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MuzTV  Closer to Stars [31st March2007]

t.A.T.u. Talk About the Future Movie

The main characters of the book and future movie are two girls who are infatuated not only with t.A.T.u. band but also with each other. Despite that, movie producers believe that there will be no age limit for movie-goers.

t.A.T.u. will also play themselves. The shooting of the movie based on Alexey Mitrofanov's book "t.A.T.u. ?ome Back" begins in mid-May. The story is based on real events happened to two young t.A.T.u. fans, on their love and crime.

Alexey Mitrofanov: There were two t.A.T.u. fans, they wanted to run away to Moscow. They came to take a passport, a fight started. They accidentally killed the mother of one of them, and went to jail. They just asked to stay together during the time of imprisonment

Interviewer: So they are in jail now?

Alexey Mitrofanov: Yes, they are in jail.

Julia: It's really close to reality.

Lena: We re fed up with fairy tales, with looking at life through pink glasses.

Julia: Yes, exactly, all we see is  love and roses  - not just in movies, but also as a life principle. Like  love and roses  are true.

Alexey Mitrofanov: They are tougher, more specific.

They are less interested in global problems, they are all in their own problems - and this is their strength.

Julia: And now, the same happens in the life of young people. If mom doesn t let her daughter go out with some boy, she will take drugs or jump out of the window. If she doesn t kill someone else   then she does it to herself. It's a fact, that's how it goes in life now. This is how young people approach life.

Lena: The eternal problem of parents and kids.

Julia: Of course, of course! Ok, they killed the mother, that's where their emotions led. Others would jump out of the window, drugs and everything. Kill themselves in cars on purpose. They just kill themselves because mother didn't allow them to meet with a boy. I can t go out? Bye-bye..

But this is reality. There's noting unusual in that. It's ok. I think it'll be scandalous movie, our kind of movie. We're waiting for it.

Russian movie makers were considered not credible enough to produce of this scandalous, t.A.T.u-style movie. What if they won't make it?

Alexey Mitrofanov: Since the idea was to make a movie for international release, including the USA as special territory, an American team was engaged, people who know the rules of the world market, director, operator, American cast. The language is English. But also there will be many Russian actors.

Julia: The director Roland Joffe already visited Moscow. Now he's here, he was here for 5 times already, 2-3 weeks each visit. He asked to take him to clubs, central streets, parties. He wanted to see how Moscow lives.The movie will be shot in Moscow and America. Lena and I will also hang out in clubs. Roland saw how youth lives, how they party. He went to karaoke-bars with us, to restaurants. He just watched Russia and Moscow lives.

Interviewer: What did he especially like, or dislike?

Julia: I think as usual   the liberty of people in our country, the liberty of partying. The debauchery of the clubs here, young boys and girls in clubs. I mean, there's no such thing in America. It's not allowed to go drink until you are 21, and here every young girl is  you know   all tuned , so I think it made him think a lot.

The plot of the movie will be linked to the t.A.T.u. legend - the story about two girls who fight for the right to live and create on their own terms.

Julia: We play ourselves - t.A.T.u band. Shows, performances, shootings, hanging out with our fans, our lives, rehearsals.

Alexey Mitrofanov: t.A.T.u. is movie s background.

Julia: I'm a kind of person that doesn't like doing anything on purpose. I mean, I should be same person in life and on stage. I'll always have the opportunity to act when I'll be over forty or fifty. Maybe then I'll be able to play a mature woman who sits at home and all this. Now I want to show myself in movies. In movies, I want to be the same person I'm in life so that people won't think it's something invented. We should play ourselves. And that's what I like about Leosha Mitrofanov's idea   that we play ourselves. There s nothing  made up

The main characters of Alexei Mitrofanov's book and future movie are two girls who are infatuated not only with t.A.T.u. band but also with each other. Despite that, movie producers believe that there will be no age limit for movie-goers.

Alexey Mitrofanov: This is the main story. The movie is about this, as well as the book.

Julia: We're not propagating any kind of love and we especially not showing any kind of dirty love. Nothing vulgar, no lesbian love, lesbianism, nothing like that. You know, it was in the age of fourteen, when it's two girls or boys - doesn't matter  when you try yourself, try to find you way in life  It s teen age, when you say, "Parents, go to hell, we'll do everything ourselves, we don't need school, we want to party, to hang out, to smoke etc - everybody starts from that. I don't think there's anything dirty about it. Yes, we tried some things, there were some things, but not vulgar and not dirty. But everyone perceives it in their own way. Yes, the events there are happening around us, because we had this  not image, but story. So these two girls from different cities found each other in the internet, fell in love - and the story goes on.

