300th anniversary of St. Petersburg [12.06.2017]

Julia Volkova made a small set in the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg where she performed the songs "Ya soshla s uma", "Nas ne dagoniat", "Ne'ver ne boisya, ne prosi", "as well as solo songs like "Derzhi Ryadom" "Spasite, Lyudi mir" and the new single "Prosto Zhabit"
A little later Julia talked with fans behind the scenes, took a picture and signed some autographs.
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Oka-Info.ru Interview [11.06.2017]

Julia Volkova: "My children listen to the songs of" Tatu "
A cheek bangs, stockings in a large net, an unusually low voice with a hoarse voice. Finding an uncompromising Julia Volkov from the group "Tatu" in this sharp young person is difficult, but possible. And let in eyes rushes absence of the red-haired Lena Katina, with whom Julia shared that first success, and skillful tuning of the face - uncles and aunts, forgetting that they have not been 15 for a long time, jump and yell at the songs of their youth in one of the most prestigious restaurants of the district .

Sworn girlfriends
Eighteen years ago the appearance in the Russian musical space of the "Tatu" group had a tsunami effect. The young age of the soloists - Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, the name giving birth to a lot of guesses, strange provocative texts, even more shocking clips and a fresh fatal sound in the shortest possible time made Tatu one of the favorite groups of young people. The youngsters and students enthusiastically cried, "Do not believe, do not be afraid, do not ask", tried to imitate the "tatu" in clothes and even in a manner of behavior, parents grabbed their heads, reassuring themselves that everything passes. In 2003, the girls took the "bronze" of Eurovision - an unprecedented success for Russian performers for that period. "ТаТу" starts recording an English-language album, makes a tour of Europe, Asia, the United States and Latin America, collaborates with well-known record companies throughout the world. At the same time, the popularity of the band in their homeland began to fall. The English-language hits did not come as accurately as the Russian hits, and the girls' assurances that they were always just friends, disappointed some of the ardent fans. In 2010, for the group began a series of quarrels. Volkova and Katina then appeared together on radio and television, then they declared that all professional and human connections between them were broken forever. Both more or less successfully tried to build solo careers. The last joint performance took place at the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February 2014 - as a tribute to the glorious past. The song "We Will not Catch" has remained an unofficial single of those games.

Girl in the grid
In Drakino Julia Volkova granted, of course, solo. Until recently, it was not clear whether she would limit herself to new songs or to rock old tattoos. Of course, most of the guests wanted to hear something from the old. Contrary to the starry habit, on the stage Volkov left exactly at the appointed time. She was accompanied by two nice backing vocalists. Even the faithful fans of the singer were probably surprised by her miniature proportions. Julia is famous for her extravagant image, and this time she did not change it. The girls' legs wrapped pantyhose in a large net, jeans shorts with a short top left an absolutely flat stomach open, and a huge jeans jacket added the image of boyhood. It's hard to believe that Volkova is the mother of two children, a twelve-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son. Julia grew her hair, and this made her image more feminine and grown up. But what struck most of all those who recently did not follow the life of Volkova is her voice. He became much lower and a husky intervened, especially noticeable when a woman simply speaks. This feature Julia has acquired as a result of a complex operation to remove the tumor of the thyroid gland. The doctor mistakenly touched the speech nerve - and for a long time, not only singing, but also ordinary speech turned into a torture for Volkova. But she persistently treated, sang and eventually managed to turn the problem in her favor. In any case, it was to this opinion that the majority of listeners from "Cranberries in Sugar" came. The first song - "All about us" - answered the question whether old hits will sound.

Well, children, stand in a circle!
- Let's get acquainted with you! Why are you sitting so boring? Tell me, have you specially come to the concert? From afar? How many hours did you go? And I'm definitely more, five hours to get to you, such traffic jams are terrible! - Julia immediately tried to establish contact with the audience. Those from such a rapprochement a little stunned and the offer of the singer to immediately stop chewing and go to dance released on the dance floor of children. It turned out that the odious "tattoo" is a born educator. Children immediately found themselves on the stage, Volkova got acquainted with everyone, asked about her hobbies, took her hands and did not let go of herself.

"What wonderful children!" Simply cool! All the same, children are better than us. Here you are sitting, and the children are sincerely happy!

