [4th April 2006]

Herolds of Love

Kroonika, 4 April 2006, Tallinn, Estonia

Gays are still thankful to us,  say the members of scandalous girl duo t.A.T.u. Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, whose career in the beginning was based on the rumours of their relationship.

Lena (21) and Yulia (21) are different as black and a white dog [reference to a popular Polish cartoon movie   rem. Linda16]. Lena takes life peacefully, spends time with her relatives and friends and reads books. Yulia, on the contrary, is not afraid of everything   if there is a party, then there is hell of a party and this happens often. Lena goes rarely shopping, Julia cannot hold her credit card in her wallet and spends most of her free time browsing through boutiques in different metropolis.

The lesbian love of the Tatu girls was a bubble and after it exploded they were disappeared from the scenery for some time. Now Yulia and Lena are back and will arrive in Tallinn in the connection of their concert tour  Dangerous an Moving  next week.

How's the weather is Moscow?
Julia: Getting better, it s not  35 degrees Celsius any more.

You are always on tours where you are together. Don't you get tired of each other?
Julia: It happens that we get tired and have a fight, but our fights don t last over five minutes. Our work has a lot of tensions. Most of the time we support each other entirely. Lena is not just a friend for me, but like a family member. I can call her four o clock in the morning and tell her, come to me, I want to talk, and she will come. I behave in the same way.

The first album of Tatu was released five years ago. Then the story how much you love each other was a part of your image. You made an impression of a hot lesbian couple. How much does this disturb you now?
Julia: There is a love of friends between us. Our slogan is to love and it's not important whom to love. We want to say that a boy can love a boy and a girl can love a girl. If all people would love each other, it would be easier to live in this world. If people are lead by hatred and evil, nothing good would happen from this.

What are your feminine weaknesses?
Julia: My passion are beautiful clothes, I m always shopping.

How many bodyguards are escorting you?
Julia: We move around without bodyguards. The fame has not disturbed us up to now, we can go freely shopping, in clubs or restaurants. The maximum what people do, they ask for autographs. It s not difficult for me to give it. We are famous and it s a normal part of fame. People do love us.

Julia, you have a small child Vika. Where is she during concert tours?
Julia: My baby is with nanny and grandparents. She is still too small to take her with me, but when she will become older, she will surely come with us to the tours.

You have been in Estonia before. What impressions have you got from this country?
Julia: Tallinn is very beautiful, especially the old town with its narrow streets.

 InTouch Germany [April 2006]

Russian BRAVO

A day with t.A.T.u in the city of angels
While the government is discussing if to give or not to give the medal of friendship to t.A.T.u, the girls are occupied by much more important subjects: They just had shot the video "Gomenasai", rehearsal with the new musicians and they are preparing to the concert tour. Bravo found out, how t.A.T.u spent the day in Los Angeles...


The rehearsal begins only at 7 PM. And before that, as the girls saying, they "Have to do things".On the inner slang of the group it means: Important work should be done. There's a very important measure in the schedule of the group today. Yulia and Lena taking a taxi and goes to the center of the city (downtown), for a visit in a very famous in California audio-clinic. But there's no reason to worry about the girls' health. They go to the clinic for a different purpose: rivetings... for ears will be done for them there. According to this rivetings, an ear-monitors will be done for the girls later, it's a small earphones, that connected with the receiver and allow the performer to hear what the musicians play.

The reception room in the clinic looks more like an office of a record-company. The walls covered with CDs of the clients - Linkin Park, THE WHO, Disturbed, and many more. A CD of t.A.T.u isn't there, but it's a matter of time: Yulia and Lena are promising to the audiologist to present their album for the collection.

