Radio Interviews (Translation)

Cheerytreerecords Chat  [28.11.2010]

Do you already have musicians for your band?, if so, how many guys or girls?

Julia: We're working on putting the band together now. My manager is working on it here and people in Moscow are helping. You can check my site out for news.

Can u explain a little bit the concept of "Sex Rock"?

Julia: Rock with pop, electro pop. All kinds of sounds.

Julia, how many songs more or less can we expect on your new album?

Julia: We only recorded english tracks so far

Are u recording the songs in LA?

Julia: We starting to write and record the album in LA, Malibu

Are you involved in the process of writing the lyrics of your songs?

Julia: A lot of talented writers but I’m not writing. I write poetry sometimes.

Would u sing with any russian artist? like Zemfira for example?

Julia: I love Zemfira. I love any artist that performs live. I love rock

She also mentioned this:

- All the ideas for the solo project are my ideas. We have people to help us, but I'm involved in every decision.

- January my website will definitely be on line.

- I not only control I think of the ideas too about my career, from my image to the songs

- By the way everyone, my movie You and I is premiering in Moscow January 25.

She also talked about her children and boyfriend... she says she happy with him and that she found real love.... Actually I didn't read too much about that cause the chat was moving so freaking fast that I couldn't...

About singing with another artist, she said that it is so common to do a duet right now, so she wouldn't, she would if the artist would be U2 or i don't remember the other one... but with U2! cool!

I also asked her about coming here to Latin America, she said that she love Latin America, she enjoyed very much during the tours around here, so she will for sure come here with her solo project.

Record Dance Interview, Russia [16th December 2012]

 S U M M A R Y
Yulia came late, her plane was delayed, and did not have time to answer all the questions that were sent to her. She invited everyone to her concert.

What was your favorite game as a child?

Tetris, she also had a Sega

How are your children?

Her daughter started school and her son will be turning 4 on December 27th.

Why did you leave t.A.T.u.?

No one ever left anything, the time just passed and everyone grew up and now they have new lives and new projects.

How is your personal life?

Everything is fine, her personal life is written about everywhere.

Do you have a tattoo?

She has new ones, one says her name. She admitted to having tattoos in an “intimate” place and also on her ass.

Will you admit to something you could not admit to before?

She kissed a girl for the first time at 6 or 7 years old, her friend. This kiss was a more serious kiss than she had before with boys. The girl moved to Germany and her name is Tatiana Rudina.

Have you had sex with a girl?

Yes, more than once.

How is Lena?

She does not know, they do not interact. 

Someone admitted that Yulia was their sex fantasy since 9th grade.

She never was a big fan of anyone and never wanted to look like any celebrity.

She had a poster of Britney on her wall, but it was a small poster in the corner because all the other girls listened to Britney Spears so she just hung up a poster, too.

New Year’s was opposite for them than all other artist. This was the time when everyone was performing and making money, but Ivan told the girls to go home and relax and be with their families.

When she was younger, her parents would buy them kid’s champagne, but they would add real champagne in it when no one was looking.

When she was little she said she would play “house” and for some reason she would always be married to a girl who played the husband. Interview [20.01.2012] reporter visited Julia during one of her rehearsals in Moscow, for her next concert which will take place on January 21. She gave an interview where she discloses interesting details about her work. We've translated the interview for you here:

MK - Rumor has it that you are going to sing with Dima Bilan at the upcoming "Eurovision". Is it true?

Julia - To be honest, we considered this, yes. But now it's only being discussed, and it is unknown whether it will actually take place or not.

MK - Where have you been all these years?

Julia - t.A.T.u. broke up in 2008. We worked so hard, had a lot of concerts. At some point I just wanted to sit at home with ym family, and I actually got to do it. I had a baby and settled down for some time to raise my children. I needed to become slightly different, that took me some time. I changed my character, and the audience wanted something new. And everyone understood that we both needed to change, to move on, so we decided to do solo projects.

MK - What did you feel as you watched Katina's video where you're both buried?

Julia - Nothing, I watched absolutely calm.

MK - Did she warn you about the fact you were gonna be buried?

Julia - No, we have nothing to warn each other. Everybody's got a creative mood. Apparently, she had a "sepulchral mood" here ... I don't blame anyone.

MK - Do you speak nowadays?

Julia - We hardly communicate now.

MK - It was announced in 2010 that you were going to start your solo career. What has been done ever since?

Julia - In 2010 I went to America, tried several stuff, looking for something to do, for myself, recorded several tracks. Some I liked, others I didn't. But I didn't record the album yet. It was about searching for a new image. Just recently I was offered a contract in Russia. Together with some former t.A.T.u. partners decided to join and start working. I have a whole new team, new musicians - all new! I think when you start a solo career you need to start from scratch, to create something completely new. And I have this, with the exception of Sergey Galoyan, with whom I work. He wrote the hits "Ya Soshla S Uma", "Nas Ne Dagonyat"...

