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t.A.T.u. Christmas Wishes 2009

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27.02.2009 - GRAZIA Magazine

It's Time to Love! 
On the eve of St.Valentin's Day Grazia Magazine has asked seven brightest couples in Moscow about their plans, how will they celebrate this holiday.

Parviz Yasinov and Julia Volkova:
We actually don't know yet if we celebrate this St.Valentin's Day. It's not that important to us as a birthdays or New Year.  We think courtesies and presents are great in any day,  no matter if it's a holiday or not. For example, last year we went to Warsaw, and the night before, when I already went to sleep, Parvis got into my suitcase, took my make-up box and wrote compliments over all make-up boxes, flacons and tubes. Some are still there! 

26.01.2009 - Julia at Operation Valkyrie Movie Premier
 Australia movie premier  - 26.01.2009 

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24.02.2009 - Julia in Los Angeles



12.03.2009 - OK Magazine

20.03.2009 - Julia leaves t.A.T.u. Pro-News Muz TV


22.03.2009 - Fanmeeting in Moscow

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25.03.2009 Prado Cafe, Snoop Dogg ft. Timati Groove On

25.03.2009 - NTV News about t.A.T.u. split

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27.03.2009 - Decameron at Pacha Moscow
Julia Volkova attended a party at the Decameron hotel on March 27th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

28.03.2009 - pre-party of Russian Fashion Week
Julia Volkova attended the pre-party of Russian Fashion Week on March 28th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

Muz TV Report - 2009

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04.04.2009 - Billboard Magazine

17.04.2009 - t.A.T.u. MTV News Block interview

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19.04.2009 - 18th Anniversary of'Neposedy'

21.04.2009  - NTV Interview about solo career 
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21.04.2009 - Russian channel HTB News
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23.04.2009 - OK Magazine Russia

23.04.2009 - MTV Movie Awards @ KZ "Barvikha Luxury Village", Moscow

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24.04.2009 - Party in In Style Beauty Bar


10.05.2009 -  CEH Arena - Eurovision Opening Ceremony

12.05.2009 - t.A.T.u.'s performance @ Eurovision Semifinal

13.05.2009 - Autograph Session - Karusel Metropolis Mall

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13.05.2009 - Eurodom Party @ CEH (Central Exhibition Hall) Arena

14.05.2009 - OK! Magazine 

15.05.2009 - Dima Bilan album presentation

15.05.2009 - t.A.T.u. Radio Alla Interview

16.05.2009 - Autograph Session in Moskow

30.05.2009 -  MTV t.A.T.u. Anniversary Interview 

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05.06.2009 - Muz TV Awards

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23.05.2009 - NTV Russian Sensations

Channel 1 Report about Julia in Eralash - 2009 

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13.07.2009 Snegopady (Snowfalls) Release

"Snowfalls" is the third single from t.A.T.u.'s third English album Waste Management. It is only available by digital download as it is only a promotional single. The song is the English version of "Snegopady" and was premiered on MTV Baltic channels but also on the official t.A.T.u. YouTube channel, MySpace and iLike on 13 July 2009. The music is by Slowman and the lyrics by Katya Salem, T.A. Music, and Leonid Alexandrovski. This video includes Yulia and Lena after filming the video for "220", riding off on motorcycles. Lena (in the computer-generated video) is on the red bike and Yulia is on the black. While driving vigorously on their bikes they are surrounded by police officers and make the decision to drive their bikes into each other, choosing death over captivity. The entire video is computer animation and enhancement, including the ending, in which their exact point of death is covered by a flash of lightning over their bikes. The words "Danger Do Not Try to Reproduce Dangerous Stunts Performed By Yulia And Lena!!!" appears at the beginning of the fully computer animated section of the video. Before that point, slight computer enhancing was used on Yulia's eyes in the close-up shot of her face while she was getting dressed and the steam over the stove, as well as some lighting enhancements. Both the Russian Snegopady version and the English Snowfalls have been released on YouTube to follow the Russian video 220. The music video was officially released on YouTube, MySpace, iLike, MTV Latinamerica and MTV Baltic. However radio stations in the United States and United Kingdom have started playing the song starting on July 21, but it is not yet known if "Snowfalls" will be released on MTV outside of Russia. The song is available for purchase on AmazonMP3 and iTunes. iTunes also has the music video for sale. On August 17 the music video premiered on MTV's program TOP 10 BRAZIL. The song made Brazil's list of 200 best songs of 2010, taking the 196th position


20.08.2009 - Julia, Parviz, Masha and others 


28.08.2009 - Julia in Pacha Model Awards


Russia Fashion Week - 17.10.2009 

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22.11.2009 - Julia's scenes in LA during the program "Russian Tenor" on STS Channel

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