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'OE TV Video Music Awards' Votings [04.01.2013]
Julia Volkova was nominated for the international 'OE TV Video Music Awards' in 3 categories:

There are 10 selected artists in the first round of the voting. You can vote only once a day.
The results of the voting in the first round will be on 26th March 2013, one month before the awards ceremony.
In the second and final round of voting will be the 5 winners of the first round. You can vote only once a day. The winners will be announced on 27th April 2013 at the 'Gala Concert Hall' where the 'OE TV Video Music Awards' will take place!

RU Novosti Report [04.01.2013]
In the programm 'Ru Novosti' of 'RU TV' they talked about Julia Volkova's vocal-surgery.

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Happy New Year from Julia Volkova [05.01.2013]

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Hello everyone. I'm Julia Volkova. I want to congratulate all viewers of the channel Rusong TV happy new year and to wish you all good health and happiness, love and light, kindness and warmness and big big love. I'm with you.
Teleguide Ukranian Magazine No.1 [07.-13.01.2013]
Julia Volkova at Comedy Club [18.01.2013]
Julia Volkova visited the Comedy Club in Channel TNT, Russia. The show was aired at 18th January 2013.
Julia Volkova about being gratefull  - 22.01.2013

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Click HERE to watch the video with subtitle

MTV Special about t.A.T.u. [21.01.2013]
13.11.2012 - MTV Special - Myths and Truths t.A.T.u.

21.01.2013 - MTV Special 'Тa Liubit Tu'
Julia Volkova at the HLJTV Festival, China [17.01.2013]
Julia Volkova was in China to perform 'All because of you' at Heilongjiang TV Spring Festival Gala. At 19th January 2013 she had a rehearsal. The show will be aired on 10th February 2013.
Julia Volkova headlined New Year in China [22.01.2013]
After returning from her Thailand Vacations on 17th Januar 2013, Julia Volkova went to Beijing, China for the popular Gala Concert festival in China.The singer was headlining the 'Heilongjiang Spring Festival Gala' concert  and presented her songs  "All Because Of You" and "Didn't wanna do it". The songs were selected from a variety of other songs of the broadcast for the Chinese New Year's Eve.
 'The audience here is terrific, it's so special",  said Volkova. "If an artist gives everything, then you'll get certainly more from the audience"The singer is the only international stars who participate of the almost five-hours show.
A huge sets and of 20 Chinese ballet dancers accompanied by the performance of Julia Volkova. For this event the singer worn a dress from the famous Indian designer Manish Arora, who led in recent times the brand 'Paco Rabanne'.
The broadcast of the festival will be on 10th February 2013 in the Chinese New Year on TV HLJTV.
Julia had also time to explore the local attractions of Beijing. "China - a country with a special power, it's cool in its own way" said Volkova. "The only thing which was very difficult is the lack of our usual - social networks."

RUMusic - About Concert in China and Movie Release - 23.01.2013
The ukranian channel 'RUMusic' told about the performance in China and the release of 'Zombie Holidays'
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 Tайны Звёзд (Secret of the stars) Magazine [02.02.2013]
1) Julia Volkova takes a strict diet.
2) Her parents were against the plastic surgery of her lips and she stopped with surgeries and to change her body
3) She thinks she is a good mother. Her son has contact with his father, Parviz. But her daughter hasn't contact with Pasha. Maybe she will have contact in the future.
4) Her ex boyfriends (fathers of the children) don't any fiance help
5) Julia Volkova is single at the moment and doesn't plan to get married. She had enough last time.
6) She had her first love and sex when she was 12 years old. Now this man is dead.
7) She kissed a girl when she was 7.
8) Julia can imagine to have a family with a woman
9) Julia can't say about her future in 20 years, she prefer to be happy now
Heat Magazine No.4, Russia [04.02.2013]
Heat Magazine, Russia. Report about Heilongjiang Spring Festival Gala in ChinaMagazine "Heat" | Issue: № 4 (167) | Date: February 4-10, 2013 | Country: Russia
Julia Volkova at Thierry Mugler Party [07.02.2013]
Julia Volkova visited a presentation of the French fashion designer  Thierry Mugler
RU Novosti [14.02.2013]
Little RU TV Report about Julia Volkova's surgery:

