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'Meet Julia Volkova' section is a unique section which JuliaVolkovaGermany presents you.
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aRale Sep 13 2005
Since we saw nothing happened, we went to a bar about a ten feet from the hotel. We asked for something and paid right away. Later Arnau says, "they'll probably appear behind our backs". Instantly, we see Yulia and a security guard go about. We look at each other and say "It's her!" Nobody reacted but I was the first one to come to: "What the hell are we doing? GO!" I ran and took Yulia by the arm while I asked for some autographs. The security guard took me by the hand, but behind me my group came asking for the same.

She told the guard to let her sign us some autographs. I was floored, didn't even get the camera, opening the pack searching for my CDs to sign. She signed almost all of them, then signed some of Mire's pictures (the guard and Yulia flipped because one was of Lena and Yulia naked covering each other up, and in the other Yulia was on Eralash). I asked her in Russian where Lena was, and she told me she'd sign for her. But we wanted to see her!

She left and we couldn't believe it. Then we met a guy and girl that were fans as well, and had come to see them. But they'd been there since noon and had already seen Yulia going out for food. It seems Lena never came out of the hotel room.

We decided to wait to see if we saw Lena. We waited for a while. Sara and I came to the hotel reception with one of the new fans, and two of their friends. The others stayed out for fear of being told something.

Every time the elevators came down, I prepared the camera. They finally came out, and we all went to get signed. I must say Yulia was really nice but Lena was a bit on edge. We suppose something was not right because she spent all day in the hotel while everyone else was out. Sara asked her to sign her hair holder and she said no because Yulia had already signed for her. She only signed my DVD. We all got individual pictures with them.

They finally left. Yulia gestured at us, that she was hungry. They left, grabbing each other's hand. We went out and Lena immediately hid in the SUV that awaited them. Their entourage climbed in and they left.

Mad Debz 17.09.2005, 16:56
*breaths* *puff pant* Finally after three years I GOT YULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was by accident. We were let out while they change the set for Mariah after the main show had finished. We'd already spooted thier band and was chatting to them and guess who else was lurking in reception trying have a crafty fag.... Ms Volkova, she was soon mobbed by a few of us. I decided to be clever and greet her in Russian, it to a point because she came over and offered me her hand, what she said to me in Russian I aint got that far in my Russian Book! I held her hand and then went all shy LOL! I managed to say that the people who were surronding her were off forums. I even managed to get a photo. The second funny Yulia thing of the day (I'll tell you the first in a minute) was when she was well and trully suuround she said "I need to smoke" I told her off and she rloled her eyes at me.. Lena also jumped on but I didn't see her O was distracted by the Volk.

The performance wasn't brillent, it was better than nothing, now for the first amussing thing Yulia did..... On the stage were some feet level fans pointing up, Yulia saw theses and started to shout for the floor manager, and as a last resort she stampped her foot to get attention and got the fan taken off stage, the reason? well you work it out, very short skirt and a wig and a big gust of wind would have made my day but not Yulias LMAO!

*off to Saint Martins and then GAY*

joopy froot Sep 17 2005, 04:29 PM
The performance was a blast! I met Yulia and Lena, I met Yulia at the same time as MadDebz, when she was puffing away. 'Can I smoke?' Yulia laughed. She has such soft hands! I have Yulia's autograph and a picture of me with my arm around Yulia. Lena apologised to me because she had to run off quickly and couldn't stay, because I wanted a picture of me and her, she smiled and said 'I'm sorry!'...I was like..It's okay! *Blush* Haha. I'll upload the picture of me and Yulia later. Personality wise, Yulia is funny and as Lena says, full of beans, she even dances as she's smoking, lol. She's very nice, full of personality, was very friendly. Lena was sweet and gentle, she was cute. o.o;

Aleshenk@ 28.10.2005, 01:07
Tatu’s rehearsal at Gaudi Arena – a fan report

Sh**, people you wouldn’t believe me! I went to the Gaudi Arena to get tickets. I was told there that the office has already closed and I could get the tickets either tomorrow here or at another place. Rather upset, I went to the ground floor to the entrance and suddenly heard a painfully familiar voice: ”Lenka, hurry up!” What I see is Yulia standing just half of a meter from me. She stands there waiting for Lena. A sort of shock hit me and I could barely say: ”Yulk, can I have a pic with you?” She told me:”We’ll take pics later”.

After a while I heard accords of ”Loves Me Not”. The girls started rehearsing. I was standing where I was and the security guy told me: ”Pal, I feel pity for you… Stay right here for a second. I’ll be right back”. I waited there. He came back and told me to go and see the rehearsal from the balcony. I was happy to run to the balcony. They rehearsed their songs and I was watching it in astonishment. It was super!

After a while, they had a break. Yulia was chatting on the phone. Lena was chatting with the musicians. Then, they went towards some trashy room. I caught up with them and introduced myself to Lena. We had a short conversation. At the door, Yulia told me that I wasn’t allowed inside.

The rehearsal continued again. It was awesome! When it was finished, it was Lena’s turn to chat on her cell. When she was finished, she came up to me and asked: ”So, what did you want?” I told her that I wanted to talk a little. So we talked. Then, I asked for a picture. I went to get my dad waiting in the car outside. My dad took a picture of us. Lena promised me to have a chat tomorrow too. We went out of the building all together. My father helped Yulia to get downstairs, as it was slippery. Lena went her way and Yulia went together with the guys. I went home perfectly happy and satisfied. I will never forget this moment!

Written by Aleshenk@
Translation: Team

Danimir 28.10.2005, 01:07
A report from the VIP-zone at Gaudi Arena by Danimir

We met with Olka and House 13 at approximately 19:15. Belissa and Mila joined us later. Tom and the rest of the guys joined us after. We (and the girls) went to search for the club and Tom remained to wait for everyone else. We were walking around looking for the club and met other people searching for the location too. Finally we found it by the trace of spotlight. I have never seen such a club before. It was a nine-story building! The event promised to be remarkable.

All of us went to the VIP-zone to wait until 20:00 as the clock said 19:15. The security guy was supposed to allow us entry from 20:00 only. Almost instantly I heard a familiar voice, a very familiar voice. It was Yulia. It was her without any doubt. She was going outside to look for her friends. I asked her: ”Yulia, how are you?” She replied: ”Hi there!” Maybe she said it to all of us. She was so tiny, sweet and has got her hair cut again. I told her: ”Look, go back inside. You’ll catch cold.” It was minus four degrees outside. She replied: ”Yeh, right. I’m fu**ing freezing here to my bones already.” Oh, I recognise our Yulia of course!

We were allowed inside at about 20:10. There, we passed the security control and got our badges. Later I met Zhenya Voevodina (Evguenia Voevodina, Tatu’s press-attache, rem. – a sweet and an interesting young lady. It was obvious that she had to carry a heavy load working for the band but she was a brave woman! We entered the VIP-zone. Surprisingly enough, we were treated to a snack display with drinks. There were girls walking around serving vodka to the guests. People were gathering and finally it seemed that there were more VIPs than audience on the floor! As I understood, there were fans from the forum and forum. They were all very nice and wonderful people. Lots of regards to all of you guys!

Yulia was right there in the company of deputy Mitrofanov. They were taking pictures and were filmed from time to time. VIP guests were looking their best. Later I heard Fanty saying that Lena went to the ladies’ room. I got curious as Yulia was right there but Lena hadn't even appeared at the doors yet. I went towards the bathroom area and met Lena there. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked ”Hi, our little sun. How are you?” I have never seen a person looking at me like that before. It was fear mixed with surprise as if remembering some of her old acquaintances. I told her that she doesn’t need to worry and we could see each other again. I don’t know why but I felt like saying that to her. I can’t say I had the feeling of them being like superstars. It’s all blown up. They are ordinary people – sweet, talkative and close without any complexes or anything similar. It was a feeling as if I knew them long before.

