t.A.T.u. History

Fierce brunette Julia Volkova and sprightly redhead Lena Katina are Eastern Europe's most popular musical exports. In the age of 24/7 televised entertainment, you've likely caught a glimpse (or quite more) of these Russian pop-sensations and full-time mess-with-your-expectations media mavens. During t.A.T.u.'s short five years together, the two diminutive, talented beauties have caused one hell of a worldwide ruckus, routinely playing to audiences of 50,000 fans and selling more than 5 million copies of their debut album, 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane. Infamously, they refused to perform at the World Music Awards unless provided with real guns. Explains Lena, "We wanted real machine-guns, but they didn't give us, so we wouldn't perform, that simple." Brazenly, after promising not to kiss on the Tonight Show, they engaged in a long, passionate wet one-- much to the alarm of anxious network censors, (and well before Britney and Madonna's little stunt, ahem). And yet, when expected to do the same on Jimmy Kimmel, they deliberately offered not so much as a sweet peck on the cheek. Why? Explains Julia, "Basically, because we like to do what we want. A lot of people are, like, 'you shouldn't do this, you shouldn't do that, you shouldn't behave in this way.' But you know what? Actually for us, we are the way that we are, and we don't really live in fear of anybody. So, if we behave in a certain way, then that's just actually the way we are." 

Indeed, in a world of prefabricated and stridently scripted entertainers, these girls know who they are and do exactly what they want. Through their music and live performances, t.A.T.u. present themselves as they genuinely are- artistically, intellectually, and sexually progressive young women in control of their careers and open to all that life has to offer. When speaking with Julia and Lena, their personal and artistic truths are commendably clear (if not a bit intimidating)-- t.A.T.u. are afraid of no one, they share an enormous passion for singing and performance, and perhaps most admirable of all- the only people they feel responsible to are their t.A.T.u. fans. Beyond that, they don't care about expectations or inhibitions.
"Sometimes we have been asked to do things that have been uncomfortable," Lena recounts, "but for us, ultimately, t.A.T.u. is our project. I think that we have to do it in a way that is conducive to us, that we are comfortable with. If we're going to do things just because other people are telling us to, then we're just going to get lost. We have an instinct about what to do, and how to sing, and I think that usually when people are told what to do, it doesn't happen necessarily in a good way."
Adds Julia, "So we stay natural, just how we are."
Yes, these best friends and musical partners are in lock-step solidarity with one another, which is exactly what the new album Dangerous and Moving is all about. Crafted with the help of various producers, Dangerous and Moving features collaborations and guest appearances from a handful of the pop world's most legendary performers. Indeed, so estimable is t.A.T.u.'s pop-cultural cache, than no less an artist than Sting plays bass on the Dave Stewart (The Eurythmics) co-penned track "Friend or Foe." 

As well, the album's elegant string arrangements are provided by Richard Carpenter (one-half of legendary 70's orchestral-pop icons The Carpenters). Here you will find eleven powerful, passionate tracks dedicated to sharing personal truths and expressing a fearless love of life. Dangerous and Moving is an album filled with high-energy club tracks and sweeping ballads that will have old and new fans alike dancing, laughing, singing, and making love. As for the whole 'Are they or aren't they lesbians' question? Well, there is no better answer than t.A.T.u's own words on the matter. "Our first video was about love between two girls. Love, just love. We do not pretend to be lesbians, we've never said we were" Lena states matter-of-factly, "Julia just had a baby, and we both have always had boyfriends. We share a special bond. We don't like labels for emotions. People should not be forced to define their feelings. These are natural and cannot be labeled." Adds Julia with a smile, "It doesn't matter. It is not important to our fans. And if it is to the rest of the world, we do not care. We are all different and that's great. Everybody has their own story, their own way of dealing with people, and shaping their own lives. Basically, look, see, hear, listen, and learn." 


The t.A.T.u. duo is formed. Their created story about two girls who went crazy from love and passion they felt for each other becomes the duo's unique legend. The history reminds everybody that strong feelings such as love are beyond any bounds and pales.

t.A.T.u.'s first single, "Ya Soshla S Uma," makes its radio debut. The song reaches the top of play-lists on Russian radio stations and becomes a hit-parade resident on Russkoye Radio, Dynamit, HIT-Fm and Europe Plus radio stations for several months. All in all, the hit single "Ya Soshla S Uma" is airplayed on national and local radio stations more then 10 thousand times. The music video "Ya Soshla S Uma" is released on MTV-Russia. Immediately it reaches the top. 

December 19
t.A.T.u. give their first press conference in the secondary school #1113 close to "Pushkinskaya" metro station, where they officially present their first single "Ya Soshla S Uma". The single also contains 4 remixes and 2 music videos. The later calculations show that 50,000 official copies of "Ya Soshla S Uma" were sold. The rough estimation of the pirate copies sold is 200,000. Despite such an incredible success, t.A.T.u. rarely perform and spend all the time in the studio recording their debut album. 


May, 16
"Neformat", the company that owns the rights on the t.A.T.u. brand
and organizes the whole creative process, signs a contract with Universal Music Russia, the division of worldwide music industry giant, in the hotel "Radisson-Slavyanskaya". According to the contract, t.A.T.u. are under the obligation to release 3 albums, the first of which is "200 Po Vstrechnoi". 

May, 21
The debut album "200 Po Vstrechnoy" is released. On the same day the new t.A.T.u. music video for the song "Nas Ne Dogonyat" blows up on the country's TV-screens. The video becomes the most expensive one ever shot in Russia. Shooting lasts three days, with upper-perspective shots recorded from helicopter-mounted cameras. By the way, "Nas Ne Dogonyat" was exactly the song that took the longer time to record than other songs - the whole week.
The album "200 Po Vstrechnoi" contains 11 songs:
1. Zachem Ya
2. Ya Soshla S Uma
3. Nas Ne Dogonyat (Video)
4. Doschitai Do Sta
5. 30 Minut
6. Ya Tvoi Vrag
7. Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya
8. Robot
9. Malchik Gay 

10. Nas Ne Dogonyat (HarDrum Remix)
11. 30 Minut (HarDrum Remix)

In the first two months of its release, the album "200 Po Vstrechnoi" sold about 500,000 legal copies (which means about two million pirate copies sold on various media).
All together, the album sold more than two million legal copies in Russia (and approximately four million pirate copies) in 2001. 

June, 2
t.A.T.u. get the "100 Pudoviy Hit" award from the "HIT-FM" radio station. The ceremony takes place in the Kremlin Hall, where t.A.T.u. sing their music best-seller "Ya Solshla S Uma". 

t.A.T.u. start recording the album's English version for their promotional tour in Europe. The song "Ya Soshla S Uma" is translated first. t.A.T.u. shoot the video for the song "30 Minuts". The video can't get into rotation because of the censorship issues. 

September, 6
t.A.T.u. go to New York, where in the legendary Metropolitan Opera House they receive an MTV Video Music Award for the video "Ya Soshla S Uma" in the "Viewers Choice - Best Russian Video" category. Later in September the new single and video are released: "Polchasa". The song immediately goes into heavy rotation (30-35 times a week) on the Russkoye Radio, Dynamit, Europe Plus, Love Radio, RDV, HIT-FM, and Tango radio stations. Altogether, the song is played on the radio about 3500 times.
The music video "Polchasa" tops MTV-Russia and MUZ-TV hit parades. Between fall of 2001 and winter of 2002 the video is played on Russian TV-stations over 3,000 times. MTV-Russia announces the video "Ya Soshla s Uma" as the best music video of the year. t.A.T.u. go on a tour in Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and Baltic States, after which the European tour is scheduled.

