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Publication of the official website '' [07.01.2011]
On 7th January 2011 was the publish of Julia's official website ''. In addition to numerous, mostly unpublished pictures, you could listen to her song 'Women all the way down'. This song won't appear on her album. However, the song is a wonderful taste of "Julia's sex-rock". 


Hello Everybody, Welcome to, Julia Volkova’s Official Website. 
We’ve got a lot of exciting content coming to soon, so enjoy your time here and familiarize yourself with the different area’s on this website. We’ll be posting all the latest news about Julia including upcoming appearances in the News section. You can check out the Video section for all the latest official videos from Julia. There’s also the Image gallery, right now we’ve put up some photos from Julia’s first photoshoot, we’ll be updating that to include more photos as they come. 
A short clip of one of Julia’s songs “Woman All The Way Down” can be heard in the Music section. You can read Julia’s biography in the About section. The Forum Community is an area that you can take time out and chill with other Julia Volkova fans from all around the world and we hope that you’ll all have a great time there discussing Julia’s solo project. If you haven’t already, you can also follow Julia on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube to get the latest updates as soon as they’re made available. Thank you once again for your continued support of Julia and we hope very much that you like the new website, we’ll update you as often as we can on Julia’s activities. Don’t forget to read about our poster giveaway to celebrate the launch of the site, click here for details. Thank you, Team Volkova. 

To celebrate the launch of we have had some really awesome posters designed. We’ll be giving away 10 of these posters to their lucky winners. To be in with a chance to win one all you have to do is participate in the discussions in the Community. Please sign up for an account and take part in the conversations. We will choose 10 members we feel have participated and contributed positively to the Community in it’s first week. Winners will be announced on the 11th February. We are looking forward to reading your posts in the Community. 

Congratulations: angelnine6 , RowerB , TaLyubitTu , Yulia'sFan , hellb0y42

Julia Message - January 2011 

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Humphrey’s Eyewear Photoshoot - January 2011 

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 Host in the russian show 'Minuta Slavy' [22.01.2011] 

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'You And I' AfterParty [25.01.2011] 

The movie 'You And I' has been pushed-back severely, but was eventually announced for releases. The film premiered at the 61st Cannes Film Festival in May 2008. 

On 25th January 2011 "You And I" premiered in Moscow, Russia. Mischa Barton, the lead actress of the film, decided to show up alongside with t.A.T.u. to promote the film. 

The other lead, Shantel VanSanten, was reported to have been too busy to make an appearance at the premiere

BRAVO Magazine [16.02.2011]

Birthday Party at 'FM Cafe' in Moscow [20.02.2011] 
Julia celebrated her 26th Birthday with friends, family and fans at 'FM Café' in Moscow. She opened the celebration not only with a sexy performance. Fans finally heard brand new (solo)-songs 'Woman all the way down' and 'Rage'. Moreover there has been an livebroadcast of the birthday party. Fans worldwide were able to watch the Performance online.
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MTV 'Zvezda Na Ladoni' [27.02.2011] 
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OK! Magazine February 2011

ПАПАРАЦЦИ (Paparazzi) #4 [02.02.2011]

Pentru Romania Interview [March 2011]

1. Tell us a little bit more about you, what are your hobbies?

I get hobbies as I go along, based on environment, inspiration! Definitely gym, I love massages, nowadays I am into strip dancing :-) )))

2. How would you describe yourself in three words?
Three words is too few for me.

3. If you wouldn’t be making music anymore, what else would you choose?
I associate my life only with creating, movies, producing, advertising.

4. Which artists can you say that have influenced your music?
I like many, but I act on my feelings and they influence me!

5. If you could change anything in your life what would you change?

I am not sorry about anything, why would I change anything?

6. Tell us what do you feel when you perform on the stage? what are you thinking about?
I get an unbelievable charge of energy and love.

7. How do you feel performing without Lena Katina?
If you are a real artist any goals are achievable.

8. Will you ever return to sing with Lena Katina?
Each one of us has her own next stage, we don’t stop at one spot.

9. Have you ever kissed a girl apart from Lena Katina?
I’ve even had experience with several females. :-)

10. How do you think people and t.A.T.u fans will receive the You And I Movie?
The same experience as ours, there’s a lot of nuances there .It’s hard to give my opinion about every fan, person.

11. Can you tell us some funny moments during the movie filming?
The funniest thing is that I was pregnant, also there was a lot of other funny stuff going on.

12. Can you tell us the real reason why t.A.T.u broke up?
We haven’t broken up, t.A.T.u. will never die….. but we can’t always be together, we’re not Siamese twins after all.

13. Will your music be similar or different from the one played in t.A.T.u?
It’s a similar principle, but of course there will be something else.

14. Tell us who are you working with for your first album and when will it be ready?
Many internal people. I can’t tell you when it’s done,I don’t have a date yet.

15. On the album, are there any collaborations with other artists?
There are ideas but they are still being discussed.

16. When will you launch your first single and which is its message?
I don’t want to promise anything about the single’s release, we experiment a lot, every time trying out something new.

17. Which are the most important lessons you have learned throughout your career?
Career in itself is a huge experience, I live and breathe with it.

18. Which are the 3 secrets to become a superstar?
To believe in yourself, remain yourself and work plenty.

19. To your artist view, what are the main differences between USA and Russia?
These are two opposites, mentality and culture.

