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MusicBox - Sergio Galoyan Birthday - 01.01.2012
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Sergej Galoyan and Julia Volkova
Buffet Café [14.01.2012]
AIF Radio Interview Online Konferenz [20.01.2012]

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The singer soloist of the pop group «t. A.T.u.» is engaged in her solo career since 2010. From the childhood Julia knew that wants to be the singer. Having finished music school, has passed a casting in children's vocal group "Neposedy" where she acted five years.
Producers liked Julia's vocal data a lot and managed to become part to the still unknown project – «t. A.T.u.». Having become successful in Russia and the Eastern Europe, the group has continued to write down songs in English. In London the group has written down a hit «Ya soshla s uma» (All The Things She Said) and «Nas ne dagoniat» (Not Gonna Get Us). Their debut album «200 po vstrechnoy» has reached five millions sales and became the most sold debut album of the Russian pop group in a musical history.
In 2005 «t.A.T.u.» have proved that they aren't an 'One Hit Wonder'. Their single 'All About Us' became platinum, having headed charts in Europe. The girls worked with many professional people on their following album 'Dangerous And Moving'. Dave Steward Richard Carpenter, Trevor Horn and Bryan Adams.
In 2009, after an exit of album Waste Management, Julia has made the decision to leave the band because of creative disagreements with the management. In 2010 she worked in the studio over new music, and her new style has started, which Julia names "Sex Rock". In 2011 Julia Volkova was engaged in her solo career, having signed the contract with Gala Records.

Julia Volkova @ Ren TV [20.01.12]

'Central Station Club' Moscow Concert (21.01.2012)
__________________________________________________________________________ Article: The youngest star mums [02.01.2012]


Julia was Co- Moderator at 'Minuta Slavy' (22.01.2012)

Julia Volkova after the concert in the club "Central Station MSK" [21.01.2012]

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Good Cinema  [ 30.01.2012] 

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Videomessage from Julia for official vKontakte Group / Participate in the contest! [13.02.2012]
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Muz TV Article [14.02.2012]
On February, 20th in one of Moscow's restaurants there will take place a birthday party and presentation of the new group of one of the brightest and scandalous stars in the russian music scene of Julia Volkova, who came back to show business last year.
Julia Volkova has become famous as a part of the duet «t. A.T.u.» — the first russian group of the world which has broken up in 2008. After a small break Julia returned back with her solo project and new musicians.

During the concerts Volkova accompanied by bright live accompaniment. Numerous admirers have met with pleasure the returning of the singer and its first single «All because of you» / «I Will shift the world».

On Monday, on February, 20th Julia Volkova will celebrate her birthday, and also will present her new group. Among guests of honor are expected: Pavel Volja, Timur Rodrigez, Sergey Lazarev, Vlad Topalov, Masha Malinovsky, Rum the Animal, Mitja Fomin, Masha Tsigal, Alexander Anatolevich, Olesya Sudzilovsky, Alexey Chadov, Ljajsan Utjasheva and many others._________________________________________________________________________
Julia's Birthday in Restaurant Chaika, Moscow [20.02.2012]
Remix Contest of Sdvinu Mir / All Because Of You [20.02.2012]
Julia Volkova and "MuzTorg", with the support PROMODJ, announces a remix contest to remix for the single «All because of you» / "Sdvinu Mir."
 Sixty Café Moscow - [24.02.2012]

Moscow Fanmeeting [26.02.2012]
Around 60 Fans attend for the Fanmeeting. Julia answered many questions. She didn't gave autographs because she was frozen. 
Web Articles about Dima Bilan cooperation and Eurovision
The upcoming "Eurovision" contest which will be held in May this year in Baku. In anticipation of the start of the official selection of the representative of Russia's semi-finals which will take place behind closed doors on 29th February.

The TV channel "Russia" has already announced the list of artists who applied to participate in the contest.

Dima Bilan intends to apply for participation in the Russian selection.

Yes, but not alone, he would participate with the singer Julia Volkova.
Artists don't mind that the acceptance of applications for the selection of the Russian actually finished. They believe that the authority has just won the "Eurovision" of the Bilan and his producer Yana Rudkovskaya. In the meantime Volkova and Bilan kept the secret, hoping to "blow up the bomb," all of a sudden. Volkova recorded already the duet song strict secretley last year.

Dima Bilan and Julia Volkova have already taken part in "Eurovision". Julia appeared on stage in the Eurofest 2003 with the group "t.A.T.u.", and Dima Bilan won the victory for Russia - in the year of 2008.
Well, if Bilan really dare to try his luck again at the "Eurovision", the chances of it are enormous.

Indeed, in a series of the other participants in the selection of Russian stars are much less known.

Among them are obvious favorites: Timati and singer Aida Garifulin (they're preparing a duet), "Buranovskie grandmother", and a protege of Alla Pugacheva - Sergei Savin, only rose to his feet after the accident. Much less likely is the other members of selection - the singer Sarah Oaks, pets "Star Academy" Dmitry Bikbaeva Terleeva and Helen, a group of "Chinchilla" and hitherto obscure artists - Boris Hludneva and groups «Osan Yosta».
The competition will be aired on March 7 at TV channel "Russia" - that day will determine the participant's name is going to defend the honor of our country at "Eurovision".

Concert in Krasnoyarsk, Russia - Club Euro [27.01.2012]
Moscow Studio - Recording of Back To Her Future [28.02.2012]
Bilan and Volkova had gathered on the "Eurovision Songcontest"
29th February the committee of the national qualifying contest "Eurovision-2012" will hold an exciting meeting to select the 25 finalists. From more than 150 received applications from the speakers to "Eurosong" in Baku in May under the Russian flag. The finalists will converge in a tight battle live on television on 7th March.

