t.A.T.u. 2002


15.01.2002 - Record of 200km/h in the wrong lane
Begin of the English version of 200KM/H in the wrong lane with Trevor Horn in London and Manchester
The Russian division of IFPI (International Association of Phonogram Producers) acknowledges the album "200 Po Vstrechnoy" as the best-selling album in the country. t.A.T.u. start to work on singles to release in the US ("Not Gonna Get Us") and Germany ("I've Lost My Mind"). The singles will be in the English version of the album. First, Lena and Julia worked in the studio in England - then in the States, in Los Angeles. At this stage a number of unique people start to work on the album. Only few pop-stars could afford such a high-rate sound-producing. In Manchester F.A.F/Cap Com Production (which also worked with such successful teams as Sonique, Moby, Rammstein, Eskimos & Egypt and Steps) runs the process. In London, re-recording the English versions of the songs is conducted together with the world-famous producer Trevor Horn.


07.02.2002 - Autograph Session in Music Store 'GUM', Moscow Russia

08.02.2002 - Concert in Yubileini Hall, St. Petersburg Russia

February - Autograph Session - Dynamit FM Universal

14.02.2002 - Autograph session, music store in Moscow

15.02.2001 - Re- Release of the album '200 po vstrechnoy'
Closely watching t.A.T.u.'s unprecedented success, Universal Music Russia releases a new extended edition of the album "200 Po Vstrechnoy" with new artwork, a new track ("Clowns") and new remixes ("30 Minutes" and "Malchik Gay"). Re-edition of the album breaks all the records within the first week: 60 000 legal copies sold.

15.02.2002 Concert in Riga, Latvia

International weekly Business Week runs a cover photo of Lena and Julia together with Bill Roedy, President of MTV Network Intl.

22.02.2002 - Press Conference in 'Hilton Hotel', Sofia Bulgaria

22.02.2002 - Concert in Sofia, Bulgaria

22.02.2002 - Performance of 'Slavi Show', Sofia Bulgaria

In the short breaks between touring Russia and Europe, t.A.T.u. continue to work on the English version of the album for the American market.

01.03.2002 - Concert in Club "Plaza" St. Petersburg, Russia

05.03.2002 - Concert in 'Casino Club' in Berlin, Germany

17.03.2002 - Autograph Session in 'Titanic'

t.A.T.u. receive two awards in Czech Republic: the first one is for the number of copies sold (10 000 legal copies), and the second one - out of love of people, that brought the duo to the top of the national hit-parade. Universal Music Russia releases two video-remixes of the songs "Ya Soshla S Uma" and "Nas Ne Dogonyat".

04.04.2002 - Concert in Prague, Czech Rebuplika

05.04.2002 - Concert in 'Diskoteka Kiss Publikum' Brno, Czech Rebuplika

05.04.2002 - Videoshoot for Prostie Dvizheniya

11.04.2002 - Metelitsa Club, Moscow Russia
t.A.T.u., the duo that is not afraid of expressing emotions in public, gets "Bed of the Year" award in the category "Sex Dissidents". The ceremony takes place in the Moscow club "Metelitsa". The girls are given condoms as a prize. Yulia asks a rhetoric question, "Why would we need them?" And Lena answers her: "Probably, for our collection!"

t.A.T.u. finish the studio work: the new single "Prostiye Dvizheniya" ("Simple Movements") is ready to conquer hit-parades.

16.04.2002 - Concert in Tel Aviv, Israel


15.05.2002 - IFPI Platinum Europe Awards
t.A.T.u.'s award collection gets bigger with the IFPI Platinum Europe Award acknowledging European sales of 1 000 000 copies of the album "200 Po Vstrechnoy". t.A.T.u. become the first and so far the only band from Eastern Europe who received such an award.

