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Hier findest du die Downloads der Posts von Julia Volkova aus den SocialNetworks wie Twitter, Facebook und alte Einträge von der offiziellen t.A.T.u. Website.
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Here you can download all entries which Julia Volkova made in the social networks like Twitter, Facebook or her old 'Diary' entries from the official t.A.T.u. website.

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t.A.T.u. Diary Entries

Twitter Entries

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Julia's Handwriting

Graphologic examination is one of the accurate ways to find most hidden things about the person. An expert in this field Inessa Goldberg deciphered Julia's handwriting and opened some interesting information to NEON magazine /Russia. The expert also took a look at Lena's St. Valentine's greeting, which will soon appear at
The meaning of Julia's handwriting
The person behind this handwriting is "fire", very extraordinary and temperamental. Julia is very ambitious, she "wants it all". She's in thoughts of fame and splendor, winning hearts and minds. Outerly, in her behavior, she's very natural, spontaneous, she "stays cool" with things. In extreme life situations she doesn't control herself, could be impulsive, close to hysteria. Julia is very sensual, rich in ideas, she possesses erotic imagination. In this woman there's a powerful need to impress, to blow minds, to shock.
Inside Julia there's a sign of some crisis that led her to prove herself and the world that she CAN.
Being pretty much always emotionally and personally involved into everything that's going on around, Julia tends to interfere in others' business and to consider it her own. She also could be very subjective in her judgments because she listens to her feelings, not to her mind.
Even though this handwriting's owner doesn't have much patience and is easily distracted, she's gifted with quick perception and her intelligence is beyond average. It's important to note that despite being defiant, Julia doesn't open herself 100%. She keeps things to herself and often hides her feelings, doubts and pain, because her credo is to be a winner.
Julia's opinion: Well, almost got it! In fact, I often make decisions with my heart, not logic.