RU.TV Webarticle [14.02.2013]
RU.TV Website wrote a small article about the surgery and treatment of her vocal cords 
Last year Julia Volkova had a surgery on her vocal cords and didn't publicized it in the press for a long time. She even refused to talk about it with her close friend Dima Bilan. But slowly the secret becomes clear. Julia continued to give concerts, as if nothing had happened. But the singer is far away from a real and clear communication. Julia Volkova went to Switzerland, where she had a rehabilitation course. The doctors promised a drastic change for a better voice. Volkova believes that soon she'll sing again like a nightingale.
Concert at 'DJ Bar 11' in Novosibirsk [15.02.2013]
15th February 2013 Julia Volkova gave a concert at 'DJ Bar 11' (23pm) in Novosibirsk, Russia. 
>>> More Information <<<
Exclusive Interview for VIVA! Magazine [19.02.2013]
Julia Volkova of matured children and former husbands: exclusively for Viva!
20th February 2013 Julia Volkova celebrates her 28th birthday. At such a young age, the singer
 has tasted glory, bitterness betrayals, price of female friendship and male attention, experienced the joy of motherhood.
- Julia, currently you've two children - It's not the limit?
 J.V: Yes, I want more. But the difficulty isn't the fact to make and raise them.
You should've time for every child, to give attention, love and a good education. It's not a problem to give birth. You can give birth to ten children. Now I've a job, returned back on stage and I've concerts, my fans.
- Your children communicate with their fathers, Parviz Yasinov and Pascha Sidorov?
I rarely see Pascha. I think victoria needs to grow a bit more before she can see her father. When she grow up I won't hide her and give her the phonennumber.
At this time,we were young, ambitious, much uttered to each other in their hearts ... It will take time to get all warm again. Now he has his own family, I have mine. We just don't go back to the past. Pasha periodically sends some gifts my daughter, but I think that she should just wait.
- As Viktoria's relationship to Samir's father? 
J.V.:We lived together with him. Viktoria tried a couple of time to call him 'Dad' because she heard Samir was doing it. But I've told Viktoria that Parviz is just a friend. She should know that she has her own Dad.
Happy Birthday Julia Volkova!
Fanmeeting [20.02.2013]
At around 13pm (Moscow Time) was a new Fanmeeting for Julia's Birthday.
Watch VideoDOWNLOAD VIDEOS   | Gallery

We created again a new Fanproject for Julia's Birthday. This year fans all over the world singing 'Didn't wanna do it'.
Thanks to everyone who supported our project! Awsome! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!
'Chaika' Restaurant Opening [21.02.2013]
Barhat Lounge Bar [22.02.2013]
Julia Volkova in Club "Chicago" [23.02.2013]
Interviews and some moments from the club performance of Julia Volkova in Club «Chicago» (Orenburg), in which she performed a few days ago. Also added a photo report from Ufa.

NRJ - Style in Russia - 02.03.2013

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Pati Z FM-TV, Ukraine - 02.03.2013
In the program "Patі Z FM-TV" Julia Volkova told about vulgarity, porn, Dima Bilan, Eurovision the shooting of "Zombie Holidays", the return of t.A.T.u. and the friendship with Lena Katina!


Concert at 'Angels Fashion Place Voronezh, Russia [08.03.2013]
8th March 2013 at midnight Julia Volkova gave a concert at Angels Fashion Place in Voronezh, Russia.
Julia Volkova in HELLO! Magazine Russia [08.03.2013]
Julia Volkova took her first photo shooting with her kids Viktoria (8) and Samir (5) for the russian HELLO! Magazine. The Shooting took place at 08th February 2013 in Moscow, Russia. The Magazine will be released on 12th March 2013.
Superdiskoteka 90-x [09.03.2013]
Julia Volkova was performing 'Nas ne dagoniat' and 'Ya soshla s uma' at Superdiskoteka 90-x.

LeoRomanov Photoshoot [25.03.2013]
25th March Julia Volkova had a photoshoot for the russian 'XXL' Magazine. Photos has been taken by LeoRomanov. 
 M1TV - Pop Concert [28.03.2013]

Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  02.14 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Concert at Crystal Hall, Ukraine Kiev [27.03.2013]
Martini Terraza Bar Arena Entertainment, Kiev [28.03.2013]
Kiev [29.03.2013]
Concert in Club Virus, Donetzk Ukraine [30.03.2013]
ShopTime Magazine [02.04.2013]
Julia Volkova gave a small interview in the russian 'ShopTime' Magazine where she talks about her view of fashion, designers and more. We've made the translation for you.
Scans  |  Translation by Dvizheniya 
Behind the Scene of Shoptime Magazine - 19.02.2013
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  01.28 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Julia Volkova Video Message [02.04.2013]
On the eve of the grand "Superdiskoteka 90x" Julia Volkova made ​​a video message from Novosibirsk for her fans.


Piranii Report, Ukraine [04.04.2013]
Exclusive report of TV Channel "Piranii", where Julia Volkova tells about the problems with her voice and why the duet Julia Volkova and Dima Bilan was removed from the list of the MUT TV nominees.

