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'Ibrida Club' in Korolevstvo Bahrein [08.01.2015]

Concert in 'The Russian Xmas' in Club Armani / Prive, Dubai [07.01.2015]

Concert in Restaurant 'Heaven', Thailand Phuket [11.01.2015]

Thailand Vacation [12.01. - 24.01.2015]
Together with friends and her daughter Victoria Julia had a twelve-day vacation in Thailand.

Europa Plus Ivanovo Radio Interview [31.01.2015]

Concert at 'Arena Right', Ivanovo Russia [31.01.2015]

Performance in Sochi [05.02.2015]
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Show And Tell "Говорим и показываем" [09.02.2015]
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Male or Female - Ох уж эта любовь [13.02.2015]
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Dancing with the stars [14.02.2015]
Julia Volkova: "It hurts me, but I'm going to dance!"
14th February on channel "Russia-1" the 9th season of "Dancing with the Stars" had premiere. In the show are only girls: actresses, singers, athletes and simply beautiful women. People can vote for their favorite couple. However, the start of the show was recorded the day before, on Friday the 13th, almost 9 hours.
When Julia Volkova appeared an elastic bandage was visible.
"During rehearsals, I got lifted in the air and heard a loud crunch." - said Julia.
 "It was very painful. The doctor looked at me and said the chest muscles was damaged. And today, when I visited the doctor again today again they say there is suspicion of a crack in the rib. Therefore it is necessary to remove from the room complex support. After x-ray treatments it turned out I have pectoral muscle strain and now I'm taking painkillers. How do I feel? Honestly - not so good! It's hard for me to breathe. But I won't give up ... I will dance."
Volkov, literally breaking the pain went to the floor with a smile and kept on dancing. Despite the fact that the members of the jury didn't know about the injury of the singer, they still put the average score.

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'Dancing with the stars' [21.02.2015]
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Backstage Interview on Rossiya 1 'Dancing with the stars' [21.02.2015]
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'Man's Day' at Paradise Cafe & Bar, St. Petersburg [22.02.2015]
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'Extravaganza on the floor' Interview on Rossiya 1 'Dancing with the stars' [22.02.2015]
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Fanmeeting St. Petersburg Hotel Astoria [23.02.2015]

Concert at Music Bar 11, St. Petersburg, Russia [23.02.2015]
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Photoshoot for russian magazine [25.02.2015]

Restaurant Chaika, Moscow [27.02.2015]

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour [01.03.2015]

Movie Premiere of Dukhless 2' at Kinoteatre Oktyabr, Moscow [03.03.2015]

Duran Bar, Moscow [05.03.2015]

Concert at '5 Avenue Club', Kazakhstan Petropavlovsk [06.03.2015]
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Concert at 'Black Milk', Novosibirsk, Russia [07.03.2015]
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Love Radio Interview, Serpuhov Russia [08.03.2015]

Concert at 'Korston Hotel', Serpuhov Russia [08.03.2015]
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Performance at 'Extra Lounge Club', Serpukhov, Russia [08.03.2015]
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'HELLO!' Magazine Webarticle [13.03.2015] guest editor Julia Volkova continues to conduct her column. Recently we have written that Julia, one of the participants on Dancing With the Stars, had a trauma during her rehearsal, but found strength in herself to continue with the show. Alas, Julia had to leave the project as doctors did not share her enthusiasm and forbid heavy work load in the near future.

In her new column Julia decided to talk about how important dancing is to her and why she is ready to endure pain for it:
“Dancing…for some it is just a sport, for others it is magic, and for others a language of gestures, feelings and emotions. Each person takes away something from it and expresses themselves in their own way. Dancing and choreography as a whole is a huge physical and moral effort. I will tell the story of my exploration of this art form, of my small victories and defeats.

My first steps in choreography were being part of the “Neposedi” ensemble. I was trained in classic music - I had to pull up my socks, to be a refined girl. It was not easy for me, to put it mildly. In my childhood I wasn’t calm - I was a real “fidgeter”. That’s why getting acquainted with dancing was hard.