MK - You said you were looking for a new image. Did you find it?

Julia - Yes, but in the first single - "Sdvinu Mir" - we use the echoes of the past. We had this idea to let the company do something t.A.T.u.-ish, after all it took 3 years till I came back and I need to remind myself where I come from. But now we are starting to work with Sergey on the album where everything will be different. Soon you'll hear for yourself.

MK - In the video for "Sdvinu Mir" you continue to flirt with the so-called "pink" theme. Your character, though in other people's fantasies, is passionately kissing a girl. Is this a hook for old fans?

Julia - I wrote the script of the video. I still like both, boys and girls. Even my current husband Vadim, sitting in front of me confirmed that he knew about my stories with girls. For me, this is a recurrent theme. Just recently I had a friend that I liked... It's not even the echoes of the past, it is what I live for.

MK - Is it true or just PR?

Julia- True!

MK - Your voice and Lena's are always associated to t.A.T.u., and now that you're singing alone you still sing t.A.T.u. songs. Is it some sort of trap?

Julia - No, it's normal. Fans who have been following t.A.T.u. in any case will demand these songs. In my program 60% are t.A.T.u. songs, because fans ask me to please sing them, in social networks. But, on the other hand, why should I give up those songs? They have already became classics of the genre and a classic never dies. And we see it all the time: Pugacheva and Rotaru, Baskov and Kirkorov...

MK - Which one of you both kept the rights to sing t.A.T.u. songs?

Julia - Both of us. We do not have such animosity, to tear each other's songs. People do many covers on t.A.T.u. songs, even overseas, the songs ar popular and people want to sing them, why should we put a spoke in the wheel? A month ago the song "All The The Things She Said" got on London music charts again. We attribute this to the fact that Lena and I released solo clips, and once again became visible.

MK - Sometimes a band that broke up use to come back together for performing in big events, would you go for it?

Julia - I think that we wouldn't reunite for the money. For us human relationships and personal understanding are more important than a large fee. If we go together on stage, I will stand at one side and Lena will stand at the other. It wouldn't make so much sense. In addition, we shouldn't think about a comeback right now since we've started solo projects, and we should focuss on making them as better than t.A.T.u. as possible. I do not mind meeting Lena, we have no animosity, I never wanted anything bad to her.

MK - Will you experiment with your appearance? Everyone still remembers how your lips changed, all of a sudden.

Julia - I have done to myself pretty much everything that can be done, and I'm not denying it (smiles). I like experimenting, but in the future I want to focus on my health.

MK - What are your plans for 2012?

Julia - Make a record and maybe even release it this fall. If we will work hard, then half a year we write quality material. I want to release a clip, give an awesome show and a concert, which actually will take place! I want to be back.

Moscow Talks Summary [03rd April 2012]

She said that she will record a video with Bilan. 

She said she doesn't like Tiwtter veyr much and she writes her post there just for fans but she

likes real communication more,

She talks about her new tatoo JV 85 which she made in USA

She said she loves Japan very much cos it's another world, she likes it's culture and menthality.

She said she doesn't communicate with Lena anymore.There were together so much that they are tired of each other.

She feel very possitive now, she has good mood every day.

She doens't like to listen news because there are always something bad.

She also told about gay parad in 2007 it was disguting for her because there were fights and blood and she doesn't want to join it again.

Europa Plus, Russia (102.8 FM)

Radio show "What a morning"

Europa Plus reporters: Kostya Mikhailov, Aliona, Ilya Kolesnikov.

Tatu: Julia Volkova, Lena Katina (rem.

Kostya: It’s 8:36 am. What a morning on September, 1. This sort of morning, but a nice one. Aliona, Kolesnikov and Kosya are in a studio of Europe Plus. Finally, we got to see and to hear our favourite, wonderful and stylish girls! It’s Tatu! Bingo!

Ilya: A question right away. Why aren’t you in school?

Julia: I was about to tell you this. Poor people who got to get up that early today for school.

Kostya: Do you remember at what time the first lecture began?

Julia: Yes, I remember. Mine was at nine in the morning.

Ilya: Have you gone to different schools?

Julia: Yes.

Ilya: You can’t tell! Judging from your videos, you can’t. It looks as if you were together from the very beginning.

Julia: No, we weren’t together in school. We got together later, after school.

Aliona: Make a simpler face, please!

Julia: More serious. Make it an anchor face. Concentrate!