The song "Nas Ne Dogonyat" is recognized as the Best Song of the Year, and t.A.T.u. receive the "Ovatsiya" award

30.05.2002 - Marika Club
The presentation of the new provocative music video "Prostiye Dvizheniya" takes place in "Marika" club. Hints and unmentioned things in the slightly erotic context, mixed with a bit of childhood memories, make the video a high-rated and exciting one


The shooting of the music video for the English version of "Ya Soshla S Uma" song - "All the Things She Said" - begins. Only the parts where the girls sing are re-shot. To create the atmosphere of the video that had been filmed two years earlier, the same wall was built as in the first video. Also, the original metallic fence from the first video was found. Through this fence America will see Yulia and Lena kissing in the rain. The t.A.T.u. wave finally reaches Poland.
The duo takes first positions in the national hit-parades, the girls are invited for photo-sessions. The album "200 km\h in the Wrong Lane" is released in the States. The popularity of the song "All the Things She Said" is increasing swiftly.

02.07.2002 - Autograph Session in Siktivkar Russia

08.07.2002 - Performance (PD) at Totalnoe Show in Moscow, Russia

Download Video

09.07.2002 - Performance at FestivalBar in Verona, Italy

10.07.2002 - t.A.T.u. heralded as "the future of rock & roll" by Blender Magazine
Blender Magazine (June/July 2002 issue) says this about t.A.T.u.: "We have seen the future of rock & roll ... to say you've never seen or heard anything quite like it is a colossal understatement."
Source: tatugirls.com

10.07. - 14.07.2002 in Warsaw, Poland
t.A.T.u. during their first visit in Poland mainly focused on press interviews and tv appearances, since they didn't perform. The girls visited VIVAMAT, where they gave an interview, "30 TON" Music Charts, CGM Music Magazine, and many, many others (15 magazines and 10 tv shows in all)

t.A.T.u. go to New York to be a part of the daily TRL show on American MTV. The English version of the debut album is done.

30.06.2002 - Concert in Moskovsky Komsomolets, Luzhniki

Concert in Amfiteatr in Senec, Slovakia


01.08.2002 - Concert in Amfiteatr in Kosice, Slovakia
02.08.2002 - Concert in Amfiteatr in Porpad, Slovakia

03.08.2002 - Concert in Amfiteatr in B.Bystrica, Slovakia

04.08.2002 - Concert in Amfiteatr in Nitra, Slovakia

Autograph Session in McDonald's, Slovakia

t.A.T.u. - not for the first time! - leave for Los-Angeles, where they start their US promo-tour. First single, first music video, first appearance on American music market - a challenging place where about 100,000 new musicians are trying to break in every year.

24.08.2002 - Varna Italy


01.09.2002 - "All the Things She Said" Climbing Up the Billboard Club Charts
"All the Things She Said" jumps from #34 to #25 earning a "POWER PICK" designation this week on Billboard's Club chart.
Source: tatugirls.com

t.A.T.u. gave some concerts in Poland and visit some cities in Eastern Europe for promotional purposes. Then they flew to Italy, where they had performed at "MTV Italia" and the Italian "Top of the Pops". Afterwards the continued their promotiontour for television and live performances in Spain, Netherland, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Austria.

01.09.2002 - Performance in Pepsi Chart, Moscow Russia

Debut hit "All The Things She Said" (the English version of "Ya Soshla S Uma") appears on the radio in Spain, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and also the music video for the song is shown on all the music TV channels of the mentioned countries. In Italy the CD gets a "platinum" status (25, 000 copies sold) on the day of release.

06.09.2002 - Concert in Brasov, Romania
t.A.T.u. gave full concert for the first time in Romania. They appeared during The Golden Stage Festival (Cerbul de Aur in Romanian).

Download Concert

07.09.2002 - Press Conference in Verona, Italy

09.09.2002 - Spain
First Tatu English single "All the Things She Said" had appeared at the end of August on National Spanish Radio. This is the largest station in Spain, whose telephones are torn up now from the calls with requests. Expressive Spanish discuss the single on TV channels and they cannot wait for the appearance of the music video. Can you imagine the Spanish enthusiasm when they see the Video? Well, we'll have to wait just a little bit more to see that.
Source: tatu.ru 

10.09.2002 - All the things she said release
The single "All The Things She Said" is released in the US. The CD contains two versions of the song "All The Things She Said" and two videos: "All The Things She Said" and a "Behind the Scenes with Julie and Lena" backstage video.