In the first part of the concert there were songs from the solo repertoire of Volkova. Although many of them were not bad and could potentially ignite the public, "bombs", similar to the old compositions, were not among them. But now it was the turn of "heavy artillery". One by one, Julia gave out "I'm mad," "Do not believe, do not be afraid, do not ask", "We will not be caught up." The wheezing brought some fresh freshness into the sound, and the high notes helped the singers to cope. The audience poured out into the dance floor, touching each other with their elbows.
- These are the songs of my youth! How I was a fan of Volkova! From the age of 12 she was waiting for her! An elegant man could not restrain his senses.
After the concert Julia patiently photographed with the fans, and then gave a short interview "Oke-info". But before that, I changed into jeans and a black sweater. "I'm so uncomfortable in these shorts!" - she admitted.

"You look very tired now." The concert was hard?
- Yes, I have a hard day today. First five hours to get here on traffic jams. In general, initially planned to bring children with them and spend the weekend with them. But then the plans changed, tomorrow I fly to Germany on the set. It was also unusual that people were initially more interested in food than in a concert. As if they go to the events every day, but they rarely eat. I ask them a question, but they are silent. Are they embarrassed? I do not understand this. I'm such a person that I love driving, the very first I go out everywhere.

"But today the children received the maximum of your attention ..."
- I adore children! And their own, and in general. I really want to give birth, a boy and a girl. These are completely different stories, different feelings - to raise a son and daughter. But both are amazing.

- Do you often spend time with your children?
- I work very hard, but I devote all my free time to them. If the day off - we go together somewhere to walk, play or go to the movies on a cartoon. We skate in the park on the bikes. On vacation we fly together. Often I take them with me to the performances, to the events. They listen to my songs. Well, when I'm not there, my mom helps me, babysitters and tutors. By the way, children do their own lessons.

- In magazines you are such a "graeme". And in life?

- I? Glamorunysh? Very funny! In magazines, I, maybe, and create such an image. But in life I have nothing to do with him. I'm more like a hooligan, a little girl, a shirt-guy. All my life I've been so, I've become more calm now. All my acquaintances will confirm this. I know how to be friends - both with women and with men. I have few real friends, in general I think that there can not be many of them. But I'm absolutely sure of them. For example, Catherine, with whom I came here - my childhood friend. We went through all the stages of my life with her. Girls from backing vocals, too, with me for many years. So I'm not at all what I seem.

- Do not you like clothes, social parties?
"I used to like it, now I get away from it." And I try not to stuff my wardrobe. First, fashion changes very quickly. Secondly, a large number of things are annoying. They fold, and the more of them, the more often there is nothing to wear. I distribute them in huge quantities, sometimes even with labels. Although my main style now is cache. Jeans, T-shirt, sneakers - and forward. Of course, if the event, I'll go to the stylist and take something elegant. But in life I just do not wear it.

- What happens to your shoe design? Will there be new shoes from Julia Volkova?

- So far we have closed this project. But I received some satisfaction from him. I was given the opportunity to participate in the process of creating shoes, it was interesting. Of course, I had shoes from my own line. If in the future someone will suggest me to do design - I, most likely, agree.

"You look amazing." Share the recipes.
- Yes, today, on the contrary, I'm tattered. In fact, I'm not doing anything special. Sleep, food and beautician. Any procedures for the face - mesotherapy, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, now a lot of useful things. Nutrition is carbohydrate. No rolls, no pasta, no pizza - nothing. I do not want to, I'm used to this regime. No, well, it's not taboo, of course. I can afford to eat once a month something that is floury, sweet, I can even go to McDonald's, I'm a living person. But definitely three times a week gym. Strength training, squats with a barbell, press, arms, legs. I do not like all these pilates, yogis. It seems to me that this is a kindergarten. If you do, then it's grown-up. I train myself, without a coach, I already know what I need.

"The hall was not chosen for mere mortals?"
- No, this is, of course, the VIP-hall, where there are a lot of public persons. But we all communicate with each other normally.

"You do not suffer from lack of male attention." And how do you choose men?