Looking back now, I think that it was worth overcoming myself and developing choreographic abilities. During training there is pressure on all muscles. The body becomes elastic and fit and a beautiful posture is formed. Dancing also has a positive effect on your gait, making it beautiful, straight, and noble. That is why I send my daughter to dance classes. However, genes prevailed as she is more drawn to singing classes and sports.

My second experience with dancing happened when I was 15-16 years old. Being in t.A.T.u. I toured actively and our whole concert was based on choreography. In order to avoid sprains and injuries we had to wear protective pads for our knees and elbows, which we successfully “fit” into our concert costumes.

Of course, dancing is tied to an increased risk of injury. This was confirmed in my latest experience: due to a cracked rib, which happened during rehearsal, I was forced to leave “Dancing With The Stars”. A month of daily exercises, which became an alternative to the gym, became a habit. And suddenly it all turned to nothing…But, it is not worth talking like this, because nothing happens in vain. Thanks to the exercises my body is more refined and fit. Of course I was sad to leave the project: I was not able to implement many ideas! At the same time, I finally understood that ballet dancing is not for me.

Modern choreography is another thing. Two years ago I had the opportunity to work with the eminent choreographer Yanis Marshall. He has worked with a lot of stars from all around the world. Modern elements in choreography came to me naturally. They correspond to my inner state. I am positive that people should choose what they are more comfortable with in dancing."

Teleguide № 11, 2015

TV Guide Magazine

Julia Volkova: Temptations and Trials

A trail of fame from being a member of t.A.T.u. still follows the singer, who has been pursuing a solo career. And no wonder: even if she has not yet achieved her incredible previous success, the brunette t.A.T.u.-girl has everything ahead of her - her fans are confident in this.

-Julia, are you tired of you name having “ex-t.A.T.u.” written next to it?
-This is a huge, integral part of my life. How can I be tired of it or reject it? The fame that t.A.T.u. had, no matter which way you twist it, is going to follow me for a long time. This is normal. I still perform our hits and playlists at my concerts, people wait for the songs, and this says everything.

-How is your relationship with Lena Katina?
-When we cross paths we, of course, say, “Hello”, and are interested in what is going on with the other. But there is nothing more than that.

-How many times have you performed together recently?
-The last time was around a year ago when we premiered “Love In Every Moment” on BIG Love Show. We have not performed together since then.

-During t.A.T.u. you had steamy interactions on stage and apparently were good friends. Why do you not communicate after t.A.T.u.’s split?
-A time comes when you have to take a break from each other. We practically lived the same life for 10 years, spending almost every single day together. Then a moment came when we had to stop communicating for a certain amount of time. We did not agree to it, everything happened by itself. Our lives are parallel to each other, practically without any points of contact.

-Right now Lena is waiting for her firstborn. What advice did you give to her as an experienced mom?
-Before New Year’s we came together for a shooting and I congratulated her and we talked. But I did not give her any specific recommendations. This is something that is based on the individual person.

-It is written online that after the opening ceremony at the Olympics in Sochi you and Lena had a conflict and t.A.T.u. split for a third time. What happened, exactly?
-You know, even a year later it is still a mystery to me.

-Why does the band always have scandals surrounding it?
-This was people reacting to the problems in society that we showed through our creative work. We never caused scandals in terms of, let’s say, the grapes in the dressing room having seeds and us requesting grapes without seeds.

-t.A.T.u.’s producer, Ivan Shapovalov, survived a difficult illness. How is he doing now?
-All of the unpleasant things, thankfully, are left in the past. Ivan came to my birthday party on February 20th. He looked amazing! I was happy that the came. I invited him, but I was not sure if he would show up. He looked true to himself: bright, unusual clothing and a wide, honest smile. We talked and danced a lot. I saw the former Ivan!

-Why do you not start working with Ivan again?
-I don’t think you can do the same thing twice. Right now is a time in my life when I want to experiment on my own, try something new, test the waters.

-During your long career on stage you have tried on different masks, changed your image, your orientation. Who is the real you? Which of the public/stage images is closest to the real you?
-Each of my images corresponded to the state in which I was during either that or another time. Yes, I was a tomboy at some point. Now I am a mother of two who I am responsible for. This is obviously why I became more womanly and calmer than I was when I was 15. An artist will become boring if he or she is constantly covered by a mask. People can feel a fake. If I change my image it means that my inner state has changed.

