Archive 2014 Interview [10.01.2014]

Antenna - Telesem No.5 [22.01.2014]

High Life Show [08.01.2014]
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Meeting with Rap/Rnb Artist Niko Idreezy, Moscow  [29.01.2014]


Ello Channel Interview [01.02.2014] 

Nikita Boginsky Birthday Party  [01.02.2014] 

Winter Olympics Pre-Opening - Sochi, Russia [07.02.2014]
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KP.RU Interview [08.02.2014]

Channel 1 Interview after Performance in Sochi  [07.02.2014]
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07.02.2014 - Channel 1 Pust Govorit
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News TBS Japan Interview [10.02.2014]
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TMZ Interview [13.02.2014]
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Big Love Show - Moscow, Russia [14.02.2014]
In the largest stadium in Moscow (Olympic Stadium) Julia and Lena presented a brand new song at "Big Love Show" , organized by the Russian radio stations Love Radio. The russian duo recorded the song "Lubov v kaschdom mgnovenij" ("love in every moment") for their fans. The songwriter is none other than Elena Kiper who became known as a songwriter in the early years of the band tATu. In 2012, she was working again with Julia Volkova for her solo songs "Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu" and "Lubov Suka" .
Elena worked with Swedish colleagues and rapper 'Legalize' for the new song "Lubov v kaschdom mgnovenij"  .
Mike Tomkins has recorded the sound of his own voice while Julia and Lena had taken over parts of the song. Tomkins is known for his creativity and his efforts with British and Russian teams. In addition, since his youth the beatboxer is even a big fan of t.A.T.u.
Editor of the song is Alex Hardrum who is known, especially in the t.A.T.u. community, for his remixes in the first album '200km/h in the wrong lane' . The videoshoot for "Lubov v kaschdom mgnovenij" is the scheduled for end of March - early April 2014.
Message for Valentines Day of t.A.T.u.  Watch | Download
Performance Video I  Watch | Download
Performance Video II  Watch | Download

Julia Volkova in Bratislava, Slovakia [17.01.2014]
Julia Volkova is currently in Bratislava, Slovakia. 
She was giving two TV Interviews and a press conference. During the Interview of 'TV Novyni' Julia was saying that she loves Slovakia. She also mentioned that t.A.T.u. won't comeback. In the TV Show "Telerano" she told that Lena also had to come to Slovakia but she missed the plane because of an ice hockey game. Julia and Lena will be part of the tour (four concerts) from the slovakian rock band 'Horkýže Slíže'. In the press conference Julia shared secrets of a possible duet. Tomorrow the TV Show "Panelak" will air one episode with Julia's participation.

Teleráno Interview [17.02.2014]
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TV Noviny Interview [17.02.2014]
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Press Conference, Slovakia [17.02.2014]
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TV Show Panelak [17.02.2014]
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Panelák Backstage

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Photoshoot for spring collection of C&C Shoes by JuliaVolkova [19.02.2014]
For the upcoming holidays the singer is preparing to release the spring collection of her own line of shoes for 'C&C Shoes by JuliaVolkova'. Julia tried a few revealing outfits and was in company with half-naked male models.
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19.02.2014 - Interview for
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RU.TV Novosti [26.02.2014]
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26.02.2014 - 
PRO News about tatu's disbanding
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Press Conference in Minsk [28.02.2014]
The singer of t.A.T.u. Julia Volkova arrived alone in Minsk. Recall that the second singer of the band - Elena Katina has published a online video where she announced the resignation of the controversial group "because of improper behavior of Julia". It would seem that everything is clear as day.  Yesterday, before the concert in one of the clubs in Minsk Belarusian journalists asked if the group really split and what does Julia thinks about the videos. 

Concert in Blackhall Bar, Minsk Belarus [28.02.2014]

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Olympic Champions Honor Ceremony - Moscow, Russia [01.03.2014]
On 1st March in 'SEC Atrium' the first time since the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 the best athletes of the Russian Olympic team will meet with the most loyal and active fans. Julia Volkova made the official speech to open the official ceremony to celebrate the Olympic final in Moscow.