The single "Ya Soshla S Uma" is officially released in the Eastern European countries - Slovakia, Czechia, Bulgaria. In Bulgaria the song "Ya Soshla S Uma" reaches the first position of the national chart on the youth "MM-Channel" on the day of the appearance, leaving behind such music stars as Limp Bizkit and Jennifer Lopez. During this time "Nefomat" is carrying on talks with Interscope Records.

The single "Nas Ne Dogonyat" makes its debut in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland. At exactly this time the album "200 Po Vstrechnoi" is released in the Eastern Europe.t.A.T.u. go with a promo-visit to Slovakia, where they perform in the concert with such a scale similar to Russian "Pesnya Goda" festival. Throughout the fall Russian singles and the album of t.A.T.u. are released in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland and immediately hit the leading positions in the national hit-parades. 

t.A.T.u. go on a tour to Germany. After t.A.T.u. ground breaking performance Universal Music Germany decides to release the album in Germany. 

Meanwhile, the album "200 Po Vstrechnoi" is on top of sales charts in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. During 2001 the duo toured dozens of cities and towns, giving more than 150 concerts in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia total. t.A.T.u. get a second wind: the English version of the album is about to make the most famous Russian girls in Europe famous all over the world. 


The Russian division of IFPI (International Association of Phonogram Producers) acknowledges the album "200 Po Vstrechnoy" as the best-selling album in the country. t.A.T.u. start to work on singles to release in the US ("Not Gonna Get Us") and Germany ("I've Lost My Mind"). The singles will be in the English version of the album. First, Lena and Yulya work in the studio in England - then in the States, in Los Angeles. At this stage a number of unique people start to work on the album. Only few pop-stars could afford such a high-rate sound-producing. In Manchester F.A.F/Cap Com Production (which also worked with such successful teams as Sonique, Moby, Rammstein, Eskimos & Egypt and Steps) runs the process. In London, re-recording the English versions of the songs is conducted together with the world-famous producer Trevor Horn. 

February, 15
Closely watching t.A.T.u.'s unprecedented success, Universal Music Russia releases a new extended edition of the album "200 Po Vstrechnoy" with new artwork, a new track ("Clowns") and new remixes ("30 Minutes" and "Malchik Gay"). Re-edition of the album breaks all the records within the first week: 60 000 legal copies sold. 

February, 18
International weekly Business Week runs a cover photo of Lena and Yulia together with Bill Roedy, President of MTV Network Intl.

In the short breaks between touring Russia and Europe, t.A.T.u. continue to work on the English version of the album for the American market. 

t.A.T.u. receive two awards in Czech Republic: the first one is for the number of copies sold (10 000 legal copies), and the second one - out of love of people, that brought the duo to the top of the national hit-parade. Universal Music Russia releases two video-remixes of the songs "Ya Soshla S Uma" and "Nas Ne Dogonyat". 

April, 11
t.A.T.u., the duo that is not afraid of expressing emotions in public, gets "Bed of the Year" award in the category "Sex Dissidents". The ceremony takes place in the Moscow club "Metelitsa". The girls are given condoms as a prize. Yulia asks a rhetoric question, "Why would we need them?" And Lena answers her: "Probably, for our collection!" 

April 12
t.A.T.u. finish the studio work: the new single "Prostiye Dvizheniya" ("Simple Movements") is ready to conquer hit-parades. 

May, 15
t.A.T.u.'s award collection gets bigger with the IFPI Platinum Europe Award acknowledging European sales of 1 000 000 copies of the album "200 Po Vstrechnoy". t.A.T.u. become the first and so far the only band from Eastern Europe who received such an award. 

May, 23
The song "Nas Ne Dogonyat" is recognized as the Best Song of the Year, and t.A.T.u. receive the "Ovatsiya" award 

May, 30
The presentation of the new provocative music video "Prostiye Dvizheniya" takes place in "Marika" club. Hints and unmentioned things in the slightly erotic context, mixed with a bit of childhood memories, make the video a high-rated and exciting one. 

t.A.T.u. go to New York to be a part of the daily TRL show on American MTV. The English version of the debut album is done. 

July, 1
The shooting of the music video for the English version of "Ya Soshla S Uma" song - "All the Things She Said" - begins. Only the parts where the girls sing are re-shot. To create the atmosphere of the video that had been filmed two years earlier, the same wall was built as in the first video. Also, the original metallic fence from the first video was found. Through this fence America will see Yulia and Lena kissing in the rain. The t.A.T.u. wave finally reaches Poland. 
The duo takes first positions in the national hit-parades, the girls are invited for photo-sessions. The album "200 km\h in the Wrong Lane" is released in the States. The popularity of the song "All the Things She Said" is increasing swiftly. 

August, 18
t.A.T.u. - not for the first time! - leave for Los-Angeles,
where they start their US promo-tour. First single, first music video, first appearance on American music market - a challenging place where about 100,000 new musicians are trying to break in every year. 

September, 3
Debut hit "All The Things She Said" (the English version of "Ya Soshla S Uma") appears on the radio in Spain, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and also the music video for the song is shown on all the music TV channels of the mentioned countries. In Italy the CD gets a "platinum" status (25, 000 copies sold) on the day of release. 

September, 10
The single "All The Things She Said" is released in the US. The CD contains two versions of the song "All The Things She Said" and two videos: "All The Things She Said" and a "Behind the Scenes with Julie and Lena" backstage video. 

October, 7
The English version of the album "200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane" is released in Eastern Europe. The album becomes a bestseller right away. Julia and Lena go on a promo-tour round Europe.
During the tour t.A.T.u. gave about 50 interviews published in all European languages. t.A.T.u. becomes a real sensation on the world music industry - and the first Russian project that managed to achieve such success. 

November, 14
t.A.T.u. take part in the European Music Awards ceremony
after being nominated for Best Dance Video, and perform their hit "All The Things She Said" live for more than 20 million viewers. t.A.T.u. receive true worldwide recognition. The duo also performs at the pre-show of Billboard magazine award (2002 FOX Billboard BASH). In Italy the debut single achieves "platinum" status and the album itself achieves "golden" status. In Sweden the single also achieves "platinum" status.
The music video "All The Things She Said" gets in hot rotation on MTV-US and MTV-UK. The debut album becomes "platinum" in Finland. The duo's "success story" gets into the best music magazines of the world. The girls give interviews to Rolling Stone. Artsy photos appear in Interview, Jane and Spin. 


t.A.T.u. are acknowledged to be the band of the month in Malaysia, where their hit has been at No. 1 for several weeks. "Not Gonna Get Us" is at No. 1 of the hit-list songs most often ordered by the major New-York radio station Z100. At some point the band becomes the most rotated one in the US. The album "200 km/h In The Wrong Lane" achieves "golden" status in Mexico. The duo is at the second position of the national French hit-parade and at the first position in the UK charts. 

BBC-News invites t.A.T.u. to take part in the prime-time UK news-program. The chairwoman of Children Protection Board accuses t.A.T.u. of demoralizing influence on the English pupils, especially schoolgirls. The girls reply that they have only one motive for their creative process, and that is love. The US promotional tour begins. The girls perform at Jimmy Kimmel's show wearing the T-shirts with "ХУЙ ВОЙНЕ" written on them (literal translation: "Fuck the War"). The culmination of the show becomes the moment when Julia takes Kimmel's hand and writes on it the same words with a marker.
Later on it turns out that the management of the program cuts the kiss out of the TV-version. The next day Americans find out the meaning of the words on t.A.T.u. t-shirts, and the duo is prohibited from performing in them in the next show. In response, t.A.T.u. perform in the T-shirts with a word "Censored" on them, and when the showman asks them to kiss they refuse to do that. 

t.A.T.u. become the winner of World Music Awards in Monte Carlo in the categories of World's Best Pop Group, World's Best Duet and World's Best Dance Group. According to the idea of the band's management, Julia and Lena begin their performance with shooting at the audience with real tommy-guns charged with blank bullets. Having heard of such a daring staging idea, ceremony organizers hand out toy-like guns to the girls. This contradicts the original staging idea, and t.A.T.u. refuse to participate in the ceremony. The awards are never given to them. 