01. "All the Things She Said" Radio Version 
02. "All the Things She Said" Extension 119 Club Edit (5 Minute Remix)
00. "All the Things She Said" Music Video, 
00. "Behind-The-Scenes Exclusive Video Footage" (Part 1) 
00. Gallery of Tatu Girls Pictures.

10.09.2002 - Promotour in Helsinki Finland (4Pop Interview)

11.09.2002 - Swedish Hit Music Awards, Sweden Stockholm
Download Performance

12.09.2002 - Promotour in Norway

 16.09.2002 - t.A.T.u. Success in Italy!
This week, t.A.T.u. "all the things she said" is on #1 position on SuperDeejay chart, one of the most popular radio in Italy (Radio DJ).

17.09.2002  - "All the Things She Said" Climbing Up the Billboard Club Charts
"All the Things She Said" jumps from #34 to #25 earning a "POWER PICK" designation this week on Billboard's Club chart.

19.09.2002  - "All the Things She Said" jumped up from #19 to #11!
"All the Things She Said" (REMIXES) jumps from #19 to #11 this week on Billboard's Club chart.

21.09.2002- Autograph Session in Fnac Megastore, Milan

21.09.2002 - Tatu video ATTS has #1 position on TRL countdown of Italia MTV!
  Tatu video ATTS has #1 position on TRL countdown of Italia MTV!

29.09.2002 - Back in Moscow

26.09.2002 - On Billboard the 5th place!
"All the Things She Said" (REMIXES) jumps from #11 to #5 this week on Billboard's Club chart.


 01.10.2002 - 5th in Finland
 "All The Things She Said" T.A.T.U. debuted on #5 at the official single chart of Finland.

Live in Poland [03.10.2002]
The concert was called '4 Cultues Dialogue Destival' and subname:Pop-Rock. The concert took place on Thursday at 06:00 PM in Sport Hall, in the Skorupki 21 street in polish city Łódź. Apart from t.A.T.u. there were performing: Projekt Oddział Otwarty, 6 Grad (Germany), Aviv Gefen (Israel), Budka Suflera (Poland). Income obtained in that concert was passed to build "House of Music" – first in Europe House of creative work for handicapped Artists. After the concert Girls went to Autograph Session for fans.

04.10.2002 - Performance in "BAR", Warsaw Poland
t.A.T.u.'s second visit in Poland fruited in a very famous performance during reality show "BAR" (eng. Pub). The performance took place on October 4th, 2002, but it was firstly planned to take place on September 29th, but due to Lena's sickness, they had to postpone the show. t.A.T.u. was chosen in sms-voting during broadcasting of the show, where they gained over 80% percent of votes! One of the contestants of the reality show contacted Universal Music Poland to organise the show. Apart from the concert, Lena spent her 18th birthday in Poland. Girls performed their hit songs "Ya Soshla S Uma" and "Nas Ne Dogonyat".

07.10.2002 - 200km/h in the wrong lane release
The English version of the album "200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane" is released in Eastern Europe. The album becomes a bestseller right away. Julia and Lena go on a promo-tour round Europe. During the tour t.A.T.u. gave about 50 interviews published in all European languages. t.A.T.u. becomes a real sensation on the world music industry - and the first Russian project that managed to achieve such success.

 07.10.2002 - Fantastic new entries into the singles charts by t.A.T.u.!

We have the following fantastic new entries this week into the singles charts for "All The Things She Said":

#1 in Italy 
#1 in Spain 
#5 in Finland 
#7 in Holland 
#7 in Norway 

In Italy, the single is certified Gold with sales close to 35.000 units and it is #2 in the music control airplay charts
In Finland Radio NRJ also added the single this week in Israel.
Galgalatz, the leading national radio station, just added "All The Things" to their heaviest rotation, Radio Tel Aviv also added the single straight away
In Sweden the single/video is now A list on ZTV, National Radio P3 and NRJ TV PLAY
Latest MTV rotations are as follows:
Italy : HOT
Spain : HEAVY
Holland : HEAVY
Source: Universal Music Russia

14.10.2002 - Single "All The Things She Said" chart positions: 
Italy #1
Spain #1
Canada #42
Norway #5 
Finland #10 

Source: chart.boom.ru

16.10.2002 - t.A.T.u. is number 3 in the Greek Charts!
T.A.T.U. Single ATTS is number 3 in the Greek Charts!!