"Телепрограмма" Magazine
Heat.Ru Interview [07.03.2014]
After a long-awaited reunion, t.A.T.u. had never managed to find common ground. Differences between both teams arose last month, when Lena Katina recorded a video message explaining the conflict among her and Julia Volkova. Their problematic relationship has caused difficulties to existing arrangements for filming the "Love in Every Moment" music video which they needed to shoot on existing arrangements.  The process is divided into two parts: Lena and Julia shoot their scenes from the clip separately. Rapper 'Legalize' who also takes part in the recording is inbetween the fight. The artist has to be removed in two shifts. Thus, along with Lena Katina the rapper began to record his part at 9am after having dinne. When Lena went in the studio Julia appeared to shoot the video. One week ago the duo returned from shooting a movie and a short clip from Krakow which turned out in the same way. In a conversation with Legalize told who also took part in the shooting of the video.
Heat.Ru Interview [11.03.2014]
Julia Volkova: "I have problems with my voice."
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"I have indeed, problems with my voice," admitted the singer Julia Volkova reluctantly. In the beginning of the 2000 the soloist of t.A.T.u. had already the first troubles with the vocal cords. She went to the Moscow Center to underwent breathing exercises.
But the situation only got worse: the hoarseness in the throat grew stronger day by day. Suddenly the voice disappeared completely. Julia had to leave the show business because of this and has made several operations in Europe already.
"The results are ok." says the singer. But Volkova won't stop here. The main goal of the soloist is a fully restore voice.

Julia, what happened with your voice? It sounds very painful.

"I have indeed, problems with my voice. I had already several surgeries and it's only for a year. I'm not going to stop here. I continue with the treatment. Moreover I will have another surgery. I'm in such a cherished cases, not in a hurry. Want to find a good specialist - intelligent and competent doctor. Despite the problem, I'm trying to work."

Where are the treatments?

"Usually , I'm in Europe for the treatments. Mostly in Israel or Germany."

What's wrong with your lips? They say you also work on them in the States.

"No, I didn't made my lips in the states. Even if I did them there I won't advertise where, what and how I did that. It's important to be beautiful."

Europa Plus Interview [22.03.2014]

Fanmeeting Chita, Russia [22.03.2014]

Concert in Club Piramida, Chita, Russia [22.03.2014]
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Interview RussianMusicBox [25.03.2014]

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Concert in SOHO Rooms, Moscow, Russia [29.03.2014]Text?
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Live in Mitsubishi Hall Düsseldorf, Germany [30.03.2014]

For the first time Julia Volkova has given a small solo concert in Düsseldorf, Germany. 
Julia took some time to talk with us even though the time between her departure in Düsseldorf airport and the performance at Mitsubishi Hall was very short (45 minutes). She was calm and even a bit restrained ( she's visibly much calmer compared to her 'wild tatu years' ;) )  but obviously pleasant about the fact that fans welcomed her in Germany. 
During the performance her voice sounded stronger. Her good mood sank for a moment when there were some techincal problems with the microphone, the sound and unfortunately the audience was a bit lame. in the beginning. Julia tried to fix everything and brought even some power in the audience. 
She asked everyone to be louder and to be more active. In the end with the song 'Nas ne dagoniat' and 'Ne'ver ne boisia' she has reached the goal. The audience stood up and some people were even jumping in the crowd.

Ya soshla  s uma
Ne'ver ne boisia
Nas ne dagoniat

This day wasn't only special for all german fans; furthermore it is also a hope for all international fans in europe. Hopefully Julia will give some more concerts in western europe soon! 