Kostya: An anchor face? …. aaaaaaan exclusive premiere of the song “Ludi-Invalidi!”

Ilya: ”Ludi invalidi”!

Kostya: Ludi – dash – Invalidi. There’s a gossip on Internet that one of you wanted the title to be “Ludi” and another one – “Invalidi”.

Julia: No, we both wanted the title ”Ludi-Invalidi”

Kostya: "What a morning" radio show on Europe Plus! Thanks God we don’t need to get ready for school this morning! It’s a relief!

Ilya: Aren’t you going to school?

Kostya: No.

Ilya: I skipped it because of your company, my friends. I meant, the company of Julia. Let’s introduce ourselves!

Julia: Let’s do it.

Kostya: I am Kostya.

Julia: Nice to meet you. I am Julia.

Kostya: That’s a beautiful name! So, Julia, Accordingly are Tatu. Both of them are in the studio today. In three minutes, there’ll be a premiere of a very exclusive song “Ludi-Invalidi”. It’s a brand new song of Tatu’s. We’ve already heard a part of it and may tell that you won’t be disappointed. More over, a moment of truth is waiting for you – reincarnation of group Tatu! Is it true that you tried to shot video ”Ludi-Invalidi” at a car dump, where you had a photo session?

Julia: We have done it. A terrible part called of Downtown, which turned out such a mess. A stinky and dirty hole. It was a nightmare.

Kostya: Why did you get that attracted by the dump? They say that you were simply…

Julia: Yes, we enjoyed it a lot. Why shouldn’t we? It was fun and it was interesting.

Kostya: You’ve got to take a shower several times after the company of the dump inhabitants. No?

Julia: We took a shower only once. We’ve got fed up with it.

Aliona: You are such scandalous girls! At least, you’ve got this image created maybe partially by media and yourselves. Are you afraid of anything?

Julia: You.

Aliona: Thanks.

Kostya: Our Aliona is super!

Aliona: You’ve achieved a lot in this life. Aren’t you afraid that some day all of it will come to an end?

Julia: No. Something else will begin then.

Ilya: These dumps and photos will come to an end …

Julia: Glamour will begin.

Kostya: A new hobby?

Julia: Yes, come along now!

Aliona: What are you dreaming of?

Julia: No, I don’t dream. I live in reality.

Kostya: Look here. That new video of yours we are about to watch – are you going to kill someone again?

Julia: No, we aren’t. It’s the other way round. The video is cool. It’s a psychologic video. It’s a serious one. Great people were in it together with us. Different disabled people, various…

Kostya: They say that Lena escaped this fate to get beaten up but Julia got her face hit several times.

Julia: Oh, that’s another video.

Kostya: What was that video?

Julia: Video “All About Us”. I had to ... tough relation with a young man.

Ilya: Oh, the one where you tell him to *** off?

Julia: «Off», yep.

Tatu: (singing) off-off-off-off...

Kostya: to the dump. And he is doing you this way?

Julia: Yes, this way and I ”puff” him at the end. I kill him so brains are all over the walls.

Kostya: Oh finally. Okay, let’s see if they won’t kill any one in ”Ludi-Invalidi” video. The sacred moment is here! It’s the excusive premiere of Tatu’s new song “Ludi-Invalidi” on radio Europe Plus! T.a.t.u.!

”Ludi-Invalidi” is being played

Kostya: This is Tatu on radio ”Europe Plus” with an exclusive all-Russian premiere of the song…

Aliona: A world premiere!

Kostya: ... a world premiere of the song ”Ludi-Invalidi”.

Kostya: Julia, Lena, tell us please for those, whose radio receiver isn’t equipped with a screen. What was going on in that video?

Julia: The clip will be on TV soon. What was going on in there? A bunch of people, about 60 of them. All types of people – without arms, without legs.

Kostya: Was Serguey Bezrukov (Means “armless”. A word twist here., rem. in it?

Julia: Yes, of course? There was no one else suitable. So...

Aliona: Was it hard to play a part there? I mean, that I understand when you play a role in a film but what about a video?

Julia: No, we don’t act.

Aliona: Are you trying to show music or yourselves?

Julia: Yes, I think that music is more important.

Kostya: "10 or" for group Tatu! Are you ready?

Julia: Yes, shoot it.

Kostya: If you have a threesome. Would it be two women or two men?

Julia: We like sex for two.

Kostya: For two, well then. In a complicated situation – a call to a friend or to a producer?

Julia: A friend, of course!

Kostya: If a vacation, where – in a village or in Las Vegas?

Julia: At home.

Ilya: home in Las Vegas!

Kostya: The most important man in your life – a father or a boyfriend?

Julia: Both. A father is a role model for a boyfriend.