I went back to my gang. They were talking, discussing something and watching videos on the TV screens. Zhenya announced that Tatu would begin singing at 20:00. Now the girls sped up a little walking around the VIP-zone. People took pictures of them whenever the girls stopped. When Lena was talking to their musicians I took a picture of her and after I asked: ”Lena, why did you get so scared near the ladies’ room?” She answered: ”I’m simply not used to people coming up to me like that and talking.” I though that it could be the case and that we are erasing borders like that. At once I said: ”Look, I wanted to take a picture together with you. Is it okay?” She smiled in return: ”Of course.” I asked people to take a picture of me and Lena but they took only Lena. At this moment, she took my camera and photographed all of us. After I wished her all the best at the gig.

I left the VIP-zone around 21:40 and went right to the stage. The girls started singing at approximately 22:35. Everyone was waiting for more people to arrive. I think there were 500-600 people total in the club. I don’t think there were more than that but it was enough for great video shots of TV channels recording the performance.

A representative from Universal went outside to hand out Russian edition of Tatu’s CD’s. I screamed: ”Get some over here!” He gave me a copy right away. It was cool to have one more Tatu CD. Tatu appeared performing all the songs they sang at the autograph-session plus ”Chto Ne Hvataet” and ”Intro”. They looked stunning! Lena and Yulia looked so young and tall from the sight below. They were communicating with us by smiling and cheering. I saw Lena recognising me in the crowd smiling. It was very pleasant. After the performance, Yulia said: ”We love you. That’s all. Bye for now and see you later!” She left the stage without even turning back. Lena said something similar and left the stage too.

I ran towards the cloak-room and left the building together with the other girls heading for the subway.

I love you all, guys! Tatu are sweet and dear! Wishing you the best of luck and to have a good time listening to the new Tatu album!

Sincerely yours,
Danimir from

Written by Daminir
Translation: Team

t.A.T.u. Street t.E.A.m.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005, 20.00
Street t.E.A.m. V.I.P. Represtative Greet's t.A.T.u. at Lisboa Airport

Today at Lisboa Airport in Portugal. Elisabete Alves Afonso, the representative from the Street t.E.A.m. greeted t.A.T.u. and recieved an autographed Dangerous and Moving CD, and a few pictures. Here is a transcript and the pictures.

I was with tatu today, I was surprised by the way they are so nice to fans, I asked for their autographs and some pictures, and they said yes to everything. I'm going to share what happened. - Elisebete
Around 5:00 pm I arrived at the Meridian Hotel , because I missed their flight yesterday, and I so wanted to see them, because they never have been to Portugal before. Around 6:00 pm I was geting sad thinking "They're not here" then I looked inside and I saw Yulia with a mini skirt, passing by for the photo session, then I saw her and Lena in another room taking pictures again, and I thought, well I'm going to wait now, they will come out im sure, then they disapeared. But I wasn't realy close on that time, then my mate Tsui asked  the cops if we could get closer, and they said yes. We waited for them, and at 6:30 pm there was Yulia, getting out by the front door, I spoke to her.

Street Team (ST) (Yulia/Lena Y/L)
ST: Hi Yulia
Y: *Smiles* Hi
ST: May I have your autograph?
Yulia: *Signs Autograph*
ST: Thank You! Can we take a photo?
Y: Yes.
ST: This will be important not only for me but to all the fans of I'm also working with the Street t.E.A.m. for t.A.T.u. And I want to share this with them.
Y: Yes (We assume she means "Ok sound good", but phrased it only as "Yes")

Yulia didnt said much but she was very nice always with a smile on her face.

Juliette  Sunday, November 20th, 2005 12:44
Autograph Session Paris, France 19th November 2005

OLALA My GOD UNBELIEVABLE DAY!!!! I cant describe it was much that a dream...

With my friend, we arrive @ Virgin of Louvre at 11H30, they were only 10 people who waiting !!! Already lucky ( in total 500 fans for tatu).
We wait until 13h20 and Damien, from Glam As You staff come to my friend and talk to him, then (we have leave the waiting line) Damien tell us that WE CAN MEET YULIA AND LENA IN BACKSTAGE !!!! (he chose us because he saw us before). He told us we'll have 15 minute to talke to the girl. I almost died when he said that !!! I promess, my heart was out of control !!!

Arrive the fateful hour, Damien comes looked for us, we passed the first ones (we was 8 persons in backstage, 2 group of 2) and in our group it was, my friend, me and 2 journalists (so not fan) we were the only fans here! Therefore we advances in the corridor, we arrives has a door, I never was as much happy, stressed, crazy and all in the same times of all my life . And at least, the room, i almost have a cardiac crise. They were 10 persons of their staff and finaly YULIA AND LENA!!! As soon as we passed the door they advanced themselves towards we and all!!!! Yulia signed me my 2 booklet and I asked to write a thing in Russian on my moscow guide ,he does it and lena also booklet and all. I said to Yulia that it was magnificent when she plays piano in friend or foe and I asked to Lena when will be the concert in paris and she says in SUMMER :D I was so happy to have the info. Next we takes photos with them, they were so cool, they laughed maket jokes and everything, has a moment Yulia took 3 pieces of cake and she put to do a dike and did kind "looked i have 3 dike" and Lena said " oooh you have a small dike Yulia" and everyone laughed, they are CRAZY :d:d:d (i noticed that Yulia called Lena "Lenka" like in the last diary)

Next we took photos and all, and I asked to Lena what they wrote in my Moscow guide and she tell me. Lena is really great, zen but too kind and Yulia so energetic . After, i said before leave stupid things like "paris loves you" ' we loves you" " see you concert" lol. I wanted not to leave it was such a dream. But it's not finish !!!

We come back to the normal place and autograf session begins. We had our badge so we were not t in the crowd, but in front of the girl, not in the line. The BETTER MOMENT is when the cd dangerous and moving passed in meme times, and we sang and they werei so satisfies and YULIA has not stop to looked at me the whole meeting!!!! at least 30 time in the eyes!!!!! And they was a moment, I sang and SHE LOOKED ME IN THE EYES AND SANG WITH ME ALL A SENTENCE!!! I SANG WITH YULIA! you cant imagine.

And they spoke to the crowd, Yulia asked to a man how to say "i love you" in french and she said " JE VOUS AIME" and all the people were crazy. And Lena said "Moscow + Paris = Love " lool so cute !!!

A sweet moment, a fan came with her baby and Yulia was "m?lancolique" (i dont know how to say that in english :s ), they took the baby in their arms Yulia made funny face to the baby lol, this scene during at least five minutes! And another moment a fan crying did a looooong hug to Yulia lol and the fan cant stop to cried and Yulia and Lena was also very touched !

After the dedicass finished but because of Damien we has been able to passed in last, and we said "it's us again" and I asked to Lena a kisses and my friend said " moi aussiiii" ("me toooo" lol) and after I asked to Yulia also a kiss and while the kissing I said " thank you for everything".

And in the end they sung ALL ABOUT US, with my friend we were behind the scene (i saw Yulia's underwear lol). We were with the band, the drummer,the guitarist and all, they are sooo nice and simple, really cool guys! My friend said " good luck for tonight in Lille" and they were happy :D

Lol sorry, actually, Yulia took three bretzels (not really, it was russian cake) and put those bretzel like it was her dicks, like she had 3 dicks, and she walked with this cake in laughing and then Lena said " Julia (not Yulia :( )you really have a small dick ! "


ps: I have forget to say how GORGEOUS they are !!!! my god, really BEAUTIFUL!!!!
and soon I will post my photos and videos :D and by the way sorry for my bad english but i hope you can understand me

Well guyz, I can died now ! :D :D :D

Autograph Session Paris, France 19th November 2005

Well I'll give you my impressions :
MHH really really fantastic!!!!!