Julia Volkova in Russkoe Radio [02.04.2014]

Today in an interview with "Russian Radio" the former singer of the group t.A.T.u. Julia Volkova shared her plans for the near future. The singer said that t.A.T.u. come to an end: "tATu, I think this story is over. Now we don't even communicate."
Julia's plans in future are focused on her solo project but talked about less about it, it is too early. The singer will still have surgeries on her vocal cords. In addition, Julia admitted that she's preparing a book about the history of t.A.T.u.
Download | Gallery

Joseph Prigogine Birthday Party, Moscow [02.04.2014]
Yesterday night Julia Volkova was guest at Joseph Prigogine's 45th Birthday Party in Moscow and sang various songs live in restaurant 'Piazza Italiana'. Joseph Prigogine is a popular and successful producer for several russian artists and husband of the singer 'Valeria'.
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Radio Mayak Interview [05.04.2014]
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Short summary:
- The premiere of song 'Любовь В Каждом Мгновении' will be available on iTunes. The release of the videoclip is scheduled for Monday; 7th April 2014.
- Julia, Lena and Legalize will be in a short movie called "Close but far away". The premiere is planned after the release of the clip. 
- The next surgery of Julia's vocal cords is planned for May 
- Soon Julia will present her spring collection of 'C&C Shoes by Julia Volkova' 

Любовь в каждом мгновении Video Presentation [07.04.2014]
Julia Volkova: "Lena Katina often judged me because of my voice!"
Source: |  01:08 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK | GALLERY

Today Julia Volkova and Tatu's producer Elena Kiper presented the video "Любовь в каждом мгновении". This work was one of the steps to reunite the team. At the premiere of  the video Lena Katina didn't arrive. She stated repeatedlyon the termination of any relationship with Volkova. Even for the shooting of the clip the soloists were seperated. In the video the girls should symbolically a friendly hug.
Katina refused to appear in the final scene with the result that the team had to seek the services of a 'Katina Double'. While journalists languishing in anticipation of the arrival from the soloist  Elena Kiper immediately said that the two thousandth sensational duo no longer exists:
"It took a while to destroy the old illusion of two lesbians and to say the oh well forgotten old concept calling for genuine love. They've two completely separate lives: they have two separate solo projects and each has its own path and its management. "
Even Julia Volkova answered quickly and finally admitted that she's no longer a part of the legendary duo:
"I want to say that this is my last job with Lena Katina. I tried to bring her back into the project t.A.T.u. with all my effort and make her to agree with this new single. Unfortunately it didn't work. I don't see the point. There was so much potential to go on with the project t.A.T.u..
I personally tried to contact her. I called her but there was no answer. She didn't answer any SMS messages. I don't know what's wrong with her. Lena always tried to make fun of me because I can't hit the notes anymore with my broken voice. I tried to ignore the words but I'm a person who needs to go on in life. I've tried everything."

DFM Radio Interview, Moscow [08.04.2014]
This evening at 22pm (Moscow Time) Julia Volkova and Andrey Menshikov (Legalize) visited Radio 'DFM' in Moscow to promote the current single "Любовь в каждом мгновении".

 "Together Apart" - Cornetto Cupidity series
TITLE: "Together Apart" - Cornetto Cupidity series
RELEASE: 09.04.2014
DURATION: 8m 03s
Together Apart is a short film for the Cornetto Cupidity series. A young couple move away from one another to go to college but remain together in a long distance romance, helped by our Cupids t.A.T.u. The pair must try to do whatever it takes to stay in touch and eventually be reunited. Everything has changed, but can their love survive the distance?

Interview RU TV 'Stol Zakozov' [09.04.2014]
Source: juliavolkovagermany |  14:34 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK Webarticle [11.04.2014]

Julia Volkova presented her own shoe brand "C&C shoes by Julia Volkova". has some exclusive details: the production of the shoes, the prices and whether the temperamental singer will go back into business. The collection of the budding entrepreneur are 30 pairs of shoes. We don't doubt that some of the shoes will have huge heels which the the small singer (1.54) loves so much.