20. What can you tell us about your personal life, relationships and so on?
I met the man of my dreams, we accepted Islam!!! We live for each other and our future.

21. We know that you have broke up with Parviz Yasinov, can you tell us why and how this has affected you?
I rather do not comment on the past.

22. Is there any goal in your mind that you would love to do before you die?
To leave a trace in history and help people find the answers, to sort out who I am.

23. Leave a message for all your fans!
I’m always with you, see you soon, love and cherish each other.

Neposedy 20th Anniversary - Moscow, Russia [18.04.2011]

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Julia Volkova on Cherrytree Records
Julia on Cherrytree Radio’s t.A.T.u. Request Hour For those that missed the show in September, Cherrytree Radio is rebroadcasting the t.A.T.u. Request Hour with Julia Volkova today (Thursday 27th) at 8am and 3pm (Pacific). 
Tune in at 
You can also chat with other listeners and t.A.T.u. fans during the show in the Cherrytree Records Chat Room.

Mat' i doch' (Mother & Daughter) [11.05.2011]
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1 TV News [11.05.2011]

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Nastroenie TVTS [04.06.2011] 

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Julia Volkova signs Solo Record Deal with EMI's russian affiliate Gala Records

Forthcoming Solo Single ‘All Because Of You’ Video Script Underway August 16, 2011 – Julia Volkova, the famously sexy brunette of the provocative and controversial Russian duo t.A.T.u., has signed a solo record deal with EMI’s Russian affiliate Gala Records. Gala Records will release Volkova’s upcoming single, ‘All Because of You.’ The single release and accompanying video will mark Volkova’s eagerly anticipated solo debut. Recorded in Sweden last month,

All Because Of You’ was produced by Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Johan Fransson, Tim Larsson and Tobias Lundgren – a production team that has previously collaborated with artists such as Sophie Ellis Bextor, Мiley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Sean Kingston and Ashley Tisdale. The song will also be released in a Russian-language version under the title ‘Сдвину мир’ (Sdvinu Mir).

Julia states: “I am very happy to work with one of the original and most successful Russian record labels, Gala Records. I’m full of strength and energy and very optimistic about the future. The premiere of my new song will be held in late August. Working with the Swedish producers was a great pleasure. The song is truly stylish and dynamic.

The artist’s official website will provide news and updates regarding this exciting single – as well as planned promotional activity to support the release. Fans are encouraged to keep in touch with Julia through her Twitter and Facebook accounts.  •  • •  •

Julia will perform in Sao Paulo, Brasilia [25.06.2011]

 JULIA VOLKOVA TO PERFORM AS HEADLINING ARTIST AT SAO PAULO’S ANNUAL GD EXPERIENCE | GAY DAY GALA ON 25TH JUNE Julia Volkova, the famously sexy brunette of the provocative and controversial Russian duo t.A.T.u., will be making her debut solo performance on 25th June. Julia will be the headlining performer for this years GD EXPERIENCE | GAY DAY gala, a part of the annual Gay Pride event in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This year’s event is expected to draw a crowd of up to 4 million people. Julia will perform a half-hour set of her brand new solo material, as well as several t.A.T.u. songs, including the international hits “All The Things She Said”, “All About Us” and “Friend or Foe” GD EXPERIENCE | GAY DAY gala is a benefit music festival that aims to reach out and help the gay cause, providing HIV treatments and prevention campaigns and low income community support amongst many others project. To celebrate this highly anticipated solo performance Julia would like to invite her fans attending the event to submit their names to Two names will be drawn randomly from the submissions to win a private meet and greet session with the singer. For tickets to the event please visit 
For more information on the GD EXPERIENCE | GAY DAY please visit 

Fanmeeting in Moscow [25.06.2011]


1. She said she doesn't have a profile on vkontakte.
2. They asked her what is her favorite tATu song and she answered ''Obezyanka Nol' '' as we already know it
3. She said that she will sing in russian in her solo career
4. She said she is refering positively to the fact Lena dedicated a song to her. Then again they asked her if she liked the song, she said she liked the lyrics, and that the song is not bad for album, but not for single, cos it's not a ''boom''.
5. They asked if she's planning a wedding with Vlad and she said ''yes''.
6. They asked if she'll ever sing with Lena, and she said ''if it's with Lena Katina, then yes''
7. She is still in contact with Shapovalov
8. They asked if she communicates with Lena and she answered that lately she isn't.
9. She said she THINKS that her single will come out in the end of the summer.
10. She said that her songs that we heard won't be included to the album cos those are experiments that she wanted to share.
11. They asked if she ever had sex with a girl and she said 'yes'. They also asked if she had sex with Lena and she said 'no'.
-They asked what's her favorite parfume and shesaid it's hard to pick, cos she likes many different parfumes. And that right now she is using Channel.
-She said she doesn't envy Lena nor vice versa, and that between them there is nothing bad because they grew up together, had career etc.
-She said that she has nothing against Lena singing t.A.T.u. songs, but she thinks it's not right to start solo career with tATu songs and sing so many of them on solo concert.
She said she'll also include their hits in her concerts and probably even change some arrangements of songs.
-She says she doesn't write her songs.
-If she had some other profession it would be also something connected to creation.
-She wants to make video diaries in future for fans.
-They asked what's her favorite parfume and she said it's hard to pick, cos she likes many different parfumes. And that right now she is using Channel.
-She said that she has nothing against Lena singing tATu songs, but she thinks it's not right to start solo career with tATu songs and sing so many of them on solo concert.
She said she'll also include their hits in her concerts and probably even change some arrangements of songs.
-She says she doesn't write her songs.
-If she had some other profession it would be also something connected to creation.