Alexey Mitrofanov: First, the movie is about liberty. And second - about relationship. On the background of t.A.T.u.

Julia: We grow up, and our fans - too. It's impossible to kiss and all when you are 22. That was school age, yes, there were times with ambitions and all this. I had a girl (not one) in my life, it's not a secret. I've tried that and it was interesting for me. But at some point in life you understand  I already have a child, I have a family and a beloved person.

It was teen age, a problematic age, but we can't perform in skirts all our lives, kiss each other and tell, "Lena, I love you!". Of course we love each other, absolutely, as friends, as sisters. Our fans also grow up. I don't think that girls who's grown up already will be interested in watching us in skirts like we are little girls.

Alexey Mitrofanov: What's the meaning of t.A.T.u.? What made them a really successful band in the whole world? They told a story that is international. That's what it's all about. No one here in Russia can't understand this. It's an international story, a story of two girls, especially the second album - take their song "All about us" - about two girls trying to survive in this world. In different ways, but it doesn't matter   the main thing is to survive. This story is universal. Can't you find such girls in Warsaw? In Paris? Don't such girls live in London, renting apartment together?  There's no girls like that in Moscow? In Kiev? Of course, there are. And there are millions of them. This is a Pepsi and and t.A.T.u. generation.

 Julia Volkova Arguments and Facts Interview [20.01.12]
-Yulia spends most of her time in Russia since her family is there, but 3-4 times a year she flies to America. It is like her second home and where she is working on her solo project. Also, a lot of work was done for t.A.T.u. there.

-Working in America is better and the people are more professional. Everything is more punctual, there are 100 or more people on set when you go to shoot a clip, while in Russia there are 10-15 people and they are all doing whatever they want (smoking, drinking juice).

-She is not upset when people still refer to her as an “ex-t.A.T.u.” member because it was a huge success. It was not hard to start the solo project, but she took 3 years off because she gave birth. Now she wants to move forward.  She has all new people around her now, so it takes time to get used to them, to trust them. Many people who worked on t.A.T.u. stayed with Yulia for her solo project. Sergey Galoyan is with her, the concert director who was with them 5 years is with her too.

-The clip was her idea. She does like girls but has never had such a serious relationship with a girl, for instance, living with one, but romantic interests do and have occurred.

-She would like to see more artists, actors, athletes, etc. from Russia to be well known, known around the world. Someone told her that they thought they had bears walking around in Moscow. Yulia denied this ridiculous statement and said that Moscow is on the same level as Europe and is a wonderful city.

-She considers Eurovision to be more for artists who are just starting. She once again stated that it’s funny how they just finished touring Europe right before the contest, yet Europe gave them 0 points. Then, they received a letter much later saying that t.A.T.u. in fact did receive first place. She said it’s more about the politics than how well the performers actually sing and rarely do the winners become famous afterwards.

-Why isn’t “Sdvinu Mir’” in rotation on the radio? Is the song weak or is there a problem with the label?

Yulia said there are many factors to it. The clip was successful because it as been shown on many channels. As far as the track itself, she does not know, maybe it’s the format of the song’s fault, maybe something else. Her part in the project is creativity, everything else is the label’s responsibility, as well as the radio station’s. It is a question of taste, if it is well done and popular, then it should be popular all over the world, the format doesn’t play a part. She doesn’t know what the real problem is. When she was in t.A.T.u., most of the work and success was overseas and they were not invited to ceremonies or received awards in Russia that much. Maybe the country is still in that mind set and is saying, “Let her have success somewhere else”. She was shocked when people in Brazil were singing “Sdvinu Mir” in Russian and the song was only out for a week prior to her performance. There, the people are more interested. She hopes the 2nd single is a success. She has no title for the second single and is still searching and recording with Sergei. April/May she hopes to have a result.

-Did you record a duet with Dima Bilan, when will we hear it? Is there a possibility of a duet with Timati and Sergei Lazerev.

Yes, there was an idea with Dima, but no result. It was his idea and happened about 2 years ago, discussions were happening about the song and video, but then Yulia left for America. She is not opposed to recording a song with any of these artists.

-What kind of music style will her forthcoming album be?