"This is not my first design experience. I have always participated in some discussion for creating costumes of performances and clips", told Julia.
"Of course, I have my favorite designer - Christian Louboutin. I'm inspireed by his creative works and I was also inspired to create the collection. But I try to stay original.The footwear of "C&C shoes by JuliaVolkova" rebuffed by Italian factories and has an excellent quality", so says the singer.
What will be the surprise?
The collection: boots on platform and high-heeled shoes, lavishly decorated with crystals , and for fans of flat shoes some sneakers, decorated with studs.
"I helped some young Italian designers", said Volkova. "They drew sketches and send them to Moscow by e-mail. I argued or asked to change some things. Sometimes we have also Skype conversation to talk about some details." 
The sale of the Summer collection will be in late April. Julia's shoes having a low cost from 5 up to 15000 RUB.

Russian MusicBox Interview, Moscow [16.04.2014]
Source: juliavolkovasolo |  20:09 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Julia Volkova and Legalize presented the video for the song "Любовь в каждом мгновении" in the program 'Showroom' of the channel Russian Musicbox. 
Julia also shared plans for the future: 
- 29th April will be the spring-summer collection of "C&C shoes by Julia Volkova"
- In late April will be the next surgery on her vocal chords in Israel
- In May will be a new shoe store opening for C&C in Blagoveshchensk
- new concert in Vladivostok.

Superdiskoteka 90x - Moscow, Russia [19.04.2014]
Today Julia had a performance at Superdiskoteka 90x in Moscow. It was Julia's 7th performance of Superdiskoteka in Russia. > All media of the previous performances! <

Sovetskaya Belorussia №81 (24464) Webarticle [30.04.2014]


Bright, charismatic , with an unforgettable voice and tough star character is always in the spotlight. No one is or can be like.
You can love or hate her. Men turn his neck, looking after her. Women want to be like her or they're jealous.
However, the attitude of Julia isn't apparently very concerned. She's a singer and actress. She plays in movies, writes songs, engaged in charity, has shop stores and is a single mother of two children.
I had the chance to meet the star.  In the mall I was behind my girlfriend, she certainly wanted to buy a pair of extravagant beautiful shoes. I lazily trailed after her, when there was an enthusiastic voice of my girlfriend: she pressed the leopard heels  against her breast.
"Look!!", said my girlfriend. "See what?!" -  "Julia Volkova!"
I looked involuntarily around - very loudly she rejoiced. The brunette was at the end of the hall looked at us and smiled. It turned out it was really Julia Volkova, the co-owner of the brand of shoes in the store where we were. So we met her. In life the singer looked different than on the screen. Viewers are used to seeing the singer cocky and emotional, then she was calm and smiling. A young woman who knows her worth.

Spring Summer Collection of 'C&C Shoes by Julia Volkova' [29.04.2014]
29th April 2014 at Svetliy Restaurant in Moscow Julia Volkova presented her new spring - summer shoe collection "C&C shoes by JV". Within six months the singer and the leading Italian designers developed a new collection and present it on Russian markets. Volkova admitted that she helped the Italian designers. They drew sketches and send them to the singer in Moscow by email.
"I argued or asked to change things. Sometimes we invented details via Skype." - says Julia.
At the presentation the singer arranged a Brazilian show: hot mulatto, carnival costumes, fiery dances and Latin American music delighted guests.
"Since it is a collection of "Spring-Summer" I wanted to make the shoes bright, catchy and at the same time comfortable", admitted Volkova.  - "A new collection of more than 50 kinds of pairs of shoes, so you can find strict classic shoes to enter the social events." Julia Volkova came to the podium in a sexy red body. At the end of the evening the guests got another surprise: live butterflies of rare breeds with bright colors, like the shoes. Julia helped to release the butterflies with her children.

Channel 1 Interview Прямой Эфир [06.05.2014]
Source: juliavolkovasolo |  05:02 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Store Opening "C&C shoes by JV" in shopping center "MEGA", Blagoveshchensk, Russia [09.05.2014]

Julia Volkova visited the shopping mall 'Mega' for the store opening of 'C&C Shoes'. The singer got thunderous cheers and applause. Practically everyone was holding a phone or camera to capture her unusual visit to Blagoveshchensk. Fans had the chance to take pictures with their idol and getting autographs. Julia picked up the scissors and cut the red ribbon with the words "We did it!". She also presented her new shoe collection: high heels with unusual texture and bright colors( ~ 4.5 thousand RUB).