20.10.2002  - t.A.T.u. fever is spreading!
In Italy, "200KM/h in the Wrong Lane" debuts at #6 in the album charts, whilst "All The Things She Said" remains at # 1 in the singles charts and # 1 in the Music Control airplay charts for the 3rd consecutive week "All The Things She Said" is now certified PLATINUM in Italy.
In Norway, the single went from 5 to #2 in this weeks chart and reached GOLD status in Norway this week.
In Mexico, the album debuted in the Mixup retail nationwide chart's at #2


Italy #1 (3rd Week!) 
Spain #1 (2nd week!) 
Holland #2 (2nd week!) 
Norway #2 (#5) 
Finland #10 (HP #5) 
Belgium - New Entry at #24 

The single is also at #25 in the Music and Media HOT Singles European sales chart.

The album debuts this week are as follows:

Italy #6 
Spain #17 
Belgium #24 

Music Control airplay charts this week are as follows:

Italy #1 (#1) 
Holland #5 (#8) UP 3 PLACES 
Spain #17 (#16) UP 1 PLACE 
Sweden #29 (#37) UP 8 PLACES 
Norway #46 (#49) UP 3 PLACES 
Belgium #71 (NE) 

...and Austria, Finland and Greece are all 'bubbling under' around the 100 position.

In Finland, they are starting to get good feedback from radio. On RadioMafia it has been a Powerplay and on NRJ "All The Things..." is their most requested song!
The single is also #3 in Mexico's radio chart.
The single has also entered the Music and Media European TOP 50 this week as a new entry at #46

Latest MTV plays are as follows:

Italy HOT 
Netherlands HEAVY 
In Brazil, the video is #6 on the "Top 20 video chart " (most requested videos)

 24.10.2002 - t.A.T.u. On The Cover Of U.S.'s Mixer Magazine

24.10.2002 - t.A.T.u. big in Israel
"All the Things She Said" is #1 on Radio Tel Aviv's Top 8 at 8pm chart. The song is also the #1 most played single on national radio station, Galgalatz.

25.10.2002 - Europe Updates
 t.A.T.u. on the radio in France "All the Things She Said" is being played on national radio stations NRJ and Europe 2 in France.
200 km/h in the Wrong Lane Moves up to #5 in Italy
"All the Things She Said" debuts at #2 on Sweden's single charts!


01.11.2002 Concert in Estonia, Tallinn
t.A.T.u.'s performance in Tallinn had turned out to be unfortunate. Julia got seriously sick, had to be hospitalised, so Lena had to perform alone. It was t.A.T.u.'s first concert without Julia.

01.11.2002 - Tatu is number 1 in mexico charts!!!
Tatu is number 1 in mexico charts!!!

04.11.2002 - The single is now PLATINUM in both Italy and Norway

Sweden #2 (new entry)
Italy #2 (has been #1 for 5 weeks!)
Spain #2 (also #1 for 4 weeks previously)
Holland #3 (2)
Norway #3 (2)
Greece #6 (6) (HP #3)
Finland #6 (9) (HP #5)
Belgium #7

The single is also at #19 (22) in the Music and Media HOT Singles European sales chart

The album charts this week are as follows:

Italy #11 (HP #6)
Spain #17
Greece #19 (34)
Belgium #24
Finland #28 (35)
Holland #49 (new entry)
Norway #49

The album is also at #33 in the Music and Media HOT Album European sales chart

Music Control airplay charts this week are as follows:

Italy #1
Holland #5
Spain #16
Sweden #21
Sweden #21
Norway #17
Belgium #18
Finland #29 (midweek this week #14)
Greece #35

The single is also at #33 in the Music and Media European TOP 50 Airplay charts this week Denmark got their first playlist this week - on Radio P3, and France have playlists on NRJ and Europe 2,s o we should see them breaking through with this single very soon TV

Latest MTV plays are as follows:

Netherlands HEAVY

Source: Universal Music Russia

"ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID" maintains its position in the Top 10 (No. 8) on the US Soundscan Single Sales Chart.