Kostya: Tea or coffee?

Julia: Tea!

Kostya: A cat or a dog?

Julia: A dog.

Aliona: A German Sheep dog or Chihuahua?

Julia: Chihuahua.

Kostya: Soccer or figure skating?

Julia: figure skating.

Kostya: An owl or a lark?

Julia: A lark.

Kostya: Che Guevara or Cheburashka (A Russian cartoon figure. Rem. Quickly!

Julia: Cheburashka.

Kostya: Chess or alpine ski?

Julia: Chess.

Kostya: Bikini or body, or topless?

Julia: Body.

Ilya: Kirkorov or Pugacheva? Quickly!

Julia: Neither or them.

Kostya: Neither of them, all right. Restaurant or homemade cuisine?

Julia: Homemade.

Kostya: A beer can or a bottle?

Julia: A bottle.

Kostya: A visit to gynaecologist or a dentist?

Julia: Gynaecologist.

Kostya: Well, it’s all clear. Lenya sat and recorded the answers of the test. All in all: Lena turned out to be a transvestite from Thailand and Julia – a Moldavian master of feng shui.

Julia: Moldavian master of feng shui?

Kostya: We are sitting together with Tatu and our reporter’s team and don’t think about school at all. We have a special occasion today – to see such wonderful girls here and to hear exclusively ”Ludi-Invalidi” and ”All About Us”. And now, we have an international premiere of song ”All About Us”. It’s T.a.t.u.!

”All About Us” is being played

Kostya: Is it true that you insisted on the single price to be hold at maximum $ 5, i.e. ca. 500 yen?

Julia: We didn’t insist on anything. We don’t interfere in such questions

Aliona: What question do they ask as most?

Julia: Is it true that you are lesbians?

Aliona: What questions do you refuse to answer?

Julia: There are no such.

Aliona: All right. I won’t ask them then. What are your career plans?

Julia: On forward!

Aliona: Is it true that you can get into show business only through a bed?

Julia: No..

Aliona: What kind of men do you like?

Julia: There’s no model. We like them all.

Aliona: Great! Love or a career?

Julia: A career.

Aliona: Your favourite book?

Julia: No such.

Aliona: Is it possible to have a love story with a fan?

Julia: I don’t know. Everything is possible.

Aliona: What Russian artists do you listen to?

Julia: ”Europe Plus”

Kostya: Girls, you are in videos and we – we sit here in the studio. You are on tours but we sit here every morning and they ask us similar questions, ”Tell us something funny from your life on air?”

Julia: We can hardly remember any funny stories. They are many. Lots of things happen all the time.

Kostya: The most important moment in this test is your reaction to these idiotic questions. Of course, you don’t have to tell funny stories. They happen to everyone. There’s no meaning to tell them!

Lena: The funniest story that happened lately is the one, when we crashed into my suitcase.

Julia: They helped us out.

Lena: So, Julia and me were celebrating something. Two of us decided to have some wine. As we don’t practically practice drinking alcohol…

Julia: We get stoned pretty fast.

Lena: We just took one and a half glass each and it made us gone. Julia just came up to me, put her arm around my back and said, ”Lena!”. She giggled and started to fall.

Julia: Simply fell backwards.

Lena: She drags me down too still giggling. Both of us landed into my suitcase. I told her, “Volkova, let me free, let me free.” She kept on holding my neck still laughing.

Ilya: Do you watch any TV at all?

Julia: Some music channels perhaps.

Ilya: I don’t practically watch any TV at all, so I wanted you to update me if there’s something worthy on there.

Julia: I can’t tell.

Kostya: Do you have any school stories? A nasty school story or an advice you remember – what can be done to a bitchy teacher?

Julia: No, it’s just the other way round. We want to say that school years were... When you are in school, you don’t realise this. When you leave the school, when you get older – 20, 25 or maybe 30 years old, you have a different view. My parents still remember school days. My friends do too. It was different then. You get bad marks, you are nervous about exams, etc.

Kostya: Tatu presented two new songs on radio ”Europe Plus” this morning: ”All About Us” and ”Ludi-Invalidi”. Listen to radio “Europe Plus”, and you’ll hear these songs again and again. We promise you that!

Aliona: Thank you very much! Come and see us whenever you can. We are always happy to see you here!

Julia: Thanks!