Komsomolskaya Pravda - Julia Volkova and Dima Bilan

NTV: The winner of the Song Contest in 2008 and Julia Volkova wanna conquer together the European scene.
Their rivals in Russia - Timati and "Buranovskie grandmother."
The duo of Dima and Julia Volkova was among the 25 finalists who will compete for the right to represent Russia at the contest in Baku. The winner of the national final will determine on March 7.
Also Bilan and Volkova in the final round ended with a duet of Timati Aida opera singer, Mark Tishman, Yefrosinya and lesser-known artists.
A complete list of the national final:

1. Elena Maximova
2. Ksenona
3. Irson Kudikova
4. «The UPS»
6. «4POST»
7. Yefrosinya
9. Kate Saveliev
10. Olga Makovetskaya
11. Rene
12. «Farinelli Balls»
13. Polina
15. Marie Carne
16. Tishman
17. Ed Shulzhevsky
18. Elena Ekimova
19. Yulia Volkova and Dima Bilan
20. Riff Action Family
21. The duo AIDA & TIMATI
22. Paul
23. The duet "Sisters of Ce"
24. "Buranovskie grandmother '
25. «Jet Kids»
Press Conference in Barnaul [02.03.2012] 
Dima Bilan and Julia Volkova Have arrived in two occasions - to give a concert and to meet participants of a youth forum "New faces. Time of actions".
Premiere of 'Back To Her Future [07.05.2012]
The premiere "Back To Her Future" will take place on March, 7th on air of LOVE RADIO!
 Rumours about a piece of the songtext:
Small honor of the text of a song "Back To Her Future" from a duet of Juli Volkovoj and Dimy Bilan:

I was the boy that got lost
But now I’m ready to be found, yeah ooh
I was the boy that got lost
I’ve got my feet back on the ground, yeah
Feel the p-o-ower of dancing, feel the p-o-ower of love
I was the boy that got lost, but now I’m ready to be found, yeah 

Authors of a song of Bilan and Volkova for "Evrovidenija-2012" became known.
One of the best Russian actors Dima Bilan and the ex-participant of group t.A.T.u. Julja Volkova will take part in national Russian selection on competition of a song of "Evrovidenie-2012" from songs "Back To Her Future" which authors have written hits for Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue and Willow Smith.
American Lil Eddie (EMI Publishing) and the Swedish authors Red Fly Music who to Russia are represented by the company "Bromine 16", are claimed in Europe and America, they work with one of the best executors in the world.

Tommy Gee works on the track from Julia and Dima. He also worked already for Michael Jackson and Britney Spears.
Dima introduced Julia at his concerts [03. - 05.03.2012]During his tour in Russia Dima Bilan introduced Julia Volkova to his fans to support the common project for the Eurovision Song Contest.
Gallery Concert Tomsk 04.03.2012 | Novosibirsk 03.03.2012
Watch Video (Tomsk) | Watch Video (Novosibirsk)
StarHit #10 (225), [05.03.2012]

Dima Bilan and Julia Volkova - Back To Her Future [07.03.2012]
Julia and Dima made the 2nd place at the Eurovision Competition
Download Videos | Gallery Performance | Gallery Rehearsal
Julia in Fault Magazine [07.03.2012]
Krasnaya Zvezda Interview | Message for fans [12.03.2012]

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RU TV Programm - 13.03.2012
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Julia: 'Hello,guys! Now I go to the programm on Channel "One" to join the project 'Red Star'. Please cross your fingers for me and for Dima. Today I'm alone without him but I hope all will be cool!'
'Thanks and good luck for you!'
On the programm she said that after her Ukraine Tour she will go back to studio to record the russian version of 'Back to her future' and then she will have vacation in Italy for a week. Afterwards she will fly to USA to make a video. Tomorrow will be an interview.
Cancellation of the Ukraine Tour, [13.03.2012]
Tours of Ukraine are unfortunately cancelled in all three cities: Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa.
'Julia Volkova: I am really sick and had to postpone concerts ((((and we record a song with Dima!! Sure to meet in the summer)))'
Alexej Mitrofanov Birthday Party [16.03.2012]
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Singing with Iosif Kobzon 
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MUZ TV Pro Novosti
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Julia giving an Interview I 
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Julia giving an Interview II 
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Julia giving an Interview III
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Birthday wishes on stage (singing acapella)
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Birthday Party
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Photoshoot for 'Russia Today" Japan [20.03.2012]
- About the movie: "The movie will be released in the fall, it's an aggressive role, in a good sense. What the girl with a gun does is protecting the rights of the world and her own as well."
- About her career: "I want to take a different direction from what I've done before, and I've been working on a duet with the singer Dima Bilan."
- About her children: "They like Michael Jackson and Lady GaGa the most."
- About her husband: "(answering to the question Would you like to have a baby with your boyfriend?) "Right now I'd like to concentrate on creative activities. We know each other very well and he's friends with my children."
- About the restaurant: "There's a stage for karaoke, everything will be very trendy. I will also perform there."
Live Telephone Interview at 'City Radio Breda', Holland [21.03.2012]
Kuraby Restaurant Summer Season Opening [22.03.2012]
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Kuraby Restaurant Summer Season Opening  - 22.03.2012
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Krasnaya Zvezda  - 23.03.2012
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Short comment - 23.03.2012
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Interview on Moscow Talks Radio [03.04.2012]
- Julia will record a video with Bilan. 
- She doesn't like Twitter very much and she writes her post there just for fans but she
prefers real communication.
- Her new tattoo 'JV 85' was made in USA.
- She loves Japan very much because it's another world. Julia likes it's culture and menthality.
- She doesn't communicate with Lena anymore. They were together so much that they are tired of each other.
- She feel very possitive now and has a good mood every day.
- She doesn't like to listen news because there's always something bad written.
- Julia told about gay parade back in 2007. It was disgusting for her because there were fights and blood and she doesn't want to join it again.
Volvo Fashion Week, Moscow [08.04.2012]
Russian Mind Web Interview [11.04.2012]

“Back to Her future” sounds like a very promising name for the new track from Yulia Volkova of the once world famous Russian pop-band t.A.T.u. She has returned to the Eurovision contest, which has given her a good start for her international solo career. After being off stage for a long time, Yulia is now back in the charts and hopes once again to be at the top.
RM: How does it feel to have a solo-project after being part of a duo for such a long time? Do you miss your time with t.A.T.u.?

YV: No, right now I don’t miss anything and I am really enjoying everything happening to me. I am experimenting with my music, searching for a perfect style and taking part in many projects I am interested in. I am never alone on stage, I have a new band, who are great guys and a backing-vocalist.
RM: And now you have Dima Bilan joining you on stage. When and how did this idea happen? (Author: on the 7th March Yulia Volkova presented her new song “Back to Her Future” with famous Russian singer Dima Bilan as part of Russia’s representative contest for Eurovision 2012)
YV: We have thought of making a song together since 2009, but that period of my life was totally devoted to my family. Then we were both worried how our voices would sound together, but it turned out well. “Back to Her Future” is a very beautiful song, at the moment we are making a Russian version and also thinking of ideas for a video. We will shot the video in Los Angeles.
RM: So you are not upset that your song wasn’t chosen for Eurovision 2012?
YV: Absolutely not. We will have another time for this (smiles). We just wanted to present our track to the audience, share it with people and as the voting showed, we were the best amongst the young generation (smiles).
RM: What else does Yulia Volkova do these days as a solo-singer?
YV: I prepare for my gigs, we are making a new programme, the biggest part of which still has t.A.T.u. songs. Our fans all over the world were waiting for me to return for such a long time, that I can’t wait to meet them all! I have several new tracks, now we are in the process of completing the programme.