She started experimenting with rock, pop, and had an idea of sex-rock, but it was changed more to a dance-pop style and that is the idea that they are going with. She does not want to repeat t.A.T.u.’s style. In fact, the first single was made slightly in the style of t.A.T.u. because that is what fans asked for. Moving forward the style will change. She is not against singing t.A.T.u. songs since people ask for it. It would be strange for people to deny her performing t.A.T.u.’s songs.

-What do you remember most from the years 2000-2008?

She has no nostalgia. Of course there were good times and bad, but she does not remember it in a sad way, but instead moves forward.

-Who did you spend your New Year’s Eve with?

At home with family and friends, then went to a club. Also, she went to a sauna.

-Can I meet you before or after the concert in Krasnoyarsk.

Yes, she wants to meet her fans and answer questions. Yulia is not opposed to meeting her fans. She remembers a certain fan, also named Yulia, a long time ago. She waited for Yulia in her apartment building and said she spent all her money to come see her and spent a week hanging out with Yulia. They would walk around together and at that time Yulia smoked, so whenever she threw away the butt of the cigarette, the girl would collect them and put them all in a bag as well as Yulia’s used gum. It made her understand how much it means to people and they want to not just take a photo with her, but truly wanted to spend time with her and get to know her. There were extreme situations on tours and on stage, but they always had body guards. Bottles were thrown at them, a boy came up on stage with a knife. Also, one girl who was a fan waited for Yulia in her apartment building, she would have a megaphone with her, calling for Yulia, and all the neighbors got annoyed. Yulia came home one day adn saw a window was broken in the building and with blood on the wall it was written, “I will die for you”. Maybe she had problems, but she honestly had love for Yulia.

-What is your view on smoking?

She no longer smokes, everyone wants to try it though. She does not think it is appealing for a woman to smoke.

-What does it mean to be a happy person?

 Happiness is when people hear and understand you, when you have a family and they understand and support you. Yulia has changed, but her personality is more masculine than feminine. Time passes, you grow up. At first, when you’re young you don’t care that you just had 28 concerts, when you come home you want to go out even though you’re tired and covered in bruises. Even though she loves her friends, she wants to be home with he kids. Vika prefers sports to music. It only matters what Vika wants, Yulia will not force he to do anything she doesn’t want to. Vika is not interested in music all that much.

-The tattoo on her upper arm is “Faith”.

-The English version of Simple Motions exists, but was never used.

-People want to know why she does not answer fans on Facebook: she goes on Facebook, but not all the time.

-“Stand Up” was an experimental track and will not be part of the album, but if fans want to hear it so bad she will release the full version.

-Fall 2012 “9 1/2 Zombies” is planned to come out.

Who is Who Summary [Summary]  [06.08.2011]

Yulia said Lena and her rarely talk now, only about twice a year on their birthday's and New Year's. She said, "life just happened that way".

I found it interesting when they were talking about Sergey Lazerev, saying that he seems to be hiding something from the public and then Yulia said, "In terms of one's personal life, we have the right to love whoever we want and how we want to. It says nothing about anything if a boy loves a boy or a girl loves a girl, it's normal."

She also talked about being in t.A.T.u., the lesbian image, being in Neposedy and Yeralash, Eurovision and how they were supposed to have gotten 1st place, same old stuff. She talked about Ivan coming up with their image, showing them the movie "Show Me Love" and how their fans were thankful for them bringing the gay image into the open and helping them feel that they have a right to love also.

She spoke about the gay parade they attended in Moscow in 2008 and how awful people acted and fought, how a woman spilled water on Yulia and how people were shaking the car when they were trying to leave.

She was asked if she would repeat her lesbian image and she said there is no sense in that. She said that maybe in the future she will reunite with Lena and give a world tour, just like other bands/groups do, saying that everyone wants them to reunite and give a concert.

Her music will be rock/electro/"trash". She has a team and a manager in America working on her project. She will remix and redo t.A.T.u. songs and perform them because fans ask for it. She said her and Lena have rights to perform these songs.

She talked about splitting with her first child's father with whom she lived for 4 years and then splitting with her second child's father with whom she also lived with for 4 years.

They showed a video of the public talking about Yulia

1) "No one is interested in her, we haven't heard or seen her in a long time. I don't know if she has some project going on or not."

2) "I saw her somewhere...haven't seen her in a long time. I think she gave birth"

A few people said she was beautiful, talented, one said she had big, shiny lips.