Concert in Cuckoo Club, Vladivostok Russia[10.05.2014]
Text? Interview [10.05.2014]
On Saturday 10th May 2014 Julia Volkova had a concert in a nightclub 'CUCKOO', Vladivostok.
After the concert the singer met with fans and gave autographs. She smiled openly and answered every question with ease and expressed her opinions about politics, religion, the Russian show business and motherhood.

Interview in the program "Time to Talk" ( "Время говорить" ) on Channel 8 (Vladivostok) [10.05.2014]
Julia talked about:
- About the shoes of «C&C shoes by JV» and the opening of the store in Blagoveshchensk
- she has plans to open her own studio and become a graphic designer
-  she has further creative plans
- about the conflict with Lena Katina,
-  her children (their interests, hobbies and education)
Source: juliavolkovasolo |  25:17 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK - GALLERY

Source: juliavolkovasolo |  02:32 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

TV Show 'The Big Race', [12.05.2014]
On May 12 Julia flew, together with the Russian pop singer and actress Alika Smekova and stylist Vladislav Lisovetsin in the capital of Hungary.n Budapest they met up more familiar faces of Russia, including such as Sati Kasanova, Dmitry Nagiyev, Alekseyem Mishinym & Aleksey Khvorostyan who participate in the TV show 'The big race' "Большие гонки" which took place in Origo Studios.

'The big race' is a competition, which was published 1962 in France and involves the use of power, agility and maneuverability to achieve victory. The team is going through a lot of tests, including a fight with the cops, relays and climbing a mountain.
Since 2005 also Russia joins in this competition. Since this time, Russia was able to win for six times, against countries such as France, USA, China and other countries.
The broadcast of the program takes prospective place in summer 2014 in Hungarian TV (Channel 1).

Photoshoot for C&C Shoes, Moscow [18.05.2014]

On 18th May Julia Volkova had the third Photoshoot for her shoe collection 'C&C Shoes by JV' in K-Loft, Moscow.
MUZ TV Style Icon, TOUCH Magazine & Video presentation of Sati Kazanova
Monday, 19th May 2014 Julia Volkova had a shoot for MUZ TV 'Style Icon'. Afterwards the singer gave an interview and an accompanying photoshooting for the Russian magazine 'TOUCH'. In the evening she attended for the video presentation of Sati Kazanova's new clip 'Before Dawn'. On this event were also the fashion designer Igor Gulyaev and Julias's ex duetpartner Dima Bilan.

Press conference in Cannes [21.05.2014]
The movies "The sight of Cupid." are series of short films. Julia Volkova and Lena Katina were starring in one of the episode which called: 'Together Apart'. Today was the presentation on the Cote d'Azur in Cannes.
At the press conference the girls arrived separately and tried to avoid each other. 
The singers demanded that the press conference was divided into two parts. The first half of the journalists made ​Lena Katina.  When Julia Volkova was about to answer the questions afterwards she prefered to sit on the table. She explained she will refuse to sit on the same chair where her former mate took place before. After the press conference Julia Volkova took up a sign with the hashtag #SaveOurGuys for few minutes and posed for reporters.

PLAYBOY Magazine Russia June Issue 2014
The member of t.A.T.u., Julia Volkova, does not believe that the duet will reunite. But, this is not a misfortune: Julia has already received her portion of universal fame. Now she has shot for Playboy.
At Playboy's request, the heroine in our cover, Julia Volkova, was interviewed with passion by the handsome and famous actor Konstantin Kryukov.

Concert in Restaurant 'Flying Dutchman', St.Petersburg [30.05.2014]

The Golden Gloves 2 Black Energy Boxing Show, Moscow [01.06.2014]

Children's Day Celebration, Tver [01.06.2014]
At 14pm Julia Volkova had a performance in Tver for the "Russia - Olympic victories" which is dedicated to the International Children's Day. She was singing 'Nas ne dagoniat', 'Polchasa' and 'Lubov v kazdom mgonvenii'.

