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In 1999 a duet girls revolutionized the world of pop for their controversial image of lesbian teenagers who tried to defend their love through the music. This is Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, who gave life to t.A.T.u..
Thanks to "All The Things She Said" and "Not Gonna Get Us" this couple of beautiful women became musical icons in their country Russia. Throughout the world they achieving record breaking sales records.
After 10 years of sharing the stage Julia and Lena decided to separate and soon it was clear that they weren't realy lesbians and it was just an image which they had in the project.
Currently, Julia, the sensual brunette and mother of two children, is preparing her first solo album. She recently released the video of the highly anticipated single "Hold Me Close" (Держи рядом) in which she's a fragile girl in railings of a bridge - about to jump into the river until a handsome 15 years old man appears and pulsating a short love story.
Today we spoke to this small, sexy and tough woman about her life and music career. This in an exclusive interview with William Jaimes. 

While you were in t.A.T.u. you were considered as the most sexy, daring and crazy one of the duo. Are you still a rebel woman?
- Hard to say. I would say I feel the way I look like. In any case, I'm different. I'm not 15 years old but I don't feel that old.
I'm a mother of two children. We must change or otherwise you don't progress or beat it. I definitely changed inside myself, I feel in harmony with myself, I feel that the principles of philosophy apply some things in my life, but my temperament has not changed at all (laughs).

Q: How is the life of Julia Volkova before and after t.A.T.u.?
- Somehow it's different, I'm more mature, that says it all!

How do you defined Julia Volkova?
- I can say I'm a happy woman. I enjoy the here and now and that gives me much pleasure!

 Premiere - Woman of the year 'Clarins', Moscow [28.01.2016]

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Photoshoot @ 8-Bit Studio, Moscow
Julia Volkova about the war in the Crimea [20.02.2016]
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Stars Club, Sevastopol - Russia [20.02.2016]

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Julia's Birthday [20.02.2016]

Loft 19.0.5, Moscow [02.03.2016]

Concert @ 'Spices And Joy', St. Petersburg [08.03.2016]
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Performance @ 'Diskoteka 90s' @ 'A2 Club', St. Petersburg [08.03.2016]
• Video  • Gallery Interview, Tallin [11.03.2016]
Julia Volkova told about "Eurovision", her personal life, the difference between Russia and Europe. She also said that she has currently no contact to her former bandmate Lena Katina.
• Video  • 10.32 min 

Radio DFM, Tallin [11.03.2015]

Concert @ Cathouse, Tallin [11.03.2016]

Concert @ Club Mirage, Pärnu [12.03.2016]
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Club Atlantis, Tartu - Estonia [19.03.2016]

Interview Video Premiere of Legalize @ Royal Arbat, Moscow [23.03.2016]

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Julia Volkova & Кто DJ - Ice Show 'Я легенда', St. Petersburg [26.03.2016]
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NTV «Зеркало для героя» [06.04.2016]

Julia Volkova beat cancer but 'mistake' during surgery damaged her singing voice

Julia Volkova  revealed she had beaten cancer, but a "mistake" during surgery left her with damage to her singing voice.
The 31-year-old Russian – who performed during the Opening Ceremony of 2014's Sochi Winter Olympics – said the mishap during her Moscow surgery had left her initially unable to speak.
A mum of two, she added she'd now recovered from thyroid cancer but needed further surgery in South Korea to restore her voice, which is now soft and husky. Volkova had hidden her cancer from the world for four years, even during the Olympic reunion with her t.A.T.u co-singer Lena Katia – with who she famously kissed during performances.

"It was a critical moment for me. When the surgery was over, I had to open my eyes and start talking," she said.

"But it didn't happen. - I was whispering. Forget about singing. I could not say hello on the phone, people were not hearing me. Many friends and those who were close to me have gone, saying something like 'Ah, Yulia Volkova, she's a thing of the past, forget about her. When I was expecting surgery, all kept calling - 'Come on, we're with you, you are strong, you will make it'. But when it was all over, and they heard my voice after the surgery, they realised they did not need me anymore. Nobody called, even Lena."

She added: "I lost lost my voice because of the doctors' mistake. I mean they hurt my vocal nerve. I had a thyroid cancer. They damaged my vocal nerve."

But despite the pain, Volkova is bravely putting it behind her and moving on: "All the worst is behind me. I never think why or what for," she added.

"It happens, and it means it happened in my life in order to take me through it. It is a certain stage of my life and I believe that such diseases are sent only to strong people. It is only for strong people, even if they do not survive, they fight to the end."