So you can't imagine
I was 11 from the queue....I was waiting for them...

So they come, and they was a big silence at one time...I said, with a strong voice 'lena I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu', she replies, looking at me and at my eyes 'I love you toooooo'!! with a big smile

After, I ask her when I was front of her, to gimme a lil kiss she said 'what??', I said ; I want a little kiss', she said 'Of course', with a big big big smile! very bifg, and she gave me a kiss! OMG
after a bodyguard (a fucking bodyguard!!!), take me far away from yulia! I was sad, cos' I didn't have the possibility to talk to ehr and to have an autograph so I as sad
I ask a boy to takes pics, in the table where they sign autograph, and another bodyguard (very funny, and nice!!), said 'you want this?( I said 'Yes I want this'!, 'And you want an autograph of Yulia', I reply 'YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OMG§§ YESSSSSSSSS', nd he gave the pic to yulia, she signed it, look at me with a smile and gave me in my hand!! OMG!!!

After during other autographs, we were almost a group of 10 people, which sing russian during the english songs, and they look at me, and at the group (look at me a lot!! omg! Yulia!!) , and they were really ahppy to see that french people knew russians songs! Yulia gimme a kiss with her hand!! We talk alot with them!

Once, I said, 'spaciba bolshoi, ya tebya lyublyu' and Yulia reply to me in russian, she says that she loves me too!!!

I scream another time 'vsya moya lyubov!!!' and she said 'Vsya moya lyubov too!!'

After, they were happy and they sing with our gorup in russiand :

When it was perfect enemy we sing novaya model, and they sing with us
During All about us they sing also
During, obezyanka nol, they sing a lot with us! and yulia said that it was her favorite song!
During, vsya moya lyubov, when they saw we sang a lot on it (our group...) they sans 'I na vsyu katushku...Lovushku Vsya moya lyubovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv)! Omg, guys it was really fabulous!

The improtant thing, that it had a really great atmosphere, and girls are really funny, pretty, and very simple a the same time

One another thing important at my eyes :
They have really great voices...Believed me : they sing really really well in live.....You must hear it by yourself

I'll give you pics taken from myself, in two days;)

Love u all guys!!!

20th November 2005, 12:51

A report from Virgin megastore by Anouk (19-11-2005)

Me and my friends from Belgium arrived in Paris at 9am and we waited for some French fans from the French forums. Finally they arrived 15 minutes later, which made me a kind of anxious because I just wanted to go to Virgin Megastores. But we didn't. We walked outside to where those glass pyramids were at the Louvre. Had a view of the Triumph Arch and met up with some other fans. Everybody got a flyer and a name tag from the French forum and finally we were on our way to Virgin Megastores. Still 3 hours too early. We decided to check the shop and I finally found two All About Us maxi singles - at 9.40 euros each! Damn! But I was in a crazy t.A.T.u. mood so I bought both of them, the regular single and the remixes (Soooo, Part 1 and Part 2). In the meantime we didn't realize they already started lining up so we hurried and got in line. Then we were moved to outside of the store because the store couldn't handle so much people.

During that 2.5 hour wait, some French guy from G-A-Y came out and talked to us, I didn't understand, luckily I had my very own special Dutch/French interpreter with me and he said there was no time for pictures with the girls and we could only ask for 1 authograph. Finally he started announcing the girls and there was lots of screaming as the girls took their place behind the table - which I couldn't see, I was still outside the store, with huge thick walls blocking my view from everything but I could hear Yulia and Lena talking, which was sooooooo damn cute!

Finally, the line moved and we slowly started walking towards the front and after about 20 or 30 minutes it was my turn. The G-A-Y guy helped me on to the stage and I stood eye to eye with gorgeous Lena. She was so lovely and I gave her a big stuffed flower (real flowers are so boring). She looked so suprised and really had the cutest look on her face. I asked her for a hug and I got one big hug and then a kiss on the cheek I was in shock condition already so I totally forgot everything I was going to say and just said thank you while trembling (and I havent even gotten to Yulia yet). I asked her to sign my poster and she did, Lena asking my Belgian friend An to hold the poster for her since I spotted Yulia and was, of course, distracted. I walked over to Yulia and I told her I had a gift for her and Viktoria. She smiled and thanked me. I asked her for a hug, at first she didn't hear me so I asked again and she hugged me and I got a kiss! I told her I loved her and she flashed me the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen. Its a shame there are no pics of that. Omigoodness for real! I almost forgot my poster but I spotted it, grabbed it quickly and asked Yulia to sign it. Then I was escorted off the stage. How rude! But I did get hugs and kisses, which is more than my Belgian friends got!

I was trying to look for places to stand and take some good pics while they were still sitting there signing. A few times we contemplated getting back in line, but I'm sure we would get busted, so we settled for making pics instead. Most of them didn't work out because whenever I had a good shot, someone moved infront of Yulia or Lena as I took the photo. During the signing, Lena decided to sing along with Obez'yanka Nol' with Yulia joining in when her verse started. It was too cute! When everyone was through, they got up, got their flowers, posed for some pics with their band, posed by themselves. There was boob grabbing and everything and then they sang All About Us for everyone as a suprise. I managed to get almost to the very front again and I was able to get some good shots.

I'm sure I forgot a few details, but everything moved so fast and I seriously don't remember everything that went on but afterwards - when t.A.T.u. had left, me, Sabine and An walked outside to get a breather and we met up with the lucky bastard from the French forum who won the VIP meeting. He told us all about that meeting but then he told me he had caught me on tape with t.A.T.u., while I was hugging with t.A.T.u. so that made my day even more! We went back inside to get the others and then we went back outside for some photos of the whole group. Then we went to get something to drink and then we (me, Sabine and An) left to see the Eiffel Tower. We WALKED all the way there from the Louvre. "It's not so far" - great idea An! But the view of the Eiffel Tower was well worth the 45 minute walk. Then we decided we should get back to the train station, but we were too late and missed our train back to Brussels. Damn RER for being too damn slow and having no good connections! After realizing we weren't going to make it we popped our heads above the ground at the Notre Dame and sneaked a peek. Paris can be pretty after all!

Written by Anouk for
Edited by Team

Dean Thursday, 26th January 2006 2:25 am
t.A.T.u. In London, 25th January 2006

Ok, well, here's how my rather normal day got turned upside down and was possibly the best day I've ever had!! ^_^

Woke up about 10am, I know, quite lazy of me!! But stil... anyway, was just getting dressed etc as you normally do, and my phone started ringing me, and I thought, who could that be.... Looked at my phone and it was flashing the name "Dasha" - t.A.T.u.'s tour manager!! I just stared at it and thought OMG!
Answered the phone and Dasha said, "Dean, we need you in London with the girls, can you come?" so I explained it would take me a couple of hours to get there and could I ring her back in 10 minutes to let her know....

Anyway.... ringing a load of friends trying to find someone to come with me (never been to london on my own before you see!)... nobody would come, and I just thought, what the hell, Rung Dasha back and told her yes... I'll be there, so she gave me the address, 222 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London!!

So anyways, my mother comes home for lunch and is like wow, here have lotsa money!! Now Go!!

So off I run, out to the car, drive to the station as fast as I can!! Got the train at 14:40 and was in London at 16:00.