Summer Opening Terrace at Buddha Bar [05.06.2014]

MUZ TV Awards, Moscow [06.06.2014]
Source: juliavolkovasolo |  01:09 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK - GALLERY

NTV Report about Conchita Wurst [07.06.2014]
Source: juliavolkovasolo |  02:40 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Sensation White Host [07.06.2014]
Source: juliavolkovasolo |  01:12 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
07.06.2014 - Sensation White Host Interview
Source: juliavolkovasolo |  00:59 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Performance at Special Business Day Moscow [07.06.2014]
Full Performance by Julia Volkova at 'Business Day' in Luzhniki Stadium Moscow. Julia sang the songs "Lubov v kazdom mgnoveni" and "Nas ne dagoniat".
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Concert in Central Station Club, St. Petersburg [07.08.2014]
On 7th June 2014 Julia Volkova gave a concert once again in Central Station Club in St. Petersburg. In the fan community the concert is called as the best and also one of the most emotional performances ever during her solo career. Julia's voice sounded stronger. In the end of her show she was even able to sing the song Malchik Gay in acapella. Between the fans and Julia was visible endless energy. Julia also told that t.A.T.u. will always remain in her heart and will live through it; also for the fans. It will always be a big part of everyone. The story isn't closed. At this night fans also gave her many surprises, inter alia a huge teddy bear and choclate. Julia was very touched about this little attention and hugged her fans warmly. A must to see this concert for every JV fan!
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Karlson Restaurant Summer Terrace Opening [11.06.2014]

Restaurant 'Chaika' [11.06.2014]

PLAYBOY Party in Club 'Oblanka', Sochi [14.06.2014]

Guest in НТВ Show 'Show and tell' [17.06.2014]
Source: juliavolkovasolo |  40:30 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Palma de Sochi event [17.06.2014]

Interview Europa Plus, Rio de Janeiro [23.06.2014]

During the World Cup the russian radio station 'Europa Plus' airs during the morning show live from Rio de Janeiro. Today's guest was Julia Volkova accompanied with KTODJ.

'Sovjetskogo Sporta' Interview [23.06.2014]

Julia Volkova tells about the reason why the song 'Nas ne dagoniat' fits so much to sport events and has even an inscription applied to the Russian football team bus.
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  03:17 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

'House of russia', Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [27.06.2014]

KTODJ and Julia Volkova gave a performance in Rio De Janeiro to support the russian football team. In future they will keep on working together for more common musical projects. Julia will also go back in studio again to record new songs.
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Credit Krugdoveriya Interview [18.06.2014]
Julia Volkova: "The less bureaucracy, the better!"

Read Interview

Concert in Pskov - Russia [10.07.2014]


Concert in Almaty, Kazachstan [11.07.2014]

Amsterdam Vacation [19. - 23.07.2014]

Julia and her concert director Katya Dorosh took a little break in Amsterdam. 
Humor Week Comedy Club & Brazil Night in Jurmala [01.-03.08.2014]

Every year in the first week of August the Humor Week of the Comedy Club takes place in Riga.

Once again on 01st August Julia Volkova visited the city Jurmala to be a part of the event. First stop was in Dzintari; a huge park of the concert hall. In the evening the singer visited the 'Burlesque Cabaret', the most famous Music Hall of Riga. 02nd August Julia visited the concert hall of Dzintaru to watch the this year's show of the Comedy Club and joined the 'Brazil Night Party' in Havanna Lounge Club.

Fight in Sevastopol [05. - 08.08.2014]
Fight in Sevastopol, Yalta [05.08.2014]

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Fight in Sevastopol, Jevpatoriya [06.08.2014]


Weight-in Official Ceremony [08.08.2014]

Royal Beach Club Moscow [22.08.2014]
Julia had a small performance at 'Royal Beach Club' in Moscow.