3) "Her career ended fast, could have furthered it more"

August- her single is coming out. People are anxious for her to come out with something, she has to "move faster".

They asked her to sing "Malchik Gay", but she declined.

The host said that when she was talking about project and the songs she's recorded/recording, she didn't really go into detail about them so he believes these "songs" don't even exist yet.

Perhaps every aunt and grandmother in Russia still remember the maiden girl group Tatu. It was organized by the fine magician Ivan Shapovalov, who managed in one, as critics wrote "Lolita dressing, romance and lesbianism"

But time flies. Since then, the girl's gay symbol Yulia Volkova has had a baby, decided to marry and divorced from her husband - both involved a different men. Father of her daughter was Pavel Sidorov, planned to marry Vlad Topalov and divorced from her civil husband Parviz

In 2009, the group officially collapsed. But in 2011, probably realized that what is living without fame, money and screaming fans for a self-respecting person, Yulia started a solo project and already wrote two songs: Woman All The Way Down and Rage

But Yulia didn't stop here: signed a contract with Gala Records, she releases one (more precisely - two) song: All Because Of You (which in Elvish means Сдвину Мир). Yulia is shooting a video now.

"I'm full with strength and energy and very optimistic about the future - Yulia told - the debut of my new song will take place in the second half of August. The song has turned out rather stylish and dynamical.

Well let's hope, that the 26 year old Yulia will look on a stage same young like ten years ago …

History in Details [December 2007]

Narrator: They are once again on rotation, they are once again on the top. Scandalous duet t.A.T.u. is back. After two years of artistic rest. They are fully back. On the beginning of next year, the plan is to release the album "Upravlenie Otbrosami", premiere of "Finding t.A.T.u." film, and birth of Yulia Volkova's second children. This time the star is waiting for a boy. On the first place, exclusively on "History in Details", grup t.A.T.u.

Yulia: I simply accidentaly joking, when I said I will give birth live on TV. Every yellow paper (-this one I can't understand, some russian idiom perhaps?-), is understand about that, they talk about that ... That over there I generally don't know ... No.

Of course, it will not happen, because I think, what for? Of course it's action, not smart, right? Over there ... It must be WOW! But, simply, why would people watch ... All of it is a process. One thing, when you're there, for you, Parviz will take such pictures ... For yourself agin, but when you are bad over there, all of you become pale, on there, wet, sweating, then why would fans want to see that? why?

Let the pregnant give birth in peace, no need to know everything in the scene, all is fine!

Parviz: Actually, it's also the territory of the house, there live our guard dog, alobaiskie ovcharki ( this one I really don't know the meaning , perhaps some kind of dog breed? ), every one of them ...

Yulia: Which generally when people come ...

Parviz: They will not come, that's why they (the dogs) are here, to guard, so Yulia here can sleep peacefully. We have 15, I will not open the gate, I simply feel sorry for the operator, like now, maybe could hear them.

Yulia: No need! No need, I generally afraid of their ferocity

Parviz: I think yes, let's end this, let's go to the forest. Actually our forest is very beautiful, in here we have

Yulia: Bear, lynx , boar ... such thing comes, generally walking around. They will hit Yulia and Parviz here ...

Narrator: Somewhere on 5 kilometers from Moscow, there is a great villa with modern style, there are several hectar of land belongs to young businessman Parviz Yasinov, soon to be married, next will show the family possesion. A fiancee that makes everyone envy, it's also said that he have inheritance from his dad - millions of dollar, suzhenim ( to become tight???) and it's not stupid to brag about it. Yulia already for one and half year on every angle of the world shout about the loved one, since their first meeting on one of the friend party. Volkova even change herself, change from self-loving "I" to one-another "Us". Falling in love. For the first time.

Yulia: You know, I was such a person, the maybe, live my life only for myself. I do everything there, that makes me feel comfortable. I could get a girlfriend there, and live with her there, go to parties, walking around, and when I don't like such person, then goodbye. I want to be everywhere by myself, alone, and to be agurst I'm alone, partying I always alone, with me as my own friend ... Here such person ... I don't know, I don't want to go anywhere, don't want to be anywhere, without him. It's , maybe, for the first time, that I turned, I already can't imagined that, on my life, that I'm there, waking up without him, there, without him there, or having breakfast there, without him or, there, fight, and not fighting with him, how would that happen? Such thing, cause we always do things together.