Translation (First Part)

Ivan: How old are u here?
Yulia: I don't remember but there was a photographer who was talking these pics. Oh,my dog! I have this photo in my flat. It was a lot of time ago?
Ivan: What about this one?
Yulia: I don't remember.
Ivan: Is it natural flowers?
Yulia: Yes,it is.
Ivan: Is it first of September?
Yulia: No,simple day.
Ivan; What about your dress.
Yulia; You know, I had jacker,skirt like in school times.
Ivan: Who is the owner of this jacket?
Yulia: My mother. Yeah I dressed her clothes.
Ivan: And who was making your haircut? You mother?
Yulia: yes. I'm so small here! Without cosmetic. So cute!
Ivan: How old are u there?
Yulia; I think it was 4 years ago. Maybe i was 12...or less.
Ivan; but was it special day for you?
Yulia: No. it was regular date but I told me mother that i want to have professional photos. So photographer came and I was dressing different clothes and making different hair-dress.
Ivan; But what for did u want to have professional photos?
Yulia; I don't know I just had a wish
Ivan: What for?
Yulia: Just for fun. I was bored of my simple photos with parents. I wanted to do smth special.
Ivan: okay. tell me about this one.
Yulia; It was my first year in school. This is my favourite teacher. I loved her so much! And this is Oksana. My best friend. And some other friends. Well there were my friend... You see I stay near from my teacher.
Ivan: tell me about other friends.
Yulia; Well, Oksana as I said, Igor,Dasha, Masha, Nastiya. I never had a lot of good friends. I just saw this girl and I realised she will be my best friend.
Ivan: is there anyone more special for you?
Yulia; No. Just simple people. of course we had friendship.We were spending time together. But nothing special except her.
Ivan: Where is she now?
Yulia: At home
Ivan: Did u see her?
Yulia: Oksana? hello!
Ivan: Ahhhh... I see. So u were studding together
Yulia; Yes we know each other for along time.
Ivan: But not like with other people?
Yulia: No,just phrases like hello how are u? Nothing more.
Ivan: Do u have a bubble gum in your mouth? Can u please stop doing that.
Yulia; I was trying to hide it =)
Ivan: So what discipline was this teacher about?
Yulia; Everything. In first three classes you have all lessons together and only one teacher. In first tree classes I had problem with geography. I was not interested in this. Once she asked my mother to come in school and told her that I do my work very bad. My mother said:Okay,I'll talk to her. And with time my mother made me be very interested in this lesson. She bought me a huge map of the world and it was pleasure for me to look at other cities and to remember their names. So in the end of thrird class I was the best pupil of geography.
And on this photo I was visiting my father's sister. I was very small. Maybe it was her birthday. so we took a decision to make some photo.s I was so cute girl! I was smiling all the time!
Ivan: How old were you?
Yulia: Difficult question.... I think it was before school..maybe 6 years old.
Ivan: And where was it?
Yulia; Near Timiriazevskaya
Ivan: At home?
Yulia: No, I'm on the street are some windows of buildings.
Ivan: Why do you have so sly smile here?
Ivan: I always was sly girl and I'm still I think. My father was asking me why I don't show my teeth when I smile. And he was also telling me that I took very sly. I like this photo.
Ivan: You have very fashionable clothes. Were you?
Yulia; Yes,I always like good clothes. Look, here is my father and his mother, my grandmother Lisa. And this is grand grand mother which died about 1 and half years ago.
Ivan: You don't look very happy here.
Yulia; I think i had some scandal with my father. i always wanted more that I can have. My father was telling me that when I'm 14 years old you will be able to walk and to do things as you like. I always envy to my friends who were able...
Ivan: Don't talk loud please. walk where they want. My mother was telling me that they are bad company..there are dirty..But I really wanted to do the same! So I was always having scandals about it with my parents.
Ivan: And who is this?
Yulia; father of my father. his name is Vitiya. He is very special person because there were always having scandals about politic criticizing Eltsin and others. It was terrible for me! I was trying to escape from home with my mother in that time.
Ivan: And who is this?
Yulia; Grandmother Lisa
Ivan: She looks like a man.
Yulia: Well she looks like man because of her short hair and her clothes. And here I am also very angry because I asked an ice-creme but they didn't buy me.
Ivan: And here you're near the piano.
Yulia; Yes here I am in music school but I don't remember the year. That was by favourite musical instrument. Once I woke up in the morning and told my mother that I want to learn to play it. maybe I was 5 o 6 years old. I wasn't scary of smth that time. I was paying it very quiet but when exams started....
Ivan: Hey,man you disturb us! Can u please to go somewhere to drink a tea?
Yulia; In last three years of school i was very bored of piano and I became very lazy. My father was telling me that i have to play at least 30 mins in the day but I was doing it only once in the week and playing 2 or 3 hours. And my music teacher was telling me that i have to study more because there was difficult things to do. But I did nothing. if somebody was calling me to go out I was doing that instead of studding. But I passed my exams anyway. I hadn't got any complexes about it. You know, I even have an old video where i am naked in bathroom very very small?
Ivan: Video? Naked? Why didn't you bring it here?
Yulia: Well I didn't know you want to see it. I have a lot of more video. I am so small there!
Ah and this photo was taken on the sea. I don't remember was it Caspian or Black Sea. The friend of my mother has home there and we were visiting her once in the year. I was really enjoying this time When I saw a sea first time I asked my mother why this pool is so big. She said it's not a pool it's a sea =) It was shocking that water can be so huge! I also like to out some cherries on my years and to imagine that I'm a lady with earrings.
Ivan: Uhh that looks porn.
Yulia; I see this one is from year 1997...3 of Novemebr. Birthday of my father! I didn't like birthdays of other people because I didn't understand what they talk about so I prefer just to go out somewhere. So here we were waiting for visitors and my mother took this pic.
Ivan: And what relations you had with your father this time?
