Interview about Julia's new single "Просто забыть" [06.06.2017]

"Просто забыть" ("Just forget")
Julia Volkova presented a lyric-video for a new song
The singer Julia Volkova presented the lyric-video for a new song "Just forget." Premiere of the video was held on Tuesday, June 6, on the YouTube channel of the singer.
The video was filmed in one of the Moscow pavilions. The director of the work was Dima Croll. As the singer admitted, during the filming was not without curiosities

"Shooting process lasted for long hours ... but all the time happened, some small and funny and not very stories that we were slightly out of schedule. At first, before my exit to the frame, I jammed the door in the dressing room, waited for me to be released, then the lamp burst when I was near. But, most importantly, we managed to fulfill our plans. With director Dima Kroll, we understood each other with a half-word. I'm happy with the result."

 Also the singer shared her impressions about the song itself. Julia believes that the new track is a kind of "mantra of parting":

 "Просто забыть" - is not just a conversation, it's a message, a message, a kind of separation mantra, but at the same time you always succumb to temptation and violate your own promises given to yourself.

 According to Volkova, the authors took just a few days to create this song. Also, Julia admitted that the new song was one of the most unusual in her repertoire:

 "This is the merit of DJ Daveed and creative guys from Lavina Records. David appeared as the sound producer of the track. He very pedantically approached this issue, which is very important in this matter. In my opinion "Just forget" turned out to be one of the most unusual songs in my repertoire. It's different music, different lyrics, than I did before."