Parviz: Women can not be only a woman on relationships, right? Because she must be a friend, right? She must be an assistant, right? She must be an advisor, moreover, if it's a serious relationship, moreover, if it has big plans for the future, I need person, who I can be together without feeling sorry, when there is no one else around.

Yulia: So, this is actually, our preparation for our children's room, this is all that we have bought, this is chair ...

Parviz: It's small ... Right now everything is scattered ...

Yulia: Um yeah ... actually it remain here, we still have stereo system ... Here we have such repair, because it's shorter at home ... need to buy bed, such small table, all there, for nanny, overall, everything are stacked over there. Well, that's all actually that we have bought. Overall, we are actively ready to become mama and papa.

Parviz: Let's worry after the birth, and we will see by ourself ...

Yulia: Yes, there such room, all that is needed still hang in there.

Parviz: But near giving bith, it is forbidden to do all things, it's a bad sign.

Yulia: Well yes, we will buy the bed soon.

Yulia: When I start seeing him, we quickly have such idea, what we want, is to have a child, even at that time, I was just seeing him for two months. We really want to have child, such crazy idea on the head, such crazy idea about children, about family and about everything, I don't know, it's like the first day and of course, when I'm pregnant, it's become a shock to me and to him, but it's a pleasant one.

Narrator: Finishing the cloths for birth, is already towards the end. Еще несколько штрихов сусальным золотом по голубым перилам, и можно въезжать. ( this one I really don't understand, help please?? ). Like all first-born in general, who like to crawl around, there, the place is big enough for the step brothers and sisters. In this pair, both have inheritance. Oskar, Parviz's son from his first marriage, is now temporarily live with his former wife. Vika, Yulia's daughter, from the past life, living with her grandparents. Classic childhood from showbusiness.

Yulia: I give birth, and for half a year I fly to America, recording album. I haven't seen her for half a year. But how all artists works? Singer, Actor, it's normal. Although sometime I feel guilty, I sit, and thinking, about how that happen, career, give birth early ... I don't feel sorry. Of course it's complicated. But all have been decided. She's with us, we are together. We will meet everyday. Let's complete everything, then we will take all of our children, and will live together.

Lena: She was a windy person, everything on emotion. Several times she's all emotional, she need to run somewhere, doing somthing, changing something, fidgeting around. But right now she's not. Family feeling is now appear. Surely. Start to think about the future. Because earlier, she only lives for today, only for today, but now she's still saying about live for today, but it's right, she still live for the following day.

-showing photosession-

Yulia: First they told me sex is not a must, but then they told me, need sex !

Yulia: Here I do by myself, such lips, such eyes ...

Narrator: And they are a very sexy girls!! The photographer have serious task, so that the reader of this erotic publications, who sees pregnancy undesirable, will be desired. Family is family and business is business. Soon t.A.T.u. will publish their third album. Advertising company is applying. Interesting idea for marketing. Pregnant t.A.T.u., it's sexual, scandalous, and will sell well.

Yulia: Lena in amazement said "You are pregnant?"

Lena: Only when I notice it! Yulek, you are so getting well!

Yulia: Don't notice it, but know it!

Lena: Ha! Know it!

Yulia: Pregnant woman, she always treated like she's ill, have many feeling, here you see, with непрокрашеной ( help again please? ) head, with such green color and here " I'm pregnant".

Yes, it's vice versa! When I consider, a pregnant person, you have another person inside of you, you should fell bright. You should feel happy, not just sit in the house and say : "I feel not well, now I need to get well, here I need to stop, getting pale". Why for me it's not needed, I consider that, in the opposite, when pregnant, show your stomach, so they will say " E mo yeee! You are pregnant! You look so well! You have such a nice figure, like you are in a painting ..." That's what I want. Children will also feel pleasant if the mother believe in herself.

Lena: To us there are things to say and there are things to show. For the moment, right now, we will be together. Then I don't know, maybe Yulia will take her position, afterall she's a wife, and a mother. Naturally she will said : " Put him to bath, all, with the child, at home, to nurse them, to raise, to grow them up". Maybe like that. I did not close the opportunity, that now there are three of us, we have such work, to continue our artistic creativity.

Narrator: Fire in the fireplace is crackling, make the house warming for the tea ceremony. Several hot sips and prepare the trunks. Tommorow to London. In fashionable British studio, the sound director tweaking the new album, while in the office in Moscow, the tour graph is put down. t.A.T.u. again will move the planet, with tour that use a new stage. After giving birth of course and not at once, of course, two more months to go.