- I do not choose men at all, real happiness will come by itself, it should not be looked for, it's a wrong approach. When the same person appears, you can not confuse it with anything. And I believe that I will have everything

Video Release 'Просто забыть [06.06.2017]

Directed by: Dima Croll
Production: Plasticinepro
Style: Julia Zhuravleva
Authors: Давид «DJ Daveed», Matua, Vlad Khaney Khanetsky, Asher Haart Arabachyan
Produced by DJ Daveed
Lavina Records 2017

Tochka.net Interview about Julia's new single "Просто забыть" [06.06.2017]

"Просто забыть" ("Just forget")
Julia Volkova presented a lyric-video for a new song
The singer Julia Volkova presented the lyric-video for a new song "Just forget." Premiere of the video was held on Tuesday, June 6, on the YouTube channel of the singer.
The video was filmed in one of the Moscow pavilions. The director of the work was Dima Croll. As the singer admitted, during the filming was not without curiosities

"Shooting process lasted for long hours ... but all the time happened, some small and funny and not very stories that we were slightly out of schedule. At first, before my exit to the frame, I jammed the door in the dressing room, waited for me to be released, then the lamp burst when I was near. But, most importantly, we managed to fulfill our plans. With director Dima Kroll, we understood each other with a half-word. I'm happy with the result."

 Also the singer shared her impressions about the song itself. Julia believes that the new track is a kind of "mantra of parting":

 "Просто забыть" - is not just a conversation, it's a message, a message, a kind of separation mantra, but at the same time you always succumb to temptation and violate your own promises given to yourself.

 According to Volkova, the authors took just a few days to create this song. Also, Julia admitted that the new song was one of the most unusual in her repertoire:

 "This is the merit of DJ Daveed and creative guys from Lavina Records. David appeared as the sound producer of the track. He very pedantically approached this issue, which is very important in this matter. In my opinion "Just forget" turned out to be one of the most unusual songs in my repertoire. It's different music, different lyrics, than I did before."

"Cranberry in Sugar" park hotel Drakino, Serpukhov [02.06.2016]

June 2, Julia performed at the restaurant "Клюква в сахаре" ("Cranberry in Sugar"), located in the park hotel "Drakino."
In the hour set Julia performed as well-known as everyone "Ya soshla s uma", "Nas ne dagoniat", Ne'ver ne boisia', "All about us", "Lyubov Kazhdem mgovenij", and rarely performed "Venus and Mars" (Russian version Woman all the way down).
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Красотой спасаем мир 'Beauty save the world' [31.05.2017]

Outrageous director Valery Gai Germanicus gathered friends and close friends in a fashionable salon for a beauty-pen party. On the red carpet, Julia Volkova was also mentioned.
The event was held under the motto "Beauty Save the World". The star guests of the hen party were lucky enough to receive complex facial skin care, make-up from leading make-up artists, express spa and manicure procedures, and hair styling taking into account trends.
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'Poekhali' Channel Presentation [26.05.2017]

26th May,Julia spoke at the presentation of the TV channel about the travels "Let's go!", Which will go into the "Digital TV Family" of Channel One and performed 'Nas ne dagoniat', Ya soshla suma, Ne'ver ne boisia and All about us. 
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Photoshoot for Charity Project [23.05.2017]

Julia finished the next broadcast in the charity fund "kotodetki.ru", where she is preparing for a photo shoot, which she reported in previous broadcasts.
During the conversation, Julia shared the fact that her mother had a dog named Rada, her grandmother has a cat named Alice. Her favorite breeds of dogs are German shepherds, jack-russel. One dog was singled out and did not deprive the attention of the pooch.
Also, Julia urged as often as possible to pay attention to the problem of homeless animals and shared life style from a personal example - when she is abroad, she buys dry food and at any opportunity treats them to stray dogs.
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Performance Musika Pervogo [20.05.2017]

On 20th May Julia Volkova presented her new single "Просто забыть" ("Simply forget") during the russian show 'Maevka Live'
This single is produced by DJ Daveed, who is an active and key musician of the Moscow recording studio LAVINA RECORDS.
The words for the single are written by Haart, known to the singer's fans for a joint performance at the Mayowka festival.
The arrangement was created by DJ Daveed and Khaney. Release on iTunes should be expected next week.

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«Russian Student Spring» Kremlin Place, Moscow [19.05.2017]

All-Russian anniversary XXV festival "Russian student's spring" ended May 19, 2017 gala concert in the Kremlin, which enchantingly closed Julia Volkova legendary "Nas ne dagoniat".
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Salon 'Parfyumer' Trendy Saison [30.04.2017]

Most recently, I read a biography of a very interesting, strong-willed woman Jane Iredale (Jane Iredale). She went to her goal, overcame obstacles, creativity, experimented and created her own successful brand. Before that, I did not ask myself how much effort was invested in the creation and production of cosmetics, which I myself have been using for a long time. Considering that in addition to aesthetic elimination of all defects from chronic lack of sleep, irregular schedule, filming, etc., this cosmetics helps to maintain the skin in tone. Girls, I recommend
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