Julia Volkova - Out Of Your League Demo Release [06.04.2013]
Zombie 3D presentation in Brussels [09.04.2013]
6th April 2013 was the presentation of the movie "Zombie vacation 3D" at the 31th Brussels International Fantasy Film (BIFFF).
HELLO! Magazine Premier [15.04.2013]
ZD Awards [19.04.2013]
Julia Volkova won her first award in her solo career.
"Moskovsky Komsomolets",  Radio "Dacha" and RU-TV Channel presented the annual awards ceremony "ZvukovayaDorozhka 2013" at 19th April 2013 in "Izvestia Hall" in Moscow.  This award show is based of public votes of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets". In 2013 over 100,000 reader votings participated for "MK".
Julia @ Twitter:
Thanks MK for the award! Thank you fans for your support! Thanks @ BilanOfficial
for the beauty! Спасибо МК за награду! Спасибо поклонникам за поддержку! Спасибо @bilanofficial за красоту! 
MUZ TV PartyZone [21.04.2013]
Julia Volkova had a performance with DJ Goldsky at the shopping center "Vegas" in Moscow.
She sung a remixes of Sdvinu Mir and Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu.
The performance is a part of MUZ TV's 'Partyzone'. Before this she gave two interviews. She talked about the movie release which will be in june, that she had a surgery and will have a new surgery in July, her kids are ok and she has a new boyfriend but won't tell who it is.
Concert at KalinaBar, Moscow [25.04.2013]
t.A.T.u. reunited once again to give an exclusive private concert for guests at "Kalina Bar" in Moscow. One of the chosen guest was Sergio Galoyan. The 45 minutes concert started at 21.00pm (Moscow Time).
Julia @ Twitter:
"Guys, thank you very much for a wonderful evening and a unique power in Kalina Bar!"
Ребята, спасибо большое за чудесный вечер и неповторимую энергетику в Калина Бар!!!Thank you for supporting our fan club!
Спасибо за поддержку нашему фан- клубу!!! 
Novosibirsk Expocenter [27.04.2013]
Julia @ Twitter:
Thanks Novosibirsk. A very warm welcome!!! Guys, you're the best!!!

Our voice at Eurovision 2013 [04.05.2013]

Download  Thanks to Марина Марченко
Rocco Club [01.06.2013]
Superdiskoteka 90-x in Novosibirsk [27.04.2013]
For Gallery, MP3 and Performance of 'Polchasa' at Superdiskoteka Expocenter in Novosibirsk check our:
RUTV Awards [25.05.2013]
25th May 2013 Julia Volkova visited the yearly RUTV Awards in Moscow. In spring 2013 Julia couldn't reach a nominatation but visited the four hours ceremony nevertheless.
TBC Interview [28.05.2013]
Julia Volkova visited the Channel ТВЦ and gave an interview in the programm 'звёздный взгляд' (Star Gaze).
RU TV Novosti [29.05.2013]
During the Interview at the RU TV Awards Julia Volkova has officially confirmed the preparations for the reunion of t.A.T.u. after the second surgery on her ligaments.
"Zombie Vacation 3D" Presentation in Soshi - 30.05.2013
7th June 2013 will be the presentation of the film "Zombie Vacation 3D" in the Concert Hall 'Жемчужина' ("Pearl") in the 91-Movie market in Sochi. The presentation will be at 18:00-19:00pm of the Top-Film Distribution. "Zombie Vacation 3D" present the main role lady Julia Volkova and the director Cyril Chemnitz. The independent distribution company 'Top Film Distribution' and 'New Wave Production' represent the first domestic mass zombie movie, a comedy horror - "Zombi vacation 3D». "Zombi vacation 3D» was already presented in autumn 2012 at the American Film Market AFM and foreign companies have already purchased for shows in America, Germany and Japan. Negotiations are underway for broadcasting in South Korea and Australia. But the first spectator will be the Russian. "Zombi vacation 3D» will be in the russian cinemas on 15th August 2013.
All news and videos about the movie <

Concert in Estrada Club, St. Petersburg [31.05.2013]
Julia Volkova visited St. Petersburg for having two concerts in the Restaurant 'Sails' and 'Estrada' Club.
Restaurant 'Parusa', St. Petersburg [31.05.2013]
Gallery | Watch full concert | Download
Official Video
Watch | Download
Summer Season Opening of 'Lastochke' [30.05.2013]
Charity Concert Nizhny - Novgorod, Russia [01.06.2013]
Julia took part in the charity marathon "A thousand good hearts" (Тысячи добрых сердец).
On 1st June 2013 was a charity concert in the square of Minin and Pozharsky in Nizhny Novgorod.
The purpose of the marathon was in honor of the International Children's Day - to raise funds which need to treat children suffering from intractable disease. She sung the songs 'Nas ne dagoniat' and 'Sdvinu Mir'


"....Julia Volkova admitted that the story about the sick girl Lena Tumaikin is very impressive, which raise funds for treatment. She appealed to all citizens of Nizhny Novgorod asking not to be indifferent and to render all possible assistance to do good. Not only for this girl, but for all critically ill children.".

Julia Volkova about the marathon Thousands of kind hearts

The famous artists from capital arrived to Nisniy Novgorod to support children who need help a lot.  Ex-Tatu singer Julia Volkova and Oleg Yakovlev from band "Ivanushki International" could have a really big money giving a concert on some other scene but the took a decision to do it for free here for very sick children.
Julia Volkova: "Children are saint. I feel pity for them. I want to help them all. I also have two children. I love them all. And it doesn't matter if they are mine or not. They are just children. And of course they might make you want to give all you can for them."