Concert and Fanmeeting St. Petersburg
Julia visited St. Petersburg once again. Before the concert at 22:30pm fans came to Ambassador Hotel for getting autographs and pictures. Julia also answered many fan questions.
Her voice is still hoarse but sounds a bit better since the last surgery. She needs to be quiet, to protect her voice for around eight weeks. Julia would like to have a new song for the end of the year and is currently looking for materials, music and texts. Moreover during the time where she needs to rest her voice she's writing on her book. She's also free to perform in other cities / countries, in case she gets the offer for it and she also spoke about her children, movies, TV shows and about C&C Shoes. 

After the fanmeeting Julia had a concert in Restaurant "Шатер"

Interview 'Show and tell' [25.08.2014]
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  01:12 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Interview News Zone on Muzzone [14.07.2014]
Interview in Almaty - Kasachstan before the concert in '8 Lakes'
Source: juliavolkovagermany  |  06:01 min - WMV - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Hello Magazine (September Issue)

Julia Volkova in Lotte Plaza with Katja Gordon in Moscow [03.09.2014]
Performance in Saransk, Ice Palace [05.09.2014]
'Fight Stars', Pensa Emerald City [06.09.2014]
07.09.2014 - TV 

'Polina' Magazine #9 [September 2014]

Concert in Club 'Oscar', Sochi [13.09.2014]

'The Big Race' [14.09.2014]
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14.09.2014 - 'Big Race', Bull Fight

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Mercedez Benz Company, Moscow [17.09.2014]
KP.RU Webarticle [17.09.2014]
Julia Volkova was like many other artists at the moment the victim of Ukrainian-Russian conflict.
A similar story happened to Sergey Lazarev a few months ago, when the Ukrainian TV channel gave the material that he allegedly was against the Russian position on the cultivation of Crimea back to Russia. The TV channel has making cuts from his interview by presenting it unpatriotic.
Now the same thing was happening with Julia Volkova. In late spring the singer flew to Ukraine to be participant of the program "Lie Detector", where one of the questions was about patriotism.
On the recording which was aired, Julia says:
"I'm not a patriot, I confess it honestly. I love America and I love everything that happens there."
We were frankly, very surprised. Julia has been repeatedly recognized that it is more comfortable to work in the United States, where she has performed and recorded their albums.
But to love America more than Russia? This is something new.

When we caught up with the singer revealed that for her it looks as strange as it is for us:

"So easy in fact they make me look like an idiot, just took their words out of context! It's not quite the correct feed. Indeed, for me, the term "patriotism" is insensitive. Just a formal word. But how can I not love my country? I was born here, grew up, Russia has given me everything - success, popularity, love, education. It does not matter where you live ...
The main thing to love my country. I am very proud to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest, went on tour under the flag of my country, performed and presented my country at the opening of the Olympic Games in Sochi, I traveled recently to support our boxers on tour in Russia. This is important. Many athletes who serve under our flag, live and train abroad. That's what I mean. Let us remember Maria Sharapova, Alexander Ovechkin, Dmitry Hvorovstovskogo, Anna Netrebko - they're all Russians, but no one makes them unpatriotic. Many of our artists having children who are living abroad, they have a property abroad, and I think that's normal."

Weeding in Moscow [19.09.2014]

TPK Kontinent, St. Petersburg Russia [20.09.2014]
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Concert in Restaurant 'Prichal', Moscow [20.09.2014]
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International Day of Peace, Moscow [21.09.2014]
Julia Volkova - answers with real actions! 
By virtue of the unfounded accusations "false patriots" in social networks: Today on the International Day of Peace, Julia sang in name of peace and love at a rally against the Russo-phobia and manifestations of all forms of extremism. She performed several songs at a rally dedicated to "interethnic relations" under the support of the bike club "The Night Wolves
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PLAYBOY Party 60th anniversary, Moscow [25.09.2014]
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Vintage Magazine #6 (73) 2014

Julia Volkova & Jewgenija Samarzewa, Moscow [27.09.2014]

Diskoteka MUZ TV 'Partyzone Vegas' [28.09.2014]
Vlad Sokolovsky's Birthday Party, Oblanka Moscow [29.09.2014]
Restaurant 'Chaika' Moscow [02.10.2014]