-On February 20th you turned 30 years old! What does this date mean for you?
-I look at such things philosophically. In any case 30 years is a new stage in life. Right now I became more levelheaded. I understand that any situation can be solved calmly.

-What did your children give to you for your birthday?
-Vika gave me a real surprise. She sang Alla Pugacheva’s “Forgive, Believe”. Samir gave me a beautiful handmade card. I was very touched.

-Which memorable and unexpected surprises were you given?
-During my celebration my friends gave me a big, wrapped box. The next day when I was going through my gifts and saw a microphone inside of it. It was a pleasant surprise, I love useful gifts.

-Looking back, what would you like to change in your life?
-It is not like me to regret things that happened to me. I don’t live in the past. If there were no hard situations in my life it is possible that I would not be the person I am today. It’s all a priceless experience!

-Why is the heart of beautiful women like yourself still free?
-I guess that’s how the stars in the sky aligned.

-In your opinion what are men are afraid of when looking at you? Do you want too much from them? Or that you have two children?
-Not everything is so simple. For me is is important to love a person and know that his feelings are the same. And I think that when a man loves he is not afraid of anything and fights for his love.

-How do your children get along with each other?
-Like all kids, of course, they fight about little things. But as a whole their relationship is harmonious.

-What are your children’s creative inclinations?
-Victoria plays tennis and recently has began going to vocal lessons. It looks like she likes it. She loves to be the center of attention. Samir is more interested in the sciences, he is a thinker. I thought about signing him up for swimming, but maybe that will be a little later when he is older.

-What is the hardest for you in raising a boy and a girl?
-If it wasn’t hard it would be boring to live. Every child needs an individual approach. It doesn’t not matter it is a boy or a girl. I try to address the needs of each of them, develop their talents and abilities. The main thing is to see individuality in a child.

-Who is with your kids when you are on tour?
-My nanny stays with them, my mom keeps everything under control. She comes over every day, helps with homework and spends time with them. No mater where I am we are always communicating. Besides that I take the kids with me on adventures and tour ever chance I get. They like it.

-How do they make you happy?
-I like that they are doing what they like. Our family does not have such a thing as “you are going to take music lessons and you will play soccer”. The kids take initiative themselves. If they do not like it they change to something else. They are organized. This gives me happiness.

-Do they understand that their mom is a famous singer?
I think so. But we never stress it.

-Are you going to do something that no one is expecting from you?
-When the time comes you will know.

-Why have you not been recording songs lately?
-I had a long pause due to problems with my voice. But I am recording demo tracks in the studio. If everything is fine then you will hear them soon.

-How do you feel now?
-I had surgery on my vocal cords in the summer. A long restoration process follows. My voice has begun to sound better, even though it is still not back completely. But there is definitely progress!

-What could cause you to leave your profession?
-The stage is my whole life and it is hard for to imagine myself not doing my favorite thing, at least now. As of now I have inspiration, I don’t even want to think about it.

-You have been in show business for a long time. Have you ever acted like a diva? How did you deal with it?
-I have not. I had periods of emotional exhaustion. This was a consequence of chronic sleep deprivation, regular travel and constant publicity. You feel like a squeezed lemon at times.

-Which trail has been the most serious?
-Every day is a trial, a temptation. There are new people both bad and good. In my life there really were serious trials. But no matter what happens you have to get up and move forward. You should never feel sorry for yourself.

-What does happiness mean to you? Do you consider yourself a happy person?
-Happiness for me is family and the realization of creative potential. I have both. This is why I can confidently say that I am happy! Interview [26.03.2015]
Guest Editor HELLO.RU Julia Volkova: the dangers posed by cosmetic procedures
In his regular column, the singer decided to discuss the beauty treatments and the dangers that can trap in beauty salons.