Brazil Gay Day Experience Cancellation   
It is with our greatest regret that we inform you of the cancellation of Julia’s appearance at the Gay Day Experience in Sao Paulo. Due to the withdrawal of several sponsors so close to the performance it has become impossible to cover the costs associated with the event. Julia is extremely disappointed that she is unable to perform in Brazil at this time but is hoping to come back to Brazil in the near future to meet her fans and perform for them. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the unavoidable cancellation of this performance. Ticket refunds are available from the point of sale.

Gala Records News [16.08.2011]

MUZ TV Article [18.08.2011]
Perhaps every aunt and grandmother in Russia still remember the maiden girl group Tatu. It was organized by the fine magician Ivan Shapovalov, who managed in one, as critics wrote "Lolita dressing, romance and lesbianism". But time flies. Since then, the girl's gay symbol Julia Volkova has had a baby, decided to marry and divorced from her husband - both involved a different men. Father of her daughter was Pavel Sidorov, planned to marry Vlad Topalov and divorced from her civil husband Parviz. In 2009, the group officially collapsed. But in 2011, probably realized that what is living without fame, money and screaming fans for a self-respecting person, Julia started a solo project and already wrote two songs: "Woman All The Way Down" and "Rage".
But Yulia didn't stop here: signed a contract with Gala Records, she releases one (more precisely - two) song: All Because Of You (which in Elvish means Сдвину Мир). Julia is shooting a video now.
"I'm full with strength and energy and very optimistic about the future." - Julia told - "The debut of my new song will take place in the second half of August. The song has turned out rather stylish and dynamical." Well let's hope, that the 26 year old Julia will look on a stage same young like ten years ago …

OK! Magazine online [18.08.2011]

Zombie Vacation 3D Movie Shooting [ 22nd August - 20th September 2011 ]

Plot of 'Zombie Vacation 3D'
'Zombie Vacation' is a horror comedy and the first russian zombie movie which appeared in 3D.
The young man Ivan wants to win the heart of the fearless and seductive Natasha. But instead of acting he is sitting around all day in the office for a salon for dogs , writing prescriptions for the glamorous Pesikov and listening to their nonsense silicone mistresses. When he was terminated of the dog salon he hung up with his best friend Sanya and the young group joined a grand beach party. But this nice evening turns out into a zombie party. The young people start to ran away and fight against all zombies who come across them. However, without loss of some friends. The shy Ivan has his strongest doping - the love for Natasha and he turned into the bravest fighter with some smart ideas.

On 22nd August 2011 the shooting of the movie 'Zombie Vacation 3D' started in Minsk, Belarus. The shooting took around four weeks until 20nd September 2011.
During that time Julia was in company with her (ex) boyfriend Vladim Goldmann, Viktoria and her Jack Russel 'Viva'.
The release of the movie was two years later on 15th August 2013. Before this, Julia Volkova and Cyril Kemnitz visited several TV Shows and gave Interview and presented the movie in Ukraine and Russia.
In Sochi (Russia) on 07th June 2013 has been the first presentation of the movie. Julia Volkova also gave several interviews about the movie and talked also about her solo career and her privat life.
On 9th July 2013 Julia had another Photoshoot in Moscow for the movie. One of the pictures of this photoshoot appeared on the August issue of the russian 'Trud' Magazine.
The first date of the press conference for the movie has been canceled due a virtue of an horrible bus accident in Moscow.
Julia Volkova, Cyrill Kemnitz, Yaroslav Kemnitz and Dmitry Naskov attended on 24. July 2013 in GLOBO Restaurant Moscow for a press conference which include a 'Zombie Fever Game'. During the press conference they mentioned that foreign companies of America, Germany and Japan were interested in a release of the movie. Moreover there were some negotiations about a release in Australia and South Korea.
One day before the movie release another presentation took place in on 14th August 2013 in Moscow. In this event she was accompanied with her mother Larissa.
One week after the release in the russian cinemas was the premiere in a ukrainian cinema calls 'Megaplex' in Kiev. In Channel 'Moskva 24' on 10th June 2013 the director and singer gave an interview and talked extensively about the movie in the programm 'Pravda 24'. One day later Julia has made a new photoshoot for the movie in Moscow.

Since 20th September 2013 fans can buy the movie. 'Zombie Vacation 3D' is available in three versions:
- DVD box and keep case
- Blu-ray
- Blu-ray 3D

The movie had several names before: Seekers of Light, Fear Mongers, Iskateli Sveta and Zombie Fever.

Actors of 'Zombie Vacation 3D'

Julia Volkova as Natasha
Mihal Efremov as Dudikov
Alexander Efremov as Kostya
Anton Sinowjew as Ivan
Valery Zelenovski as Sanya
Daria Torchilin as Viktoria
LADY (Александра) WAKS

Director Cyrill Chemnitz wanted non-professional actresses but with well-known faces for his movie. People who are popular not only in Russia also in the West of the country, like Latvia and Ukraine because the movie should also be published there.
In this case Cyril didn't need just a beautiful girl. He needed a girl with action: a girl who can fight, shooting a machine gun. Not everyone would have coped with that!