Lena: I really miss the roads, the scene, the concerts, and the studio for work, but to all of that, I'm ready to exchange all of that for a strong, nice family. I think it's my calls, because, children, what more precious than children? What more precious than seeing the children for the first time raise the hand, or speak the first word, or take the first step, or for the first time turn around .. or a lot of this that I would not want to miss. In the plan, be a singer, then give birth, get a nurse, go for a tour, I'm afraid of all that, it's terrible.

Yulia: It's understandable that family, for you it's sacred, for Lena, for me, it's natural. But you are needed in the world, the fans, your fans, who needs you, all of this, made me stop all that thoughts, to sit at home with children. No need to say that, I want that ... that children will see me everyday, often spend time with me. But the question is, not what you want, nor what I want, but what is necessary for you ... You do this for the world, but in the end, you must bring it to yourself ...

Zvezdaty Vecher [July 2012]

Yulia: I think there are a lot of people here want to be popular in the west countries

Maybe our artists are not so popular outside because they don't do smth new. There are a lot of similar style singers outside. Look, all people here try to copy someone. For example boys bands like Backstreet boys... Some boys here try to repeat all these things. And about girls... How many time they still can do that? Nothing new. Some of them finish their career but same people come again like group Blestiashie. More, more and more. They all have children already. What for they do that? So who can be interested din them on the West? No one.

Yulia: Of course the idea of Tatu belongs to Ivan Shapovalov but we also were part of it. Some people thought that he was controlling us very much but it's totally untrue. Actually he is very quiet person and if he had got some ideas he could call us asking our opinion about it.

We became popular because it was in good time and in good pace. Right now in my 25 years old I wouldn't be able to kiss with a kiss for the scene because I have different opinion about it. But some years ago I thought it's interesting and cool experience and I have to try this. So we didn't lie to someone. We really had some feelings for each other. Why not?

Of course we grew up now. We don't wear this school clothes anymore, I've born a child. It was not only about lesbians. We were go on singing anyway. And I hope that some people are waiting for us like a singers now.

I can't say smth bad about Timati. But for Russia it's not serious... It's like he is so cool with a lot of money he knows a lot of famous people in America etc. For me it's just a PR. But there is smth original that he could make a video clip with a Snoop Dog. Who else could do that?

I don't think it's coo lto make a duet songs with any celebrity because it can't be popular outside of Russia. And the celebrity even doesn't need that. It's just for money..It's like... Do want to receive 200 3000 thousand ? Okay?let's do that

Interview For Official Group [18.05.2012]

Many people are asking about your solo album, what will it be about, what will it be called? Will it be about love…about what?
This for me is distant from now, I am working on the album, I just recorded 3 new songs, the name will come when the album is ready for release, I am not hurring with that. I am not for making an album once a year, once every 6 months, I understand you guys are waiting, I want it very much myself, but give me a little more time so I can work, I want it to be a hit. The theme is life, love, me, my past and future, what is happening with me now, my internal feelings.

You said that you worked with Ivan Shapovalov?
Ivan sent me a song and it ended there, we met up and chatted, but… The song is cool, but we never recorded it because I was traveling a lot, I fly a lot…I think it can be done. Actually, the song is a cover.

Have foreign producers asked you to work with them or to do a duet with someone?
Besides the duet with Dima, I am not thinking of anything else. In terms of the West, I am not in a hurry to do that either. After all, it is impossible…I actually wanted to go there and be there, but cannot forget what is here, t.A.T.u. started here after all. This is where Lena and I are from, I cannot be there and here, I started here and want to do something here, but moving forward it will be in the west, of course.

Dima and you were planning to shoot a video?
Yes, we are shooting 27-28th of May

Will the shooting take place in Moscow?
Yes, we wanted to do it in America, but decided not to because he is traveling a lot and so am I, it’s just easier to do it this way. We have a cool scenario and ideas.

Has Yana Rudkovskoya offered you anything, she’s a producer after all and always has interesting ideas.
Yana and I have a friendly relationship, we are working together in terms of the project with Dima and I. She knows I am currently working on my creative plans and recording and working a lot. Right now it is just concerning Dima and I.

What is happening with your restaurant?
The restaurant is planned to open in the middle of June, but the official opening will be in September. Towards the end of May the project is ending, it’s opening at the end of June, so you can come…all the loose ends need to be tied for September. We have to write so people will come… and actually we thought of a cool project, a program that will be recorded in the restaurant, it will also be called “Spletni” (Gossip), it will be on RuTV.