- Life is not possible without women care for their appearance! And it was true at all times - remember all the famous Cleopatra, who introduced the fashion of milk baths, in order to prolong their youth and beauty.
Modern beauty industry offers a wide range of services and goods. But I am quite convinced that it is necessary to be very selective when deciding on any experiments, as you may encounter with a rather unpleasant consequences. Was and in my experience the bitter experience.
A few years ago, when I was resting on the sea, she decided to try the "miraculous" mask of 24-carat gold leaf. The essence of the procedure is that the cleaned and prepared for the procedure face master puts the finest plates of gold leaf. Local Estheticians claimed that extracts the precious metal skin absorbed directly by stimulating positive changes in it: gold ions remove dead skin cells, promote the speedy regeneration and cell renewal. Thus, the skin becomes more youthful, supple and velvety. But in my case it happened differently. Instead of the expected "super-effect" I received a severe allergic reaction. It was skin irritation, itching and swelling. Even had to ask for help from your doctor! With their help I was able to get rid of the consequences of the "Golden Mask" for a few days now and I'm very careful to all sorts of experiments.
For myself, I picked up a makeup that is perfect for my skin. This professional care. At the same time, for many years, and I use folk remedies that are proven. One such tool - cosmetic ice. It is made very simple: the dried flowers of chamomile broth is poured into molds for ice and put in the freezer.
Every morning I wipe the face of the cube of ice. This tool helps narrow pores and refresh your skin and give it a healthy glow.
In our own experience, I was convinced: sometimes miraculous effect have very simple and accessible to everyone cosmetics and procedures, and for them to be sure your skin will thank you.

'SNC' Magazine
Vacation in Egypt at Naama Bay Beach [16. - 26.03.2015]

Interview «Прямой эфир» [01.04.2015]
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Performance at 'Segodnya Vecherom' [04.04.2015]
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Concert at 'Grammys Karaoke', Moscow [16.04.2015]
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Sensation 'Wicked Wonderland' Official Presentation & Pre-Party at 'PPL' Restaurant, Moscow [23.04.2015]

Stars of Eurovision Jubilee Concert Gala at 'Place de Paris Korston' Concert Hall, Moscow [24.04.2015]
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Videoshooting for breat cancer foundation, Moscow [27.04.2015]
Julia Volkova undressed in the framework of the campaign to combat breast cancer. Together with the artists of "Dancing with the Stars" they participated in the project.
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Bunker 42, Moscow [17.05.2015]

Interview at 'LoveRadio' [19.05.2015]
Julia Volkova was guest at Loveradio studio in Moscow to talk about the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna.
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Channel 1 "Доброе утро" Interview [21.05.2015]
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Russian Playboy Party, Monte-Carlo Grand Prix [22-24.05.2015]




Restaurant Lastochka [29.05.2015]

Concert in Generation 'Icon', Moscow [29.05.2015]

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Performance at 'Megadiskoteka', Moscow [30.05.2015]
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Julia Volkova to get married - Interview [03.06.2015]
Source  •   00:17 min  •  Video 

SYDNEY Beach Club, St. Petersburg [05.06.2015]

Hotel Ambassador, St. Petersburg [05.06.2015]
Kiev [08.06.2015]
Shooting YOURTREND, Kiev [09.06.2015]
Sensation White, Moscow [12.06.2015]
Open letter of Julia Volkova [15.06.2015]
Letter of Julia Volkova via her official Website for the 'yellow press'
"Dear journalists! I look forward to your professionalism and accordingly a professional approach to their duties. There is so much to ask and check about the information which should be published
For a Long time I don't pay attention about the articles or headlines of the 'yellow press'. The same also for the fact about the recent "news" about my alleged pregnancy and marriage* which I replicate and respected but I have to refute the information. That's not true, and in this I want to put a fat point.
Please specify the information in my press service before the publication for any news. I hope for your understanding and please keep the wisdom and respect for each other!"
*For several weeks the russian press is writing rumors about the alleged secret wedding with her current boyfriend George Zarandia, named as Gia Gali. There is also no official confirmed statement of Julia about the new relationship.

'Woman of the Year' Award, Vladivostok [19.06.2015]
Beauty Center ALDO COPPOLA, Vladivostok [19.06.2015]
Press Conference, Volgograd [28.06.2015]
Before the concert in Volgograd there was a press-conference during which Julia Volkova talked about creative plans for the near future, raising her children, and shared some beauty secrets.