Yaroslav Kemnits (Kirill's father, responsible for raising stunts and graphics) admitted that this particular film genre doesn't imply using expensive special effects, reason why they often had to resort to the good old methods an tried to avoid having stunt doubles, they hired professional athletes instead. An important number of scenes were generated with computers an the most technically difficult was the scene of a major fight on a bridge.
Kirill Kemnits said he had no doubts when choosing Julia Volkova for the leading role and that "she clearly followed his instructions, and she even learned how to handle the heavy machine gun".

Cyril Chemnitz - Director
"Zombie vacation 3D" is the first movie by the young director Cyril Chemnitz. He was born on 07th Dezember 1984 and is living in Moscow.
In 2006 he graduated from the Institute for Television broadcasts. He directed several documentary and short fiction movies. Cyril received the "Golden Diploma" for the "Best Director"at the 9th Eurasian Television and Film Festival Awards in Yalta for the short movie "Egg". He was also director and producer of digital special effects on the TV channel "Russia", the "First Channel" and "Ren-TV." Among the projects on which he was working Cyril Chemnitz was nominated for the 'Golden Eagle' of a documentary, "The truth about the Kursk".
In 2009, Cyril Chemnitz was one of the creators of the movie company «New Wave Production».

Sergei Torchilin - Producer
He was born 24th August 1984 . He graduated of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations . For a long time he was engaged in political techniques and worked in the Russian electoral system . During the past years he has acted as a producer

Jaroslav Chemnitz - creative producer
The father of Cyril Kemnitz was born on 27th April 1958 . More than 10 years he's working in the space industry development. In the second half of the 90s he was engaged in the development of computer games. In 1998, the game - quest "GEG -Otvyazny Adventure" was nominated for "ICTS- 1998 exhibition" in London. He has extensive experience in television and movies as visual effects supervisor . At various time he provided art direction studios «REN-FX», « » and «Division». Jaroslav was also wprking on the special effects for more than 40 movies like "Wolfhound" (directed by Nikolai Lebedev ), " Selected sacrifice " (directed by K. Serebryannikov ) "Mongol" (directed by Sergei Bodrov ), etc.
Now he's an Associate Professor of sound producing and directing the Academy for the multimedia media industry .

Viktor Makarov - Operator
Viktor Makarov was born on 25th November 1956. In 1991 he graduated the photography department of VGIK. He started to work in TV for "Display", "Copyright television" ("ATV") and "NTV-Plus." As cinematographer he implemented projects like "Kinoserpantin" and "Travel and Adventure".

Michael Malov - post-production producer
He was born on January 24, 1976. It has an art education. He studied drawing and painting at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute
them. VI Surikov. Prior to 2000, engaged in the field of creativity razrabatki and design of corporate identity (Brandbook) for various companies in Germany. After becoming acquainted with Yaroslav Chemnitz began work in the film industry on TV "Ren TV" as a computer graphics artist. Directed by studio «REN-FX». Was director of digital special effects. In the past, co-owner of the studio "" She has experience working supervisor in movies and on television. Engaged in the production of computer graphics to the motion picture "Wolfhound" (directed by Nikolai Lebedev), "Playing the Victim" (directed by Cyril Serebryannikov), "Mongol" (directed by Sergei Bodrov), "Forbidden Reality" (directed by Konstantin Maximov) "He still Karlosona!" (directed by Sarik Andreasyan), etc.

Dmitry Noskov - composer
He was born on October 11, 1976. One of the most successful composers working in film. But other than that has worked with an impressive list of Russian pop stars - is Alexander Malinin, Nikolai Baskov, Irina Allegrova, Lolita, Irina Ponarovskaya, Lyudmila Gurchenko Orbakajte, trophies and many others. As an arranger appeared on several television musical projects, including the "People's Artist" on RTR channel. And one of the works of composer-Noskov was chosen for the start of the contest "Eurovision", held in 2009 in Moscow.2005 first began working in film as an arranger, composer and later. In filmography Dmitri more than 20 films. Among them were such big films as "bastards", "Yulia", "Love-carrot" (all three films), "female", "Chief raznokozhih", "all inclusive".Dmitry also engaged in teaching - lectures at Moscow's leading film schools on the theme of "Music in the movies."Currently, producer, CEO «Division», is also one of the creators of the film company «New Wave Production».

About 'Natasha':
Natasha, the charakter which Julia is playing in the movie is very similar to the singer in real life. She's the last woman who survived in the clique. But not without a reason. Natasha is a fearless strong girl. "I'm always fighting and I'm brave, as she is. And I can open all doors!", said Julia in the ukrainian Stavropol Evening Interview. " I had machine guns and knives. A courageous woman who isn't afraid to kill the zombie. A woman with levity and self-consciousness who knows what she wants. Just as I am in real life." told the singer in the russian 'HELLO' ( # 34) Magazine.