RM: Returning to t.A.T.u. band, tell us why you are not in touch with your ex colleague Lena Katina?
YV: I actually can’t explain it. I guess we were just too close to each other, like nearest and dearest people, so at some point we needed a break in communications to start our own way of life. I used to call Lena, but she was too busy to catch up, so I gave up.
RM: So you are not interested in her solo career? Her debut video didn’t touch you? (Author: In her first solo music video Lena Katina shot funeral scenes of the ex-t.A.T.u. members).
YV: My friends and fans gave me different links and I checked them out. But I definitely don’t share Lena’s funereal moods. I personally would never be able to bury (sic) t.A.T.u. As for her solo-music, I do respect Lena for writing lyrics, but I didn’t hear anything outstanding from them, nothing exciting.
RM: If you were asked to take part in a one-off t.A.T.u. tour, would you do it?
YV: I would wait to hear Lena’s reply on this matter after she ‘buried’ t.A.T.u.
RM: OK, enough of sad topics. How does your music differ from the band’s style?
YV: My first single “Sdvinu mir” (ENG: “Move the World”) is something akin to t.A.T.u. style, but it was made on purpose, just to remind the audience of who I am. In future I would like to do something completely different, something more serious and dramatic, telling my life experiences through songs.
RM: Tell us about the other side of your life. What kind of mum are you? Strict?
YV: I can’t say I am strict, I’m very modern. I discuss everything with my kids; I try to treat them like adults. Although I do have to be strict with them sometimes because they are kids, who at times need firmness.

RM: Are they fighting and biting?
YV: Yes, it happens (Smiles). They are so different. My daughter Vika has very boyish behaviour and my son Samir is more calm, quiet and intelligent.
RM: Do you think your kids will follow your example in their choice of career?
YV: Actually Vika is more interested in sports right now. She takes piano classes, but not with the same passion as her tennis training. But I will encourage whatever they choose.
RM: Will you respect their choice concerning everything?
YV: I see where you are leading (Smiles). Yes, I will. I am bisexual, I used to have men and women, I still can go both ways (Smiles). We should never judge people for their sexual orientation, religion, nationality or discriminate anything which makes them happy.
RM: Do you believe in destiny?
YV: Yes, I do believe that destiny exists, but I do believe we are able to change it as well, as nothing falls from the sky, unless you work hard for it.
RM: What would you like to wish your fans?
YV: Live today and now, believe in love, everybody will find it one day. I love you all, can’t wait to see my European and worldwide fans. Thank you for waiting for me and supporting me, we will be together soon and I hope you will enjoy my music!
Text by Olga Sokolova
Photographer: Ksenia Malina

Source: Russian Mind

Empire Magazine No.4, 2012 [12.04.2012]
RussianMind #6 (22) 06th - 19th April 2012
Julia opened her bar & restaurant 'Spletni'
***This is not the official opening!***

Kirkorov Birthday Party - 01.05.2012

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Kirkorov Birthday Party - 01.05.2012
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LoveRadio - Dima and Julia kiss - 01.05.2012
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Concert in Minsk, Belarus - Robinson Club [12.05.2012]
Julia Volkova on Twitter:
'I am in Minsk! Such nostalgia) on a boat ride, a walk in a botanical garden! SCHA sound check! Spatt and in the evening a meeting with you!'
'Guys thank you for this smile, love, positive!! I adore you Minsk! It was such an highlight'
Photoshoot for TopBeauty Magazine [12.05.2012]
Boutique Opening [14.05.2012]
Concert at "Mechta Cafe" Moscow [16.05.2012]
Interview for official vkontakte group - 18.05.2012

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Julia said that it is a good idea and looking forward to making a meeting with Lena and all the fans
She's proud that people make tattoos like she has on her body, so she won't reduce or correct them anymore.
Recorded 3 new songs
Didn't choosed the name for her album yet
May 28-29, will be shooting the video with Dima, in Moscow
Her restaurant will be opened in June - Sempember
She will be a presenter on music tv with her broadcast about news of show business
She's writing a book about herself (her past, her life in t.A.t.u, plans for the future)
She spends with her children all her free time
Viktoria is studying a lot and plays big tennis
Samir is going to start exersize sport
Saint-Petersburg Fanmeeting + Concert [25.05.2012]
Interview Club 'Laque' - 25.05.2012

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Kuraby Restaurant Summer Season Opening & Tatler Club [31.05.2012]
MUZ TV Awards 2012 [01.06.2012]
Dima and Julia sung the song 'Golaya' ("Naked") of the group 'Gradus'.
Julia Volkova and Lena Katina MUZ TV Awards Ya soshla s uma
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  3.24 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
MUZ TV Awards Backstage - 01.06.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  3.34 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
MUZ TV Awards Red Carpet  - 01.06.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  2.31 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
_________________________________________________________________________ - Monte Carlo Grand Prix - 02.06.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  00.21 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Let's get married - 07.06.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  46.56 min - MPG - WATCH -  DOWNLOADLINK

HELLO Magazine [15.06.2012]

Roberto Bravo Boutique Opening [17.05.2012]
Video Shooting of 'Didn't Wanna Do It' in Cuba [27.06.2012]
Julia is currently in Cuba shooting the video for her first international single "Didn't Wanna Do It".
Julia's Twitter Entries:
'And the way to the most delicious mango cube))) want to finish them)))'
'Hello, people! Today is the 2nd day of filming!! It turns out so unreal... beauty, weather, sex!'
'Today is the day with a huge number of CMV extras! And it is so different!!'
'We are on Cuba!!! Sun and sea))) We will film the video very soon)))'
'We are on cube! Sun, sea, today we'll make tour in old Cuba!'
More Information about the Videoshoot in our 4th Issue (August) Webmazine 'VOLKOVA'
Summer Opening at Anderson Cafe [30.05.2012]
White Terrace Opening at White Cafe [15.06.2012]
LOOK Cafe Opening [06.07.2012]
Julia attended the LOOK Cafe Opening in St. Petersburg where she also performed., first alone, and then singing the song "Golaya" in a duet with singer and producer Roman Kraus. You may remember the this song has already been performed,
by Julia and Dima at the MUZ TV Awards ceremony this year. 