Together with other four Russian bands, t.A.T.u. were nominated as the Best Russian Act for the MTV Europe Music Awards
The duo decides to give the voices they received in favor of the "Leningrad" band, whom the girls liked the best. t.A.T.u. have already been a winner in this nomination in 2001 and now the girls want others to have a chance of showing themselves at the upcoming world ceremony in Edinburgh on November 6th. 

December, 1-2
Two huge concerts as a part of SHOW ME LOVE tour take place in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, on its biggest concert arena - Tokyo Dome (capacity - 43, 000 people). Also, t.A.T.u. accept the invitation to meet Takeshi Ketano, the guru of Japanese cinematograph, at his TV studio. Over there, Lena Katina plays ping-pong with Takesi . She plays with double energy - for her and for Julia who got suddenly sick. The results of 2003: t.A.T.u.'s debut album gets the "Golden" status in England, South Africa, Korea, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Mexico; the album achieves the "platinum" status in Taiwan, Finland, Poland, Italy, and twice platinum in Hong-Kong, Czech Republic and Canada. t.A.T.u. set an absolute record on sales in Japan. In the "country of rising sun" the album beats the sales records of such pop-industry legends as The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Madonna, - 1.8 million copies of "200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane" are sold. 


t.A.T.u. start to record their second album in the reality-show "t.A.T.u. in Underheaven" format. The shooting takes place in the penthouse of the "Pekin" hotel situated on Mayakovsky Square. The reality-show should end with the release of t.A.T.u.'s second album. The show broadcasted on STS-channel gets a wide response, up to the point when Moscow City 
Duma addresses the Court regarding selected episodes of the show. According to the concept of the reality show, with no scenario and maximum reflection of the things that actually happen, the show develops in an unpredictable way and ends with the girls' breaking off their relationship with Ivan Shapovalov. Ivan resigns as chief executive of "Neformat", the company representing Lena and Julia's interests. The girls get independence and keep the rights to the t.A.T.u. brand. 

It becomes known that Julia Volkova is pregnant, but the news does not change the music plans of the duo.

Within the frames of a new contract between "Neformat" and major recording label Universal Music International, start recording their second album without a single producer but with their creative team's support. 


January, 17
go to Los Angeles, to the famous Village studio, where they start the work on the new album. The recording process lasts more than three months. Unique show-biz people take part in it. 

choose an album-name for its Russian version: "Ludi-Invalidi" (The name of the international version is "Dangerous and Moving") These are the names of songs from the track-lists.

Grey — Concerts, Awards, Press Conference, Autograph Sessions, Photo Session, Premier, Recordings
Italic — Press
Bold — Release
Underline — Making of video


September - Ya Soshla S Uma single introduced

October - Ya Soshla S Uma video introduced

26.11.2000 - Club 5 Element, Moscow Russia

December - 50,000 "mini-albums" sold
15.12.2000 - Press Conference Secondary School № 1113, Moscow
19.12.2000 - First press conference, Secondary School No.1113, Moscow


10.02.2001 - Palace Of Sports, Ukraine (Odessa)
16.02.2001 - Myshotera (Circus), Russia (Ekaterinburg)
18.02.2001 - Sport Hall, Russia (Rostov-On-Don)
23.02.2001 - Russia (St. Petersburg) Concert at 'Plaza'

17.03.2001 - Kremlin Hall, Russia Moscow

16.05.2001 - Signed to Universal Music Radisson-Slavuanskaya (Hotel) Russia (Moscow)
21.05.2001 - "200 KM/H in the Wrong Lane" - Universal release
27.05.2001 - Down Town, Russia (Moscow)

02.06.2001 - Kremlin Hall, Russia (Moscow)
11.06.2001 - The Best Hit Song" in an awards called "Musical Podium" Moscow Russia
June - 30 Minutes video shoot

04.07.2001 - Press Conference in Almata, Kazahstan
12.07.2001 - Krasnodar
13.07.2001 - Belarus (Minsk)
15.07.2001 - Counterassembly Area , Ukraine (Kiev)
31.07.2001 - Interview, Russia (Chelyabinsk)

01.08.2001 - Circus Arena Russia (Ekaterinburg)
02.08.2001 - Tyumen, Russia
10.08.2001 - Russia Sochi Beach
18.08.2001 - Russia Petropavlosvsk-Kamchatsky
19.08.2001 - Russia Khabarovsk
20.08.2001 - Russia (Yakutsk)
24.08.2001 - Ukraine (Malines)

06.09.2001 - MTV Video Music Award New York's Metropolitan Opera House
08.09.2001 - Ukraine (Kiev)
10.09.2001 - Sports Place 'Friendship', Russia (Donetsk)
21.09.2001 - Anniversary, Russia (St. Petersburg)
29.09.2001 - Zaporizhia, Ukraine
30.09.2001 - Kharkov Russia

01.10.2001 - Donetsk, Russia
03.10.2001 - Russia (Krasnodar)
05.10.2001 - Arrive in Riga
11.10.2001 - Club Water Sea (Akvatoria), Russia (St. Petersburg)
18.10.2001 - Russia (Krasnodar)
19.10.2001 - Rostov on Don, Russia
22.10.2001 - Kiev, Russia
29.10.2001 - Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk)

17.11.2001 - The State Kremlin Place of Congresses Russia (Moscow)
23.11.2001 - Russia (St. Petersburg)

04.12.2001 - Russia (Rostov-On-Don)
06.12.2001 - Tuymen Area Russia (Nizhnevartovsk)
08.12.2001 - Counterassembly area, Ukraine (Kiev)
11.12.2001 - Nizhni, Novogrod
14.12.2001 - Narva, Estland
20.12.2001 - Russia (Tyumen)
21.12.2001 - Germany - Disco A7 Neu-Ulm
22.12.2001 - Germany - Disco Ayr Worrstadt
23.12.2001 - Germany - Disco Baden-Baden
25.12.2001 - Germany - Discos Dogs, Hamburg; Aurora, Hannover
26.12.2001 - Kiev Concert


15.01.2002 - Begin English version of 200KM/H in the wrong lane with Trevor Horn in London and Manchester

February - Autograph Session - Dynamit FM Universal
14.02.2002 - Autograph session, music store in Moscow
15.02.2002 - Riga
22.02.2002 - Bulgaria Concert

01.03.2002 - St. Petersburg concert at "Plaza"
04.03.2002 - Germany - photo session by Neta Koenig
08.03.2002 - St. Petersburg concert at Yubileini Hall
15.03.2002 - London recording date for 2 songs in English
24.03.2002 - Los Angeles recording: Clowns, Malchik Gay, I Am Not Your First

04.04.2002 - Prague concert
05.04.2002 - Radio Station 'Interview & Disco Kiss Puplikum, Czech
11.04.2002 - Bed of the Year award
13.04.2002 - "30 Minutes" recording in Moscow
16.04.2002 - Tel Aviv concert
18.04.2002 - Lena is ill