Just enough time to get the Taxi to where I was going!! Just my luck though, on the way there, we had a little car accident... the taxi driver reversed into the car behind him quite fast, caused a big argument and I was like... ohhhh this isnt good!!

Anyway, that got resolved and off we went....

I got there for 4:50, was looking for number 222, it goes from 220 to 226, and I was like, OMG no, wheres 222!!! So I get out the taxi and tell him I'll be fine, stood there looking, 220 then the post office, then 226.... I was very confused, and then I realised, I was leaning up 222!! It was a building in the middle of an Island!! Haha!

Anyways, the girls turn up at about 5:20 and Dasha rings me to try and find me, I head over to her and Lena was standing with her, and I was just like, Wow!! Dasha introduced me, and I shook Lena's hand, then Yulia came over and shook my hand (very soft hands!!), anyways, I was stood there shivering, so Yulia asked me If I was cold, and I said yes, and she smiled at me and then ran after her bodyguard!

Then Dasha introduced me to the MTV team and to this guy from Interscope (forgotten his name, but I asked him about Radio play in the UK, and he says he's working on it!!).

Then, Dasha talks me and Yulia through the scene, and I was like... what, I'm in it?! And she said, Yes, course you are!! It's going to be a Valentines Day Special on MTV.

So, Yulia and Lena are at this florists, picking the flowers and the lady is gathering them for them, then, I walk up past the florists and Lena turns around and grabs me and says... "Will you be our valentine?" an I was like "Yeh!!" so then Yulia holds my arm and asks me name, how I am, to which I replied, Freezing Cold!! Then Yulia says, yes it is cold, lets go to the restaurant and we can talk all about how you celebrate valentines day!

So, finish filming, and I was talking to Interscope guy and I notice everyone is leaving to go to the restaurant, at which point Lena tells me i'm travelling in the car with them!! ^_^ talk about cool!!

Was sooo nice and warm in the car, Yulia stroked my arm and asked if I was warmer now, so I said yes, much better, and she said Good and smiled at me!

We were in the car for 5-10 minutes maybe, it was good fun, the guy from interscope was on the phone, Yulia was laughing at him and Lena was singing away to some song I never heard before and smoking a ciggy! I jus sat there next to the bodyguard completely amazed!

Anyway, we got to the restaurant, and I had to wait in the bar with some of the MTV people, who are all really nice might I add! one of them had like an endless supply of Tic-tacs! lol

So, after 20-25 minutes a woman comes down and says, "Dean, we're ready for you now".. So Off I go, up the stairs! Go into the little room and sit at a table with Yulia and Lena opposite me, they're both so stunning in real life!

Dasha explains to me all I have to do is answer Yulia and Lena's questions which would be things like, have you got a g/f, whats her favourite food and drink, what are you geting her for Valentines day.. so
I said... I dont have a girlfriend.. so she told me that was fine, just to make it up!!

So there I was, trying to make up answers to things like, how long have you been together what are you getting her etc!! I think I did rather badly at it!! But Yulia and Lena were funny! ^_^

Then afterwards, the MTV woman was asking them a few questions like what their idea of a good valentines day would be, so Yulia explained she'd like her boyfriend to take her out for a romantice meal, and then something about going home for a bath!! lol...

Lena, said her boyfriend was a really good "cooker" (lol, bless her), and that he'd probably cook her a meal and then they'd make love... and yulia was like.... Arghhh Lena!! And hugged her! lol.. so they were giggling and laughing about that for ages! ^_^ and then lena comes out with... Thats the best part of the night!!!

Anyway, that scene shot, we had to sit and chat and look like we were having a really great time, and laugh loads, and I was just really nervous!! So took em a while to get what they wanted (To be honest, I dont really want to be on MTV, so I hope I was that bad that they cut me out!!)...

So off we go to the next location, again, in the car with them... but for like 2 secs!! It would have been quicker to walk! lol

So I get out and they all stay in the car!! For the last part, the girls had to try on underwear in an underwear shop but they refused to do it because the underwear wasn't their style, it was all bright coloured stuff with patterns, quite summery looking! So they refused to do it, and eventually MTV gave up on them and Yulia was in a bit of a bad mood and was shouting from the car at Dasha because she wanted to go, I think I overheard that they had a flight to catch in a couple of hours... So I thought, fair enough...

Then Dasha came over to me and thanked me for coming all the way down for them, and that she'd speak to the G-A-Y people to get me backstage there and that she would ring me as soon as she knew!

So I said thanks, and bye to her and waved to the car as it drove off, just a shame because the car had blacked out windows so they could have all been swearing at me and I wouldn't know, lol, that seems to be Yulia's sense of humour anyway!

Anyway, that was my great day! I got to meet them, talk to them, shake their hands, and be their Valentine on national TV ;-)

Lena and Yulia up close are both reallly gorgeous, they were dressed fantastically, Yulia's make-up looked great, and she was wearing really sexy boots and tight jeans! Honestly though, you have to see them in real life to realise just how beautiful they are!

Also, Yulia smelled absolutley wonderful, don't know what perfume it was, but it was good!! :-)

You can tell they are really great friends, they do love each other, although when the cameras are around, I think they tend to show it off alot more.

I can't wait to see them on Saturday, It's gonna rock! ^_^

Was too busy filming, and it was such short noticed I hadn't even charged my digital camera up or anything!! So thats the only photo!! I got a tiny video clip of them, it's not the best, you can only just about see them, cause I was standing far back whilst they were filming! I'll upload it soon!

HAha, I forgot the best bit!!

We were sitting in the restaurant, and the woman brought some oysters over and put them on the table, next thing i heard was "Argghgh no, get rid of them" coming from Yulia and Lena as they both screamed at the oysters! lmao!! And they just kept on screaming till the MTV woman removed them again!! Altho she didnt look too happy about having to do so and told the interscope guy that they had a tantrum over it, which they blatently didn't! They just dont like Oysters!!

It was funny, cause I think they were expecting us to eat the oysters too, or rather, feed me the oysters (according to one MTV Woman), and sea food makes me feel sick, yucky stuff!

anouk 10th March 2006, 14:22
Cologne, Top Of The Pops
I was online Tuesday when I saw my pal An post some dates on a Dutch t.A.T.u. forum and one the cities there were going to be at was Cologne, Germany, which just happens to sit on the map, not far from my town, a 2 hour drive to be exact! So I told my friend, well hey! Let's go to Top Of The Pops, and so I got us tickets.. TOTP was yesterday (thursday) and it also said t.A.T.u. was going to be at their hotel the day before, so I went to Cologne on Wednesday already.. It was sooooooo damn rainy, and before I found the hotel, I had been on the move for like 4 hours!! I got lost in Cologne big time. Those Colognians are allergic to signs for real!!!! So finally after calling the hotel for directions I arived and I checked in, went to my room to freshen up after the long drive and then waited a couple hours for t.A.T.u. to arrive at the hotel.. At the last minute I went outside to talk to some fans and then 3 minivans arrived!! First one to arrive was Flipsyde! Man those dudes are so cool and soooooo relaxed.. I hung out with them in the hotel and everything and everytime we saw eachother around we waved and said hi and "whats up".. Ok, but then t.A.T.u. arrived at the hotel, and too bad for the fans waiting outside, they went straight in, me walking behind them since I was also a guest at the hotel, muahaha!! I walked up to Yulia and shook hands with her, and she kindly said to take no pictures please because she was tired and Lena was practically asleep on the seat in the lobby.. I did get to speak with Yulia for a few and after 20 minutes or so they were all checked in and leaving for their rooms.. In the meantime 2 people had asked me if I was with the band and sadly I had to say - I WISH!! Lmao, they had almost booked me another room because they thought I was with t.A.T.u.! Anyway, after t.A.T.u. left, so did I, and discovered that the guys from Flipsyde were staying in the rooms next to me.. Anyway, I got bored quickly in my room so I went downstairs to the lobby for some more people watching and some more chatting with those cool guys from Flipsyde - and then YES!! Yulia came downstairs aswell again.. She waved and smiled at me and then left to have dinner somewhere.. I figured that was going to take a while so I left again for my room and decided to get some sleep..