"We shot at the same time. I'm using a machine gun and shot a bunch of zombies. It was almost impossible to keep the machine gun during the whole shooting. The machine gun was full with ammunition and not less than thirty pounds, plus the recoil when firing bursts out. Before the shooting I got help from some people. They positioned the gun and shouting: Fire! Everything ran, I shot a zombie and let go of the gun as soon as the helpers picked up the machine gun. It was very dangerous. "

On Wednesday, Julia will take a break from filming her movie to complete an additional recording session for her upcoming debut solo single “All Because of You” / “Sdvinu Mir”. Check back often for updates on Julia’s single which will soon be making it’s debut! More details on Julia’s movie will be provided as we receive them but we can confirm that it’s a zombie movie and it’s currently shooting on location in Minsk, Belarus. Julia is scheduled to finish shooting her parts of the movie on 20th September after which she will return to Moscow. Posted 31st August 2011 by Team Volkova JULIA VOLKOVA TO STAR IN ZOMBIE HORROR/COMEDY MOVIE ‘FEAR MONGERS’

Debut Solo Single ‘All Because of You’ To Be Released to Radio October, 2011 23rd September, 2011 

– Julia Volkova, the fiercely beautiful vocalist of Russia’s most successful musical export t.A.T.u. will make her big screen acting debut in a feature-length film, being prepared under the working title “Fear Mongers”, alongside Mihail Efremov and rising star Anton Zinoviev. In addition, the director, the talented newcomer Kirill Kemnits, has prepared some surprises – prominent show business and political figures will appear in the film in totally unexpected roles. “Fear Mongers” is a Russian language zombie horror/comedy movie shot on location in Minsk, Belarus. Produced by New Wave Production in the style of such films as “Welcome to Zombieland” or “Shaun of the Dead”, “Fear Mongers” is preparing for an autumn 2012 premiere. In 2002 t.A.T.u. swept the world with their infectious melodies and personal lyrics telling the tale of two young girls in love, condemned by the world. t.A.T.u. captured the hearts of millions all across the globe and their debut album ’200km/h in the Wrong Lane’, which spawned the incredible hit singles ‘All The Things She Said’ and ‘Not Gonna Get Us’, sold over 5 million copies worldwide. t.A.T.u. have sold in excess of 8 million records internationally, making them Russia’s largest pop music export to date. During August 2011 Julia Volkova officially announced her solo career after signing with EMI’s Russian affiliate, one of Russia’s original and most successful record labels, Gala Records. Volkova’s debut solo single ‘All Because Of You’ is expected to be released to radio this October. The song will be release with a Russian language version called “Sdvinu Mir”. With the single in production Volkova took the opportunity to film “Fear Mongers” with Moscow based special effects production company New Wave Production. New Wave Production has over 15 years of experience in the industry having worked on over 200 movies including the feature films «Volkodav», «Mongol» and «Playing Victim». In “Fear Mongers” Volkova finds herself playing the heroine, Natalia. Along with countless friends Natalia confronts the alien hordes of the infected, bloodthirsty mutants, and the courage of each character helps to destroy the monsters and save the Earth from a global catastrophe all while they find themselves and find love. For all the latest news and information on Julia Volkova and the movie “Fear Mongers” we encourage you to regularly check the artist and production company websites.

 Julia Volkova from the group "Tatu" starred in a comedy horror in Belarus (

September 23, Minsk / Anastasia Serova (BELTA)
A new Russian-American film , currently called "Fear Mongers" has registered almost a month in Belarus. Throughout the whole picture, the main characters, Alexander Efremov, Anton Zinoviev and Valery Zelenovski fight against the evil, in the face of large army of zombies. Yulia Volkova the ex-vocalist of tATu helps them here. Also, the viewer can see audience's favorite Michael Ephraim in the movie. BELTA was told the film's producer is Sergei Torchilin. The usual tatushki haircut for Julia was replaced by long hair. Observed on the scene court that here family and even pet dogs arrived here. In addition, the filmmakers have prepared a surprise - some politics and representatives of show business will appear in new and totally unexpected roles. All the shooting process led a young but very talented director Kirill Kemnitz. "We originally planned to take a young director who will have many new and unusual ideas for Russian cinema. That is so Kirill "- the film's producer said. And not without the family contract. In the role of special effects artist Kirilll's father - Yaroslav Kemnits was named. Most of the filming took place in Minsk Sea. The process is managed on-site spa and leisure complex "Youth". Next week the film set will move to Moscow. "Fear Mongers" - a comedy horror film. It was withdrawn in the relevant genre of zombie horror, which is a typical example of such films lie "Welcome to Zombiland" and "Shaun of the Dead." According to the producer, it is scheduled for many more surprises. It concerns music and video games to film. The grand premiere is scheduled for October 2012. Producer promised that the Belarusian audience will see the premiere not later than Americans and Russians.

South America Tour (November 2011)  

Julia Volkova geht auf Tournee in Südamerika im November 2011 um dort die Veröffentlichung ihrer ersten Single "All Because Of You" zu feiern. Die Nachricht wurde offiziell auf bestätigt. Die vorgesehenen Städte sind Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Santiago, Florianopolis und Fortaleza. Höhepunkte der Tour ist ihre Debutsingle "All About Us", welche neben "Friend or Foe" und eine neue Interpretation des Songs, "Prostie Dvizheniya" (Simple Motions), live performt wird. Julias Südamerika-Tournee wird von Casa da Música, ein verantwortliches Unternehmen, dass einige der erfolgreichsten internationalen Künstlern in Südamerika produziert. Tickets für Rio de Janeiro und Santiago sind jetzt im Verkauf. Tickets für die verbleibenden Städte läufen über TicketBrasil. 17.November 2011: Rio de Janeiro (Circo Voador) 18.November 2011: Belo Horizonte (Music Hall) 19.November 2011: Sao Paulo (Sonique Club) 20.November 2011: Santiago (Chile) (Discotheque Blondie) 23.November 2011: Florianopolis (John Bull Club) 25.November 2011: Fortaleza (Meet Club)