The ex-member of t.A.T.u., Julia Volkova, agreed to perform, even though she has not fully recovered. Two years ago she damaged her vocal chords and ever since then has had several surgeries.
Right now my voice is recovering little by little and the doctors promise that it will be back”, admits the artist.
There are no food restrictions because it has nothing to do with the throat. When I had my last surgery the first thing I ate was ice cream. We are working on releasing a new single which everyone will get to hear this year. In the near future we will start to shoot the video for this song”, says Volkova.
For the fans Julia still remains that cool girl from t.A.T.u. even though the band has disbanded a while ago. And Julia continues to sing the songs from the repertoire of the band during her concerts with pleasure.
The public asks for them. Apparently it is due to the fact that this generation of my fans grew up on these songs. The songs are truly good, why shouldn’t I make my fans happy?!”, says the singer. “I do not consider this to be offensive. Many foreign singers also sing their old hits at their concerts. We are still not considered as two separate singers. A few more years have to go by. Mine and Lena’s paths have split, we do not communicate, only rarely when we bump into each other at events. I do not think that t.A.T.u. could exist in the form it was back then at this time. Before, our provocative acts were relevant and now they would be foolish”.

Julia admitted to the journalists that she recently terminated her contract with the C&C brand and is now actively working on releasing her own line of shoes called Julia Volkova.
Julia does not look like she has had to children. She shared some of her beauty secrets. In Julia’s own words, to look like this she has two rules - good sleep and a good diet.

Even though I love Russian food, I keep up with a healthy diet: In the morning I have porridge, for lunch I have soup, and for dinner I have fish. I do not eat bread or things that are greasy”, tells Julia. “I try to sleep at least 8 hours and to exercise periodically. Yoga is not my thing, I cannot sit for two hours and meditate, I need movement. Perhaps I will calm down when I am older”.

Julia does not hide that she has resorted to plastic surgery, but her attitude to this method of improvement is ambiguous.

If it does not ruin your external look I am for it. But, if your chest is huge and your face is tight, then where is the beauty in that? Everything should have a limit".

Julia is once of the smallest people in show business - she is 5ft in height. “I only had complexes with this in school. Now I consider myself miniature and more beautiful and feminine."

Between filming, recording songs, concerts, and designing shoes, Julia has time to be a good mother for her daughter Victoria and son Samir. When she has a few free weeks from her full schedule, Julia goes on vacation to a warm country with her children and parents. By the way, Julia’s daughter decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and is now taking voice lessons in a theatrical studio. It is not certain for now how Samir will turn out. According to Julia’s opinion, he does not have a star personality.

“He is a very smart boy. He watches the news and asks to have books read to him at night”, tells Julia.
Quite often a woman changes after having children and becomes softer and gentler.

We do not change with children emerging, but with years. I am not ashamed of anything that happened in my life, I do not regret anything, and I would not change anything. You have to know how to go forward, change minuses into pluses. When I became a mom, there was less risk in my life, less experiments, and more responsibility”.

The singer has an approach when raising kids: the main thing is to have respect for everyone.

I do not have any rules for raising children”, shares Julia. “I teach them to respect adults and peers, to take care of things. You should be a friend to your children so that they are not afraid of their mom and can share their secrets".
Our heroine has one secret regarding the time which children these days spend on computers.

My son and daughter have all the gadgets - tablets, phones, etc., and I do not restrict it. But there is a rule - everything has a limit. The maximum time spent on the computer is an hour and a half per day. My children obey this since they understand that their vision and psyche can get damaged."
Julia is raising two children on her own and is helped out by her parents and nanny.

If a woman is left alone with children this is not unhappiness. For us, children are a huge joy, it is our mission on earth. For me, my son and daughter are stimulation to go forward, to live. They are my talisman! A man - that’s a transient issue."