55 stations have added the track on the 1st week!

WDRQ Detroit 21 spins and is still TOP 5 Phones!!

KZHT Salt Lake City 30 spins and is now TOP 3 Phones !!


Trade Ads in Hits, etc.
Mixer Cover out now. Mixer cover snipes out in Boston, NYC, Miami, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit

REQUEST magazine 5 star review
Rolling Stone Magazine Hot List.

Features soon in: Jane, Esquire, Flaunt, Women's Wear Daily, New Yorker and CMJ
TV Appearances: MTV News, CNN, Reuters, Access Hollywood


* The Album is GOLD in Italy
* The single "All The Things She Said" is Platinum in Italy and Norway.


Sweden #2 (new entry) 
Italy -# 3 (from #2 / #1 for 5 weeks) 
Spain- # 2 (#1 for 4 weeks) 
Holland -#3 (From #2) 
Norway- #3 (from #2) 
Finland- # 6 (From # 9 ) 
Greece #6 (from # 6) 
Belgium - # 7 

The single is at #19 on the Music and Media HOT Singles European sales chart


Italy #1 
Mexico #1 
Holland #5 
Spain #16 
Sweden #21 
Norway #17 
Belgium #18 
Finland #29 (midweek this week #14) 
Greece #35 

The single is at #33 on the Music and Media European TOP 50

ADDS: France on NRJ and Europe 2

Canada added on CKOI - Major station in Quebec

Denmark - Playlist on Radio P3


Mexico #1
Italy #11 (highest position #6)
Spain #17
Greece #19 (34)
Belgium #24
Finland #28 (35)
Holland #49 (NE)
Norway #49

The Album is #33 in the Music and Media Hot Album European Sales chart


ITALY - MTV - Showtime
ITALY - ReteA- High Rotation
MTV -Netherlands HEAVY
MTV Latino HEAVY - #1 on the most requested video chart on MTV Latino North Feed

Source: Universal Music Russia

12.11. -16.11.2002 - Milano Italy
t.A.T.u. appeared at TRL where they sang their number one worldwide hit at that time - All The Things She Said. They also performed at Top of the pops singing Not Gonna Get Us and All the Things She Said. Girls also appeared on tv show "Uno di noi" where they gave interview.

14.11.2002 - European Music Awards Barcelona, Spain
t.A.T.u. take part in the European Music Awards Barcelona
After being nominated for Best Dance Video, and perform their hit "All The Things She Said" live for more than 20 million viewers. t.A.T.u. receive true worldwide recognition. The duo also performs at the pre-show of Billboard magazine award (2002 FOX Billboard BASH). In Italy the debut single achieves "platinum" status and the album itself achieves "golden" status. In Sweden the single also achieves "platinum" status. The music video "All The Things She Said" gets in hot rotation on MTV-US and MTV-UK. The debut album becomes "platinum" in Finland. The duo's "success story" gets into the best music magazines of the world. The girls give interviews to Rolling Stone. Artsy photos appear in Interview, Jane and Spin.

16.11.2002 - t.A.T.u. in Western Europe!
After a successful visit to Barcelona for an appearance on the MTV Europe Video Music Awards, t.A.T.u. traveled to Milan today to celebrate the gold certification of their album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" in Italy. There, Julia and Lena completed several interviews before heading for Helsinki, Finland where "All the Things She Said" is currently no. 5 in the singles chart. After finishing their interview schedule in Helsinki, Julia and Lena will visit Stockholm and Paris where they'll be performing on the French TV program "Hit Machine." 

18.11.2002 - t.A.T.u chart update!