01.05.2002 - Germany tour, 5 cities
08.05.2002 - One week in Moscow, concert rehearsals; photo session
15.05.2002 - Platinum Europe ceremony, Moscow
22.05.2002 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria concert cancelled by Mayor on 2 hours' notice
24.05.2002 - Return to Moscow from Bulgaria
30.05.2002 - Premiere Prostyje Dvizhjenia Club Marika, Moskow

08.06.2002 - In New York and Los Angeles: recording and photo session
15.06.2002 - Moscow, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal

01.07.2002 - Reshoot inserts for English version of "All The Things She Said" video
10.07.2002 - Poland "friendship visit": 10 TV stations; 10 radio stations; internet
10.07.2002 - t.A.T.u. heralded as "the future of rock & roll" by Blender Magazine

01.08.2002 - Live in Slovakia
15.08.2002 - Name changed from Tatu to t.A.T.u
18.08.2002 - 12-day trip to US begins: New York (week 1); Los Angeles (week 2)

01.09.2002 - MTV Holland adds "All the Things She Said" into rotation
04.09.2002 - "ATTSS" jumps from #34 to #25 this week on Billboard's Club chart

05.09.2002 - Arrival in Romania
06.09.2002 - Cerbul de Aur concert, Romania
07.09.2002 - Festival Concert, Italy
08.09.2002 - Festival Bar, Verona (Italy)
09.09.2002 - Spain
09.09.2002 - "ATTSS" had appeared at the end of August on National Spanish Radio
10.09.2002 - “All The Thing She Said” single is released in USA!
16.09.2002 - Vienna - interviews all day
16.09.2002 - t.A.T.u. Success in Italy! 
17.09.2002 - Swedish Hit Music Awards 2002
19.09.2002 - Italy
19.09.2002 - "ATTSS" (REMIXES) jumps from #19 to #11 this week on Billboard's Club chart
21.09.2002 - Autograph session, Milano
21.09.2002 - ATTSS has #1 position on TRL countdown of Italia MTV!
25.09.2002 - Madrid
26.09.2002 - Amsterdam
26.09.2002 - "ATTSS" (REMIXES) jumps from #11 to #5 this week on Billboard's Club chart
28.09.2002 - Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic
29.09.2002 - Return to Moscow

01.10.2002 - "ATTSS" on #5 at the official single chart of Finland
02.10.2002 - Entrevista Interview
03.10.2002 - Poland concert
04.10.2002 - Bar TV show in Poland and birthday celebration for Lena
04.10.2002 - Lena's 18th Birth Day Party on 4th October, in Poland!
16.10.2002 - T.A.T.U. Single ATTSS is number 3 in the Greek Charts
20.10.2002 -  "All The Things She Said" is now certified PLATINUM in Italy.
20.10.2002 -  Norway, the single went from 5 to #2 in this weeks chart and reached GOLD status
20.10.2002 -  In Mexico, the album debuted in the Mixup retail nationwide chart's at #2

24.10.2002 - "ATTSS" is #1 on Radio Tel Aviv's Top 8 at 8pm chart, Israel
24.10.2002 - t.A.T.u. On The Cover Of U.S.'s Mixer Magazine
25.10.2002 - "ATTSS" is being played on national radio stations NRJ and Europe 2 in France
25.10.2002 - 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane Moves up to #5 in Italy
25.10.2002 - "All the Things She Said" debuts at #2 on Sweden's single charts!

01.11.2002 - Tatu is number 1 in Mexico Charts
01.11.2002 - Tallinn Festival - Lena alone; Yulia is in Moscow with health problems
03.11.2002 - Lena gave concert in Tallinn Alone without Yulia.
04.11.2002 - The single is now PLATINUM in both Italy and Norway 

12.11.2002 - Arrive in Barcelona for Nov. 14 EMA Ceremony
14.11.2002 - "Pre-show", Spanish TV; EMA awards; big Interscope party
14.11.2002 - Europe Music Awards
15.11.2002 - TRL Milan, Italy
16.11.2002 - t.A.T.u. in Western Europe! 
23.11.2002 - "All the Things She Said" on MTV in the U.S.
23.11.2002 - t.A.T.u Album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" is released in USA and Canada!

08.12.2002 - Billboard Awards, USA
11.12.2002 - t.A.T.u. on Access Hollywood and Extra! in the U.S
14.12.2002 - t.A.T.u. on MTV US' WWE Wrestling Sunday
16.12.2002 - Praise for t.A.T.u. from the U.K.'s The Face Magazine
16.12.2002 - "All the Things She Said" goes no. 1 in Switzerland


18.01.2003 - Brand New Single "Not Gonna Get Us" In Stores Now!
18.01.2003 - CTC Black And White Show
19.01.2003 - NJR Radio Award
22.01.2003 - The Girls Are Only Visiting the UK for 2 Days, Due to Illness
23.01.2003 - "I'm Tatu ill for UK," says Yulia.
24.01.2003 - Yulia is ill again? MTV.Ru denies the rumors!!
27.01.2003 - t.A.T.u. Will Stay In Moscow
28.01.2003 - Yulia diagnosed with laryngitis in Moscow

28.01.2003 - A New Video Remix On "All the Things She Said".

07.02.2003 - Producer of group Tatu, Ivan Shapovalov is ready to face British television
07.02.2003 - Tatu's Lesbian Kiss Too Controversial

10.02.2003 - Czech Republic tour starts: 5 shows
11.02.2003 - Tatu Resume Their European Tour.
13.02.2003 - Touring Czech Republic
15.02.2003 - Lena treated for leg problem in Prague
17.02.2003 - Tatu Hold On To The Top In UK For The 3rd Week!
18.02.2003 - “Tatu” Cancelled Their Concerts In Poland
19.02.2003 - Tatu are getting ready to visit USA

24.02.2003 - "ATTSS" Craig Kilbourne Late Late Show taping, CBS, Los Angeles
24.02.2003 - t.A.T.u. to Visit the U.S.A.
25.02.2003 - t.A.T.u. are No1 in the UK for 4th week running.

25.02.2003 - KIIS-FM, Los Angeles
26.02.2003  -"ATTSS" Leno Tonight Show, NBC, Los Angeles
28.02.2003 - "ATTSS" MAD-TV taping, Los Angeles

01.03.2003 - Tatu Were Attacked By An Armed Fan!!
02.03.2003 - Rick Dees Studio, New York(?); autographs, FYE store, Wayne, NJ USA
03.03.2003 - "ATTSS", MTV TRL, New York
04.03.2003 - "ATTSS", Carson Daly "The Last Call", NBC, New York
11.03.2003 - Interview E-News
11.03.2003 - Return to Moscow after US trip
14.03.2003 - Rolling Stone Joins Tatu Action.
18.03.2003 - "Bomba Goda" (“Bomb of the Year”) – Tatu Will Only Perform In Moscow.
19.03.2003 - Tatu Are To Represent Russia On EuroVision With A NEW Song!
21.03.2003 - The Next Single Is Still Going To Be "30 Minutes"?
22.03.2003 - Up-Coming UK Tour, Tatu to play Wembley!
24.03.2003 - Two Awards For Tatu in Poland!!
25.03.2003 - Tatu Against War On “Bomba Goda” in Moscow!
27.03.2003 - "Tatu" Are Going To Sing In Russian On EuroVision!

18.04.2003 - The promo-tour in Japan has been cancelled.
30.04.2003 - Group Tatu Cancel UK Tour!

03.05.2003 - Julia Volkova in Londons Sketch club
04.05.2003 - The Shooting of New Music Video «Show Me Love» will Take Place in London!