Тi ne govorich 'Has Julia Volkova larynx cancer?' [04.10.2014]
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MUZ TV Anniversary, Moscow [05.10.2014]
Magazine Домашний [08.10.2014]
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Autumn / winter collection of 'C&C Shoes by JV' [08.10.2014]
Julia Volkova presented her new lines of shoes: autumn / winter collection of 'C&C Shoes by JV' in restaurant Oblaka, Moscow.
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>> 'C&C Shoes by JV' <<

Interview of restaurant 'Oblaka' [10.10.2014]

Visit in 'Wood Studio' (Mirdali), Moscow [17.10.2014]

Gazetiere Interview [22.10.2014]
NewsBox about «C&C shoes by JV» 2014 - 22.10.2014 
RUSong & NewsBox about «C&C shoes by JV» Presentation
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22.10.2014 - RUSong about «C&C shoes by JV» 2014
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Photoshoot for "C&C Shoes by JV"
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Book Presentation 'Tyson - Ruthless Truth' [27.10.2014]
27th October 2014  in fitness club on the Belarusian 'DR.LODER' Moscow was the presentation of the autobiographical book of the legendary American boxer Mike Tyson - "Tyson. Ruthless Truth", published in the publishing house "Penguin". The initiator of the book has already become a bestseller in the US and Europe, delivered the most famous Russian in world boxing promoter Vladimir Hryunov.
Among the guests of the presentation: Aleksey Kravchenko, Nicholas Lukinskiy, Julia Volkova, Eric Bogdanovich, Yegor Creed singer Hannah and others.
Restaurant & Lounge 'Reka', Moscow [28.10.2014]

'New Feet' Tournament, Moscow [31.10.2014]

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'ODRI' Collection, Moscow [02.11.2014]


Music studio, Moscow [05.11.2014]
In Moscow Julia has recorded new tracks together with songwriter Elena Kiper. 

Leps Bar, Moscow [06.11.2014]

Concert in Dinamo Krylatskoye Stadium, Moscow Russia [07.10.2014]Text?
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Lovestudio Moscow [07.11.2014]

Music studio, Moscow [09.11.2014]

Elite News - Video presentation of Oleg Yakovlev in Restaurant Reka [10.11.2014]
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Andrea Ojano's Spin For Me Music Video Presentation at Soho Rooms, Moscow [13.11.2014]
'Fashion Day' at Crocus City Mall in Moscow [16.11.2014]
Every year, the Russian stars attend on the celebration of the 'Fashion Day' which takes place in the capital "Crocus City Mall". This year's event Julia Volkova, Laysan Utyasheva Anastasia Stotskaya and many others attended the party.
Visit of the show 'Marriage of Figaro', Moscow [17.11.2014]
Julia visited the 'Pushkin Theater' in Moscow to see the show 'Zhenitba Figaro' ('Marriage of Figaro') in which her long term friend Sergej Lazarev is currently playing a role.
Superdiskoteka Rehearsal, St. Petersburg [21.11.2014]

Performance at Superdiskoteka 90x, St. Petersburg [22.11.2014]

KtoZdez PartyUp at Aurora Hall (St. Petersburg, Russia) [23.11.2014]

Video presentation of Oleg Yakovlev in Restaurant Reka [28.11.2014]
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Performance in Palace of shows and sports Russia & Tochka Club, Barnaul [28.11.2014]
Performance at Dinamo Sports Complex in Novomoskovsk, Russia [30.11.2014]
'ICON CLUB', Moscow [06.12.2014]
Rossiya 1 Interview [11.12.2014] | 51:25 min -MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Visiting the show 'Снежный король' (Snow King) [12.12.2014]
Julia Volkova, her children, Yana Rudkovskaya and Alex Bokov were watching the performance of Dima Bilan at the Show "Snow King" by Evgeni Plushenko

Rossiya 1 Interview [11.12.2014]
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Music Studio - ТСЖ Благовещенка [23.12.2014]

Concert in Night Plaza, Almaty, Kazakhstan [31.12.2014]
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