The singers sit in the armchair by turn and bite a special white thin layer, for not to link their jowls, and accidentally to bite their tongue. Dr. Miranda takes a special device: Something between water-gun and a culinary bag for making cream flowers for decorating cakes. The "gun" is inserted to Len's ears, and it immediately filled with tender pink foam, from afar it looks like bubble gum. The foam hardening - and the rivetings are ready. Tomorrow it will be sent to an office, which makes the monitors itself. But they'll find out that Yulia's ears are too small, and it's impossible to make monitors from her rivetings... So they'll have to do it again in Germany, where the girls have concerts, and they'll go through the procedure again and put another fresh portion of "bubble gum" in their ears.


Now the girls are running away from the medical cabinet, swearing solemnly that at 7 PM "damn for sure, we'll be on the rehers" (rehearsal). They want to walk on the famous sunset boulevard, to sit in a coffee house and to drop in Yulia's favorite boutique - "H. Lorenzo" - brand shop that sales funky clothes, and classic as well. The fact that Lena caught a clod on the shootings of "Gomenasai" and kept sniffing doesn t stop them. Yulia tells her  bless you!  every few minuets, and gives her all sort of advices.

Yulia: Lena! Don t blow your nose so often, the skin around will get dry!

Lena: But I can t walk around with full nose. And most of all, I won t be able to sing with full nose.

Yulia: So maybe don t sing today, Lenok, if you don t feel well?

Lena:  No  singing have to be done


The musicians of the group t.A.T.u are showing up on the best rehearsling set in Los Angeles S.I.R.. This set   is one of the most famous in the US. Stars like the blues guitarist B.B King, Jim Morrison and his band  The Doors  rehearsal here, and from the more recent artists   Madonna, Tory Amos, No Doubt, Limp Bizkit and Ozzi Osborne, had rehearsals here.

There s two newbie s among the musicians of t.A.T.u: the drummer Steven and bus-guitar player Doman. The drummer is from America, and the bus-guitarist from Slovenia. For being accepted to the group, both of them had an audition two weeks ago   they played  Nas Ne Dogoniat  with Sven and Troy. By the way, there are about eight hundred of a-class drummers in Los Angeles, who look for work, and to pick one is a hard decision. Steven s sticks got broken most fast   so he was taken. The new musicians need this rehearsal like air for breathing. Although they know the material of the group from recordings, but it s necessary to warm up before the girls will come. The drummer Steve hangs up his  Iron , and the work begins. Besides, the guys have to refresh the songs that the group didn t performed for a long time and included in the program for the concerts in Estonia and Latvia    Show Me Love  and  How Soon Is Now .


A little bit breathless, but almost on time, Yulia and Lena, hurryingly almost run into the near by studio where s Courtney Love have her rehearsal. The girls warming up singing turn on the microphones and start to sing in full forces. Sometimes they mess up the words, and run by turn to the laptop to pick on the text. In front of each  t.A.T.u-shka  there s a sat-list, written by hand, where a list of the songs is mentioned by shortcuts. The Shortcuts were invented by the fans of the group that hanging put on the official forum of the group t.A.T.u. For example, the song, known as  Ya Soshla S Uma , written by the girls as ATTSS ( All The Things She Said ), and  Nas Ne Dogoniat    NGGU ( Not Gonna Get Us ).

The hardest song for the girls is the cover on the Smiths song  How Soon Is Now , from the English  200 km/h in the wrong lane . Lena is obviously nervous after the first run, and even saying:  Guys, I wasn t here right now. Ok?  Ok, Lena, but you still have to sing  The live rehearsal turned to be much longer then the concerts. The girls sing for 2 hours and something, and the musicians even more.


Eventually, the rehearsal ends after midnight  The musician snick out mugs with the symbol of SIR from the bar of the rehearsaling set. Here, it s an unwritten tradition, not a crime. Everybody should rest and have a good sleep   Tomorrow the group has a flight to Germany, and the suitcases aren t packed yet. But the plans changed: A call from Yulia s Los Angeles friends promises another sleepless night. Yulia:  hookah? Oh, yes  I miss hookah  We ll be at your place in an hour   From where all the energy?...