04.05.2003 - Tatu. A Week in London.
05.05.2003 - t.A.T.u. Concerts in Germany Cancelled/Delayed
06.05.2003 - DVD «Screaming For More» Release Planned Earlier This Year Is Cancelled.
07.05.2003 - "Show Me Love" Isn't Showing Much Love.
09.05.2003 - "Show Me Love" Shooting On Red Square in Moscow on the 12th of May.

13.05.2003 - Tatu are getting ready to shoot their new video in the Red Square.
13.05.2003 - t.A.T.u. is back in Moscow
15.05.2003 - Moscow Athorities Have Forbidden Shooting Of New Video On Red Square!
16.05.2003 - Press conference on t.A.T.u.’s departure for Eurovision
16.05.2003 - Tatu Girls To Perform Live On MTV Movie Awards.
20.05.2003 - EuroVision: Tatu refused to give interviews
22.05.2003 - Tatu on EuroVision: "The lights and the stage are awful, same with the rest!"

22.05.2003 - ORT Basic Instinct Interview
24.05.2003 - Eurovision 2003, Skonto Hall, Riga, Latvia
24.05.2003 - Julia Volkova Will Not Take Part in EuroVision Rehearsals
25.05.2003 - Ivan Shapovalov Comments on Eurovision Results

25.05.2003 - Tatu took the Third place on EuroVision song contest.
27.05.2003 - Saarbrücken Concert, Saarbrücker Saarlandhalle Germany
28.05.2003 - Russia's Channel One announces that Eurovision results were unfairly juggled
29.05.2003 - Channel One Russia continues to doubt the Eurovision results

02.06.2003 - MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles
06.06.2003 - The "MuzTV-2003" awards: "Best Video" with music video Prostye Dvizheniya
07.06.2003 - t.A.T.u. scratched the surface finish off the Muz-TV-2003 - prize
09.06.2003 - Russian duo t.A.T.u. will be arriving in Japan on the 25th of June for the new video
10.06.2003 - The Eurovision Song Contest results remain unchanged
10.06.2003 - t.A.T.u. has cancelled their gig in Riga

11.06.2003 - TV Total Germany
12.06.2003 - Viva Interview, Germany
13.06.2003 - Bonn Concert, Germany
19.06.2003 - Ireland is cleared of cheating on the ESC
22.06.2003 - 35,389 Applicants for Video Shoot in Tokyo

25.06.2003 - t.A.T.u. arrived in Japan today.
26.06.2003 - t.A.T.u. in Japan - Day One
27.06.2003 - t.A.T.u.’s video plans wrecked
28.06.2003 - Announcement: Cancellation of the June 28th Event t.A.T.u. in Tokyo
28.06.2003 - Apology About the Cancellation of Tatu's Live Appearance on TV Asahi's Music Station  29.06.2003 - t.A.T.u.’s video shot in Tokyo is off
29.06.2003 - Press conference in Tokyo

04.07.2003 - t.A.T.u.'s press-attache Beata Ardeeva in a terrible car-crash.
14.07.2003 - t.A.T.u.are performing at Comet 2003 - Awards (only Lena)
20.07.2003 - t.A.T.u. are leaving for European festivals

07.08.2003 - t.A.T.u. is to receive Dvizhenie-2003 - Awards
14.08.2003 - t.A.T.u. ignored Dvizhenie-2003 - Awards
15.08.2003 - t.A.T.u. appeared at two music festivals in the middle of August
22.08.2003 - t.A.T.u. – Yulia was hospitalized

04.09.2003 - Elena Kiper will determine the future of t.A.T.u. songs
05.09.2003 - t.A.T.u. performed as extras for SMASH!!
09.09.2003 - Lena Kiper will appear at the press-conference with a guards’ escourt
12.09.2003 - The trial between Elena Kiper and Ivan Shapovalov is at a draw at the moment
24.09.2003 - Vitaliy Mansky will tell  all and will show the truth about t.A.T.u.
26.09.2003 - The trial session between Kiper and Shapovalov is postponed again

01.10.2003 - A. Pokutny and V. Adarichev signed a contract with the t.A.T.u. producer Ivan Shapovalov
02.10.2003 - Sales of the t.A.T.u. debut album breaks the 2 million mark in Japan
02.10.2003 - t.A.T.u. are nominated for MTV EMA “The Best Russian Artist” again
12.10.2003 - Arrive at World Music Awards in Monte carlos- Monaco
20.10.2003 - MTV EMA 2003: t.A.T.u.'s votes won't be passed to group Leningrad!
22.10.2003 - Release of DVD "Screaming for More" in November 2003!
23.10.2003 - The long awaited concert in St. Petersburg on December, 18 

01.11.2003 - t.A.T.u. Return to Japan. Uproar in the Arrivals Lobby.
02.11.2003 - Lena returns to Moscow alone
03.11.2003 - Vitaly Mansky has finished filming his picture Anatomy of t.A.T.u.
11.11.2003 - World first run of Show Me Love video in Japan
12.11.2003 - t.A.T.u. attended the concert of SMASH!!
13.11.2003 - t.A.T.u. presented their new song Nichya (Nobody’s)!
14.11.2003 - t.A.T.u. Official Photobook will be released on November, 28!
22.11.2003 - t.A.T.u. – girls are to star in a lesbian movie
26.11.2003 - t.A.T.u. are nominated for MTV Asia Awards – 2004

28.11.2003 - Reality Show with t.A.T.u.

01.12.2003 - t.A.T.u. - Live Concert in Tokyo Dome
02.12.2003 - Japanese fans have lost their minds over t.A.T.u.
03.12.2003 - The Vitaly Mansky picture Anatomy of t.A.T.u. has first night on CTC channel
03.12.2003 - t.A.T.u. showed Simple Motions to the Japanese audience
04.12.2003 - t.A.T.u. - Lena passed out in Japan
10.12.2003 - The World Tour will continue in Latin America
12.12.2003 - The documentary Anatomy of t.A.T.u. will be shown cut by 17 seconds of the final scene

13.12.2003 - Documentary The Anatomy of t.A.T.u.: "Autopsy"
14.12.2003 - Vitaly Mansky will continue filming t.A.T.u.!
15.12.2003 - Japanese t.A.T.u. anime is planned to be released next year
24.12.2003 - Group Tatu to become presidents of Russian Federation. As a Duo. 


14.01.2004 - Tityanko & Galayan Wedding
20.01.2004 - Tatu in “Podnebesnaya”: Were there girls?
23.01.2004 - Ivan Demyan has joined the recording of Tatu’s next album.

04.02.2004 - Tatu are going to Singapore to attend the “MTV Asia Awards 2004”
07.02.2004 - Universal Music Russia releases a unique edition of the first compilation of Remixes
14.02.2004 - MTV Asia Awards (only Lena)
19.02.2004 - Tatu will sing with Rammstein

03.03.2004 - Tatu have left Shapovalov for Kirkorov
06.03.2004 - Podnebesnaya after t.A.T.u.
11.03.2004 - I. Shapovalov vs L. Kiper: Another court session took place
13.03.2004 - "Tatu in Podnebesnaya": 
28.03.2004 - Elena Kiper offered partnership to the new management of group Tatu

10.04.2004 - Group Tatu and Elena Kiper signed an agreement
23.04.2004 - Tatu found replacement to Ivan Shapovalov
28.04.2004 - Tatu was taken away from Shapovalov

13.05.2004 - Tatugirl Yulia is pregnant

09.06.2004 - Elena Kiper won in court the rights on Tatu songs
12.06.2004 - Tatu is going to end its creativity break
21.06.2004 - Tatu signed new contract with Universal Music Russia