Rocco Club, Nizhny - Novgorod, Russia [01.06.2013]
Thanks to Alexander Yakovlev & Ivan Shadrov
Interview on Ukranian Channel 'H' [04.06.2013]
End of March 2013 Julia Volkova visited the Ukraine for giving concerts. She also gave an interview on Channel 'H' in the show 'Pedal Prytula". The show was supposed to be in TV already, but Channel 'H' never aired it. The interview gives no new information. They're talking about the movie 'Zombie Vacation 3D', her solo career and her appearance.

Karaoke Letto [05.06.2013]
Julia went  to the Karaoke 'Letto' Opening in Moscow.

I'm going to the opening karaoke with my friend @ dominickjocker
Собираюсь заскочить на открытие караоке к своему другу @dominickjocker
_________________________________________________________ Interview [06.06.2013]
While Julia Volkova visited the russian city Novgorod for some concerts she also gave an interview for tvnet.tu.
Zombie Vacation 3D Presentation [07.06.2013]

7th June 2013 Julia Volkova flew to Sochi for the presentation of the movie 'Zombie Vacation 3D'.
The presentation was part of the Russian Film Festival 'Kinotavr', the largest film festival in Russia.

Dance Sensation in St. Petersburg [08.06.2013]
Julia Volkova moderate part of the Dance Sensation in St. Petersburg.
Webarticle about Zombie Vacation 3D [09.06.2013]
FILM MARKET-91: Presentation of the TOP MOVIE company
The top filmcompany isn't complete without a few horror movies or thrillers from the repertoire. This summer the film market also receives such projects, including ASTRAL STREET Arlette (June 20) and 'Aftershocks' (4 July).
But the highlight will be 'Zombie Vacation 3D', from which some trailer scenes were shown already in spring. Now the project has been presented in a different way - in Soschi appeared director Kirill Chemnitz and actress Julia Volkova. The former singer of "t.A.T.u." has promised a promotion that Moscow could take part in a zombie parade. 15th August the movie will be in the russian cinemans.
Interview KinoPeople [20.06.2013]

- Julia would like to play a role in more movies
- Julia will sing the soundtrack for the movie in rap style together with the singer Ligalize
- They've plans to show the movie in Europe and America. The director of the movie wants to make it famous everywhere and the most known woman outside of Russia is Volkova.
Odessa, Kiev [22. - 23.06.2013]
Julia Volkova visited Odessa for having a performance at BONO Beach Club. Due some rain the speech got unfortunetely canceled. Today at 14.30 Julia organized an alternative fan meeting at 'Arkadia', Odessa via Twitter.
End of June she will have the surgery in Germany. When the surgery of her ligaments will be succesfull the recovery can take 3-4 months.
Interview for japanese newspaper «Asahi Shimbun» [24.06.2013]
t.A.T.u. appeared in an issue of Japan's most popular national newspaper «Asahi Shimbun», where the girls talked about what happened in the year 2003. There's also a video available:


'Youth Day' in Grozny, Chechen Republic [26.06.2013]

In Grozny has been a concert in honor of the 'Youth Day'. In the theater and concert hall in Grozny were singers like Bianca of the group of "Naomi", the singer Jasmine of the group 'Factory', and the most unexpected in this list - Julia Volkova!
"The organizers have announced that in the end will be a surprise. But to be honest, I didn't expect that it will be Volkova. The audience welcomed her very warmly. She was singing actively. She promised me personally that she would come to Grozny with a solo concert. Well, we will wait! In the meantime, photos from the concert."

Channel 1+1 Interview [27.06.2013]
Last weekend Julia Volkova was in Odessa at BONO Beach Club she gave an interview for the ukranian channel 1+1.
About the t.A.T.u.:
She likes to sing with Lena Katina and could imagine to have some concerts in Moscow or St. Petersburg. But there will be no global comeback with t.A.T.u.!


You won't believe it [06.07.2013]


Press Conference for 'Zombie Vacation 3D' [11.07.2013]

15th August release of horror comedy "ZOMBI-VACATION 3D"

On 15th July at 15.00pm, the press center news agency 'RIA Novosti' will held a multimedia press conference the creative team of the movie "Zombi vacation 3D". Exactly one month before the release of the movie the singer Julia Volkova and director Cyril Chemnitz will talk about the creation of the project.

Moreover yesterday has been a promotional photoshooting for the movie. After 17.00pm the movie director Cyril Chemnitz went on the streets of Moscow with a parade and covered in blood! Last month in  Julia said she would like to have a 'Zombie Parade' in Moscow. 