Yulia; Oh,I love my father very much because he was also my best friend! I was telling him all my secrets because he is very quiet person. he was giving me good advises. Of course mother too but father is more quiet person.He was understanding me better.
Ivan: Aha. So what about mother?
Yulia: Oh , it's year 1998. I don't remember that day..ah no! it was my birthday.
Ivan: You have same jacket here
Yulia: No,it's different. Ah there is very interesting story about this photo. I made a cool hair-dress but I didn't do a make-up. So I told my mother I'll do it in bathroom. ( I still dye eyelashes very long time,about 1 hour) So my mother was calling me. i said: wait, wait now I need a lipstick. Usually my birthday were not at the weekends so after it I was celebrating it with my friends.
Ivan: So what about your relationships with mother?
Yulia: It's good. I love her very much.
Ivan:Oh yeah I know how good it is.. (sarcasm)
Yulia: Well,Vaniya, you know my mother was living in another time and she didn't go thought all I had in my 15 years. In all love etc. She really care about me a lot and want me to stay safety. I had a lot of troubles because I was stupid, I hadn't got brain when I should have it.
Ivan: Maybe you shouldn't?
Yulia: No, my mother was giving me good advices because she feels me very well. But I didn't listen to her. And the result was terrible. Even now when she speaks to me I know that I want to live as I want. I have only one live and I want to spend it like I want. If I want to walk I have to do it and no one can tell me I can't do that. Mother didn't like my company and it was my fault because these people bring me problems. But she was always right! She is older than me and she knows life much more than me.
Ivan: Do u you thin kit's because you're silly?
Yulia; No. Why? just she went through same situations as I did. She can see perfect who is good person and who is not.
Ivan: But you have your own head.
Yulia: I have my own had but she gives me good advices. She was telling me that person is bad and i thought she is wrong but with time I see she was right about this person.
Ivan: can you see it by yourself?
Yulia: No, because there were people who made me a lot of troubles but here are my friends still. I think that bad things they it is just because they were silly also. Once I had situation with my friend because he did very bad thing and I even had troubles with a police. I thought I will never talk to him again but after1 month I called him to ask how he is. I think young people sometimes don't understand what they are doing. They don't understand what they want. First they do then they think about it.
Oh,here I am 11 years old and here is my teacher of Russian language. her name is Ludmila Anatolievna Zhigacheva. Here is her sign. She was a monster! But I communicate with her still because she made me learn Russian very well. Once I told her surname of my mother (Cherkasova before marriage) and realised that my mother was her best pupil. Bow I became lazy studding it but in school I was the best. She was also very funny woman because of her huge glasses and it was funny how she was talking like: hellloooooo guyysssss..let's staaart our lessoooon .She was talking so slow!!! I wasn't able to stop smiling. There also was one strange boy who could come in the end of the lesson and to say hello without any complexes. Once he came very late and teacher asked him why he is so late. I don't know why but tone of her voice made me laugh like crazy and she caleed my parents to come in school and told them that their daughter is making fun of her. So my mother answered her that I am just very positive persona and I smile all the time. She was so strong with us! She could give me bad mark very easily. no any questions! Even I was asking her to give me a mercy.
Ah,next photo year 1997. I was using these clothes in "Neposedi". My skin looks so dark here! I don't remember why.
Ivan: Maybe Artek?
Yulia; Uff difficult to remember. Maybe it was on the ocean...
Ivan: What ocean?
Yulia: Pacific. We were travelling a lot with "Neposedi". I was missing my parents a lot.
And this photo is in the Macdonal's. I knew this girl because she was renting a flat in the first floor of my house. She was always driving on the bicycle. I asked her if she can give me to drive too. She did it with pleasure. And we had nice talk. Then I asked where she lives and she showed me my own house. Then i saw her father. very tall man! he asked me about my parents. Then he asked my father to drink a beer with him. They bought ton of black caviare and were drinking it together. There became good friends . He also was a musician and he had a lot of music technique and computers. I loved to sing karaoke with him. he was telling me how to sing better. He had one favourite song (singing). He was telling me that i need to put more feeling and emotions in my songs. he told me I need to have some spark in my eyes. I was singing it 50 times!
Ivan: Were u singing well before?
Yulia: Yes, of course I was singing in "Neposedi". But maybe it was before it.... And his daughter was very nice person,very kind person.
By the way, my fans gave me a present not long time ago. It's a huge toy elephant and huge yellow dog. They always like to give us toys. By the way,there were two girls who showed me our old pics when we were giving our signs on arms of people. I likes these photos so much! I had such a short hair there
Ivan: Are there a lot of fans disturbing you?
Yulia: Oh,yeah.Too much! Well,it's not bad but I have one favourite fan - Natasha. She was telling me about her love to me. She wanted me to be my girlfriend. She asked if I have any boyfriend isnted of Lena. It was difficult question because I don't know what to say. But she wasn't calm down. She told me how much she loves me and that she see me in her dream. She is a lesbian. She is rather pretty girl with wild brown eyes. My mother knows her very well. Last winter when I was sick she was shouting a lot that tatu are the best and she loves me like no one else. All our neighbours were shocked. My mother told her to shut up because I was really sick. She wanted to see me very much. Maybe she was drunk. I don't know. More and more writing are in my house. I try to delete them. They write "tatu is cool", "I love you" etc.
And this photo was made by friend of my mother. I have rather long hair there, You know, I like to see myself so small
Ivan: But what changed in you?
Yulia: What do yo u mean?
Ivan: Why do u like to see yourself so small? Do u like it more than how u look now?
Yulia: I don't know... I don't like how do I look now.