01.07.2004 - Tatugirl will give birth in Russia
05.07.2004 - Tatu-girl found out the sex of her baby
12.07.2004 - Tatu-girl Julia has Health Problems
23.07.2004 - Tatugirl Julia signed out of the hospital

17.08.2004 - Tatu will appear on the cover of the September issue of ELLE Girl (Russia).
25.08.2004 - Duo Tatu will remain without Yulia Volkova until October

23.09.2004 - Yulia Volkova gave birth to a girl

16.10.2004 - Tatu at MTV Russian Music Awards 2004

11.11.2004 - London (Princes Trust Concert), Wembley Arena
16.11.2004 - Tatu have returned to Moscow after their performance in Wembley
27.11.2004 - Tatu and Smash will perform on a charity concert for the children of Beslan 

15.12.2004 - Russia (Moscow)Beslan Charity


09.01.2005 -  Europa Radio Interview

07.02.2005 - Los Angeles to record their second album

20.03.2005 - Tatu has recorded a song with Trevor Horn
23.03.2005 Yulia is taking extensive vocal lessons in Los Angeles
24.03.2005 Tatu have recorded one more song for their second album – "Vsya Moya Lyubov" (All My Love)
28.03.2005 Tatu-girl has lost her voice
31.03.2005 Universal Music Russia will continue to work with Tatu

05.05.2005 "People - Invalids" - is the new title for the Tatu's upcoming album
21.05.2005 The work in a recording studio should be over in 10 days on June 1

02.06.2005 Tatu will perform on National Music Awards MUZ-TV 2005
03.06.2005 - MUZ TV Awards Olympiyskiy Arena, Russia, Moscow
09.06.2005 Lena Katina has departed to Los Angeles
15.06.2005 The Tatu girls will reunite once again
17.06.2005 Sting took part in the recording of TATU new album Dangerous and Moving
23.06.2005 Group Tatu to prepare for release of an album
24.06.2005 Tatu new album is coming out in October!

09.07.2005 In July group Tatu will shoot two new videos
14.07.2005 Tatu create a song of repentance for their Japanese fans
18.07.2005 First single will be released on 1 September!
20.07.2005 New album will be available in stores from 26 September
31.07.2005 Tatu's New Album Release Date Moved Up by Interscope/Universal Russia!

10.08.2005 Tatu's "All About Us" Single on a Radio Station Near You Soon!
15.08.2005 Tatu Sing "Gomen Nasai" 11 Times in Their Repentance Song
19.08.2005 Track-lists of both Russian and international albums
20.08.2005 Tatu on CDUK Sunday's show (ITV)
21.08.2005 Single "All About Us" is already on radio stations through out the world
25.08.2005  All About Us is already in clubs
27.08.2005 Universal Music worldwide received Dangerous And Moving promotional album
31.08.2005 Tatu on Punkt12 program (RTL) Germany

01.09.2005 - Europe Plus Interview, Russia, Moscow
11.09.2005 - Fight to Barcelona
12.09.2005 - Promo-tour: Tatu in Barcelona (Spain)
13.09.2005 - Promo-tour: Tatu in Barcelona (Spain)
14.09.2005 - TV show Hit Machine M6 studios, France 
15.09.2005 - Fanmeeting at Fiat Cafe (15pm), Milan, Italy
16.09.2005 - Performance at 'Top Of The Pops' in Milan, Italy
16.09.2005 - Interview in Italian Radio
17.09.2005 - Rehearsal CD:UK morning show (11am)
17.09.2005 - Performance CD:UK morning show (12am)
17.09.2005 - Prerecording Peformance Top Of The Pops, London UK

17.09.2005 - Astoria's G-A-Y Club, London, UK
21.09.2005 - Arrive in Arlanda airport, Sweden, Stockholm
22.09.2005 - Radio, Press and TV Interviews and Photoshootings in Stockholm (OKEJ pop magazine, MTV Nordic, SVT24 News (TV), Radio Stockholm, Radio P3 Morgonpasset, Radio P3 Musikjurnalen, Radio P3 Star, Radio NRJ, Radio Rix FM Top40)
22.09.2005 - Flight to Helsinki, Finland
26.09.2005 - Photoshoot in Munich, Germany
27.09.2005 - Interview in Frank Skinner Show, London UK
28.09.2005 - Flight to Berlin
28.09.2005 - Interview 'VIVA' & MTV, Berlin Germany
28.09.2005 - Flight to Cologne
29.09.2005 - Interviews in TV Channel RTL 'Punkt 6' & 'Punkt 9' (06am) 
29.09.2005 - Interview Radio 1Life (3pm), Cologne Germany
29.09.2005 - Performance in Top Of The Pops (18pm), Cologne Germany
30.09.2005 - Performance at NRJ Cine Awards (20.50pm), Paris, France 


01.10.2005 - Photoshoot with Bryan Adams (05am - 6pm) 
01.10.2005 - Rehearsal for 'Glam as you' Club 'Med World',
01.10.2005 - Concert in 'Glam as you' Club 'Med World', Paris, France
08.10.2005 - Flight to Tokyo, Japan (9:25 Moscow Time)
09.10.2005 - Arrive in Tokyo, Japan (10am)
10.10.2005 - Interviews for Japanese media - (MTV Japan, TV Asahi, NTV)
11.10.2005 - TBS TV Show 'Utaban' (17:30pm)
12.10.2005 - Fanmeeting and Concert in 'Club Asia'
13.10.2005 - Flight to Los Angeles
16.10.2005 - Friend or foe Videoshooting in Los Angeles
17.10.2005 - Friend or foe Videoshooting in Los Angeles
21.10.2005 - Autograph Session and Performance in Media Market 'Soyuz', Moscow Russia
26.10.2005 - Gaudi Arena Rehearsal
26.10.2005 - Interview in Radio 'Popsa' (102,5FM) (07-08pm), Moscow Russia
26.10.2005 - Interview in Radio 'Dynamit FM' (101,2FM) (08-09pm), Moscow Russia
28.10.2005 - Interview in Radio 'Rossiya' (66,44FM) (08-10pm)
27.10.2005 - Photoshoot in the Universal Company Office, Moscow Russia
26.10.2005 - Concert in 'Gaudi Arena', Moscow Russia


02.11.2005 - Interview in Radio 'Yunost' (68,8FM) (05pm), Moscow Russia
03.11.2005 - MTV Europe Music Awards, Lisbon Portugal
10.11.2005 - MTV Interview 'Fresh Morning'
15.11.2005 - Flight to Denmark (03:45 PM Moscow time)
16.11.2005 - TV Interviews MTV 'LUSH', Boogie, OR 2 Direkte
16.11.2005 - Press Interviews for Musik.dk,  Urban, Ekstra Bladet, Se & Hoer, Frikvarter, M! 16.11.2005 - Flight to Paris
17.11.2005 - Interviews and Photosessions for french press: Star Club, FHM, FNAC TV/TCHATCHE TV, MTV, Star Academy Magazine, Too Much, Metro, Super, Muteen, MAX
17.11.2005 - Interview in TV Show 'Tout Le Monde En Parle'
17.11.2005 - Autograph Session 'Virgin Megastore' (02– 3:30 PM) Paris France
17.11.2005 - Performance at NRJ Music Tour (09pm), Lille France
25.11.2005 - Flight to Milan
25.11.2005 - Interviews for GQ, Glamour, Eutelia, Vanity Fair in Italian Office of Universal Music
25.11.2005 - Performance in MTV TRL (13.45pm), Milan, Italy
25.11.2005 - Autograph Session in Messaggerie Musicali di Milano (15:15pm)
25.11.2005 - Interview Radio 'Play DJ' (18:00pm)
25.11.2005 - Flight to Rome Italy
26.11.2005 - Rehearsal of "Amici" TV-show (11.30am)
26.11.2005 - Interview and Performance in TV show of Maria De Filippi "Amici" (14pm)
26.11.2005 - Interview in Radio Rai Due (16.20pm)
26.11.2005 - Interviews for Italian media (Girlfriend, Cioe', Ragazza Moderna, Magic TV, ansa.it)
27.11.2005 - Live Broadcast show "Domenica In" on Rai Uno, Rome Italy
28.11.2005 - Arrive in Mexico (06.50am)
28.11.2005 - Interviews and Photoshootings 
28.11.2005 - Autograph Session at Mix Up Polanco (02 - 04pm), Mexico
28.11.2005 - Interview in Alfa Radio
28.11.2005 - Soundcheck at Telehit Channel (04:30pm)
29.11.2005 - Performance at 'Telehit', Mexico