• Interview • 50.12min

Superdiskoteka90x Olimpisky Stadium, Moscow [09.04.2016]
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25th Neposedy anniversary [12.04.2016]

HELLO Magazine [19.04.2016]

MusicBoxParty Spring, Moscow [23.04.2016]

Interview 'HELLO' Magazine [24.04.2016]
"Operation has divided my life into" before "and" after "
 In a recent broadcast of Oksana Pushkina's TV program "Mirror for a Hero" on channel NTV Julia Volkova made a statement:
"In 2012, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. During surgery where they had to remove the tumor they have damaged my vocal nerve.
It was the most critical moment of my life. "
We have offered Julia to reconstruct what happened in details.
In a candid interview with HELLO!
Yulia Volkova told about how to beat the cancer, how to restore the voice after a medical error and how to it changed her life.

That year for actress Julia Volkova was very busy. At the beginning of 2012, she recorded a duet with Dima Bilan 'Back To Her Future', they were about to participate in "Eurovision", but in the qualifying round "Buranovskie grandmother" defeated them. In summer Julia shot a video for the song "Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu" and was preparing to release an album, with success at the contest "Novaya Volna", which took place in Jurmala. And then, in September, the media reported that Julia underwent surgery on ligaments. For some time, she "disappeared from the radar" and returned with a new, almost unrecognizable voice - a low, husky.

New single «Спасите люди мир» (It's time to save the world)
Julia Volkova about her new single «Спасите люди мир» (It's time to save the world):
"Lately we often hear the sentence: "The world has gone mad!" And it's really true. It's all so crazy that we allow this madness - so I decided for this song. I don't want to oppose something I advocate, it's just my declaration
I stand for a strong family, love, the respect toward nature, the respect to each other and - in the end - to respect yourself! The world is as we see it and what we create in it.
Life is fleeting and we destroy everything with our own hands. «Спасите люди мир» is a nonprofit single - it's the cry of my soul. "
The production for this song took two years, in order to achieve and pass through the right emotion and nerves in this track.

With the participation of "Neposedy"
Music: Murat Abdulmanov
Text: Lara D'Elia
Vocal Producing: Anna Timofeevskaya
Sound Production by Chinkong


Photoshoot and Interview @ People Talk [01.04.2016]

Julia Volkova: I know that will overcome the disease
After a break of Julia Volkova's solo career she appeared on the scene again. And this time with a serious statement: the girl was able to overcome cancer. Her life has changed, but the music is not left. 29th April you can hear Volkova's new program  at "Mumiy Troll Music Bar».In an exclusive interview she talked about her crazy youth, the struggle for life, family and music.

Interview @ Novoe Radio, Moscow [28.04.2016]
• 20.01 min • Listen

Interview @ Russkoe Radio, Moscow [29.04.2016]
Gallery • 17.59 min • Listen

Concert @ Мумий Троль Music Bar, Moscow [29.04.2016]
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Dessange 'The most elegant of Russia 2016', Moscow [May 2016]

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25th Neposedy Anniversary @ Concert Hall "RUSSIA" [19.05.2016]
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'Beauty Face Control' Awards @ Restaurant 'The Sad' [24.05.2016]

«Мир Комфорта» N°2 (20) May-June 2016
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Gold & Dance Moscow [26.05.2016]
Concert at Bar Acobama [28.05.2016]

Performance at 'Музеон' [29.05.2016]

#Likeчас on chanel 'Musika Pervogo' [31.05.2016]

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Russian Newspaper


Performance @ Maevka Live Musika Pervogo [11.06.2016]
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• Video Interview [30.06.2016]

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Lauluväljak Tallinn song festival grounds [01.07.2016]

Vitebsk (Belarus) [17.07.2016]
The singer has walked through Vitebsk and told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about her life during her stay for  the music festival "Slavic Bazaar" in Vitebsk- concert "Golden lyrics Musicbox".After rehearsal  ( the singer sang "Derzhi Ryadom" and  "Nas ne dagoniat") took  a walk in the City of Masters.  For the first time her new tattoo was visible, which she has made during her last stay in Riga. At this time the artist has chosen pattern, symbolizing the love between man and woman - couple holding hands goes towards a happy future. 
Surprisingly Julia Volkova also told about her new song "Follow me."After a full day Julia went to prepared for the concert. In the morning she flew back to Moscow, also to visit the gym. As it turned out, Volkova spend much time, keeping herself in shape.  "When I don't spend some time in the gym, I feel my body is changing."  - Julia told us.

ShoshevShow Music Box Gold [19.07.2016]

Vacation July 2016

Music Studio Moscow [19.07.2016]

R-Pharm 15th Birthday [27.08.2016]

Mr. Playboy Party in Almaty, Kasachstan [02.09.2016]

MuzOne TV Interview [10.09.2016]


Performance @ Den Goroda, Moscow [11.09.2016]


Photoshoot by Abdull Artuev [26.09.2016]


Performance in Greece, Athen [29.09.2016]


Performance in Tallin, Estonia [30.09.2016]


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