On the pics:
B/w ob the left bottom corner: What would Lena do without Yulka? Probably never gone mad
Yulia  drummer and Lena: The new drummer of t.A.T.u Steve breaks 2-3 pairs of 16$ sticks during one rehearsal.
Yulia hugs Lena: Yulia whispers the words of the songs to Lena s ear.
Yulia and Microphone:  How does it sound    a constant question of the girls during the rehearsal.

Russian BRAVO  #17 [April 2006]

Sensation: Yulia sees Vlad Topalov

Yulia and Lena are followed everywhere by cameras filming everything no matter what they do. Yulia and Lena don t mind and almost don t pay attention. They came to Bravo to finally reveal the main big secret of Tatu s   to tell about their love. The girl s hearts are taken. There s love. There s no more secret.

- Cameras of MuzTv follow you everywhere now. Does it disturb you?
Yulia: Generally not. We are not that often in Russia. We want people to see us and to get to know us better. Then, we don t film something dirty   we film gigs, photo sessions. It doesn t bug us.

- Yulia, when will you finally show us your daughter?
Yulia: I think very soon - closer to this summer.

- Your mother told us that she starts to show her character
Yulia: Vika is a very clever girl. She doesn t speak yet but she understands everything. As for her character, she has a right to show it and I don t fight it. Of course, there are moments when she comes up to me and hits me, them I tell her:  You shouldn t do that. It s bad!  I m seldom in Moscow but when I m at home she knocks at my door and screams:  Mom, mom!  It s so cool!

- Do you want to have more children?
Yulia: Yes. Four more kids for sure. I want to have a boy by all means. I want to have a big family!

- What else do you want?
Yulia: I want to become a producer, to write a book and to make my own fashion line. I m sure, we ll launch this fashion thing in a year or so.

- Do you do anything around the house?
Yulia: Sometimes, of course. When I m in Moscow, I m either with my friends or with my mom at home.

- Nearly all songs in your album are about love. Do you have love?
Yulia: I have love for sure! Naturally I had a few misfortunes when falling in love madly and then everything faded away. Moreover I m not a very easy girl to deal with. It s difficult for a guy to be with me. I m a leader; I m independent and do what I want to. It s impossible to make me stay inside the house. I m in love now and I compromise.

- So you met HIM! So you met your love?
Yulia: He's with me now. I've known him for 11 years. We've been only friends all this time. We know each other since Neposidy and we are together for half of a year now. Hell, it's such a long story. It's Vladik Topalov.

- Are you serious? Come on, I don t believe you!
Yulia: Why don t you believe me? We live together! Why do you react like that, tell me? (laughs).

- We met him yesterday and he s scilent like a spy.
Julia: I didn't tell anyone either. Lazarev called me yesterday and said:  Wow Volkova, you are something! Did you surf Internet lately? It s all about you and Vlad all over the place!  Why didn t you believe me?

- I thought you loved another type of men
Julia: Did you think I loved serious and grown up? I had a boyfriend in America. No, it s nothing for me! What do grown ups want? They want children, a house  Vladik is different. He's amazing, simply super. St. Petersburg [28th April 2006]

We won't kiss. Sex on stage is a way better
Singers from group Tatu gave an exclusive interview to Fontanka. Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina arrived to St. Petersburg with series of gigs. The whole bunch of friends arrived together with Tatu   it s interesting that half of the party is Japanese. Celebrations of the Russian parliament in St. Petersburg broke Tatu s plans to relax and take a ferry ride by closing part of water space in the city.

- Did you perform with a playback before?
Julia: Before, yes. Generally we had more popish shows before with lots of dancing and a dance group. How could you sing with all that? (sighs heavily). We decided that we need to advance. We still wear minimal outfits but the show in itself is closer to a rock gig now.

- Will there be old tricks with kissing on stage?
Julia: For how long can we repeat all the same! It s better with sex on stage.

- There s a lot of talking about the idea of Mitrofanov s to honour you with Order of Frienship
Julia: The whole world studies Russian language because of us. View on Russia is changing too. Many fans tell us they start to study Russian in order to understand our Russian lyrics.