Julia and (her girlfriend) Sasha in Cuba [06.07.2012]
Julia seems to have a new lover, named Alexandra (Sasha), who lives in Los Angeles, city where they met. The girls were seen together in Moscow, captured by the press for the first time during the Radio Monte Carlo Grand Prix. They spent time together in the beach during Julia's trip in Cuba, where she recently shot the video for her first international single "Didn't Wanna Do It". Julia said: "I have never hidden that I like both boys and girls. Sasha inspires me. She's a good girl, and I feel good with her. And where this road will lead, life will show". 
Hello Magazine [09.07.2012]
Dima Bilan talks about the videoclip for the song "Lyubov' - Suka"

Q: Do you keep in contact with Julia, besides common projects?
A: We are great friends. By the way, the premiere of the music video for our song "Lyubov' - Suka", which is being played in all radio stations, is gonna be take lace soon on "Novaya Volna". I hope it's gonna be a bomb!

Zvezdaty Vecher Summary [14.07.2012]

CrossFit Russian Final Championship organized by Reebok [14.07.2012]
Lubov Suka VideoShoot [16. -18.07.2012]

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  33.56 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Lubov Suka Making Off (Teaser) - 16.07.2012
 Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  01.30 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Lubov Suka Making Off (Trailer)  - 16.07.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  02.45 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Russkoe Radio [20.07.2012]
10:00am Russkoe Radio welcomed Julia Volkova.
Short News:
- In Europe, Latin America and other countries 'Didn't wanna do it' will be released
- Julia does not consider any natural disaster as an opportunity to change anything
- Back To Her Future was decided to record in November 2011 and Julia met Dima in 2006
Julia at Manon Club [21.07.2012]

Release Party for 'Lubov Suka' at Jurmala Spa [24.07.2012]

Julia Volkova and Dima Bilan wanted to present their Clip of 'Lubov Suka' at the opening of "Novaya Volna" (New Wave) festival at July 24th in Hotel Jurmala Spa.
They didn't show the video for "Lubov Suka" during "Novaya Volna".
Julia had a solo Set and as well she sung "Lubov Suka" and "Golaya" with Dima Bilan.
1.Ya soshla s uma
2. Ne'ver ne Boisia
3. All About Us
4. Not Gonna Get Us (Dima Bilan)
5. Lubov Suka (Dima Bilan)
Julia and Dima at Novaya Volna Festival [24.07.2012]
Julia and Dima at Light House Cafe [26.07.12]
Photoshoot for restaurant 'Spletni' [27.07.2012]
Discoteka Muz Tv - Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu | Lubov Suka [27.07.2012]
Julia and Dima performed at the Muz TV Disco (there were about 15,000 people).
Julia had also the premiere of the song "Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu".
Julia and Dima at the beach in Latvia
Igor Krutoy Birthday Party [29.07.2012]
Premier: Didn't wanna do it | Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu Video (31.07.2012)
Didn't Wanna Do It and Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu have been premiered on July 31!
Premier: Lubov - Suka Video (03.08.2012)
The official music video for the song "Lyubov' - Suka" has been premiered on ELLO YouTube Channel! The premiere took place on August 3rd.
Julia and Dima at Karamel Cafe, Moscow [05.08.2012]
'Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu' has reached the first million views
 in the first week of the release of the clip! The official sale starts on iTunes on August 21.
Congratulations Julia!

Interview soon with
Ex t.A.T.u star Julia Volkova unveils new video
If i were to say the name Julia Volkova, unless you were a die hard or live in Russia,
then you probably wouldn’t know who she is… Well hopefully, this is all about to change.
The sexy ex-t.A.T.u. star is set to take the world by storm once again. Only no side-kick or school uniforms this time around.
Julia, will release her debut international solo single Didn’t Wanna Do it worldwide 21 August!!
In true Julia style, the video is available in three formats – censored,explicit and Russian!
I’ll be catching up with Julia soon for an exclusive interview, where I’ll be chatting about her t.A.T.u days,
her new material and what is next for our sexy russian!
LoveRadio Pyjama Party in St. Petersburg [18.08.2012]
Love Radio Petersburg celebrates the 11th anniversary.
Many recognizable persons are invited. August 18 at the Central Concert Hall "Aurora" to light up all night in their pajamas, slippers and caps! The best DJ's of St. Petersburg like Anton Koza will lead the party and dancefloor.
Star guests of the event - the singer Nyusha and Julia Volkova.
St.Petersburg, Russia - LenConcertXXX [18.08.2012]
Host for MTV Top10 - 18.08.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  36.28 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Ivan Shapovalov has brain cancer

Producer of the once popular and notorious group "t.A.T.u." Ivan Shapovalov has brain cancer. He is  undergoing a chemotherapy, and his family are hoping for a favorable outcome.Once the identity of the producer Ivan Shapovalov was one of the most notorious in the domestic show business. It was his idea to create a girl group, which advocated a lesbian love, not only songs but also candid touching and kissing on stage. Now the scandalous producer fallen on hard times."Ivan Shapovalov has a oncology ", said his close friend Leonid Dzyunik. He gave an interview to "Express newspaper," in which he told about his health.
"Vanya is now in Moscow, in the emergency room. I was with him recently. It's a difficult situation - a tumor in the head." 
Julia Volkova came to him and helped with the transportation to the hospital. "Now Ivan is doing a "chemistry", radiotherapy. I recently called Lena Kiper,. She was saying that "chemistry" helps. It was terrible because the swelling on his forehead pressed to the eye. "

The doctors say that Ivan himself has long been aware of a serious illness. They said he has to go to Germany or Israel - there he can get help. Vanya refused. He wants to go to China. It's unclear why China. 
Alternative medicine, let him make the treatments here, "- said a close friend of 46-year-old producer.Dzyunik said Lena Kiper,  Lena Katina and Julia Volkova Shapovalov are ready to help him, because this treatment of the disease is costly. 
Dzyunik also said: "They asked him to buy a hat."
Doctors say there is no metastasis. We all pray ... 
Lena Kiper told that Ivan will feel better after the "chemistry" when the tumor will be away before his eye. Also the doctors add that there is a chance. 
"Give God "- said one Shapovalov.

Interview for Official vKontakte Group  (Part 1) - 27.08.2012
21.08.2012 - Julia met with Anka Pylemetchica and replied questions that fans have made on the vk site.