Ok, next morning, after sleeping not more than 50 meters away from Yulia and Lena, I woke up at 8:30am.. My alarm didn't even go off but I still woke up so damn early! Being bored I decided to check out and sit in the lobby waiting for An and Sabine, who were coming from Belgium to see Flipsyde ft. t.A.T.u. at TOTP.. I was just chilling when I saw Yulia passing by, pointing at me, lol, and heading for the - I guess - fitness centre or to get a massage, I don't know.. Damn me for having checked out already! But ok, An and Sabine were about to arrive so I just stayed, figuring Yulia would have to pass the lobby again in order to get back to her room.. An and Sabine had arrived already and yup, 30 minutes later Yuls passed again, waving and smiling at me again and she said hello!! w00t!!! Now we had to wait until they left for the MMC studios with Flipsyde.. My friends were so nervous waiting for t.A.T.u. because Yulia had said earlier that they'd be downstairs at 2pm.. Around 3pm the guys from Flipsyde were already in the bar, waiting, but no t.A.T.u. to be seen anywhere! And we had to be at the studios at 4!! We decided to wait.... And wait and luckily Sabine saw Lena coming from the other side of the lobby so we talked to her and got pictures and authographs!!
 Sabine had Russian SYNC magazine with her and Lena wanted to show the "wedding" photoshoot to the guys from Flipside, everyone thought it was a gorgeous shoot.. Well, duh, it's Yulia and Lena in the pictures! How could it not be gorgeous? Anyway, there was still so sight of Yulia so after I got my authograph I asked Lena for a hug and she looked at me thinking so I asked her - "You have to think about it?" she finally cracked a smile (yay I made Lena smile) and she said that Yulia would get jealous and with that I looked up and saw Yulia entering the lobby.. Lena was minding her own business again so I started to talk to Yulia and asked her for a picture - which she didn't want to do because she felt ill and they all left for the minivan!! I was soooooooo disappointed and in the meantime it was like 3:55pm and the ride to the studios would at least take 15 minutes..

The studios were in Cologne so ofcourse we got lost again because the city is allergic to signs.. I called the studio and they said that the studio whatever wanted to start the show already and that we might not get in after all but told me where to go anyway.. We were sooo stressed out!! And the directions went ok for a little while until we got lost again and finally saw something that said MMC, we parked the car, went out in the pouring rain only to find out it was a prop studio *frowns* We got into the car again asked for directions and finally found it! We ran like crazy, it was 5pm already and luckily the doors hadn't opened yet!! We were the last ones to arrive!! And the doors didn't open until 6pm!! *frowns some more* I accidentally sneaked my cellphone in - I hadn't released I still had it in my pocket.. And I saw that they were doing a search so I hid it in the back of my pants, lol!! I was NOT about to hand over my phone, so pffft to you TOTP Germany.. But ok, finally we arrived at the actual studio and it was small.. I immediatly saw which stage Flipsyde and t.A.T.u. were gonna be at, but they were recording someone else first - don't ask me who - I had to move towards that stage but I made sure there was a clear path towards the stage I really wanted to be at.. After the chick was done I rushed to the other stage and yay! Got me front row.. Finally Flipsyde came onto the stage and pointed at me because they recognize me, which was cool.. Then t.A.T.u. came onstage and we started chanting t.A.T.u.! t.A.T.u.! And they smiled and waved and Yulia looked and smiled at me, probably because she recognized me again.. And she looked and smiled at me again during the performance.. I managed to get a few pics with my phone..

Oh, if you see Piper (the rapper) pointing at someone after the performance, he's pointing at me! Hehe.. Such cool peoples those dudes from Flipsyde!! Oh, everybody get their album because it rocks and it about really life issues instead of what those other rappers rap about like big butts, boobs and guns *rolls eyes*

Anyway, after the performance we stayed a little longer, but got bored fast because I don't really give a crap about those German artists.. We met up with some German fans we met at the show - one of them I also recognized from the Virgin Megastore signing in
 Paris - and they showed us to where t.A.T.u.'s van was parked.. We waited for them there and after like 5 to 10 minutes they were ready to leave.. All the fans had surrounded the girls so I waited a little while.. I went straight for Yulia because I already had a picture with Lena and her authograph from the hotel.. I finally got to Yulia and she signed my shirt aswell!!

And I asked her again for a picture and I was the only one she said yes to!! I was so happy - which doesn't show on the pic unfortunately because I was frustrated with my cam *sobs* At first it didn't want to take a picture!!! But ok, it eventually took a pic when I didn't expected it to..

I look like a deer looking into the headlights of a car coming towards it..

Oh! They got into the van but didn't leave yet.. I walked towards the side of the van and saw Lena.. I knocked on the window and put my hand there and Lena turned towards me and put her hands on the window aswell, which was so cute!! Yulia looked aswell and smiled.. They looked so cute and I'm glad I made them smile because I think they weren't feeling too well..

Linda 10th April 2006, 11:55
Tatu in Tallinn Airport. Report

Me and Eku1 met the girls in Tallinn Airport today. Photos and videos will be provided later. Overall impressions - very positive. The girls are friendly, communicative, collaborative. They signed autographs with pleasure and were ready to be photographed with fans. Especially Yulia had a positive aura. She chatted freely and was very friendly. We communicated in Russian. They gave interviews to Estonian TV channel TV 3 and to Russian TV channel Pervõi Kanal. We made several photos and a few videoclips, hope to upload them in the evening. To be honest, my respect to Tatu grew enormously. They were acting like professionals and not like spoilt teenagers or spoilt divas. In reality Yulia was not horrible at all. I finally started to understand, why Shap chose Yulia for Tatu and why she is so important for the whole project. Yulia HAS a special aura, she somehow shines from inside out and she has a strange habit to look directly in your eyes when you are talking to her. I must say, there IS something in her. And I believe she is perfect for showbusiness. Lena is also nice, but she is not shining so much... Sorry...But what surprised me, the girls were really small. Lena usually looks a little bit curvy, but she seemed very slim and short. I'm short - 160cm - and Lena was about my height. Yulia is totally tiny, when I saw her sitting on these boxes on the trolly, my first thought was that she looked like a Dutch doll.