· " All The Things She Said " Soundscan Single Sales goes up to # 7 (from # 9)
· TOP 40 - 80 adds. (WTWR 33x / KRQQ 30x / WAEZ 30x ......)
· KZHT- Salt Lake City 58 spins /wk TOP 3 PHONES!! #1 most requested song in Salt Lake City
· WTWR Toledo (OH) Top 40 Station: "Top 5 phones! This is a Hit. We get calls each time we play it. Biggest reaction record that I have ever seen a while"
· AOL - video stream over 1 million hits !!
· Interscope hosted video stream- over 1.22 million hits!!!!
· TOP streaming markets
US/ Italy/ Mexico/ Spain / Korea/ Poland/ Finland / Belgium / Sweden/ Australia / Canada/ UK / Germany / Turkey/ Portugal

· MUSIQUE PLUS adds video "All the Things She Said" in HEAVY Rotation.
· CHR Radio adds in Montreal / Quebec City.

France : "All The Things She Said" jumps 35 places to #60 of the general airplay this week
· # 56 (+25) of the young format radios 
· # 74 (+29) in the local radios airplay 
· #12 in the pop and rock radio airplay 

Music Control airplay chart # 4 (from #1) 
· Single Sales - # 3 (from # 3) 
· Album Sales - #17 (from #18) 

MTV - Showtime 
Rete A - High rotation

FINLAND- Album # 5 (from #13 ) / Single #6 (from #18) / Music control airplay #14 
GREECE- Single #8 (from #8) / Music control airplay #24 
HOLLAND- Single #7 (from #5) / Music control airplay #13 
SPAIN - Single # 4 (from # 3) / Music control airplay #32 
SWEDEN-Single # 2 (from # 3) / Music control airplay 15 
BELGIUM- Single # 3 (from # 3) / Music control airplay #19 
NORWAY- Single # 3 (from #3) / Music control airplay #10 

TURKEY: National Radio 

Capitol Radio (National Radio) #1 for 5 weeks. 
Power FM #13 (National Radio) a big jump from #30 
University Radio Stations (Local Area) 
Radyo Bilkent # 3 
Radyo Ogм # 6 
College Radio Station (Local Area) 
Radyo Mart? #2 
Military Radio Station (Local Area) 
Radyo Leventler #1 
Regional Radio Station 
Radyo Panel #2 
Charts in Latin America 
Mexico - Radio #10 / Album sales chart # 5 
Columbia - #27 
Costa Rica- # 8 New entry 
Venezuela - #18 
MTV North- Heavy Rotation 
MTV South - Heavy Rotation 

Charts in Asia 

Indonesia - Mustang # 2 (from #1) 
Indonesia - Lesmana #17 (from #18) 
Indonesia - Ardan # 38 (HP #11) 
Indonesia- Kisi FM # 18 (from # 24) 
Channel V Thailand - Hot Rotation 

Just gets better and better..


08.12.2002 - Billboard Awards 2002, Las Vegas

10.12.2002 - 200km/h in the wrong lane Release in Western Europe and Russia
Not Gonna Get Us
All the Things She Said
Show Me Love
30 Minutes
How Soon Is Now?
Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)
Malchik Gay
(Ja soschla s uma)
(Nas ne dogonjat)
Show Me Love (Extended Version)
30 Minutes (Remix)

11.12.2002 - t.A.T.u. on Access Hollywood and Extra! in the U.S
t.A.T.u. completed interviews today for US TV shows Access Hollywood and Extra! in Los Angeles. Watch for airings soon. 

16.12.2002  "All the Things She Said" goes no. 1 in Switzerland
t.A.T.u.'s "All the Things She Said" is the no. 1 single in Switzerland this week. It has been certified GOLD.

16.12.2002  Praise for t.A.T.u. from the U.K.'s The Face Magazine
According to The Face magazine (UK), "The hottest popstars in the world right now are t.A.T.u." Check out the full article and photos on t.A.T.u. in the January 2003 issue of The Face (UK magazine) out now. Fan-site, TatySite.Net, was also mentioned in the article!