01.12.2005 - Flight to Argentina
01.12.2005 - Interviews for argentinian media: Radio Disney, Pop Radio, TN Show, Mananas Infornales (Canal 13), VIVI Musica (Canal 9), Much Music, Buenos Dias Argentina, A 24, Lo Mejor De Fox, Mar de Fondo
01.12.2005 - Performance at Circo Criollo (Channel 9) (10:30pm)
01.12.2005 - Interview in Radio LA 100 (Mansilla 2668) (02.30pm),
01.12.2005 - Interview in Radio FM HIT (Rivadavia 835) (04pm)
01.12.2005 - Interview for argentina press 'Clarin at Cafe',  'Tortoni (Rivadavia 840)
01.12.2005 - Soundcheck for Cablevision (06pm)
01.12.2005 - Performance for Cablevision (08pm)
02.12.2005 - Interview in Live music show 'Rock In' (11:30am)
02.12.2005 - Interviews for media: Gente, Hombre, TKM, 10musica.com, Telam Agency, Reuters&Dyn agency, Para Ti.
05.12.2005 - Flight to Brazil
05.12.2005 - Interviews for Brazilian radio stations: Radio Energia 97M, Jovem Pan (live show Panico 12:15 PM - 01:45PM)
05.12.2005 - Performance and Interview in TV Show 'Jo Soares Show' (02pm)
05.12.2005 - Interviews for Metropolis (TV Cultura) and Multishow (cable channel)
05.12.2005 - Performance and Interview in TV Show 'Hebe Camargo Show' (SBT TV)
06.12.2005 - Interview and Photoshoot for MTV Magazine 
06.12.2005 - Soundcheck for Transamerica Radio (Radio Mix showcase)
06.12.2005 - Performance for (Radio Mix showcase) in URBANO Concert Area (04pm)
06.12.2005 - Interview for MTV Brasil (06-09pm)
06.12.2005 - Flight to Taiwan (11pm)
09.12.2005 - Interviews for Malaysia (Hot Mag, Hitz Fm) & Indonesia (Rolling Stone, Spice)
09.12.2005 - Press Conference in Taiwan(01:30pm)
09.12.2005 - Interviews for ERA news, CTI news and UFO radio
09.12.2005 - Guests in Live Entertainment News TVBS-G (05:10pm)
09.12.2005 - Soundcheck in football stadium 'Chung-Sheng' (V-Power)
10.12.2005 - Interviews to Channel V, MTV Korea, MTV Asia, Daum, radio Perfect Ten 98.7FM (Singapore), Teens Magazine (Singapore)
10.12.2005 - Performance at Power V festival (08:10pm)
11.12.2005 - Interviews to Taiwan radio stations (Wave Radio, Hit FM) (01.30pm)
11.12.2005 - Roundtable with key newspapers and magazines (02pm)
11.12.2005 - Autograph Session in Rose Records, Shimenting Taiwan (03:30pm)
11.12.2005 - Interview for Taiwan daily magazine
11.12.2005 - Flight to Moscow (9:20 AM)  
21.12.2005 - Performance at 'Energy Stars for free' Hallenstadion, Zürich Switzerland 


03.01.2006 - Tatu as Motoalert Artist Of The Month at MTV Asia
11.01.2006 - Tatu are making for Europe again

20.01.2006 - Tatu got the NRJ Radio Award
21.01.2006 - Danubius Online interview, Hungary, Budapest
21.01.2006 - Fonogram Music Awards- Hungary (Budapest)
25.01.2006 - Tatu arrived in London

21.02.2006 - "Gomenasai" will be Tatu's third single

06.03.2006 - Tatu will be special guests at MUZ TV-2006
07.03.2006 - Promo-tour: Tatu in Germany
09.03.2006 - Arrive in Germany
10.03.2006 - Club The Dome
15.03.2006 - Tatu in Los Angeles
17.03.2006 - Tatu nominated at TRL Awards
18.03.2006 - Tatu have arrived at Hamburg
18.03.2006 - NRJ Festival Hamburg, Germany
24.03.2006 - Rush Hour Dortmund (Germany)
25.03.2006 - Tatu arrived in Milan
25.03.2006 - MTV TRL Awards
26.03.2006 - Tatu wins the TRL Award
26.03.2006 - The Chile gig to be postponed
29.03.2006 - Santiago gets ready to meet Tatu
30.03.2006 - New music video "Gomenasai" has been shot

05.04.2006 - Tatu are nominated for Muz TV Awards 2006
12.04.2006 - Tatu in Tallinn – fireworks and fur coats

12.04.2006 - Riga (Latvia)
13.04.2006 - Tatu will perform at Bravo OTTO Supershow
14.04.2006 - Reality-show with Tatu on Muz TV
17.04.2006 - The Chile gig's situation is still unstable
17.04.2006 - Tatu's visit in Chile is cancelled

21.04.2006 - Tatu at Fame Factory-6 (Russia)
25.04.2006 - Tatu in St. Petersburg (Russia)
27.04.2006 - Entrevista en Family Matters
30.04.2006 - Ch.Priznanie NTV

01.05.2006 - Single Gomenasai - tracklist
04.05.2006 - The gig in St. Petersburg on Muz-TV, Russia
05.05.2006 - Tatu are arriving at Stuttgart
06.05.2006  - Bravo Supershow, Stuttgart Germany
15.05.2006 - Tatu for Mongolia
16.05.2006 - Tatu will appear in a live show "Details"
16.05.2006 - Tatu will perform at the Neposedy Celebration Concert
31.05.2006 - The Tatu gig in Mongolia is rescheduled for July

01.06.2006 - Tatu at the Red Summer Festival in Moscow
02.06.2006 - Muz TV Awards
19.06.2006 - Tatu perform at Belgian fest PZR
27.06.2006 - Loves Me Not will be the new single of Tatu
27.06.2006 - Tatu in Comedy Club show on TNT channel, Russia

08.07.2006 - Tatu in Mexico
13.07.2006 - Tatu in Mexico
14.07.2006 - Press Conference in Mexico
14.07.2006 - Tatu to visit Poland, Japan and Korea
14.07.2006 - A new release - DVD "Truth"
20.07.2006 - Tatu to tour Russia and Ukraine

22.07.2006 - Red Summer Festival, Moskow
26.07.2006 - Tatu at the "Race & Rock" festival

01.08.2006 - Tatu to release a compilation album "The Best"
02.08.2006 - Live in Soshi
02.08.2006 - Press Conference in Sochi Russia
04.08.2006 - "The Best" - new details
14.08.2006 - The release of the Truth DVD is rescheduled