Linda 02nd May 2006, 04:35
Tatu in Tallinn Airport. Report

My train leave 7.40 am from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. I arrived at railwaystation 7.05 am. and wait train. In Riihimäki 8.30 am. Elisa join to train with me and we talked ect. Train arrived to vainikkala about 11 am. there was some duty and passport check and they change finnish train to russian train. It was very boring to sit many hours in old train. Later we arrived in Vyborg (Russia) and view was kinda "AFTER BOMB". Those apartment etc houses there were horrible. There was very dirty. Then we arrived to Saint Petersburg 2.30pm our journey guide was waiting us in ladozhkaya vokzale. We take bus to mosvka / moscow hotel and get our rooms then we get somehting to eat and we planned to go to CKK by taxi but we didnt find any and we take metro / underground. Metro was scary there was many peoples. We chanced our metro in Sadovaya and take blue line to Park Podeby, before CKK arena was huge park. There were many people selling tatu photos and one man selling some pirate discs and TATY video collection dvd for 200rub -> 7€. Those pictures what they selling was taken from net i have allmost every photos that i saw.
We arrived to CKK arena 6.10 pm and go inside before get in there were lots of army boys and police mans. There was security check, they took me away from the door and say smt that i have to show what i have in my bag i open it and was very scared if they notice my and elisas cameras, security guy notice my cameras and check other things in my bag and let me go in, i was relieved coz they let me in with cameras. We go to online shop goods table and i bought some cds and few pins. An we waited to get inside to hall, they let people in after rehearsal about 7.20 pm. in dancingfloor people was running to near to stage and we take our seats and wait again. There was two huge screens and about 10 cameras and stage was huge, i was hoping catwalkstage but no. Concert start about 8.15 pm. First band played smt and then intro and after that girls came to stage. Ludi invalidi first verse vas "acapella" like in estonia. Atmosphere there was much better than in tallin gig. People jumping, screaming, clapping and stripping (lol) etc. All about us, Loves me not, Sacrifice, in sacrifice yulia sing i will i will i will and then lena you will like in tallin and yulia go down dont know how to explain but you can wacht it from video. =) Nichya, Friend Or Foe, Choto Ne Hvataet, Cosmos, Obezyanka Nol, Gomenasai, Novoya Model nothing special in those. Show me love, yul took camera and film audience. Girls left stage and band played Sml remix they came back and sing How soon is now, after that Polchasa, They climbed to drum podium and and lena have some problems to climb up. Some guy in audience have some fireworks and he used it polchasa and some1 behind me say in russian smt like "dont kill each other there". Nas ne dogoniat, Y&L asked people to stand up in sitting area, yulia take her shoes off and trow them away from the stage that she could jump, yulia let people to sing her chorus. Ne ver, ne boisja, ne prosii, wow lena take too her shoes off and jumped too they let people to sing some parts of nvnbnp yul take camera and filmed audience again. They left stage and go put theyre shoes back and came back and start to sing ya soshla s uma in that part where they often kiss inn old times they have some cold paper chaffs exploxed to air. They left again x) and came back to sing Dangerous and movng and All about us. In D&M yulia trow those cold paper chaffs to lena after aau they left. They speak in russian so i didnt understand anything they said. There was lots of fireworks people were mad, no balloons this time. :-( After concert ckk advertise that people left arena soon as possible, i go to bought one dvesti cd and then we go outside ckk and wathing around and saw some other finnish people there we took few pictures and take taxi to hotel, it was expensive 750rub -> 24e by metro it cost only 12rub wich is about 0.3€. We bouhgt some drinks from metrostation and go inside hotel and wached our videos and pictures and go sleep.

Next day, we woke up 7.30 am and go to breakfast and then we take our way to Grand hotel emerald, 9.00 am we finally found hotel. There was 2 other russian fans we go to talked with them and they told that they came there 7 am near to hotel was tatu advertises and we take few pics of them. We waited waited and waited 13pm there arrived 5 fans more and we go to food shop with them and came back to hotel and around 2-3pm voe vodina come to talk us something in russian that tatu might give pictures or autographs if we dont scream and stay calm etc. 3 pm yulia came out from hotel with 2 bodyguards and walked straigh to inside car. > : ( !! After while lena came and give autographs and talked with russian fans, she signed my tatu shirt and attss single <3 i take some photos and video when she was signing autographs therewas two mercedes and she didnt know wich one she have to go. Other fans was talking something and i watched to car and lena wawed her hand. Omg how small and cute lena was oh my. *dead* We go wth russians fans to moscow railwaystation and find moscow train wich leaves 4.00 pm and russians asked from train stuff have girls came yet, they didnt, we waited there and 4.30pm they arrived @ station and they walked right away to inside train. after that we saw IVAN, russian fans talked something about wich coach he have her seat and he answered in 10 coach. Then we left railwaystation and try to find some pizzeria or something fast food place it was allmost impossible to find food place there, there were only some coffees, cd and cloth places. We go back to hotel and take metro to beginning of nevski and go to mc donalds it was fully and people there were very rude. rest of day we just hanging around there. I bought some cds and magazines. next day we leave by train and train trip was awful again...

Nevermind 30th July 2006, 04:26
A'ight here's my looooooooong report:

So a 3 hour ride by train and i and my mum( yeah lol,she wanted to see Seinдjoki and the cars) finally arrived to Seinдjoki sometimes after 11am on friday. We decided to check the racing events, it was quite a long way by walk we soon noticed that it was empty, no audience or people going, we asked someone about it and they said that it's tomorrow. I looked the time schedule completely wrong lol! I thought there would been racing on friday too since the concert was but no, a more than an hour long walk for nothing! I was pissed off. After that i decided to check out if tatu had their soundcheck, and whaddya know, you could hear from a distance AAU, but you really couldnt see the stage, the sound was excellent though.

Haha and NOW the wierdest and funniest part! After they finished ( around 17.30) i was nearly starving to death, so we found a restarurant called Fransmanni, it was the hotel's restaurant where tatu stayed , but i didnt knew that yet. The place wasnt full so we didnt need a reservation for a table, i saw two men speaking russian at a table, thought that they're only some turists. We sat down behind them, got the menu's and after a few minutes....just guess who entered the restaurant..tatu's bodyguards followed by Yulia and Lena! haha and they sat down at the table where the other russian men where, RIGHT BEHIND ME! :D lmao omfg I nearly was shocked, and i was soo hungry and nervous that i started shaking, they sat that their backs was towards my back, so when i turned around i saw Yulia's back and her awesome tattoo :drool: she was like 20cm from me! and GOSH THEY SMELLED( is that the right word? -_-)GREAT! they had both white tank-tops(?) Lena had jeans and Yulia jean shorts, Lena had a pink hoodie that she later gave to Yulia(!) when the waitress came and asked me what to order, i was all "huh? order? oh yea"(how can you possibly think about food in this situation!!!? :S ) so i ordered...and then the waitress got to tatu's table ( they were talking nearly non-stop to the other russian guys, i think they were part of the management) I listened carefully what they said, Yulia said something like " we want mushroom soup"( for starters) Lena ordered grape juice to drink, didnt here what Yulia wanted but later on i noticed that she drank a coke, the bodyguards ordered beer, they sat on the closest table to Yulia's, Lena's and the two men's table. Then there was some confusion, the waitress didnt really understand what they wanted, Yulia said something like " no no no, with honey sauce...." i cant remember more of that, i think she ordered fish with honey sauce(?) at the same time i was busy of thinking what I should do lol, should i just now go and say something and ask for an autograph? i didnt think of taking pics since they've been so sensitive about it. There where some guys at the other table that looked at them, one of them encouraged the other to go and ask for autograph, so he did. He asked for an autograph for his girlfriend, Lena said "sure" while Yulia was talking russian to the others in a rapid speed lol, she passed the paper to Yulia and she signed it too, the guy said "thank you" and left. I thought of jumping in at the same time to ask but just then the waitress came with four plates of mushroom soups, i didnt want to be rude and disturb their meal so i didnt do anything yet. After that i got my stake which i ordered and started to eat( i totaltotally forgot that i was effing hungry at that time)
There i cursed to myself many times.."oh why oh why can't I understand russian now %#¤%&!" who knows what they talked about..upcoming concerts? their private life? upcoming album? they talked pretty loud hehe...but they didnt get so much attention, they were really quite in peace the whole time there.
After they finished the soup, Lena said kindly to the waitress that she want to cancel her order for the next meal, she said that she was full already! and after that in came Sven, Troy and Domen and some other guy that talked german to Sven. They all said hi to each other and sat at the table right left to me, i was again all effed up in my mind lol. They didnt order anything, Troy asked the girls and the men when they would go to the concert area, i dont remember the answer to that but Troy said after that that it's boring to be at the hotel and suggested that they go there a bit early, then he asked Lena what she'd done, she said "oh sleep,sleep,sleep" Troy: "oh beauty sleep?" Lena laughed, i cant remember more of it. Troy and Domen didnt stay so long so they left quite quickly and said bye bye c'ya. Sven went outside to talk in his cellphone and came back and ordered a beer with the other guy, I THEN decided to ask an autograph from the girls and Sven but oh noes..bad timing again cause the waitress came with the next meal to them argghhh! lol
I turned and watched a bit and i saw that Yulia took away the cheese sauce from her fish lol, i guess she didnt like it. While Yulia and the other men ate, Lena smoked two cigarette's and Sven talked in his cell again for very long so i waited again and ordered dessert. After Sven finished she said something to the girls that i dont remember, said byebye and left( the girls said byebye in that cute little way we all know ;) )