People who don t want to recognise it are simply jealous. They say,  They are too young to get honoured . Generally there s a lot of jealousy in the Russian music circles. Everyone smiles to your face while thinking  She s such a bitch, she is such a dumbass .

- What about circles outside Russia?
Julia: The generally don't give a shit. They have nothing to fight about.

- You ve spent much time in LA lately working with Western musicians.
Julia: We ve been there for half of a year recording our album. I feel well in LA. By the way, we found great professional musicians there. They arrive today to play a gig with us here.

- But is it better in Russia?
Julia: Of course, it s better at home.

- Julia, you have a daughter now. How do you feel being a mother?
Julia: I love her greatly! I can do anything for her but I don t manage to be always by her side. We need to tour. Should I drag her around with me? She s in Moscow with nanny now. It s okay. We have whole life ahead of us.

- They say you are about to launch solo projects, despite of lack of time.
Julia: Yes, I want to open my own fashion agency. We have already started casting of models. I love clothes. I can t draw myself so I get help with it but I have lots of ideas.

- Do they invite you to play in movies?
Julia: Yes, they do. You ll see me on a big screen next year in one of American block-busters. I won t go into details now but the movie will be rock.

- What else do you do? Fitness?
Julia: Can t you see it? It s our schedule. We have lots of work to do and come home by the midnight. Whenever we find time and power, we do exercise.

- Do you have any power left for anything during the tour?
Julia: I'm a lover and an initiator at the same time.

- What about  a mother ?
Julia: I m not much of a mother at the moment. I'm not ready to sit at home yet.

- And finally, where is meaning of life?
Julia: I have no problems with finding meaning in life. I have my daughter, my family. I have some one to live for. [17th May 2006] 

TATU girls unfazed by the Duma refusal to award them state decoration

Russian pop group T.A.T.U. has finally launched a long-awaited world tour to promote their latest album Dangerous and Moving. Their fans in St. Petersburg became the first Russian audiences to watch a show on stage. The stage was rife with light and sound equipment. Some of the new songs sounded pretty tight, others were truly lyric.

Members of t.A.T.u. i.e. Yulya Volkova and Lena Katina made a comeback to pop music scene following a two-year hiatus due to Yulya s childbearing duties and the change of the duet s management. A Trud correspondent spent a few minutes backstage speaking with Yulya and Lena right before the show kicked off. The correspondent could not but start the interview by asking the girls about the recent scandal relating to Alexei Mitrofanov s proposal to award t.A.T.u. members the Order of Friendship. Alexei Mitrofanov is a deputy at the State Duma of the Russia Federation. However, many local celebrities including the famous Soviet-era crooner Josef Kobzon strongly objected to Mitrofanov s idea.

Julia: I don't think the proposal was something extraordinary. Russia s athletes win medals in the Olympics. Then the government award them Russian state decorations. I believe T.A.T.U. has also won quite a lot for Russia in terms of prizes for the best music videos and record sales. We won t be greatly disappointed if they don t hand out that order to us. Our faithful fans in several dozen countries mean much more to us.

Looks like t.A.T.u. is more popular abroad than in Russia today
Julia: No, I wouldn t say so. The people all over the world always give us a warm welcome. That does not apply to the Russian elite, though. They haven t yet got rid of such a nasty trait as envy. Their envy runs back in Soviet times when the authorities used to lump everyone together. They simply can t come to terms that t.A.T.u. is the first Russian pop group that reached the top of the Western pop music world.

Critics accused you of doing nothing but lip-sync on stage in the past. Can your music connect with the audience if that s sill the case?
Julia: These days we play live only, no lip-syncing any more. It s a real change, we became the singers. In the past we danced a lot during the show. It s impossible to sing while dancing. You re out of breath and just hiss like a locomotive.