Interview mit Yulia Volkova von [19.10.2011] 

CDBRASIL: What can we expect from your album? Is there a label? 
JULIA VOLKOVA: do not want to promise anything in advance, a lot of trying, everything is changing, every time! Label is in Russia 
CDBRASIL: You know something from the culture or Brazilian music? 
JULIA VOLKOVA: The culture is different everywhere, the mentality I respect that in each country CDBRASIL: What is a fan attitude that most surprised you? 
JULIA VOLKOVA: They are loyal, emotional all the time and write me on Twitter and support me CDBRASIL: There will be a duet on your new album? 
JULIA VOLKOVA: Maybe, I want some sort of cool to blow up big 
CDBRASIL: Boris Renske was a ‘big deal’ on your decisions concerning tATu? 
JULIA VOLKOVA: Lately he has not been involved, there's a lot of controversy with him and many believed that he was wrong, but it's all in the past 
CDBRASIL: A few months ago, the former guitarist from tATu, Troy, spoke on twitter that the band broke up because of one person who did not want to work in the band. What you have to say about it? Many fans speculate a lot about it. 
 JULIA VOLKOVA: I do not know, you should ask him what he had in mind.

 Restaurants Bellini Opening 
Julia Volkova erschien bei der offiziellen Eröffnung des italienischen Restaurants Bellini, am 19. Oktober um 20Uhr in Moskau. Während der Veranstaltung genossen die Gäste Musik von DJ Alexandra Nyzhdina und Auftritte von Mark Arthur und Carmen Moxie. Reporter waren ebenfalls vor Ort und veröffentlichte einen Artikel, im OK! Magazin Ausgabe erschien am 27. Oktober. Dort geht es um die Eröffnung, wo wir ein Bild von Julia mit einem der Bellini Miteigentümer, Vadim Nikitin sehen können.

Interview EGO Brazil (

Am 1. November, 2011 wurde auf, unter der Rubrik 'EGO', ein Interview mit Julia Volkova veröffentlicht.
"Ich war schon einmal in Brasilien mit t.A.T.u., und ich liebe es. Ich erinnere mich das es sehr aufregend war und die Fans waren unglaublich. Ich hoffe das ich mehr Zeit haben werde um mir die Schönheit der Stadt genauer anzusehen. Nachdem weltweiten Ruhm ist Julia auf der Suche nach Erfolgkurs mit ihrer Solo-Karriere und auch auf einer anderen Weise. "Ich bin jetzt glücklich. Es ist an der Zeit, der Welt und meinen Fans zu zeigen, dass es nur eine Julia Volkova gibt. Ich habe mich verändert. Ich bin eine Mutter von zwei wunderbaren Engel. Ich will um die Welt fliegen und dies werde ich auch tun. Ich weiss, dass meine Fans mit mir sind. Dies wird nicht das letzte Mal sein das ich nach Südamerika gehen werde, dies ist erst der Anfang. "Zusammen mit ihrer Musik-Karriere, hat Julia auch in Filmen investiert und plant bald eine Bar zu eröffnen."Derzeit befinde ich mich an mehreren Dingen. Meine Solo-Karriere, meinen Film (Fear Mongers) und eine Bar zu eröffnen. Ich gebe alles für meine Projekte ... Mein Leben, meine Stimmung, meine Vormittage, Nachmittage und Nächte ", erzählte sie aufgeregt. Im Vergleich mit Tatu wird Julias Musik etwas anders klingen, ihre Fans jedoch nicht enttäuschen. "Ich begann mit Rock, aber klar, dass war zu hart für mein Publikum. Jetzt versuche ich etwas mehr Tanz-Pop-Rock. "Julia zeigte, dass die Entscheidung zur Trennung von tatu nicht von ihr kam, aber von tATu's manager."Boris Renski hatte die Entscheidung getroffen, aber wir alle begriffen, dass wir aufgewachsen waren und dass es Zeit war aufzuhören und etwas anderes zu machen. Er ist immer noch Manager von Lena. " Kurz nach der Trennung erklärte Julia, dass es in vielleicht 10 Jahren eine Wiedervereinigung geben könnte. Aber nachdem sie das Video ihre Ex Musikpartnerin gesehen hatte, änderte sie ihre Meinung. "Ich glaube, alles ist möglich, aber wenn alles beerdigt wird finde ich es ziemlich unwahrscheinlich." Die 15 Jahre alte Freundschaft ist eingefroren. Lena nahmeinen anderen Weg und begann mit ihrer Solokarriere. "Wir sind keine Feinde, aber wir sprechen auch nicht mehr soviel miteinander.Wir gehen getrennte Wege. " Top List, "Change It

RUTV TopList  - 01.11.2011 

Source: JuliaVolkovaArgentina  |  02.31 min - WATCH 

South America Update 
Erster bestätigter TV Auftritt (MTV Brasil und Bate-pao UOL com Convidados 20:00Uhr brasilianischer Zeit) von Julia Volkova während ihrer Südamerika Tour wird am 16. November sein. Tickets für Julias Auftritt bei BECO 203 in Porto Alegre stehen zum Verkauf. Ebenso gibt es einen

Promobanner für Julias Konzert in Belo Horizonte (18. Nov.), erstellt von einem DJ, welcher ebenfalls auf diesem Event spielen wird.

Promo Video für den Auftritt in Circo Voador am 17. November.