Aleksandr Domogarov's 50th Birthday [12.07.2013]

Last Friday JuliaVolkova attend at Aleksandr Domogarov's 50th Birthday Party at Chajka Restaurant in Moscow and was peforming  "Ya Soshla S Uma".
Watch Video | Download Video
Photoshoot 'Rolling Stone Magazine' [15.07.2013]
Today Julia had a photoshoot for the russian 'Rolling Stone' Magazine.
Moskva24 Interview [19.07.2013]
22nd July at 19.30pm (Moscow Time) fans could watch the interview on Channel 'Moskva24' in the programm 'Pravda24' with Julia Volkova and Kirill Kemnits. They talked about the movie 'Zombie Vacations 3D' and Julia Volkova will talk about her solo career. 

- 'Zombie Vacation 3D' will be cinemas in several countries like Latvia, Ukraine
- Julia recorded already the soundtrack with the band 'Legalize'
- On July 9th they shoot the videoclip already for the soundtrack
- Julia needs to do one more surgery in August for her vocal cords

Superdiskoteka 90x in Vladivostok [20.07.2013]
For the 4th time Julia Volkova was guest at Superdiskoteka 90x. This time the concert attend in Club America in Vladivostok, Russia.
New Videomessage from Julia: Movie about t.A.T.u.  [23.07.2013]
Especially for fans of Julia and Lena decided to make a movie about the band t.A.T.u.. The movie will consist the brightest moments in the history of t.A.T.u. and brand new material with clips of the preparation for the concert.
LookIn Magazine Issue #9 [Summer 2013]
>> More Scans <<
GLOBO Restaurant [24.07.2013]
Yesterday Julia Volkova and Kyrill Kemnitz had a dinner in GLOBO restaurant in Moscow. They had dinner and played a game which calls 'Zombie Fever'.

 Gallery  | Download Video

Soon will be the release of the action comedy "Zombie vacation 3D" which starred Michael Yefremov and Julia Volkova.
The movie tells about a group of young people who are going to start the summer together. The preparations of it are in full swing, but no one realizes that life brings them a completely other program. Caught in the midst of zombie apocalypse the friends discover that the haunting isn't made for those who feel fear ...
Julia Volkova told about the most exciting and dangerous moments of shooting:
"We shot at the same time. I'm using a machine gun and shot a bunch of zombies. It was almost impossible to keep the machine gun during the whole shooting. The machine gun was full with ammunition and not less than thirty pounds, plus the recoil when firing bursts out. Before the shooting I got help from some people. They positioned the gun and shouting: Fire! Everything ran, I shot a zombie and let go of the gun as soon as the helpers picked up the machine gun. It was very dangerous. "
"Zombie vacation 3D" is the first feature film by the young director Cyril Chemnitz. Before that, in 2006, he took graduate work. It was a short movie calls "Egg", which received the "Golden Diploma" for "Best Director" at the 9th Eurasian television film festival and the prize for "Best Actress" at the TV Film Forum in Yalta.
BONO Beach Club, Odessa Ukraine [25.07.2013]
KM.RU Interview [26.07.2013]
Julia Volkova "I was forced to bring Shapovalov in the hospital "
26.07.2013 9:55, by Denis Stupnikov
Read Interview
Radio Mayak Interview [27.07.2013]
Julia visited Radio Mayak and gave an interview. The topic was 'Live until Monday: Parents and children'. Julia talked about her family and her life as a single mother.

- Julia's school was near a subway station calls 'Pushkinskaya'. Near that place there's a Macdonalds where she was spending her time instead of going to school
- Before Julia gave birth to her first child she called herself crazy
- Julia talked with her grandma about her life with tatu and the kiss with a girl
- Larissa, Julia's mother, was helping her with the homework till the 9th class of school
- Julia hates abortion
- She likes being young mother even though she wasn't ready at all
- Julia introduced her parents during the interview (name and their jobs)
- She was stealing cosmetic of her mother and used it when she was 8 years old
- Julia never hit her children
- The third and hopefully last surgery for her vocal cords will be in August
- Julia wants to have on more child but not in near future. First she wants to make music because she had a long break in her career
- Vika is studying three languages in her school: german, english and french
For Vika's birthday she wants to gift her an iphone but she likes to make presents to her children for no reason
She has two nannies for the children

Star Brothers Magazine (August 2013)

In the current August Issue of the ukrainian Magazine 'Star Brothers' you can read a Interview of Julia Volkova.
More Scans (HQ)  |  Translation
Translation by Anna Z. 

10th anniversary of 'Comedy Club' [01.08.2013]

Julia visited the 10th anniversary of the 'TNT' Show 'Comedy Club' in Jurmala.

MIX Comedy Club - 05.08.2013 
Source: juliavolkovagermany  |  01.15 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Da Gino Restaurant [02.08.2013]
In Latvia Julia dine in the restaurant 'Da Gino' which is on the seventh floor of the FG Royal Hotel. The same hotel back in 2003 when the group t.A.T.u. visited Latvia to participate for the Eurovision Song Contest.
Julia was there to promote the movie 'Zombie Vacation 3D' .