Color Fest & ELLO Festival Hall, Volgograd [28.06.2015]
Kazan ( Photograph Emilio Gansales ) [04.07.2015]

Modelniy Poker Casino, Kazan [04.07.2015]
Concert at Extra Lounge, Kazan [04.07.2015]
Отдохни Magazine [18.07.2015]
Julia Volkova In an exclusive interview with "Отдохни!". Julia told why she isn't in a hurry to get married and shared some personal secrets and advices how not to respond to rumors and taunts. According to the interview Julia Volkova's new song is entitled "Hold Close" ("держи рядом")

Breast Cancert Foundation "Dance For Living" Video [30.07.2015]

pravDA Newspaper [03.08.2015]
KP Newspaper [04.08.2015]
Teleprogramma Newspaper [05.08.2015]
Exhibition of school fashion Children's World [05.08.2015]
OK! Magazine [20.08.2015]
'Vse Zvezdy' Magazine [07.09.2015]
SVET RnD Magazine (September 2015)
Concert in Severnoye Tushino 'Den Goroda', Moscow [05.09.2015]
Bamboo Bar [11.09.2015]
Fanmeeting St. Petersburg Hotel Ambassador [18.09.2015]
Julia Volkova visited St. Petersburg to shot the new video of her new single "Держи рядом" (Hold me close). Before the shooting the singer met with her fans in Hotel 'Astoria' to answer some questions about her upcoming plans.
Julia still wants to continue with her autobiography and release the brand new track this year.


Videoshoot ''держи рядом' in St. Petersburg [19-21.09.2015]
The grandson Igor Neklyudov (16) of billionaire Gregory Mamurin starred in Julia Volkova’s new video ''держи рядом'. In the scenes of the future video the 30 year old singer and the young prankster are hugging either on the Gulf of the Finland Bay or between the fence on one of the many bridges in St. Petersburg.
He is a type of person who is fascinated with everything. He even asked me to send him photos, selfies from my life: how I wake up, how I fall asleep, how I hang out, to see me and get inspired”, says Julia Volkova.
Mamurin was trusted to perform a dangerous stunt in the video - he will appear hanging from a bridge: according to the plot, he saves Julia from a desperate step. Even though at first, instead of helping the singer Gregory is recording her suicide attempt on his phone. The director Alan Badoev told the shooting happened in on breath, “Julia is a very charismatic artist. I wanted to tell a story which revealed the dramatic tones of her personality, which would give her the chance to play and just be a beautiful woman.” In the video Julia will do a stunt without a stun double. She tells us about her new video: “This video is about love, that she doesn't have an age or a social status, just feelings…The story is about a relationship between a beautiful girl, a woman and a very young guy. It's about something that wasn't  supposed to happen, but did. And, unfortunately, they are not destined to be together…”. The shooting took two days in 10 different locations. The release of the video is planned for the end of October.
There was an interesting moment when I was standing on the bridge in the early morning; about 5 or 6AM on a Friday. There were people who were coming back from the club. There were ones who were asking for money. When I was standing on the bridge alone the team stood on two different sides filming from both sides. I didn't even realize, but some guy who was passing by grabbed me from the bridge, pulled me up and put me down. I thought it was someone from the team, that the filming was done…he held me really hard and was breathing on my back. I said, “get him away from me!”, we told him that we were just shooting a music video. He apologized. It shows that there are some people out there who are nice and are willing to help", said Julia.

MUZ TV Dance Rehearsal [27.09.2015]

Interview 'Горячей Линии' [29.09.2015]

Video • 54.57 min • Source

MUZ TV Dance Rehearsal [03.10.2015] #2

Partyzone MUZ TV at 'TRZ Vegas', Moscow [04.10.2015]
Gallery • Video

Europa Plus Interview and Premiere of 'Держи рядом' [07.10.2015]

Rembrandt Club, Soschi, Russia [10.10.2015]

Interview @ Russkoe Radio, Moscow [14.10.2015]
Julia Volkova: "I don't like fur, I feel sorry for the animals"
Today's guest on Russian Peppers - the clever, beautiful, follower of Green Peace ideas, and wonderful mother, Julia Volkova.
"What should one do in an argument with a woman", asked Vadik Voronov right at the doorstep, "cry first or play dead?" Julia said that it is useless arguing with her because she will still do what she wants. So Vadim thought that to "play dead" was the best option.
The Russian Peppers discussed the secrets of raising children with the guest. Julia's son and daughter, who although argue and fight, still are their mother's pride. Julia does not worry about their conflicts, she is waiting until they grow out of it.