Translation Second Part

Ivan: Did you feel world very different when you were small?
Yulia; Well, of course. There are changes in my life. There are a lot of new people in my life now. When I had to visit my grandmother and I was separated form my mother this time I was crying a lot. There was big connection between us. My grandmother asked me to stop crying,but it made me cry even more. So I was going our to our garden. I wanted to stay alone there. I was talking with trees and looking at the sky. I was very romantic person. I was asking my mother why my life is so hard. She told me that my life just had started and I have a lot of time in the future,you'll meet a lot of new people in your life. But I told her that it's very difficult for me to have this life. I want smth new in my life. I was missing her being at home alone and crying. My mother liked to spend her time with friends, sometimes she was visiting them in clubs and she also had lessons of English. So she was coming back home very late. I had to go to seep without her. But the door in my room was opened that I can hear when she returns. I wasn't able to sleep and I asked my mother where she is. He was telling me that she has to come back very soon. So when she finally came back home I woke up and was hugging her a lot saying how much I love her. I was her tail.
(Ivan talking in the phone)
Yulia; But we are not so close now. I have some strange feeling inside me now. I don't understand it. My mood can change every minute. But there is not reason for that. So when i come back home I just want to spend my time as I want and not to listen my parents.My mother can't sleep if I'm not at home in the night. She has to see how I am. She never smell if I drunk alcohol or I have alight in my pocket. if she see light in my what? It means it has to be there. When she looks in my eyes she is scared to see that I was using smth more hard than alcohol. She was checking my arms very often. Just one year ago there was smth strange with my mind. I was in love with one boy but he didn't love me. So I wrote his name on my arm with a blade. I was stupid of course. So once in the morning she came to my bedroom and she saw his name on my arm. My father told me that in the future I can miss these moments with my family when they give me their advices. Now I want to live alone. My mother told me I have to go to live with Migel or Voran. But I can't see same person every morning or every night. I just want to be absolutely alone now. I want to wake up when I want and to think about nothing. I'm writing a lot of poems now. Yesterday I was very upset because I can't record a song very well ..problems with my voice. I took a pill of diphenhydramine and I had some hallucinations. After that I was able to write. Before my poem were very simple and childish, smth like: I love you but you don't. Now I write smth about my soul...that it's broken forever and my life is like a nightmare, I don't know my way in life yet but I believe you will come back to me. I can't write poems like Lena..smth about autumn and leaves on the trees....They are rather positive! Once I was spending night in Lena's flat and I was writing poem while she was sleeping. I wrote it about us...that our life is interesting ..theatres..cinemas but separation also comes to us..Then we will go to the kitchen, drink vodka and wine and then we will walk on Tverskaya street smoking cigarettes. That was very funny and silly poem.
Ivan: Go on writing maybe you can write smth good.
Yulia: Ah here is house of my grandfather again . Here is sister of my father - Mila and my cousin - Tisha (full name Tihon). He wants to be a professional football player. He visited a lot of countries and he is really crazy about football. My father is fan of team Spartak Moskva so they have themes to talk about. And MiIa is a doctor. Sometimes I call her to ask smth when I don't want my parents know about it. She also reads a lot of psychology books. Her house is full of them. She has a daughter named Polina. She is a girl without responsibilities..she does what she wants.
Ivan: And how old are u here?