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  11.21 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
 Interview for Official Group  (Part 2) - 27.08.2012
 Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  12.36 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
TNT Show SuperIntuitsiya - 25.08.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  47.51 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Julia at TVShow 'Vacation in Mexico' [25-08.2012]
"I'm going to LoryrevaVika."
"Enjoyed the visit @ LoryrevaVika on the program "Happiness video version"! Slava's a great sense of humor)"
Julia Volkova in "La Vanguardia" newspaper, Mexico [26.08.2012]
Concert Club Kristall - Turkey [28.08.2012]
Julia had a concert in Turkey, Kemer (Ankara) at Kristall Klub.
The concert was completley live but unfortunately she didn't sang her new single 'Didn't wanna do it' or 'Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu'.
Ti ne poverish  Julia and Dima - 01.09.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  00.25 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Day of the city [02.09.2012]
Sunday 2nd September 2012 Julia and Dima were guests on "Disco Muz-TV".
Unfortunetly they couldn't performe because of lack of time of she show.

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  02.45 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Other guests in that evening were: Sergey Lazarev, Anna Semenovich, Zhanna Friske, Nyusha, "Vintage», Dj Smash, "Disco Crash", Eva Polna, Max Barsky, Timur Rodriguez, "Chi -Do ", Yulia Kovalchuk, Djigan, Alexey Chumakov, Polina Gagarina, and many more.
Concert organizer Arman Davletyarov:
"Disco Music TV ended at 22.00pm. There was no time to perform for Bilan and Volkova. We apologize for the artists and audiences."
Tani Zvezd Article [01.09.2012]
Julia Volkova: "Victoria wears school uniform and no « Dolce & Gabanna » [01.09.2012]

"My daughter Victoria is visiting the first class this year. I found a very good school close to our home - there are strict rules that if a child is ill or bullies other children.
The classes are small. One class has around 10 children. Victoria really like to learn - how to manages things and she has a good behaviour. Last year she began to learn German and this year she will start with English.  
Of course I will help her with homework, where I can. Everyone is helping her: me, my grandmother, my mother ... We wanted to buy her a nice suit on September 1 - of Dolce @ Gabanna but they told us she need to wear school uniform. This seems ok for me - the kids won't compete."
_______________________________________________________________________ Interview [01.09.2012]
“t.A.T.u. were so popular because they gave people freedom”
Former singer of t.A.T.u. Yulia Volkova talks about the banning of the film Anatomy of t.A.T.u. on channel Culture

The directors of channel Culture removed the documentary about t.A.T.u., who were popular in the early 2000’s, from being show. The director, Vitaliy Manskiy, announced that the banning of the film surprised him. The channel was the initiator of the demonstration and discussion of the film in the show called “Watch. Discuss”. In an announcement from the administration of the channel, the reason for this decision was due to the law about protecting children from harmful information. The singers exploited the lesbian image and in the film the producer of t.A.T.u., Ivan Shapovalov, smokes a cigarette, presumably containing marijuana. 
The showing of the film was scheduled for September 4th (the law about protecting children from harmful information and pornography goes into effect September 1st). 
Anatomy of t.A.T.u. was shot in 2003 and was repeatedly shown on Russian television in 2012, as Vitaliy Manskiy has said.
Yulia Volkova was asked to comment on the ban of the film as well as other prohibitions the band had to deal with.

How often did t.A.T.u. come in contact with prohibitions?
There are a bunch of stories about us not being able to hug, kiss, or even hold hands, as it was in Abu Dhabi. I don’t know, back then I thought that we could do everything that we wanted, that is why similar prohibitions irritated me. I was little. Now I understand that in every country there are laws which need to be complied with. But this story has nothing to do with that. 

What is in the film that could have caused a blow against morality? What is your reaction to the ban?
I don’t think the film contains that many shocking things that aren’t in a regular program of Andrei Malahov. But I can say that this ban is worrying me deeply. Let’s be honest: everything is now online, television is losing its ground more and more. 
Still, there is concern: will we turn into China in the sense that artists will have to perform in modest, covered up attire, without any sort of dancing and “ignition”? I do not think you can prohibit anything. People should have freedom of self-expression. When we were in t.A.T.u., we were so popular due to the fact that we gave people that freedom, we received hundreds of letters in which we were thanked particularly for that. 

From your point of view (in your genre or in art in general), what do you think deserves to be banned and could be completely prohibited in the arts? 
If they want to ban our film that’s set for 11PM due to kids who are not sleeping, then they should clean up everything on TV. They should not show, for example, Elton John’s concerts or Queen’s, because Freddie died from speed and Elton John married a man. Don’t ever mention Rudolph Nureyev. The channel Culture should refuse it. What can we even say about Tchaikovsky. And never show any films starting from Some Like It Hot to Last Tango in Paris. And since this spree is going around, other channels should be prohibited from showing all kinds of criminal news, and this, in my opinion, is much worse- when you are being shown every day who died where and why. 

Sergei Kurehin said, “The main rule in art is absence of any rules”. Do you agree with this?
I think there should be all types of rules. Musicians should produce quality work, the same goes for actors.  We should be responsible for our audience, avoiding hypocrisy in our work. But prohibiting people on the grounds of their sexual orientation, that is strange. Really, I think that the problem here is not in the film. 
If you were to put kids in a glass bubble where they would sit in happy ignorance, then when they finally do find out about things like sex, same-sex love, then this could be a big shock for them. And if the government is afraid for our children then there should be a physchologist in every school who will work with children and parents, teaching one about interaction and communicate such things to them, and others about normally and adequately accepting any deviations from the traditional picture of the world.
Thanks for the translation
Night of your life Demo (by Sergej Galoyan) [05.09.2012]
 More Information about the Song in the October Issue of our Webmagazine 'VOLKOVA'

Alena Sviridova Restaurant Vasantha [06.09.2012]

Julia Volkova  at ELLO FESTIVAL [08.09.2012]
Park of Culture and Leisure | Time: 16:00 to 21:00
Five hours of the best dance music, the performance of top 15 artists.

ELLO Festival - Moscow, Russia [09.08.2012]
Julia Volkova at the Fashion Show of Chapurin [10.09.2012]
V Teme - Igor Chapurin Fashionshow - 10.09.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  01.27 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK | Gallery
Ukraine channel "Піранії" Report [14.09.2012]
Rumors about the reunion of tATu : Julia Volkova throws Bilan for Lena Katina?
Julia Volkova Interview - Channel "Ю", 22.09.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  22.01 min - AVI - WATCH 1 WATCH 2 -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Grand Opening Ceremony
27th September 2012 Julia and Rodion Jurin will lead the evening at the restaurant "Spletni".
Special guests are invited, i.a.Dima Bilan. Admission by invitation only!
Julia Volkova in Ukraine Channel [25.09.2012]

"High Life": Julia Volkova about his restaurant and family
Ukraine, channel 1 +1, 24th September 2012

Julia Volkova is preparing to open her own restaurant. Meanwhile, former member of the controversial group "tATu" admitted that her family and the children are very well relate to her work as a whole and to the latest revelation in a particular clip.
Popularyarna Pravda - Julia Volkova and Sergej Lazarev - 27.09.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  00.32 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Restaurant & Bar Spletni Opening  [27.09.2012]
Julia had the official opening of her Club 'Spletni'. Julia just tried a bit to sing live because she recently underwent a treatment because of a sore throat. She invited many guests, i.a. Dima Bilan, Sergej Galoyan.