15.08.2006 - Arrive in Tokyo
19.08.2006 - Tatu cancelled performance in Japan
20.08.2006 - Performance in Japan (Yokohama)- Club Basys
23.08.2006 - Tatu are nominated for MTV RMA 2006
23.08.2006 - Tatu to perform at the opening ceremony of the Pacific Meridian Film Festival

24.08.2006 - Autograph-session in Samara
24.08.2006 - The gigs in Far East have been cancelled
31.08.2006 - Tatu and Universal Music end their contractual relationship

02.09.2006 - Live in Samara
02.09.2006 - Press Conference in Samara- 2006
09.09.2006 - Autograph Session in Kaliningrad
09.09.2006 - Live in Kaliningrad
16.09.2006 - New "Dangerous and Moving" tour schedule!
17.09.2006 - Tatu will tour Ukraine
18.09.2006 - Tatu won't participate at MTV RMA 2006 and will start their own record label

18.09.2006 - MBC FM Bae Chul Soo.s Music Interview
19.09.2006 -  Live in Concert at The Olympic Hall in Seoul
22.09.2006 - All About Us is the best video at MTV RMA 2006
28.09.2006 - 100 questions to Tatu on TVC
30.09.2006 - "GQ" Person of the Year on CTC TV channel

02.10.2006 - Live in Kazan
02.10.2006 - Press Conference in Kazan (Russia)
05.10.2006 "Dangerous and Moving" tour dates changed again
05.10.2006 - Release of the Truth DVD
11.10.2006 - Russian Radio Kiev
12.10.2006 - Tatu to perform in Vilnius
12.10.2006 - Live in Kiev
12.10.2006 - Press Conference in Kiev- Ukraine
14.10.2006 - Live in Dnepropetrovsk
19.10.2006 - New changes in "Dangerous and Moving" tour
25.10.2006 - Tatu's "The Best" Debuts at Number 1 in Taiwan
26.10.2006 - Tatu fans in "Closer to the Stars" on Muz-TV channel
27.10.2006 - Tatu to shoot a movie
29.10.2006 - Show in Perm (Russia) is cancelled
31.10.2006 - Tatu team headed for Kirov and Ekaterinburg

02.11.2006 - Live in Yekaterinburg
04.11.2006 - Tatu will perform in Moscow
05.11.2006 - Live in Volgograd
07.11.2006 - Live in Ufa
07.11.2006 - Press Conference in Ufa
09.11.2006 - Tour in Russia: Tatu in Surgut
12.11.2006 - Travel Party - a new reality show with Tatu
12.11.2006 - Tour in Russia: Tatu in Novosibirsk
12.11.2006 - Press Conference in Novosibirsk
14.11.2006 - Tour in Russia: Tatu in Irkutsk
14.11.2006 - Press Conference in Irkutsk- Russia
14.11.2006 - The new reality show wasn't on air today
16.11.2006 - Live in Erevan
19.11.2006 - Live in Yaroslavl
19.11.2006 - Press Conference at Ai Store in Yaroslavl
21.11.2006 - Russian disabled people sue pop idols Tatu over song title
25.11.2006 - "Accident" program on NTV Channel with Tatu
29.11.2006 - Tatu will perform in Prado cafe (Moscow)

06.12.2006 - Tatu performed in Prado Cafe (Moscow)
07.12.2006 - Tatu will perform in Chisinau (Moldova)
09.12.2006 - Tatu are opening "Song Of the Year" Music Festival
12.12.2006 - Tatu on Channel One in "Let Them Talk" show
14.12.2006 - Press Conference in Vilinus (Lithuania)
20.12.2006 - Press Conference in Chisinau (Moldova)
30.12.2006 - Tatu will release a new album in the new year


08.01.2007 - The shooting of the "Tatu Comeback" already in March
12.01.2007 - Tatu at MTV Russia
13.01.2007 - Tatu begin to record their new album
14.01.2007 - A.L.L. Pyjama Party with Tatu in Russia
26.01.2007 - Tatu in "Closer To Stars" documentary on Muz-TV, Russia
28.01.2007 - "The Best" at Top 20 in Taiwan

02.02.2007 - The new album will be "less heavy"
02.02.2007 - Yulia and Lena attended exhibition The Unusual Concert

02.02.2007 - Art Exposition in Russia
07.02.2007 - In Karaoke Cafe- Russia

07.03.2007 - Julia in the show Circus with stars 
15.03.2007 - Fashion show from Hugo Boss at Ten Inch Club
16.03.2007 - Alexei Mitrofanov Birthday Party
20.03.2007 - Tatu performed during a private party in Venice
27.03.2007 - Tatu in Closer to Stars about movie based on the novel "Tatu Come Back"
29.03.2007 - Tatu in Stories in Details on STS channel, Russia

12.04.2007 - Show The Golden Person in Moscow
13.04.2007 - In Sheremetyevo International airport in Moscow
18.04.2007 - Tatu are performing in Charm-ale-sheikh (Egypt)
27.04.2007 - Shooting of "Finding Tatu" to begin in May

01.05.2007 - The concert in Egypt is unfortunately postponed
16.05.2007 - Tatu at Mosfilm studios
18.05.2007 - Tatu supports Gay Pride Parade in Moscow
26.05.2007  - Gay Pride Moscow
26.05.2007  - Press Conference on Gay Pride in Moscow

02.06.2007 - Premier Channel Live
05.06.2007 - Mischa Barton to play the lead in "Finding Tatu"
06.06.2007 - Yulia Volkova is pregnant again!

10.06.2007 - t.A.T.u. At King of The Ring
20.06.2007 - Birthday Toni & Guy
22.06.2007 - In July Tatu perform in Kazakhstan
22.06.2007 - Tatu's third album is almost ready
22.06.2007 - Tatu at the Zvukovaya Dorozhka MK Festival

24.06.2007 - ZD Music Festival, Russia
26.06.2007  -Tatu presented a new song Ne Zhaley
28.06.2007 - Tatu third album remains questionable

03.07.2007 - Tatu's new video Bely Plashik (White Robe)
08.07.2007 - Tatu in the show Obnazhenny Showbiz
12.07.2007 - Yulia and Lena started filming in Finding Tatu
12.07.2007 - Festival ZD MK with Tatu on TV

12.07.2007 - Live at Astana Show- Kazakhstan
13.07.2007 - Live at Almaty Show- Kazakhstan
29.07.2007 - Tatu is #36 in the Forbes rating

15.08.2007 - B1 Club, Moksow

September 2007 - Julia in Cyprus

09.11.2007 - OK!- 2007 The best party of the year


01.02.2008 - Atmosfera
03.02.2008 - Yulia and Lena Dub "Finding t.A.T.u."
18.02.2008 - t.A.T.u. - Utro Russia Interview  & Radio Majak
20.03.2008 - Minsk Concert Rescheduled
25.03.2008 - Radio Yunost Interview
29.03.2008 - Performing in Dubai 
31.03.2008 - Julia Volkova is 12. in list of 25 Beauties of Show Business of Channel One 

02.04.2008 - Time Out Dubai

02.09.2008 - Time Out Magazine
12.09.2008 - Bacardi Club
18.09.2008 - Marc Jacobs Bravo Magazine Russia  

02.10.2008 - Viva Comet Awards Polen  
09.10.2008 - Marc by Marc Party 
09.09.2009 - "You and I" Premiere on Love Radio
21.10.2008 - Autograph Session Soyuz Moskow VU Release  
16.11.2008 - ELLE style awards 

02.11.2008 - Loveradio Interview 
16.11.2008 - ELLE style awards



04.04.2009 - Billboard Magazine
21.04.2009 - Russian channel HTB News

22.11.2009 - Julia's scenes in LA during the program "Russian Tenor" on STS Channel