Yulia: It's 1996...and now is 5 years ago. So 12 years old. My grandmother likes to cook fruit-drinks very much. Her favourite juice called "Mors". My legs are frozen... And and this is my uncle Misha. I think it was in August..summer time. I asked mother to go to the zoo. I had a small toy house for Barbie but I had just small people there and he had a big electric piano. We were changing our toys with each other. It was so romantic. I still love toys. And i also liked sounds..for example sound of snow storm of falling snow. So I asked where is the piano. So we were playing on piano and playing these toys imagining the sound of sea. It was a lot of fun. And here is my friend Natasha again. It was my birthday. Her mother died and she was very sad. I was friend of her. She got a beautiful dog. Our dogs were friends too. She was really nice girl. Here I am in the camp year 1996. I didn't like the camp a lot. I liked to space form it in the night and to seat somewhere near the river. There was a guy Sergey Serebriakov and I was in love with him. But I was a bad girl I didn't like to do any exercises in the camp. But after I was very sick. And here we are with my parents walking somewhere and taking pics. And here I'm sick u see? I'm so broken. And there is a dog that escaped form me. I loved her so much. I saw a human being in her eyes. I even draw a map of her life.
Ivan: Whom do u love more? father or mother?
Yulia: I can't say. I love them both but it's different love.
Ivan; What's the difference?
Yulia: Difficult to explain. I love my father because he understand me and I trust him. I know he will always say "yes" if i need to go somewhere. But mother is different but anyway she gave me life and she did everything to make me happy. I like them both. And here is son of my neighbour. It was summer. My mother was friend of his mother. I was so silly with this hair-dress. And here is my sister Polina. She is so beautiful. She was working in theatre. She is a young mother now. And here is my new school. I was bored of mathematics school. I wanted somth about theatre and music school.
Ivan: Do u have new photos?
Yulia: Yes but Leniya asked me to bring only old pics.
Ivan: Do u like new people in your life?
Yulia: yes but sometimes I can't have good contact with people. Today Felix called me. i didn't hear him for 1 year. he is lost and dangerous person. he asked where I am. I said I'm at home. He asked when he can see me. Last time we met we had great scandal. Sometimes people from my past come to my present.
Yulia: That's Lena Katina. But there is no me. Only Lena.
Ivan: I want you find yourself.
Yulia: I don't know these pictures. I always remember all my photos. Oh,fuck,I'm so tired.
Ivan: And here?
Yulia: I am not there , Ivan!
Ivan: Can u say it more near from the microphone?
Yulia: I am not here, I am not here..I am not here...
Ivan: Ok,let' stop it.
Yulia: yeaaaahh turn it fucking off!
Yulia: We are not here...We are not here....We are not here!

Mosconcert St. Petersburg [16.12.2011]

Julia came late, her plane was delayed and did not have time to answer all the questions that were sent to her. She invited everyone to her concert.

What was your favorite game as a child?

Tetris, she also had a Sega

How are your children?

Her daughter started school and her son will be turning 4 on December 27th.

Why did you leave t.A.T.u.?

No one ever left anything, the time just passed and everyone grew up and now they have new lives and new projects.

How is your personal life?

Everything is fine, her personal life is written about everywhere.

Do you have a tattoo?

She has new ones, one says her name. She admitted to having tattoos in an “intimate” place and also on her ass.

Will you admit to something you could not admit to before?

She kissed a girl for the first time at 6 or 7 years old, her friend. This kiss was a more serious kiss than she had before with boys. The girl moved to Germany and her name is Tatiana Rudina.

Have you had sex with a girl?

Yes, more than once.

How is Lena?

- She does not know, they do not interact. 

- Someone admitted that Yulia was their sex fantasy since 9th grade.

- She never was a big fan of anyone and never wanted to look like any celebrity.

-She had a poster of Britney on her wall, but it was a small poster in the corner because all the other girls listened to Britney Spears so she just hung up a poster, too.

-New Year’s was opposite for them than all other artist. This was the time when everyone was performing and making money, but Ivan told the girls to go home and relax and be with their families.

-When she was younger, her parents would buy them kid’s champagne, but they would add real champagne in it when no one was looking.

- When she was little she said she would play “house” and for some reason she would always be married to a girl who played the husband.