'Best FM' New Format Presentation [14.10.2015]Text?

15th anniversary of Cafe De Marco [14.10.2015]

Fanmeeting @ 'Graf Orlov', Samara [17.10.2015]Text?

Concert in Meteliza-Club, Samara [17.10.2015]Text?

Performance @ MUZ TV 'Children Partyzone', Moscow [18.10.2015]Text?

NEWS TIME RUSONG TV [18.10.2015]

 • Watch Video  • 01.07 min • Source

Concert at Club & Bar 'Bounce', Krasnodar [23.10.2015]Text?
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Julia and Vika @ CTC Show 'Большая маленькая звезда'

'Derzhi Ryadom' Presentation @ Royal Arbat, Moscow [28.10.2015]
Before the official release of Julia Volkova's new clip "Держи Рядом" on 30th October 2015 the singer invited journalists, media, friends amd special guests ( including Ivan Shapovalov, Elena Kiper) for a privat celebration at karaoke & bar 'Royal Arbat' in Moscow where they could see the brand new video first.
• Watch Video (Ru Novosti)  • 02.24 min  • Gallery  • Source
• "Пятница News"  • 01.23 min  

MUZ TV 'Hotline Show' [30.10.2015]
Video • 36.32 min 

ВКонтакте LIVE Russian MusicBox [02.11.2015]

"We'll Do This Quick" Interview [06.11.2015]

Performance @ 'Гонка Героев' in Olympic Stadium, Moscow [07.11.2015]
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'LifeStart' show, about '007 - Spectre' movie premiere [06.11.2015]Text?

Interview RU TV 'стол заказов' [10.11.2015]

• Video
 • 18.25 min • Source

Performance @ 'Товар года' in Moscow Izvestia Hall [11.11.2015]

Interview Radio 'Best FM' [11.11.2015]

TV Report 'Ты не поверишь' [14.11.2015]
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PPcorn Quick Interview [17.11.2015]
PPCorn express interview with Julia Volkova in the category 'Yes' or 'No'.


1. Does the attention of media / press confuses your personal life? - No
2. Do you have Japanese friends? - No
3. Have you ever lied in an interview? - No
4. Can you imagine your life without show business? - No
5. Do you remember your very first performance? - Yes
6. You might say to someone's face, that he had no hearing? - Yes
7. Have you ever fell in love with someone at first sight? - Yes
8. Do you often revised episode of "Yeralash", which starred? - No
9. Would you agree to sing a duet with Justin Bieber if he proposed? - No
10. Are you checking your own pages on social networks? - Yes
11. Have you been a popular girl in school? - Yes
12. Do you consider yourself to be 'stubborn'? - Yes
13. The domestic audience greets you better than overseas audience? - No
14. Do you have a "talisman", which you are wearing to be sure that everything will be ok? - No
15. Are you ashamed of a song from the repertoire of «t.A.T.u.»? -No
16. You may be able to achieve popularity without the participation of "Neposedy"? - Yes
17. If you were invited at the Eurovision Song Contest again to represent Russia, will we win? - Yes
18. You know how to knit? - No
19. If you could travel back in time, would you have gone to the future instead of the past? - Yes
20. It is better to sing in Russian than in English? - No
21. Do you often communicate with Ivan Shapovalov? - Yes
22. Did you keep any Musical awards which you have won? - Yes
23. Do you regret that you spent the most of your childhood in concert halls and on the road? - No
24. Do you prefer long hair than short hair? - No
25. Are you visiting Lena Katina in the United States? - No
26. Do you like our questions? - Yes

Photoshoot & Interview @ Interphoto Studio, Moscow [17.11.2015]
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TVC Interview [19.11.2015]

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Presentation Mademoiselle fragrance, Moscow House Spiridonov [19.11.2015]Text? 