Channel TV5 - Programm Vecher@22 - 02.08.2013 

Source: juliavolkovagermany  |  02.13 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

'Zheltaya Gazeta' Newspaper [01.08.2013]
Erudit Magazine [12.08.2013]
Julia had a photoshoot of 'Erudit Magazine' which will be out in stores in September.

Zombie Vacation 3D Presentation - 15.08.2013 
Source: juliavolkovagermany  |  02.09 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Zombie Vacation 3D Presentation Video II 
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  00.15 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Channel 'YU' - V Teme 
Source:  |  01.58 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Julia Volkova Message   
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  00.09 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK Interview  
Source: juliavolkovasolo  |  04.35 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Newspaper Труд №112 [15th August 2013]
Otkrito Magazine [16. - 22. August 2013]


Samsung Store Opening in Odessa  - 21.08.2013 
Source:  juliavolkovagermany |  01.32 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
BONO Beach Club Samsung Party  - 25.08.2013 
Source:   juliavolkovasolo |  08.32 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Interview in the latest issue of HELLO! # 34 - 22.08.2013
Vesti Webarticle - 22.08.2013
t.A.T.u. singer Julia Volkova: "I won't kiss with Lena - I'm a mother of two children!"
The singer has complained that the colleague of the group t.A.T.u. didn't invite her for the weeding


Interview on Breakfast With 1+1
  - 22.08.2013 
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  06.00 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
 Look Press Clip - August 2013 
Interview on Lux FM Radio Ukraine - 22.08.2013


ELLO Lounge Interview - 23.08.2013 
23rd August Julia Volkova gave an interview for ELLO Lounge Channel on YouTube. In the interview there are no news at all. Julia talked about the movie 'Zombie Vacation 3D', her upcoming shoe collection 'Volkova Shoes', the upcoming concert with t.A.T.u. and her lovelife. Julia mentioned she doesn't love Lena anymore. Julia currently feels something more than just friendship for a woman. But unfortunately this woman has a husband. 
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  14.02 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
ELLO Lounge Interview (Subtitle) - 23.08.2013
Source:   juliavolkovagermany  |  14.02 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
ELLO Lounge Interview Special Message - 23.08.2013 

Source:  |  00.08 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
M1 Interview Ukrainian music channel M1 - 24.09.2013 
Julia Volkova gave a interview for the ukrainian music channel 'M1'. She talked about the premiere of the movie 'Zombie Vacation 3D' and about the concert in Kiev with the group t.A.T.u. which will be in September. The show will offer some ballet dancers and special musicians. Julia also mentioned that soon a italian shoe company will release her own shoes and boots collection 'Julia Volkova Shoes'.
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  03.10 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
M1 Interview  - 24.08.2013 
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  04.51 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
StopKardrs Interview - 27.08.2013 
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  03.37 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Channel 1+1 Interview  - 27.08.2013 
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  03.37 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Channel 1+1 Interview  - 29.08.2013 
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  14.02 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Zheltaya Gazeta Nr.31 - August 2013 
Interview im "Evening Stavropol" Magazine - 29.08.2013
Original Translation (englisch) by

Programm 'Зважені та щасливі' [29.08.2013]
Julia visited the Ukrainian TV Show 'Зважені та щасливі'. In the show they help people to loose weight and Julia told how she keeps her weight with sport activites and her diet. In the end of the show she had a performance with her song 'Sdvinu Mir'.

KP.Ru Magazine [03.09.2013]
On 2nd September 2013 famous parents took their children to school. Julia Volkova's daughter Victoria entered the second class. But only nominally - in the evening after the holiday Julia and Victoria flew to Tokio, "Victoria graduated the first class last year. She loves to learn and she's glad to go in school again" - says Julia. "The fact that we're leaving now, won't detriment the working process, because it's just the beginning of the school year."

_______________________________________________________________ Interview [03.09.2013]
Fanmeeting Japan, Tokyo - 07.09.2013
Julia and Lena are in Japan to shot a commercial spot for a japanese choclate company. Today 1pm has been a fanmeeting in Dai-Ichi Hotel in Tokio.
Interview of the program 'Incredible truth about the stars' - 09.09.2013
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  05.19 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Programm 'Kozyrnaya zhizn - 18.09.2013
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  01.00 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Erudit Magazine #17 (September Issue)
Julia Volkova : "My children are my everything!"
It seems like yesterday that the entire country with the girls screamed the song "Nas Ne Dagoniat". Not only the country Russia knew them , everyone knew the group t.A.T.u.. The parents shook their heads in disapproval, removing the cassettes of the duo from their children and prohibiting to hang posters in their rooms. Now , the "little black one" of t.A.T.u. is mother of two children: Vika and Samir.
Отдохни, Issue #38 [17.09.2013]
Lyudi Friday - 20.09.2013
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  08.18 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Zombie Vacation available on DVD and Blue-Ray
Now you can order the movie "Zombie Fever" movie online via «». The movie is available in 3 versions: DVD box and keep case, Blu-ray and a Blu-ray 3D.