Julia, have you been seeing anybody lately?
Julia: Yes, I have. I ve known him for 11 years since the time when we sang together in a children s band (both Yulya and Lena started their careers in a children s band) . Our friendship evolved into something special about six months ago  In short, he's called Vladik Topalov

So it s love?
Julia: No doubts about it.

Russian BRAVO [25th May 2006]

Bravo hanged out with t.A.T.u two days and two nights!

Few days ago, Lena and Yulia came back from Saint Peterburg, where t.A.T.u had huge solo-concert. In Saint Peterburg we walked, ate, slept, went to TV-studios, and amused ourselves as we could. All the details about this journal Bravo memorized photographed and brought back home!

Everything started with the fact that t.A.T.u girls almost missed their train! At 18.15 the management of the group, who crowded together long time ago, announced emergency. It is 10 minuets before leaving and the girls didn't arrived yet. The first who appeared on the platform was Lena - in dark glasses and sportive vest: Stepping quickly she made her way toward us. Right behind her, on high heels, small and fragile, with big bag atilt, walked Yulia. After checking the tickets everybody rashly loaded themselves on the train, which took off to Saint Peterburg right away. After settling down in the sitting-carriage, the girls announced that they are terribly hungry. Yulia, without losing her courage ate few yogurts - hers and others, from the dry ration of the train, and then decided to go to the restaurant-carriage. There, the t.A.T.u girls provided themselves with sandwiches, and took off to the cabin of the mechanics, who let girls in to see the mechanism of the cabin. On their way back, the prepared passengers asked for autographs. We arrived to Saint Peterburg at 11 PM. On the platform, the girls were greeted by guards and a crowd of most buoyant fans, who always know the artist's transference. After a short autograph-session, the tired t.A.T.u girls went to a TV-airing. On the way, Yulia remembered few times the presentation of Vlad Topalov, which on that time was in full play - but in Moscow. Because of the sound-check and the interviews Yulia couldn't make it to the presentation, unfortunately nothing could be canceled. On the next day, after having a good sleep and becoming fresher, everybody meets in the lobby of the hotel. The t.A.T.u girls are late: The breakfast arrived to the rooms forty minutes later than it should. Finally, Yulia and Lena went down to the lobby. We sit ourselves in the cars and taking off the TV-airing again. Right after the show we are going to press-conference in a famous Saint Peterburg's coffee-house. There the girls are greeted by a crowd of journalists. "Yulia, is that true that you want to have five kids?" - They attack. "And your affair with Topalov is that true?" Yulia cut their questions sharply, and everybody turn to more proper themes. After the press-meeting the girls are having lunch - there's a prepared table in the hall next door - and then took off to their rooms. At that time, in the CKK, last preparations are made: The scene, the monitors, the sound are being preparing for the show. Closer to the evening, all together, the girls' musicians are arriving. On the next day, very early everybody go to the concert pace. The musicians are rehersaling. Later Lena and Yulia join them. Friends from Moscow are coming to the girls. Again and again, Yulia runs through the hall to meet another familiar. The last preparations for the concert are made. An hour before the beginning the girls go to their dressing room, and stay there until the first accords. The girls are nervous, but when the hall is exploding with applause and dappling with posters with words of love, they understands: Everything's OK. On the sides, two huge monitors are showing in close up: Lena and Yulia hugging each other. And endless amount of shining gold flaked are falling from the ceiling... And what happened after this wonderful concert, better not to be told :)

Molotok Magazine [30th May 2006]

Here and There
A record number of questions to t.A.T.u were send to web-site   5486! 4672 of them were about Yulia Volkova and Vlad Topalov. After an exclusive photo session for live Magazine, special agent Jenya Agarkova took the t.A.T.u girls to Japanese restaurant. There she found out all of their secrets while eating sushi.

Don't you tired from traveling all over the world?
Julia: The opposite is true! We enjoy to see the world.

What are you doing in Los Angeles?
Julia: All our work is done there. Our rehearsal set is based there.