Während ihrer südamerikanischen Tour, wird Julia Volkova sechs Konzerte in Brasilien geben, welche in Rio de Janeiro am 17. November starten wird und endet in Fortaleza, am 25. November. Julia wird 14 Songs komplett live singen, darunter Coverversionen von dem Song "Back to Black" von Amy Winehouse und den Song "Granade" und "Just The Way You Are" von Bruno Mars.

All About Us 
Sdvinu Mir 
30 Minutes 
Stand Up 
Fly on the Wall 
Prostie Dvizheniya
(Over and Over) 
(Interlude - Costume Change) 
Friend or Foe 
Just The Way You Are 
Running Blind Woman 
All The Way Down 
Show Me Love
(Interlude - Costume Change) 
All The Things She Said 
All Because of You (Outro) 
Back Up Songs
Loves Me Not 
You and I 

 Änderungen unter Vorbehalt! Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr! Ein großes Dankeschön an Eduardo Rangel, Reporter der UOL NaTelinha Brasilien und Ira V. (

Musikvideo und Promobanner 
Julia fliegt bald nach L.A. um dort ihr erstes Musikvideo zu drehen. Von L.A. wird sie anschließend nach Brasilien fliegen, um ihre Tour zu starten. Gestern Abend hat Julia in Moskau ein neues Fotoshooting abgeschlossen. Danke für die Information an TeamVolkova.

Promobanner für Julia's Konzert in Circo Voador!

'RU-TV' Interview
Ein weiteres Interview von 'RU-TV' mit Julia über den Film, ihr Musik-Video und Lena's Musikvideo vom 08.11.11: Übersetzung Yulia Volkova ist zurück Sängerin hat neuen Film abgedreht Nach einer dreijährigen Pause, behauptet sich die ehemalige Sängerin der Gruppe t.A.T.u. wieder - die Sängerin wirkte vor kurzem in einem Zombiefilm mit, in dem sie die Hauptrolle spielt. Darüber hinaus beendete die Sängerin den Dreh des Musikvideos zu ihrer ersten Solo-Single. Die neue Volkova unterscheidet sich nach Aussage von ihr selbst von der früheren Yulia, sie ist jetzt Mutter von zwei Kindern. Aber die Person auf der Bühne bleibt die gleiche. Yulia kommentierte auch die ersten Schritte ihrer ehemaligen t.A.T.u.-Kollegin Lena Katina als Solo-Sängerin. In ihrem Debüt-Musikvideo begräbt Katina Volkova. "Das ist nichts Originelles... Was hätte sie sonst einbauen können? In meinem Video werde ich ohne sie auskommen." kommentiert Yulia.

Concert in St. Petersburg 
Julia wird am 16. Dezember 2011 um 23:00 einen Liveauftritt in St. Petersburg, Russland haben.
Die Veranstaltung findet im Club-Bar "Moskonzert" statt, welcher ein Teils der "Empire Bar XxxX' ist. Dies ist ein erfolgreichstes Entertainment-Netzwerk in St. Petersburg, welches an diesem Tag 2 jähriges Jubiläum feiert. Die Nachrichten wurden zunächst auf , veröffentlicht, wo man auch Julia's Statement lesen kann: "Ich freue mich auf die Konzerte und eine Welttournee. Es wird anders sein als dbei t.A.T.u. Es wird eine tolle Show mit riesigem Bildschirm geben. Es wird ebenso kleine Filme geben. Ich möchte den Fans das Gefühl vermitteln, bei mir zu sein. So als ob sie mit mir gemeinsam um die Welt reisen'

New Design of for South America Tour 

Rio de Janeiro - Circo Voador [17.11.2011] 

1. All About Us 
2. Sdvinu Mir 
3. 30 Minutes 
4. Loves Me Not 
5. Fly on the Wall 
6. Prostie Dvizheniya 
7. Rage 
8. Friend or Foe
9. Bruno Mars Cover - Just The Way You Are 
10. Running Blind 
11. Woman All The Way Down 
12. Show Me Love 
13. All The Things She Said 
14. All Because of You 

Concert in Sao Paulo [19.11.2011] 

Artist: Julia Volkova Tour: 
South American Tour 2011 
Date: Saturday, November 19th 2011 
Time: 11:00pm 
City: Sao Paulo 
Venue: Sonique Club Twitter / Facebook /Website 
Country: Brazil 
Admission: R$90.00 

 All about Us 
Sdvinu Mir 
30 Minutes 
Loves Me Not 
Fly on the Wall 
Prostie Dvizheniya
-Costume Change -
Friend Or Foe 
Just the Way you are
 Running Blind 
Woman all the way down 
Show me Love 
-Costume Change- 
All the things she said 
 All because of you 

  'All because of you' Release [02.12.2011] 
 Heute wurde die Vorschau von Julia's erster Single 'All because of you' veröffentlicht. Am 2. Dezember wird das Video Premiere haben.