Lift Interview - 23.09.2013 
Source:  juliavolkovasolo |  03.29 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Radio Europa Plus Interview - 26.09.2013 
Source: tatuvk|  22.52 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Press Conference, Kiev Ukraine - 26.09.2013 
Source: tatuvk|  01.16 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Video II

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Video III
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Video IV
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Video V
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Video VI
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THC Interview - 27.09.2013 

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ICTV Interview - 29.09.2013

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M1 Interview - 29.09.2013
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THC Interview - 30.09.2013

Source: tatuvk|  03.43 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

ПОПконвеєр - 29.09.2013

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Kiev, Ukraine - StereoPlaza [27.09.2013]

Round Table Nights - 27.09.2013
Kinder Muz Awards [29.09.2013]
Julia visited the Kinder MUZ Awards at Crocus City Hall in Moscow.
_______________________________________________________________ Interview - 30.09.2013 
Source: tatuvk|  02.16 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

 'Hot Truth' 30.09.2013

C&C Shoes by Julia Volkova Presentation [03.10.2013] 
In Soho Room Moscow Julia Volkova presented her first own shoe collection. During the presentation Julia sang the song "Davai Zakrutim Zemlyu". Next to the presentation of the shoes which included various models of footwear (shoes, boots, boots, sneakers)the musician and singer Rostik Khalikov had performance. «C&C shoes by Julia Volkova» are high-quality affordable Italian shoes, which has a unique design, developed the most by Julia Volkova.
Full show

Friday News - 05.10.2013 
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Megadiskoteka - Vologda, Russia [05.10.2013]
Comedy Club in Jurmala - 11.10.2013 
Source:|  01.45 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Concert in Club 'Secret', Moscow  [12.10.2013]
Snickers Commercial in Japan [17.10.2013]
5th September 2013 Julia and Lena shot a advertising spot for the choclate company 'Snickers' in Tokyo.
Currently they're in Japan again to promote the advertising with a press conference and a performance.
Gallery Press Conference
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MAiDiGi TV Report Part 1
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MAiDiGi TV Report Part 2
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All the things she said Performance
Source: tatuvk|  03.31 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Kinder MUZ Awards [20.10.2013]
29 September Julia visited the Kinder MUZ Awards in Moscow in Crocus City Hall. She presented the award for the best 'Best Video'.
Presenting Award
Chapurin Fashion Show [22.10.2013]
Concert in Club 'Glogol', Rostov on Don [26.10.2013]
More information
Concert Hall NTV Life is like a song [28. / 29.10.2013]
This week on Monday and Tuesday Julia and Lena were together again. On Monday they had a performance.
The performance will be a part of the TV program "Concert Hall NTV" which was shoot at the studio. On Tuesday they had another shooting and gave an interview.
Source: tatuvk |  01.20:50 min - AVI - WATCH -  DOWNLOADLINK | Gallery | MP3 Download

In the show 'Life is like a song: Tatu' both singers told about her privat life and things they made through with the band Tatu. So far there are no informations about Julia we didn't know yet. Many things we could already read of the last year's Caravan magazine where Julia told a lot about her life. Some other detailed informations are in the below summary:

Guests of the show:

Tatjana (Julias teacher from school)
Alexandr  Tvorogov(best friend of Julia's dead boyfriend)
Sergej Zverev
Vladimir Topalov
Olga Sokolova
Elena Kiper
Sergej Galoyan
Artur G.

Julia has no contact with the fathers of the children.
Samir says he's missing her mom and that she's sometimes out until late night. Julia told him not to tell that kind of secrets.

Love / Marriage
Julia's current boyfriend wants to stay unknown. A while ago Julia and her boyfriend has made a religion marriage in a muslim church. She had the same once with her ex boyfriend Parviz Yasinov.
When Julia was 15 years old she had a boyfriend. When she was pregnant she decided for an abortion.
Her boyfriend sold secret stories of their common sex life to the russian media to get some money and buy
a bigger car. Later he died in a horrible car crash. Alexandr was his best friend who also came in the studio. Julia's reaction was very emotional when she saw him again after such a long time

With help of Julia Ivan decided for treatments against his cancer. Julia told his tumor has the size of an orange and looked horrible. When he was in hospital Julia was there for him. She was helping Ivan to drive with a special chair through the hospital corridors. People in the hospital were whispering and telling things like: 'Look, there's Shapovalov with Volkova...'

Sergej Zverev always loved Katina more because she got bigger boobs. But now he loves Volkova because her boobs are not small anymore. Lena told that Volkova arrived the day before this interview and noticed her manager forgot her bra. Lena offered her black bra which was left in her suitcase. Some minutes later Julia came back with Lena's bra and saying: 'Look, Katina, your bra is perfect for my size now!'