In which countries you are as popular as in Russia? Or there are countries where you even more loved?
Julia: Russia. This is our home. So obviously, that here we loved not less than in any other place.

Julia, how's your baby?
Julia: My little one feels great; she s already one year and eight months old. She walks, knocks, and fights with everyone. Luckily, my parents and two babysitters are helping me.

Girls, what do you think about the  Star Factory  project? Would you participate it if you weren t stars?
Julia: Don t tell me what to do, and I won t tell you where to go.
Lena: Exactly. Beside this, it s a good project, basically. To achieve something, to try yourself in new sphere   anyway, it s better than sit in the backyard or on the stairs, smoking, drinking
Julia: And I would go. I think it s cool. I look all kinds of examinations.

What is the special connection between you two that makes your friendship so strong?
Julia: The un-similarity makes our friendship strong. Lena is a romantic, calm person, and I am explosive and energetic.

What should you do to make the entire world love you?
Julia: To stay yourself. There are a lot of people who want to become famous and loved by all start to play roles, and stop to be ourselves.

You know, many stay themselves, but the world don t care about them, speaking gently.
Yulia: The life is a game, that s why you have to stay real in it  A real player.

Yulechka, how do you manage to keep on such a great shape?
Julia: It s going through the family. My mom and dad are small and thin, that s why I'm so miniature. And I rarely do sports, from time to time.

What do you think about our (Russian) stage? Who's closer to you, whose music you like?
Julia: The level of the Russian show-business is very low. It s not comparable with the America or the west.

And you always sing live?
Julia: Now almost all the time. Sometime we perform on a TV show during the promo-tours, when we have to sing one song, there s no equipment there   so we have to just open the mouth. Of course, it s not fun at all. We sang will playback before because we had a lot of concerts, 25-28 in a month. If we had sang live, the voice won't make it.

Describe yourself in 3 words!
Julia: Energetic, Positive and quick.
Lena (Laughing, correcting Yulia) more like megasuperenergetic.

I heard you plan to move to the USA. Is that true? If it is, than why?
Lena: I don t plan. Yulia had the idea.
Julia: I had, now I m not sure.

Julia, I love you! What should I do now?
Julia: I don't even know..  To love from distance ? I have loved person, so my heart is occupied.

And finally, the question of the week: Yulia, is that man is Vlad Topalov?
Julia (smiling tiredly): Well  Let's say like this. I'll advice with Vlad, and if he won't mind, we will tell together to Molotok about our relationship. So stay tuned!

Cosmopolitan [20th December 2006] 
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Few years ago this duo was on the top of all the possible charts of the US, Europe, Japan and former USSR. Multi-platinum sold CD's, successful concerts, prestigious awards, millions of followers girls in red checkered skirts and than  Silence. After which, many people say, no one can reach this high ever again. But not the t.A.T.u.-girls! Now they matured from their school-uniforms, don't sing with playback by a principle, and refuse to have scandalous image. But still hold hands. Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina   two friends, with completely different characters and temperaments, two very different parts of one whole   t.A.T.u.

Julia Volkova

21 years old

Cosmo: Yulia, Lena's father is a composer, he's connected to music, and it's understandable why she was allowed to participate in your project. How did your parents agreed to that?
Julia: Absolutely calmly. It's all started in my childhood. I was 5 years old, when I came to my mom and told her that I want to play the piano. My parents thought that I meant a toy-piano, but I said: "No, only big one!". We had a neighbor who graduated from a conservatory and gave piano lessons. I came to her, without knowing the notes, and made up melodies and played the piano with both hands. The neighbor told my mom: "You should send your girl to music school". That's all.

C: Such a good girl   playing the piano, singing in kids group
Julia: And besides that I've done about everything. My mom took me to gymnastics, ice-skating, and dances, and swimming, and tennis

C: And after all these   scandalous image, provocative acts of t.A.T.u! Your relatives didn't mind?
Julia: My parents are young and understand everything. They are like friends to me.