Hello Magazine, Russia [05.12.2011] 
 Eine neue Ausgabe von "Hallo" Magazine Russland wurde heute veröffentlicht, in dem eine Seite über Julias Debüt-Video "All Because Of You" zu finden ist. Translation Artikel about'All because of you'
Der Augenblick ist nähert sich für das erste Soloalbum des ehemaligen Tatu-girl Julia Volkova. Nach der Veröffentlichung zu beginn des Jahres von "Woman all the way down" und "Rage", folgte nun, vor wenigen Tagen,"All Because of You ", der 26 Jahre alten russischen Sängerin. Ein Stück Sinnlichkeit mit Tanzrhythmen und effektive Begleitung vom arabischen alternativen sound und der Stimme von Julia Volkova in einem dramatischen Höhepunkt. Das Lied wurde in Schweden aufgenommen und (auch) durch Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Johan Fransson, Schienbeine Lundgren und Tim Larson, produziert. "All because of you" wurde in der russischen Version mit dem Titel "Mir Sdvinu" veröffentlicht. Das Thema des Videos ist die übliche sexuelle Zweideutigkeit. Das Stück selbst ist ziemlich gut und sicherlich zu schätzen, dank der eingängigen Melodien des Gesangs.

 'Sdvinu Mir' Promo Banner der Gala Records Website
TV Sender die All Because of You/Sdvinu Mir austrahlen bzw. ausstrahlen werden: 
Russia MTV • MUZ TV • Music Box • Russian Music • Box Ru Tv • Rusong • Europa plus TV
local channels Alatir TV • SochiLife TV • Ukraine М1 М2• RU Music • Music box • Otv • Biz TV • Star TV • TET + local channels
Moldova Ru Tv
Moldova Kazakhstan NTK – kz Belorussia BelmuzTV, Channel 1, «LAd», «Belarus TV»
Latvia: OEtv

MTV Hearing Test (Dima Bilan Duet) [10.12.2011] 

Source  • 01.38 min  Video 

Julias Concert in MocConcert Radio Promo [16.12.2011]  

Julia in Las Vegas (December 2011)


 Record Dance Radio 'СупердискотЭка 90-х' [16.12.2011] 
 Julia came late, her plane was delayed, and did not have time to answer all the questions that were sent to her. She invited everyone to her concert. What was your favorite game as a child? Tetris, she also had a Sega How are your children? Her daughter started school and her son will be turning 4 on December 27th. Why did you leave t.A.T.u.? No one ever left anything, the time just passed and everyone grew up and now they have new lives and new projects. How is your personal life? Everything is fine, her personal life is written about everywhere. Do you have a tattoo? She has new ones, one says her name. She admitted to having tattoos in an “intimate” place and also on her ass. Will you admit to something you could not admit to before? She kissed a girl for the first time at 6 or 7 years old, her friend. This kiss was a more serious kiss than she had before with boys. The girl moved to Germany and her name is Tatiana Rudina. Have you had sex with a girl? Yes, more than once. How is Lena? She does not know, they do not interact. Someone admitted that Yulia was their sex fantasy since 9th grade. She never was a big fan of anyone and never wanted to look like any celebrity. She had a poster of Britney on her wall, but it was a small poster in the corner because all the other girls listened to Britney Spears so she just hung up a poster, too. New Year’s was opposite for them than all other artist. This was the time when everyone was performing and making money, but Ivan told the girls to go home and relax and be with their families. When she was younger, her parents would buy them kid’s champagne, but they would add real champagne in it when no one was looking. When she was little she said she would play “house” and for some reason she would always be married to a girl who played the husband. 

 MosConcert Club St.-Petersburg [16.12.2011]

1. All About Us
2. Sdvinu Mir 
3. 30 Minutes 
4. Loves Me Not 
5. Fly on the Wall 
6. Prostie Dvizheniya 
7. Rage 
8. Friend or Foe 
9. Running Blind 
10. Woman All The Way Down 
11. Show Me Love 
12. Ya soshla s uma 
13. All Because of You

MTV Newsblok - 23.12.2011 

Source: JuliaVolkovaGermany  |  01.52 min - WATCH 

SERGIO GALOYAN ...30 years like 30 minutes... [25.12.2011]
Sergey Galoyan, ein talentierter Musiker und Komponist, bereitet sich auf seine Geburtstagsfeier vor. Am 25. Dezember wird der Autor von internationalen Hits wie "Я сошла с ума", "Not gonna us", Нас не догонят", "30 мин", "All About Us", "Break It All", "Wild" 30 Jahre alt. Diesen Weihnachtsabend verbringt er zusammen mit Kollegen aus der Musikbranche, z.B. Sergey Lazarev. Das Jubiläum findet in einer der besten Institutionen von Moskau, Kalina Cafe, im schönsten Teil der Altstadt statt. Gäste des Abends: Yulia Volkova und Lena Katina, Valeria, Joseph Prigogine, Dima Bilan, Yana Rudkovskaya, Alexej Mitrofanow, Victor Drobish, Max Fadeev, Igor Cool, Vlad Topalov, eine Gruppe von Vntazh, Timothy, Timur Rodriguez, Nikas Safronov, Bogdan Titomir, Jasmine, Silber, Niusha Roma Kanga, 23:45, 5vesta Familie, Batista, Anton Komolov, Olga Sheoest, Victoria Bonia, Diana Sharp, Lisa Arzamasova, Ika, Alexander Wojtinski, Elena Kiper, Dominik Joker, Cornelia Mango, Wanja Chebanov Max Gore, Ilya Legostaev, Dmitry Borisov, Yury Usachev, Djigan, Daniil Fedorov, Sonia Teich, Prochor Schaljapin.

 25. Dezember 2011 | 20:00 Uhr. KalinaCafe, Prechistenskaya nab., 17. Moscow

 Julia im BRAVO Magazine [28.12.2011]