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  25.39 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
RU Novosti - Restaurant & Bar Spletni Opening - 29.09.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  00.55 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
 Julia Volkova has become the "face" of the restaurant called "Spletni".'Spletni' became one of the trendiest places in Moscow with good interior, extensive wine list and thoughtful menu.Julia was with Dima Bilan all the night who couldn't miss an important event in the life of his close friend. The singer and fashion designer, Igor Chapurin, is actively talking and sipping white wine. At some point Chapurin gently put his arm around her waist and didnt let her go. So far no one had to go to a makeshift stage in the company of scantily clad dancers, to officially announce the opening of the restaurant.   After that, the audience stood aside to let go the waiters with the cocktail "Spletni".  
But anyone making an awkward movement and dropped drinks. More and more a fight broke out. Flew guard who began "to beat" the waiter. In the end it turned out that the fight was organized by specially trained people to demonstrate a mortal sin..
Bilan and Volkova went to dance to the medley performed by jazz diva Teona Kontridze.
RUTV Awards - Crocus City Hall Moscow, Russia [29.09.2012]
RuNovosti - Couple of the Year [02.10.2012]

Channel 1 Programm Krasnaja Zvezda: Julia Volkova about tatu and kisses with Lena 30.09.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  03.41 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Current Shows Pro Life: Julia Volkova - 03.10.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  08.42 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
TET Report - 2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  04.09 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Julia Volkova at 'Noble Assembly' [04.10.2012]
Julia was an active community leader of the International Charity Foundation. She'll take part in the "Noble Assembly" to help animal orphanage at the 'Crimean Embankment Moscow'.
Julia Volkova at Noble Assembly - 04.10.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  00.22 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
MK.RU about Noble Assembly - 04.10.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  04.44 min - FLV - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Rossiya 1 - 05.10.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  03.23 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
St.Petersburg Concert canceled [11.10.2012]
Today should be the concert in St. Petersburg in Club LAQUE. 
It wasn't Julia's fault, it was the desicion of the club to cancel it.
Julia @ Twitter:
Hello guys! Unfortunately the St.Petersburg concert is canceled.
It wasn't my fault. I love you very much! See you soon!
Contest - Singing together with Julia! [15.10.2012]
You're talented and ambitious?
Now you have the chance to take part in a project together with Julia! Leave your details likeName , Age, city....HERE  .
The selection takes place until October 30! Send your recorded song to the administrators of VK. More details will come soon.
Don't be shy. When do you have the chance to sing with Julia?
Julia Volkova in 'Segodnya Vecherom' Topic: Eralash' [20.10.2012]
Julia visited in Channel 1 the programm 'Segodnya Vecherom'. She met her old mates Ivan Solovev and Anton Kolesnikov from 'Eralash' and they talked about the time back then.

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  09.02 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
NTV Show 'Broom' - 20.10.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  01.34 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Volvo Fashion Show [28.10.2012]

Julia attend at Volvo Fashion Show 'ODRI'. 
Designer: Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko.

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  00.25 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Julia tweets while the show:
"Before the FashionShow" - Pic 
"It was super! Flowers, butterflies and these beautiful children. Thanks @yanarudkovskaya for the great evening."
Julia Volkova shocked by its beauty [03.11.2012]

During the new fashionshow of the new collection of Yana Rudkovsky Julia Volkova has pleasantly surprised with her appearance. She came in a modest black dress, covered with a fitted jacket. The make-up was  made professionally and her hair laid beautifully. Many guests have noticed that and refused bright cosmetics and frank dresses. Volkova became the unique and mysterious beauty of the evening.
Julia Volkova in 'Ginza Project' 06.11.2012
In the russian newspaper 'Ginza Project' Julia gave an interview.
"The whole life - is gossip!"
"Julia appeared on a cover of the newspaper "Ginza Project" where she has given a big interview. In which she has told about the new design of her website.
It will show her in in sexy clothes and even without them.
The newspaper is free and available in all Ginza restaurant.
- The presentation of the new design will take place in 'Maxim Bar'
- The contract with the investors of the bar "Gossip" is broken
- Besides t.A.T.u. her autobiography will include things about her intimate life, partying, drugs, etc.
Julia Volkova congratulates Evgeni Plushenko [08.11.2012]
'dB Dezibel' Presentation [14.11.2012]
Julia Volkova visited the presentation for 'dB Dezibel'. It's Dima Bilan's new fragrance collection. Dima Bilan and Clarins Fragrance Group issued exclusive fragrance Azzaro DECIBEL for 15 anniversary of "L'Etoile" net. In honor of this event autograph sessions was held today in Moscow.