not so long after that, they finished eating and Yulia started to smoke a cigarette ( so yeah apparently she still smokes) Lena left somewhere not saying a word ( or then i didnt hear anything) I decided to wait until she comes back and then ask for the autograph, but she never came :(
After Yulia smoked her cig they prepared to leave, some lady who spoke russian came to them ( from the management i guess) so right then i asked Yulia for an autograph she said "yeah sure" and i said "to Alexander" ( my name) the lady spelled it in russian to Yulia. I thanked in russian and said "see you at the concert" and Yulia responded "Yeess!" while looking at her cellphone ofcourse :D , she was soooo small omg...and those pretty i didnt have the courage to ask for a pic *sigh*'s a pic of the autograph.
so after that they all left, they didnt order a check probably cause they send it straightly to their rooms.
After that i really wasnt so disappointed anymore that i didnt get Lena's autograph or pics, i was pleased from what i got, after all, im more a Yulia-groupie :D It surely was a strange and a cool experience, it was so unexpected, I guess I just was on the right place at the right time ;)

I went to the hotel and rested before the gig, still feeling wierd after the what happened lol! I went to the gig when Sonata Arctica, a famous power metal band was playing, and in the crowd i spotted Troy and Domen drinking beer :D so I waited untill Sonata finished and went to talk to them. They were really great! they werent so sure when they suppose to play and on which stage LOL? they asked me if i was already drunk rofl ( i wasnt :/ ) and asked about the band Sonata Arctica, they really enjoyed the band :D i ask for an autograph and they signed happily ^_^

After that they had to go and prepare for the gig, they waved goodbye and i waved back.
The gig was fucking GREAT! :thumbsup: It was really a surprise for me that the audience was pretty good through the gig, except that they didnt really know the words for some songs lol, cause Yulia tried to get us to sing along Sacrifice. And there was some wierd fighting( or a MOSH-PIT? :O) in the centre dunno what that was about...
Yulia was a real firecracker! jumpin' around and even doing the kicked along SML ;) Lena had a great eye-contact with the audience, I saw her smile and doing wierd faces to someone in the crowd :D oh yeah and someone threw a teddybear and a big donkey on the stage rofl. They said "hi" and "thank you" in finnish which sounded really cute! And I do hope that they come back to Finland again!

Meeting in L.A.
February, 24, 2009 was one of the best days of my life.
I went to LA to try to meet Julya Volkova, i'm not gonna tell you how exactly i knew where she was, but i will tell you what happened when i met her
Someone told me that she will be in her hotel on february 24, in the morning.
So i drove almost 15 hours the day before. Everything was against me the day that i was planing to drive. The police give me a ticket (i must say that i drive like Volkova, i had many tickets and the police told me that if i had one more i could not drive for two months, so they probably will send me a letter this week saying that i can't not drive for two months, my mom will kill me and i would have to take the bus). Me and my dearly friend went to rent a car, when we were trying to pay our credit cards didnt work(maybe because we deposit the money the day before)and they usually dont acept debit card, so i was disappoint it. But my friend who i went to LA with talk with everyone to see if they could help me to pay with debit card, so they accept it. Before that my mom told me that she will be really mad if i go to LA cuz she didnt give me permission to go there...i did it anyway, she is mad now...
ok...i got LA at 6 30 am, i was supposed to meet her at 9 am. So i wait 2 hours and then decide to go inside. I wait in the lobby for one hour and then i called the person who help me to meet her...he didnt answer...after half an hour security came and told me that i can't wait for her there that i must leave ...i was like no way!! they told me to wait there and i'm going to wait there! but he said that if i dont leave they will call the police, so i just leave ...i was really really sad, when we left the hotel my friend and i went to the beach ...i cried, but i didnt know that my friend saw the afternoon, we tried to find her again this time Julia told my friend that she will wait for me in the lobby..i was sooo happy and sooo nervous, so we took the car and i drove like crazy ...when we got there i saw Julia and parviz waiting for us seating , when they saw us they stood up and greet us...i didnt know what to do cuz i didnt know if hug her or just say i just say hi...but my friend hug her so i decided to hug her...she was sooooo cute she hug me tight, it was the best hug ever in my life!!!, her hug was soooo sweet. Then she asked me everything about me, how old am i, where i'm from...everything she wanted to know evertyhing...guys she is really beautifull, sweet and she care about us!!!
After she asked me those questions i started to ask her questions , i didnt know how she was going to i started to ask silly question, she didnt mind at all!!!! so i started to ask things like when is the english album coming out, she said in Summer; when the movie is going to be release, she said at the end of this year :(or maybe the begining of the next year...i also asked about Lena , she told me that she stayed in Moscow, as we all know...also she said that the new single video is coming on March!!! but she didnt tell me which one...she said that is a secret that i have to wait ....she told me a couple of plans that i found prudent to not tell you will find out soon While my friend was talking with Parviz she asked me which was my favorite song of the new album and i told her Ne Zhaley..Parviz ask me about Fly on the wall i told him that i really like that song and that for me is a really good International song, they asked me to sing it a little bit...and i did...we talked a little bit more than half an hour...i asked about Sam and she show me pics of him!! he is soo cute!!!i told her to writte something to us ..she said that she will soon!!!next week she is going to Hawaii... guys you can not imagine how many times those beautifull eyes look at me...and that smile!! i was in heaven!! i was all the time like OMG!!..she is sooo sweet!!!!Parviz told me that she is an angel, and yeah she really is !!! when i told my friend to take pic just of Julia ...she always put her hand around me like a sign that she wanted to be with me on the pics all the time!! ...she smile to me many times!! ohhh Guys Parviz was really nice with me all the time!! she seems a really good guy ...and seems that he loves her.Then she started to sign some cds and pics, Parviz invited to me and my friend hamburgers lol...Yulia was sitting so close next to me so we both were eating French fries togueter. i will never forget that ..after that they have to leave..i was sad because of that but she told to not be sad that we will meet again soon ..she hug me tight again...i was in heaven again..a looong hug
Lena (TA....) i told her everyting that you ask me to told her...she was smiling all the time beacuse of that!! then they left ...but guys i'm really glad to have met her..she is really a sweet person , and i really love her!!! i will post pictures soon
Now i so want to meet my Angel KATINA!!! i know that they will came back to LA soon

Anneke Moscow 09th November 2007
Seeing Yulia
Sabine, Odette and I met up with some other fans to go to the tatu office to pick up some merchandise we had ordered from the shop. Nice to see some people again. And from there we headed to Yulia's place again. Second try for me this week. 