C: And how did they react to your kisses with Lena on stage and in the videos?
Julia: To be honest? They were happy. It's so cool! I'm very happy to have parents like them. My character isn't similar not to mom's and not to dad's. I always had the eager to go ahead, to be only at the first place, to do everything by myself.

C: You're a mother for a long time now. Are there some principles that you follow in raising Vika?
Julia: The most important   not to stand on her way. When she'll get older, I'll do just like mom, I'll take Vikos to all kinds of activities. And I'll always support her decisions and choices.

C: Who's the father of your child?
Julia: He's a sportsman. We lived together for three years. We broke up when I left to the USA. We had a bit different views on life. Now we're friends. In general, I don't have enemies. And I'm not getting offended easily myself.

C: Tell me, what changed in you since the birth of your child?
Julia: I think I still the same. The people who close to me say that too. Maybe I've became a little more serious. Because now I have someone to live for. In matter of fact   motherhood it's an incomparable feeling. A daughter   my own continuation! And I'm so happy! Sometimes it sad, when you realize that because of the concerts, you almost don't see your baby  I gave birth, and three moths later I flew to America for eight months! Can you imagine, for all this time I haven't seen my daughter! When I was back home, she was a "grown-up" child already, she sat on her own, tried to walk, said "ma-ma"  I think when she'll get older I'll take her with me everywhere.

C: How did you go through that hard time of separation?
Julia: To be honest, it was hard to realize that I'm a mother now. I was 19 at that time   it's the age when everything is just getting started: Life, career, you want to hang out, meet friends. But now I understand that it's great to be a mom! I adore my little daughter!

C: Who took care of Vika when you were in America?
Julia: Three nannies, my mom and dad.

C: Many people say, that you've been "made" by Shapovalov
Julia: Someone making someone anyway. I can say that we've "made" Shapovalov.

C: Do you keep on touch with your ex-producer?
Julia: In purpose no. But if we meet somewhere, we always talk. We're not enemies. We just broke up and remained in normal relations.

C: When you became recognizable, popular, wanted in many countries in the world, what feelings did you have   good fame, or you felt only its burden?
Julia: It was a surprise for us. When we just started to sing, there were doubts   will we make it? But when all this started to spin, when we realized that our "hobby" is growing to an international project, we were insanely happy.

C: How do you define which song is a hit, and which not?
Julia: You have to feel your audience, to understand what's missing for people. In our first album there was more pop-sound. We decided to make our second album, "Liudi Invalidy" more serious. Harder sound, we work only live. Now, there's more politics in t.A.T.u, more desire to make people think about the world we live in, about what surrounds us.

C: Yes, your musicians are fabulous!
Julia: We and them   we're one family. There's some collectives that doing their concert, and walk different ways, but we have very warm relationship. The guys can come to our room, or we to theirs. We watch movies together, hanging out, sing karaoke  First of all - they our friends. If there's no such relations in a creative collective   it's not a collective than.

C: Your voice gained a rattle
Julia: It appeared after the birth. It's just the way my voice changed. And except this, an age mutation occurred.

C: What is the meaning of your tattoos?
Julia: On my back it's an Arabic word that means the most powerful emotion, passion, love. On my arm   a Japanese hieroglyph that means "dragon". It's wisdom, power, the desire to go on, not to give up.

C: Lena says that you're a fashion-lover. Which brands do you prefer?
Julia: Yes, I love fashion, Interiors. But I'm not obsessed with brands and trademarks. If I like something   I buy it.

C: Do you have a lot of true friends?
Julia: You can't have many of those. I have three close people, which I trust in everything, with whom I can share all kind of secrets, people who I can cry to. Serioja (Sergey) Lazarev is a very close person to me. He's my stepbrother and a friend too

C: Are you dating Vlad Topalov?
Julia: We've broke up

C: But not so long ago you said that you're together and everything's good
Julia: For now we're broke up

C: So this theme is closed?
Julia: We can talk about it, why not? I'm discussing every theme calmly.