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  01.35 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Moya Pravda - DB Dezibel Presentation - 14.11.2012
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  06.04 min - FLV - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Julia Volkova in Caravan Magazine [20.11.2012]
20th November 2012 the russian 'Caravan' Magazine released a big interview of Julia Volkova.
She talks generously about her past relationships, life experience, drugs, emotions, her children
and about the start of beeing a independent woman.
A 'must read' for all Julia volkova Fans, which possibly will changes some of your point of views...
Julia took #46 in Maxim [17.11.2012]
Russian Magazine «Maxim» published a list of the "sexiest women of the country 2012". Julia took place #46.
Restaurant 'Lastochka' Anniversary [16.11.2012]
16th November 2012 the boat-restaurant 'Lastochka' celebrated its 3rd anniversary.The restaurant 'Lastochka' gave guests a holiday with lots of surprises, one of it was a magnificent fireworks.
Permanent guests and many stars like Vyacheslav Fetisov and Lada, Roman Pavlyuchenko, Emma Salimov Irina Saltykov, Victoria Saava, Julia Volkova and others came to congratulate.
Julia Volkova in St. Petersburg [24.11.2012]
24th November 2012 was the concert 'Superdiskoteka 90-x' in St. Petersburg ('Victory Park'). The concert started at 17:00pm (Moscow Time)! SUPERDISKOTEKA 90-X was completely sold out in Moscow and St. Petersburg with big halls and stunning interactive areas in the foyer.
Stars of the 90's:  Natalia Oreiro, Hands up, Disco Crash, Car-Man, Lika Star, La Bouche, Tatiana Bulanova, DJ Tsvetkoff, Virus, Shark, Nancy, DJ BoBo
Julia Volkova @ Twitter:
 'Soundcheck was a great success! Well it is small!))'
After the performance at Superdiskoteka 90x, Julia Volkova gave her concert in St. Petersburg in Club 'Punch' (1am Moscow Time). There wasn't any meeting with the fans.
At around 3am Julia gave her last concert at 'Central Station Club' in St. Petersburg.
 Some small reports about the rehearsal:
"The soundcheck was very cool!  We heard a huge number of hits by other artists while the rehearsal, such like song from Whitney Houston. It was cool!"
"Julia is a funny, cool girl with an amazing voice."
Thanks to: (Poppy Moore)
Julia Volkova at 'Restaurant Music Bar Serebro' in Kiev [08.12.2012]
Saturday 08th December 2012 the guests of the restaurant-music bar «SEREBRO» will expect a grand and a very pleasant surprise!
As a part of the promotional tour of her first international solo single "Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu" / "I Didn't Wanna Do It", Julia Volkova will give an exclusive performance and a press conference.
Her appearance is always accompanied by the full house, shocking, energy and incredible beauty.
The sexy brunette Julia Volkova appeared in the year 2000, as a part of the world thundered provocative and scandalous duet «tATu». They successfully toured not only in Russia, also in England, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Australia, USA and later signed an international contract with the american label 'INTERSCOPE RECORDS'. Their english and russian single 'Ya soshla s uma'  led the world charts, including four in the first week was place the UK charts and became one of the most successful hits of the year, over 8 million copies in sales.
«t.A.T.u.». is the first and only Russian award-winning group of «IFPI» for the number of sold albums.
In August 2011, Julia Volkova officially announced her solo career. She signed the largest and most successful record company in Russia - 'Gala Records', which represents the interests of the international EMI concert in Russia.
Apart from the press conference the guests of the restaurant-music bar will hear hits like 'All because of you' / Sdvinu Mir, 'Lubov Suka, Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu, / Didn't wanna do it and the most famous songs of t.A.T.u. like 'All the things she said', 'Ya soshla s uma', 'Not gonna get us' / Nas ne dagoniat.
Gonna Get Us / Not gonna get us."
Str. Mechnikov, 3
Reserve tables: 096 30 30 000
Julia Volkova at MAXIM Bar [29.11.2012]
Julia Volkova presented a new show program and her ultra-modern website in "MAXIM BAR".

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  05.48 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Download 'Didn't wanna do it' Video
GALLERY PHOTOSHOOT  | Gallery Maxim Bar |Download MP3
JuliaVolkova: We apologize for the faulty transmission. The presentation scheduled should start at 23:00, but everything was delayed. Broadcast was scheduled for a certain of time and you can see just the beginning of the performance. Julia performed 6 songs:
- Ya soshla s uma
- Nas ne dagoniat
- Didn`t Wanna Do It
- Loubov Suka (Solo)
- Polchasa
- All Because Of You

The new design has a lot of new features:
- Polls and charts, where you can vote for Julia
- Tourdates
- Promo Flyer / Tourposter
- all current Twitter entries
- News
- Link for the official vkontakte site
- the website is available in 4 language (german, spanish, russian and english)
- music (via soundcloud)

29th November 2012 at 21:30 «MAXIM BAR» Julia Volkova will held the long-awaited presentation of her new international web-site:

During the year the IT-company «SiteLeader» technology innovation was in the development of online resources of the singer.
Julia Volkova - a representative of the Russian show business, from around the world! will have:
- multimedia
- faster
- multilanguage
- Julia will support the rights of homeless animals
- regulary webchats with her fans
In Maxim Bar Julia will present a full-length club shoow with 'DJ Gold Sky'.
There will be also a broadcast of that night.
Among the guests: Alexei Mitrofanov, Dima Bilan, Timur Rodriguez, Mitya Fomin, Anastasia Stotskaya Alain Sviridov, Dominik Joker, Will Paul, Igor Chapurin, Sergei Zverev, Maria Malinowska, Lera Kudryavtseva, Victor Vasiliev and others.

Julia Volkova at Gubernskiy Club [01.12.2012]
Julia Volkova gave a concert at Gubernskiy Club in Smolensk, Russia.
More informations
Report on 'NTV' [02.12.2012]
Julia Volkova  - Divorce in Russia (star sinners)

29th November 2012 Julia Volkova had the presentation of her new website at the restaurant MAXIM BAR. Here's a small Interview she gave for
_______________________________________________________________________ Update 04.12.2012
"7 Deadly Sins" it's a provocative new photo project by Michele Cheppi.
18th December 2012 in Moscow will be the presentation of the new project
The talented Italian has already express hisself in the metropolitan audience as the author of bold and controversial exhibitions.
In the project "Seven Deadly Sins" he dared to touch upon one of the most pressing and urgent faces - Julia Volkova. The singer agreed to support it by taking part in the project.
"I was inspired of the contemporary realities and people who are living in Moscow", says Cheppi.
"Basically, it refers to those who are engaged in business. After all, the seven deadly sins has long been a familiar set of rules of life for them. We show people the "real" of this vibrant city, which is is inside. In our world, on the first place is money. Who has the most, he is a recognized master of life."
The "Seven Deadly Sins" has caused a wide resonance among the famous show business, movies and even politics. The project was also attended by Irina Hakamada, Dima Bilan, Alexander Revva, Alain Vodonaeva, Nikas Safronov, Tarzan, and many others.
_______________________________________________________________________ webarticle about 'MAXIM' Bar [05.12.2012]
Julia Volkova performed on stage just with her underwear
The singer showed a magnificent bust and beautiful legs
We were happy jfor Julia Volkova, who recently seemed to become more mature, serious, and ceased to shock the audience with too frank clothes. Again as an artist she has given us a reason to be surprised. At the recent party at MAXIM Bar Julia Volkova presented her new website and came on stage just in her underwear.
She shown all of its technological advances and the event was broadcast online. More than 35,000 people watched the broadcast online. Rock all night to entertain, and at last she presented them a gift, Yulia Volkova presented part of his new project «ClubShow».
The guest of the evening were Alexei Mitrofanov, Dmitry Koldun, Igor Chapurin, Leonid Rudenko, Victoria Lopyreva and others. The hostess of the evening changed her outfits several times. Julia greeted visitors in a very staid and noble way: Volkova dressed in a white dress with fur inserts. The singer photographed willingly with her guests and introduced them to her parents, who icame to that event also. However, Julia Volkova went on stage in skin-tight leather outfit sexy, more like underwear than a stage costume. The audience didn't remain at a loss: the male part of the hall gladly consider long legs and her delicious star bust.
Posted on December 5, 2012
NTV Report [You won't believe it - It's love] [08.12.2012]