The ABC of style - 01.11.2013 
Source: tatuvk|  02.29 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Channel ICTV Report about Shoe presentation - 03.11.2013 
Source: tatuvk|  03.40 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Channel 1 Igor Chapurin Fashion Show - 04.11.2013 
Source: tatuvk|  01.59 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

Autograph Session Lotte Plaza, Moscow - 04.11.2013 
Julia Volkova gave an autograph session in Lotte Plaza, Moscow to promote her shoe collection 'C&C Shoes by JV'.
Source: tatuvk|  08.54 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
_______________________________________________________________ webarticle 13.11.2013 wrote a small article about Julia and her daughter Victoria when they were in Japan in beginning of September.

Julia Volkova taught her daughter the Japanese language
Julia Volkova visited already several time the country of the rising sun. This time the singer went to Tokyo to show the city to her nine-year daughter Victoria. First of all, they went to Tokyo Disneyland and ride on all sorts of attractions. They were tring japanese sweets which they can't buy in Moscow. Mother and daughter also went shopping and Victoria chose a suite with a children's make-up and talking doll. Julia also bought Japanese chewing gum and candy as a gift. Since Volkova recently starred in Japanese commercials chocolate she had to learn the language. She taught her daughter a few phrases and in the end of theie trip Victoria said "Arigato!" No bad for a native Japanese women.
'Manhatten' Magazine (#22) November Issue, Rostov on Don
26th October 2013 Julia gave a concert in the club 'Glogol' in Rostov on Don, Russia.
Before she gave several interviews in the Restaurant Club. One of the interviews was 'The style of ABC'.
In the November issue (#22) of the magazine 'Manhatten' you can read another interview where Julia told everything about her projects like Tatu (Snickers Commercial), Eralash, the movie Zombie Vacation 3D and the presentation of her current show collection 'C&C Shoes by JV.

t.A.T.u. in St. Petersburg [23.11.2013]
First Julia and Lena gave an autograph session in restaurant "Две палочки" ('Two Sticks') at 15:00pm.
Afterwards at 19mp t.A.T.u. were headliners at 'Superdiskoteka 90x' where they sung their hits 'Ya soshla s uma', 'Polchasa', and 'Nas ne dagoniat'. In the end of the day the girls gave a full club concerts at 2am in Club Punch and 3am in Central Station Club.
Autograph Session in St. Petersburg
Ria Novosti Webarticle [24.11.2013]
t.A.T.u.: "We feel to be artists of the last century!"
In an interview with 'RIA Novosti' Lena Katina and Julia Volkova told about a possible reunion, live performances and a law prohibiting for the promotion of same-sex relationships .


Channel 'YU' V Teme Interview - 28.11.2013 
Source: tatuvk |  01:30 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK

MAXIM Bar, Moscow 05.12.2013
'So you think you can dance?' 09. - 13.12.2013
Julia Volkova was participant of the ukrainian TV show 'Танцуют Все!' (So You Think You Can Dance?) on chanel 'STB'. Her dance partner was Nikita Kravchenko and the song during their performance was 'Do what you want' by Lady Gaga. Since 9th December Julia Volkova is having hours of dance rehearsals. In Kiev the singer got a invitation for the show 'Танцуют Все!' (So You Think You Can Dance?). Friday, 13th December, we can the singer's hard work for this show. Once again Julia will give her fans a taste of her dance talent.
Source: tatuvk |  07:53 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
Incredible Truth about the stars
Source: tatuvk |  00:56 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
LCA Album Presentation, Kiev - 13.12.2013
Julia Volkova and Francis Matthew were the guests of the presentation album of 'LCA' - Big money Big problems!
At the presentation that LCA (Anthony and Vitalyano) member of the group t.A.T.u. Julia Volkova. The singer came along with his friends from Moscow. Julia was a company member of the show "The Bachelor 2".
By the way, Julia Volkova received their debut album Big money Big problemsas gift from Anton and Vitaly. 
When the band LCA went on stage Julia Volkova started dancing right next to one of the VIP tables and Francis Matthew wasted no time to join one of the sexiest singers in the Russian show business.
Interview at LoveRadio Yaroslavl [15.12.2013]
Julia Volkova visited LoveRadio Yaroslavl and talked about the recent events of her solo career.

Autograph Session in SEC AURA C&C Store, Yaroslav [15.12.2013]

Club 'Korol Korolyu' in Yaroslav 14.12.2013
For the 5th anniversary of the Club 'Korol Korolyu' in Yaroslav Julia and Lena will gave an exclusive concert.
Incredible Truth about the stars - 20.12.2013 
Source: tatuvk |  09:54 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK
The truth is out there - 30.12.2013 The shooting with Julia Volkova and designer Igor Gulyaev will be aired in programm "The Truth is out there" [Истина где-то рядом] on Monday, 23rd December, 13:45pm on Channel 1.
Source: tatuvk |  03:25 min - MP4 - WATCH -  DOWNLOAD LINK | Gallery

New Years Message