Julia Volkova Hosting on Best FM [20.11.2015]

Interview Life78 [20.11.2015]

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Concert at Pacman Club, St. Petersburg [20.11.2015]Text?
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Performance @ Superdiskoteka 90-x, St. Petersburg [21.11.2015]Text?
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Co-Host @ Hit Parade Pervogo [21.11.2015]
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Performance in Beryozki Cafe“ [21.11.2015]

Concert at Restaurant 'Pljuschkin' [21.11.2015]Text?
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Interview Style Icon Muz TV [22.11.2015]Text?
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Concert @ 'Baikonur' in Kemerovo, Russia [27.11.2015]Text?
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Radio DFM Kemerovo, Russia [27.11.2015]
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Concert @ 'The One' in Klin [28.11.2015]

Photoshoot with Fedor Krupennikov in St. Petersburg [September 2015]Text?

Hosting Top 20 @ Radio 'Best FM' [04.12.2015]

Performance @ 'Snow Party', Moscow [09.12.2015]Text?

Nasche Radio Kiev [11.12.2015]

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D*Lux - Kiev, Ukraine [11.12.2015]
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Press conference via [11.12.2015]
Julia Volkova: Hello! It's me Julia Volkova. Today I'm with you on the portal! And I'll respond to all-all-all of your send questions!

Muz TV Pro Clip 'Derzhi Ryadom'
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Interview in Russkoe Radio, Kiev [11.12.2015]
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Interview in Radio Europa Plus Kiev [11.12.2015]Text?
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Hosting on 'BEST FM' Top20 [11.12.2015]

Music Box Weekend Interview, Kiev [11.12.2015]Text?

Ты не повериш [12.12.2015]
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Julia Volkova: I like motivated men

Julia Volkova told about the changes in her personal life, plastic surgery and new projects. She gave birth to two children, celebrated the 30th anniversary and will surprise her fans once again. 

Julia, what do you do? You have recorded a single. Who is the songwriter of the lyrics and music?

Now there is a promotional tour in support of the single "Держи рядом." Alex Prodakshenom was engaged in this song. Now there are many concerts, rehearsals parallel I prepare and record new musical material.

What means the song for you personally? You named the released clip autobiographical ...

Yes! The way it is! There was a story in my life where a young man was much younger than me. I experienced everything personally what you can see in the video - like impressions and emotions. Generally I believe that the work should be binding, showing emotion of the actor, the personal experiences and joy. This the artist can show the real feelings and it may help someone to understand that I'm not the only one ... Or not to be alone. The essence of the video "Держи рядом" means love of all ages. It is necessary to love, give in to the feelings and don't care what others will say!

Loungenews, Ukraine [17.12.2015]
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Host on Best FM Top 20 [18.12.2015]

Pro Novosti [21.12.2015]
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Muz Tv 'Закажи звезду' [22.12.2015]Text?
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Recordings in Music Studio [22.12.2015]
Julia Volkova is back in music studio to record brand new tracks. On Instagram she posted pictures and commented:
"The food at the studio !!! Uraaaaa !!! The new song, a new single, new ideas !!! I'm happy as ever! I love to start, to be open and to go forward! This song will be ours!"

МУЗЫКА БЕЗ ГРИМА (Music without Make-Up)
Songwriter Elena Kiper presented her first own musical documentary of various Russian artists.
During their stay and performance in Romania, the recordings of 'Lyubov v kazhdom mgovenii', behind the scene / preparation of 'Love Radio's Big LoveShow' performance and much more Julia and Lena were filmed. The movie also shows the split of t.A.T.u. and what the girls think about each other.

Interview 'Светских хрониках' [25.12.2015]

Woman's Day Interview [28.12.2015]

Julia Volkova: "To take away the tablet is the best punishment for my children."

What are the main principles that guide you in raising children?
- I always try to communicate with them, be their friend, their counselor. I think it's very important that your child can always share with you one way or another problem, not to be closed in itself. We build a relationship of trust with each other. It helps children to feel some security. Trust and love are the main principles.

Performance at Music First 'SnowPati' [31.12.2015]
*Recorded 09/12.2015
Nas ne dagoniat
 • Derzhi Ryadom
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Interview on 'RusongTV' [31.12.2015]Text?
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Julia's message to her fans and all viewers on RuSong TVText?
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