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  03.26 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Concert in Odessa, Opera Prestige Club [07.12.2012]
 Julia Volkova was touring in Ukraine. On 07th December 2012 she started her concert in Odessa at 'Opera Prestige' Club.Text?
Concert at Androgin Club , Ukraine [08.12.2012]
More informations
Concert at Serebro Bar-Restaurant and Press Conference [08.12.2012]
TSN News - Serebro Press Conference - 09.12.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  01.05 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
RU  TV Report about Press Conference
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  02.42 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Official Video - Press Conference
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  01.20 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
8th December 2012 Julia Volkova gave a concert at Restaurant Music Bar 'Serebro' in Ukraine, Kiev. This was a part of her promo tour for her first international single "Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu" / "I Didn't Wanna Do It". Julia Volkova also performed live and gave a press conference. She also spoke with some fans about her solo project. Next to her fans were guests like Artem Shcherban, Alloise and Sergey Lazarev, who came to support the russian singer.
'Radio Europa Plus' [09.12.2012]
Julia Volkova visited 'Radio Europa Plus', Ukraine.
Radio Europa Plus, Ukraine - 09.12.2012

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  06.13 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK | Gallery 
Julia Volkova at, Ukraine[09.12.2012]
While Julia Volkova was touring in Ukraine she gave an interview at

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  07.17 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Julia Volkova іn Kiev (Story RU Music) [10.12.2012]

NaShpilkah Webarticle [11.12.2012]
Julia Volkova said that slept with someone like ....
Text by Alain Sergienko, 11.12.2012
A few days ago the singer Julia Volkova visited Kiev. Julia couldn't resist and told reporters a very interesting story of her life. She was talking about her former ex-men.
"I have to admit, I walk up in full! I had all the men I wanted. And there were a lot. I slept with all the men. I''m from the world of show buisness and outisde of the showbuisness." sad Julia.
There's nothing I don't get. My life is currently calm. I've Dima at the moment and I don't need anybody else."
To that question it turns out to combine a personal relationship with the work. 
"We rarely see each other , because we both work a lot. But despite this, we aren't jealous of each other. I just don't give any reason for jealousy. 
PRO FM Radio with L.Katina [11.12.2012]
Today Julia and Lena visited the Radio 'PRO FM RADIO' and gave an interview.
A brief summary of the Romanian Radio Interview:
- Julia and Lena thought about the future of the group t.A.T.u. But so far there are no plans
- Neither Lena nor Julia isn't interested in politics.
- The most unusual place for the girls, where the band t.A.T.u. gave a concert was in Makhachkala. Julia and Lena were in the audience, cordoned by the military,  causing the scene of boys and girls kissing their same sex.
The Voice All about Us - 11.11.2012

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The Voice All The Things She Said - 11.11.2012
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Green Room
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Happy Hour Interview 
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Urban.Ro Interview - 11.11.2012
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TMZ Report - 11.11.2012
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Interview 'Tatu was marketing' - 11.11.2012
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TCH (1+1) Interview - 11.11.2012
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All the things she said
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TV Reports (MTV Newsblok & 'Piraniyi') 12.11.2012

MTV Newsblock - Julia Volkova Twitter

Thanks to ElSSidoRR
Ukrainian TV: "Piraniyi" - 'Dark past which haunts Julia Volkova?'
Piranii Report - Julia Volkova's Past - 12.12.2012

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NTV Report - 02.12.2012

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Kiev Fanmeeting
While Julia Volkova was touring in Kiev, fans could met her four times. Here are the latest pictures:
'Urgant Show', Russia Moscow [13.12.2012]
Julia and Lena visited the russian 'Urgant Show' (Channel 1).
Urgant Show - 13.11.2012

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Gallery | Download Subtitle Video (thanks omjayy19 )_______________________________________________________________________ Webarticle (Translation) [14.12.2012]
Julia gave a interview for the ukrainian website
 Text by Школьная Анна
_______________________________________________________________________ Interview [14.12.2012]
Interview with t.A.T.u. reunited in December 2012 (TATU for

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"... Last night you had a speech at the Romanian Voice after a long time, as it was what do you feel?"
Julia - When we had rehearsal, I started crying, it were my emotions! I remembered everything! Vanya, me and Lena, how we lived, you know ...
Moderator - holding hands!

DB Dezibel Presentation - 14.11.2012

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Moya Pravda - DB Dezibel Presentation - 14.11.2012
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NTV Report - 02.12.2012

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Julia Volkova at 'Swedish House Mafia' Concert [15.12.2012]
Julia Volkova visited a concert of the 'Swedish House Mafia', in Moscow.
TCH 1+1 Report, 19.12.2012
educational rehabilitation.

___________________________________________________________________ report about the presentation of '7 deadly sins', 19.12.2012
"Julia Volkova regrets terrible sins in the project of Michele Cheppi"

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MTV NewsBlock - 29.11.2012
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V Teme - 29.11.2012
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In Moscow 18th December 2012 was held the presentation of 'Seven Deadly Sins' by Michele Cheppi. The talented italian man has already express hisself in the metropolitan audience, as author of bold and controversial exhibitions.
In the project "Seven Deadly Sins"attended many russian popular faces like Dima Bilan, Irina Hakamada, Julia Volkova, Alexander Revva, Alain Vodonaeva, Tarzan, Nikas Safronov and Irakli Pirtskhalava.
Julia Volkova in TV Channel 'Rossiya2' [19.12.2012]
Julia Volkova in the program for the future - 'World Zombie'

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Julia Volkova @ 'OK Bar', Kiev, 22.12.2012
Julia Volkova is currently in Ukraine. On 20th December she visited 'OK-Bar-Restaurant'. in Kiev.
NTV Report [23.12.2012]
NTV Report about Ivan Shapovalov

Radio Mayak [24.12.2012]
Julia and Lena gave an interview at Radio 'Mayak' in Russia.
Radio Majak Interview, Moscow - 24.12.2012

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Julia Volkova at 'Pust Govoryat' [27.12.2012]
Julia Volkova visited the show 'Pust Govoryat' ('Let them talk') at Channel 1.