Great, you’ve had thought of being on tv as a host…
Yes, me as a host, the theme will be gossip, artist, designers, stylists. Come, read, watch. Actually I also started writing a book.

What is the book about? You wrote about it on Twitter.
It’s completely about me. My past…it’s a type of documental autobiography…it’s all about my past, the secrets of t.A.T.u., behind the secrets in my life. It will be several small books, I won’t release everything at once, it will be little by little with revealing photos. I’m in the process of meeting with the person who writes everything down for me 2 times a week, then we send it to the author who corrects all this. I relaxed for 3 years and now decided to do everything all at once.

How do you spend time with your children?
I spend time with them, we play, go out. The older one is envolved with school, tennis, speech therapy. The younger one is going to start sports…I am always around them, when I have free time I am with my children.

How do you feel about people getting tattoos of your face on them?
I saw them on people’s backs, butts, intimate places, and thought to myself, “That’s it”. I wanted to get more done, but now I understand I cannot because it’s some sort of an image that reflects on people. I respect it, thank you.

People are talking about you and Lena meeting, what do you think about this?
I am fine with it.

Lena is in Moscow now and it would be great if everyone met up together.
Yes, let’s do it. Organize it.

 Pati Z FM-TV (02.03.2013)

About solo career:
Well it's difficult process like a wave where you can swim. Sometimes you're here sometimes there are shadows on you. You can't be on the top always. It's impossible.

About 9/5 zombie film:
It was awesome. There is a lot of trash, guns,blood, shooting, zombies, dark forest..and all exotic things

About living in different locations:
It's all together. You need location, you need time but anyway you can't just come and build the house if you don't know how to do it. There has to be something before.

About music career:
I don't have any producer now. I work with a group of people like director, PR person, other helpers like managers. We do all by ourselves.

About difficults in period of making the movie:
I didn't sleep enough time. That was difficult.

About if there were some changes in scenes of it:
No, but sometimes I had to say something in the way I like and not like it's written on the paper. I had to explain that I would never say something other way because that's not me. And movie looks nice and good for young people especially. It will be out soon.

About her opinion about something mystical:
I'm quiet about that.

About Eurovision:
Actually we didn't plan to go there but...we had to. And there is an official information that actually we won it because there was a letter at channel 1 that in fact London gave us 12 points and Switzerland too. But there was political moment so...

About her return to Eurovision:
No, I don't want, no,no. We didn't try to come back there with Dima Bilan we just had to show out new track and I think it was logic. That was really bright moment of me and Dima.

About provocations in her video clips:
Yes, it was to let it be out. Many people wee saying that this is too pornographic. I don't think so. Some people watch real porn on the web sites like Vkontakte. Are u ok about that?

About her surgery:
I had a surgery on my ligament. It took 2,5 hours and it was 2 month ago and I need like 2 or 3 month more to feel better. I can't and I don't sing now.

About her future meeting with Lena:
I'm ready. We have some contact now.

Julia at Red Star, Channel 1 [12.03.2012]

Girl: I talked to other people and they said you're very emotional today and you have active reaction on everything.
Yulia: No there is no problem for me. Just these people try to prove me something or they try to judge me for something. I just said my opinion. I'm an artist and I can have it as anyone else. There are artist who just sing their songs but if you're a really good artist you have to feel all that you sing about. It has to go through you. It's sad but nowadays our producers don't want to understand it. Their job just to make the product and to sell it.

Girl: What's your opinion about Eurovison when you joined it as Tatu and when you did it now?
Yulia: I want to tell you that we didn't really hope to win this time with Dima. We just wanted to present our duet. We were discussing it from 2009! There was born a great idea.We have heard a very beautiful song. So we had a reason to do it. Why not? Why somebody think that they have right to judge us? We really didn't fight for first place. I really like these cute old ladies. There were dancing and singing very cool. Just understand me please, it's a contest for young singers so you can't put me with Dima on the same level as these old ladies because from the case of popularity and auditory me and Dima have first level but from the case of age there are first of course. We have different styles even! We are absolutely happy for them. We don't have any negative or anger about it.

Girl: Do you often feel shame of something?
Yulia: No

Girl: Do you regret of something?
Yulia: I never regret of something because if I feel something I do it. It means I feel ok about it.