It was too cold to stand outside, so after noticing that even the bench on the little playground was full of writing from fans, went inside and sat in the hallway again, but this time with a group of about 14 fans. We spent quite some hours there. Her grandmother walked the dogs again. I think that after 3 hours of waiting, we saw through the window how Yulia stepped out of a car. Everyone went crazy. My heart started racing again and we quickly stood op and rushed to her door. She passed by and said that she was surprised by our visit, asked if we could not take pictures and said that she was tired and would come to us in ten minutes. But we all know Yulia's ten minutes, she always says ten minutes, no matter how long she takes. She wasn't in the best mood, but of course we forgave her, knowing she just had a photo shoot and she is very pregnant now. I barely even saw her.

If I remember correctly it was at least half an hour or even an hour later when she appeared again, together with her mom. Both women looked very beautiful by the way and her mum seemed like a very nice person to me, she was all smiles to us. Anyway, Yulia just walked down the stairs, followed by the whole lot of us. Outside she thanked us for coming and asked for our understanding that she didn't have time to chat with us, coz she had to go somewhere and was already running late. Then they got into a car and drove off.

Of course I was a little disappointed, coz I have never really met Yulia before, only saw her a few times and a picture with her is the one thing really missing in my tatu life and in my room! Plus I want to get to know her just a little better, like we had the chance to with Lena. Every time I had the chance to meet Yulia, she's been in a bad mood or didn't have time. Hopefully there will be a next time, coz Odette keeps telling me how great she is when you really get to chat with her, so my fingers are crossed to meet the lovely Yulia once again, hopefully in the not to far away future!

Moscow 07/11/2007
Meeting Lena again and visit to Yulia's place

[...] After that and some lunch, we headed to Yulia's home. It was great to see where she lives, a totally different neighbourhood than Lena's. The blocks of apartment were much smaller. We got inside and saw that the apartment was very simple, just like Lena's. They really don't live like stars at all. We sat in the hallway, where I noticed all the writings on the walls made by fans. You can see it on the pics I made. Yul's grandmother came out three times to walk the three different dogs :D By the way, Rada is such a beautiful dog and Ricky is so cute! She told us that Yulia wouldn't come home that day. Too bad for us. But it makes sense, since Yulia lives with Parviz and not with her parents anymore. 

Ivan 19th November 2011
Sao Paulo Concert, Brazil

Well, yesterday, me and two friends ( Vinicius and Aryadne, they are member of the forum too) decided to go to Julia's hotel to see her. We bought a beautiful bouquet of red and white roses and we were sure she'd love that. The name of that kind of arrange was "Peace and Love", just like her tatoo, so I think it was a nice idea. We would get there something around 6pm, but in the last minute we founded out she'd be leaving at 5pm, so we were already late and we managed to get there only 5:30pm. When we arrived we were told she was out for lunch and would be back in a few minutes. But you know.. Julia is always late. When it was 7:30pm one of Julia's producer appeared and came to talk to us. He's one of the sweetest persons I've ever met.We were talking till 8:30, when Julia arrived. She saw us, we gave her the flowers, she just said "Thank you, they are beautiful. Are you coming to the show tonight?" and we said "Yes, sure". And she was gone =/. She didn't kiss or hug us, and she also didn't want to take a picture because she hadn't her make up done yet...But she was beautiful, she looked gorgeous guys, her lips are not big/ugly and she is so delicate and I knew she was not tall but I had no idea of how skinny she is. She's very small, tiny, tiny person, I couldn't believe she had already given birth twice. Anyway, I got very disapointed because I expected her to give us a little more attention. It was only us three, not a crowd, not a mess. She could have been more friendly. I'm actually still kinda sad because of this.After that the producer kept on talking to us till 10:30pm, while Julia was on her hotel room ( the fan meeting was supposed to start at 9, I guess, but, as I said, she's always late). Again, the producer is such a great person, adorable, I'm very happy we met him. I'm sure I'll never forget our 3 hours of talking, heh. Ah, at sometime during our conversation Julia asked him ( when he went to his room for taking something) for watermelons. It was 10:00pm and she wanted to eat a slice of watermelon!! The we were out to buy it for her. That was funny. After that we went to the club and waited for her there. She showed up a little after midnight, I guess, but she was kinda afraid because she had to walk by the middle of the the crowd, but of course nobody tried to hug or kiss her and everything was ok. She got upstairs and we were told we'd meet her in groups of three. But actually we met her one by one...better for us. There was a little sofa where she was sit. I just came, asked her if she liked the flowers, she confirmed with her head, gave me the poster, we took a picture, and she signed all my 7 booklets ( that was nice). It was cute when she got my "Lyudi invalidy", she looked at me like "Hmmm, what do you want me to do?" because it's black and her pen was black too, but she signed it anyway ( It was actually already signed because I bought from the official store, so Julia's in fact signed it twice.. very precious now). After that the show started and it was GREAT! I'm not talking much about the show itself because you'll see it. I can only say everything was amazing, as it was supposed to be. Everybody was saying her voice was beautiful, and she didn't make any mistakes ( except when the guitar player messes up a little with "Show Me Love" and she got confused). The stage was very small, and there were something like a 100 people, so everybody was able to touch her hands ( they are so small and soft *-*). Julia looked like she was having fun. I think she must have enjoyed it just as much as us. After the show finished the backup singer gave me the setlist because I had asking her during the concert...Then the producer was looking for us three to say bye ( He's so nice, you guys have no idea) and I asked him to ask Julia to sign the setlist for me, and that's how I got my signed setlist I posted a few pages ago. Hmm, then we hugged him, said bye, and were out ( I'm not into clubbing, that's why I was out but most guys stayed there). When we were leaving we saw Julia entering in the van for going home too. And that's it. It was a great experience. Of course I'm still very, very sad Julia was not that attentive with us in the hotel, but I think I'll survive. Ah, and I'm sorry for my awful english, I was surprised I could speak to the producer maybe almost perfectly but I guess I need to pratice my writing a little more. Heh.

19th November 2011
Sao Paulo Concert, Brazil

THAT WAS THE BEST DAY OF ALL! *-----------------*
Yulia is so beautiful, so small (like me, omg), so delicate, so amazing, so perfect! I LOVE HER SO MUCH <3
And I loved every second I was in her presence, I only regret having been so little time with her in Meet&Greet, I want Yulia all for me :( but still it was very worthwhile able to hug her, and kiss her, and with for sure that day was unforgettable!!! I would like her to take pictures of the gifts she received from fans, because I want to see the big flower that I gave her, I hope you enjoyed it, Yul! *-* I'll post my photos and videos soon, unfortunately I'm not having much time for that :S sorry.

Olga Nazarova 27th April 2013
NovosibExpo Concert in Novosibirsk

Small Report by Olga Nazarova from NovosibExpo Concert in Novosibirsk Visited yesterday at both performances Julia. The Expocentre administration brought us down, it was very unorganized, no atmosphere, the sound was terrible. From the beginning, when we entered the hall, guard chased us from corner to corner, and no one couldn't even pinpoint where the fan zone was. Then there were screams. It turned out that the man fell and hit his head, thrombosis and then he was dead. The mood after this case was set to zero and has no desire to have fun and enjoy the performances of the artists. The concert was delayed for half an hour, all quarreled, have started to arrange removal. Then everyone calmed down but the atmosphere was already not the same. Julia was the last one who performed. She said something but there was nothing clear at all. But it was obvious that she was also in a bad mood because of the accident by the man.
 The whole performance the musicians are very steep, rocked people.After that we didn't want to go in the club. But one friend persuaded us. And we are very grateful. As well there it was really cool. Julia was awesome. Lit in full. The people accepted it with enthusiasm. She has a crazy energy, even though her voice is a bit weak, she has performed with such dedication. Emotions overflow over the edge!!!