C: Vlad Topalov and Sergey Lazarev. The duo that broke up  Did you try to fix things up between them?
Julia: Serioja is my friend, and Vlad   the beloved one. I don't try to do anything, not trying to make up between them. It's their private relationship. I think that they've lost a lot breaking the duo. If they would reunite now they would be number one. Serioja is my brother. He feels me, and can understand everything by my eyes. And Vladik and I lived together for almost a year  I think that it's hard for two strong and freedom-lovers people to be together.

C: These close people are part of the show-business. How do you communicate   Do you allow yourself to discuss, criticize each others creativity?
Julia: we just support each other. The guys have great voices. And we're friends since childhood.

C: Still, why did you brake up with Vlad?
Julia: Strong characters. The relationships of artists are very difficult. First of all, it's competition. Someone has to be better. Although we have nothing to share, it's still there. Plus, we both have freedom-lovers' characters, they're unbreakable. That's why he has his own way, and I have my own. But I love him very much, and he loves me too

C: Are you a whimsical girl?
Julia: No. And never was.

C: Is it possible to rule over you?
Julia: No, impossible.

C: How can someone gain your sympathy?
Julia: You have to stay real person. I don't like insincerity. When I see that someone starts to act, to make out something of himself. It pushes me away.

C: How do you imagine the further evaluation of t.A.T.u?
Julia: I see only today. I don't know what will be tomorrow. But we'll continue to go on. We'll fly to record our album in February.

C: Your last album was released in two versions Russian and English. When you perform the same songs in different language, do you have different emotions?Julia: Yes, of course, because every language have its own special energy. It's easier to sing in Russian. I love to sing in English to too, although I don't really like this language. I didn't study it well at school   I was coloring my eyelashes during the lessons  The most important in knowing foreign language   is practice.

C: Tell me about your hobbies
Julia: Right now I don't have time for anything. I don't like to read. It's not interesting for me. I love to watch movies, going to theatres.

C: Are you provoking paparazzi in purpose? For example, by bathing topless?
Julia: I just live. And the way I want to. I don't pay attention to the paparazzi's presence. You should never act. The way I'm on stage   that's how I am in life.

C: During the concert you sometimes remind about the former image of t.A.T.u. Like stroking Lena's breast, or butt Julia: Belive me, I'm not doing it on purpose. These are emotions. I like men and girls alike. I even dated a girl for almost a year. I was 16-17 years old back than. A love to girl, and to a man   it's different feelings. And I don't hide that I like both of them.

C: You travel a lot, you've met some world-wide stars. Did you make friends with some of them?
Julia: We're communicating with Back Eyed Peas   we've met this band on one of the ceremonies. This summer they had a concert in Moscow. We've met, hanged out together. Fergie is a great girl, very energetic, on stage and life as well.

C: Yes, she moves incredibly on the stage. And you don't have that
Julia: Why not? It all depends on our mood. During the few last months Lena and I get very shaken with energy on stage. But we're humans. Sometimes we have not too energetic shows. I can't jump around when I don't want to. On our concerts the fun is about the live sound, music and lyrics. And if I'll start making somersaults, it'll distract the viewers from the message we want to send with our songs.

C: For what do you love Lena?
Julia: Because she's exist. She's a sister, a friend, a mother, a girl, a woman   all in one. We're very different. We are filling each other. She lives the way she wants, and I live the way I want.

C: Can you refuse to perform if something in the organization of the concert doesn't satisfy you?
Julia: No. What the fans have to do with that? We sing for them, first of all. My fans in every spot in the world mean a lot to me. They bring only positive emotions. They wait for us, they love us! Of course, sometimes there's a state when you get tired of everything. But a day or two goes by   and I miss the stage.

C: If your beloved person would tell you: "You have to choose, me or the stage"?
Julia: I don't choose. I don't like to make a choice. I just live real, full life. And I would never respond to impudence. I just close my eyes and walk away.

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