Girl: Do you often say sorry about something?
Yulia: Yes. If I realise I was wrong

Girl: What's your favourite present?
Yulia: It doesn't matter for me what present I have. I like to have good attitude from people, from my children, parents and friends. I reallyt doesn't matter what present they gave me.

Girl: What you can't live without?
Yulia: Without love and without my parents.

Girl: And what about something material?
Yulia: Toothbrush

Girl: What about negative things?
Yulia: There were a lot but I prefer not to remember it.

Girl: What do you care about most when you're in the hotel?
Yulia: Oh, nothing special. Of course I like comfort but the most important for me it's to meet my fans in every city.

Girl: Were you ever disturbed by some maniacs?
Yulia: Yes we had some situations like that with Lena but we had our security. Now there is nothing like that and thanks God for it.

Girl: So nobody of your fans disturb you by mails or stuff like that?
Yulia: Well I have mails even from people who are in prisons but it's ok.

Girl: Do you reply for that?
Yulia: To be honest, no I don't. Once I called to one girl who send her number in the mail but it was a lot of time ago.

Girl: Do you communicate with your fans?
Yulia: Yes, sure! Here they are! Please! Periodical we do meetings and there are a lot of people who arrive from other cities. Yaroslavl, Petersburg or Nishnii Novgorodand even a girl from Spain! Also people from forum and fan-club. It happens not as often as we would like to but anyway we communicate, of course!

Girl: Do you have the situations when you see your image or you dress something but you don't like it?
Yulia: No I try to be comfortable with myself always.

Girl: Is there any special image you use?
Yulia: No.

Julia answered Fanquestion
21.08.2012 - Julia met with Anka Pylemetchica (Admin of and replied questions that fans have made on the vk site.
Download Videos:
-She is still working on the book, it will be autobiographical and will include many things people don’t know
-In the book she will speak about the personal relationship her and Ivan shared during t.A.T.u.
-She was asked about a possibility of doing a duet with Lena, to which she responded, “We were in a duet for 10 years. Let us live separately.”
-She is doing a shoot for Caravan Story magazine with her kids for the fall
-She is willing to discuss performing with Lena at the 2014 Olympics and would rather talk directly with Lena about it
-Her website is being updated and there is a new photo-shoot going on for it and it will have a whole new concept
-She doesn’t know anything about the release of Galoyan’s “Night of Your Life”
-In regards to a question asking if she will release acapellas of her songs: “You guys, these questions…I don’t think about these things.”
-She is thinking about hiring dancers
-It’s been a long time since she has had sex with a girl
-She does not have any t.A.T.u. songs in her phone
-She has plans to do a shoot for Maxim magazine
-She has no plans for any more duets
-In regards to doing songs with a similar vocal style as t.A.T.u. (screaming, higher notes, etc.), she said maybe, but does not think it’s necessary to repeat the past and to make songs sound like t.A.T.u.’s
 -Julia never wishes for anything, but if she had 3 wishes she’d want the people close to her to be healthy, happy, smiling, and to make goals for themselves and achieve them
-She normally does not cook, but if she’s in the kitchen she makes sweets
-The dialogue in 30 Minutes/Polchasa consists of Yulia and Lena laughing and  reminiscing about hanging out with friends and how they celebrated New Year’s with them
-The format of the Muz-TV awards this year was artists doing covers of other artists’ songs, so they chose to cover Goloya
-She chose not to comment about something regarding Ivan and how he acted towards her, the audio was too poor to understand what the she was being asked
-She thinks that Lena and her need more time apart
-She is going to perform with Dima at the Golden Gramophone Awards around December, it will involve some sort of tricks/stunts
-She is not sure about Stand Up/Woman All The Way Down/Rage being on the future album, those were experimental tracks with a rock sound. She performs them, except Stand Up because that track is not finished, it was just a demo.
-She wants to perform everywhere she can, soon she will perform in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Turkey, and in the fall there will be a Latin American promo tour since her song made it on MTV there
-She is no longer with Gala Records because they are capable of very little
-The idea for the video for Didn’t Wanna Do It was Yulia’s and Lena Kiper helped
-She is not practicing her English
-She has a ballad song recorded
-The soundtrack for her movie is not recorded and she does not know anything about what is going on with it, she believes the release of the movie will be delayed
-She wants to do a show on Ru-TV, but it is still in discussion so she doesn’t want to promise anything
-Lubov-Suka will be on her future album
-She isn’t sure if All Because of You will be on her future album, she considers the frist single to be Didn’t Wanna Do It
-She plans both a Russian and English album

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